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Robin **

12:15:30 PM
Terry's Happy Dancce!!
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Hello Everyone,

If you missed Sat.'s conference call, 9-18-21, (Coffee, Tea, W/ Me), you missed a fantastic call!!

Our very own Terry did her "Happy Dance" celebrating her complete wellness!! What a joyous celebration!!

She thanked God and shared her faith with us!

Terry thanked Mel and his wondrous guidance through her healing journey. She thanked her friends in the community who supported and encouraged her. She answered questions from fellow sufferers about her journey and gave advice to help us in our journey's to wellness.

Terry encouraged us all to stick to the diet and follow "The Sum Of The Parts"
and follow all of Mel's advice! She stressed over and over that we too can do our very own "Happy Dance" if we do the work and have faith!!

It was truly the best call ever!! It was recorded, so if you missed it, give it a listen! It is worth your time!!

Congratulations our dear, dear sister! We love you and we are filled with joy for your success and the return of your life back, even better than before!!

Big Hug & Loads Of Love,
Rockin Robin

Coffee, Tea with Me - terry's Happy Dance - Saturday 09-18-21

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