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Thank you for this website !

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8:06:57 AM

Morgellons - Laurie,Soon to join this group
Laurie,Soon to join this group

Hi Laurie!

I’m so glad your here and that your getting well! This journey we’re on not only heals us but gives us a much better perspective on life and to appreciate the simple things!

Keep pressing through, stay positive and thank you so much for sharing!


1:06:08 PM

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Hi all,

I agree wholeheartedly with Laurie regards this being a wonderful website for Morgellons sufferers. In my opinion it is the best site on the whole web to help people with our disease.

Laurie, it is wonderful that you are now getting your health and life back with, 'the sum of the parts,' and with Mel's coaching. Also, this website is a fantastic resource for sufferers. It has sooo much knowledge, information and advice. It has community and fellowship. It connects people from all over the globe. It has truly helped heal many, many people over the fourteen years it has been here! It is great!!

I know Laurie that it has made a huge difference to your life, joining this community and getting the help that you absolutely needed. To see your skin and hair start returning to normal now is such an absolute blessing isn't it!!!

Take the best care and keep on healing!!

Love Chrissie

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