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Sunday Was A Banner Day

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6:09:14 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

Started off with a wonderful prayer and fellowship Call, not highly attended, but beautiful prayers and an opportunity for every one on the call to fellowship with one another. A couple of good stories and some funny and not so funny Jokes.

Then around noon I peek over at visitors right now and was pleasantly surprise to see 55 people from 12 countries reading on the website.

United States of America 40
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 4
Russian Federation 2
Germany 2

Other 1
Singapore 1
Canada 1
France 1
Netherlands 1
Brazil 1
India 1

My day ended with the Hanging of some pictures in my office, A good dinner, and part of a hockey game!

All in All, that was a good day.
God bless you all,

PS Lets restore your health together, for those who did not give up HOPE, GOT WELL!!

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