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Freediebean **

6:57:52 AM
Tails of Fellowship!
AH, a anthurium!

Hi All

As you heard in fellowship on Sunday, the story of how I come to acquired a free plant, here is the photo of the plant... you can just see my cat Michael, just after I took the snap I stood on his tail, thankfully I was barefooted so I don't think it hurt too much, his screams of pain that you may of heard was just for effect, this oriental cat likes to be heard!

On Sundays to those who are thinking of joining us, we have prayers and then fellowship where we can talk about anything, I like to tell funny story's of things that have happened to me, some speak about their pets, some like to ask questions about their health, others acknowledge each and every one to chivvy us along the right path and Mel is like the a conductor that orchestrates the whole call perfectly.

It is a great time to get to know each other and form friendships.

Freddie x

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