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The HCAF is Truly Amazing

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6:08:04 AM

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Dear Claire,

I am absolutely delighted to hear that you are now being given help from the HCAF!!!

You are a lovely young lady and you have been through a lot! So I'm very happy indeed that you will be helped :-).

It has always been very nice to talk with you on the phone, no matter what you are going through!

I know that you will go from strength to strength with this help!

I know you're mum must be smiling a huge big smile now too:-).

It will be great to see your posts, to hear more from you and to have you with us on the Conference Calls on a Saturday and at Prayer on Sunday:-).

Love and God Bless,

5:16:39 AM

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Hello all,

I recently got added on the HE CURES ALL FOUNDATION
I find it truly incredible that this foundation exists.

God always provides in times of need. I find that when I ask for strength He gives it to me in strange ways I might not have thought of. For example, when I was really struggling I asked for strength and Mel gave me the phone numbers to some wonderful ladies from the community who helped me so so much.

I am so blessed to be receiving funding from the HCAF now, and would just like to thank Mel, John from Logos, Cathee from Kleen Green, and sovereign silver plus those who donate to the foundation.
It can be crippling and scary to try and afford this illness so the help is so greatly appreciated.

I will be posting much more now so, hello everyone!
I am glad to be here and am excited to complete my journey to 100% healing with you all.

Claire :)

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