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5:28:45 PM
We are all glad to hear from you Debbie!

Hello Debbie,

It's good to hear from you! :-)

It's been a while and I'm glad you wrote in as I was wondering how you were getting on.

That's sooo good that you are on the protocol and had the energy for a spring kleen!

You will find in general as you improve internally that your external environment will improve also.

Yes, most of us have had the white fibres come out of our skin onto our clothing. This will lessen too as you get better.

The pearl like things on your scalp, I have had in the past at various times, sesame seed egg type things from scalp and toes, but again this will go as you improve.

Please don't expect any joy whatsoever from the Dermatologist. I went to two re the NHS and they dismissed it as psychological, though they did not take a skin scraping or examine anything. Usually they assume people are doing it to themselves or have scabies or something like that. I would urge people not to expect any help from them.All they do is distress people with this disease . If its not in their medical journal they cannot help us and that goes for virtually all of the medical world.

You are in the right place here for help re the protocol, 'sum of the parts,' and extensive knowledge gleaned from being a part of the community.

Debbie which kind of fats were you overdoing it on? We recommend healthy amounts of good fats like avocado, almonds, seeds. Butter and olive oil etc is fine but in moderation.

Did you mean MSM or MMS? As Mel says MMS is WPS, just a different name for it. MSM is sulphur tablets.

I'm sure as time goes on your scratches (most likely Bartonella) will continue to improve. As will your brain fog and memory. Alas, it just takes time, patience and endurance. It isn't an easy journey, but bit by bit we get there.

It's lovely to have people who are like Mel symptom free and loving their lives now!! Especially when they come back and encourage the rest of us.

Yup, I too put my phone in the wash a few years ago with brain fog!!!! Argh... I tried to revive it, but alas my poor wee trusty phone was gone.

Just keep on keeping on, as Mel says.

Also, be gentle on yourself when you're tired or having a bad day and rest as much as you need too.

Take care,
Debbie S

8:17:21 AM
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I have lost 40 pounds since August, so I thought I could eat as much fat as I liked. Wrong. I’ had 3 hours of gallstone colic the other night.

Everything, it seems in moderation.

Mel says(Those who have embraced our guiding principles are in the highest percentage of those who have restored their health.)

I am a bit confused about the difference between MSM and WPS in spite of searching on the site.

( Most are confused between MMS and WPS which is the same.
Now MSM is part of the Lyme extension kit, learn more @ the logos website.)

It’s so good to hear how some of you are reaping the benefits of the protocol.

We can do it!

Debbie x

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