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The HCAF is Truly Amazing

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1:13:10 PM

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Dear All,

We all know what a horrendous illness Morgellons is to go through. It is therefore nothing short of miraculous that the HCAF exists to help sufferers to get the meds they need to help them to heal.

Recently Cathee from Natural Ginesis helped each HCAF member out with a Gallon of Kleen Green each !!! Cathee , each and every one of us thank you immensely for your kindness and thoughtfulness to us all. I want you to know you are still in our hearts and prayers as you lost your dear husband Ralph not that long ago.

Dear Cathee, I dearly hope you are keeping well and taking the very best care possible of your lovely self at this time. And thank you again for all you do for this community and for us HCAF members.

Mel,thank you so much for creating the HCAF to help so many people all over the globe, for many years now. Without this help ,many people would have been unable to heal. And as we all know, regaining ones health is the most important thing of all!!

Anyone who is thinking of contributing to the HCAF ,please do. Every cent counts and is gratefully received.

Thank you also to all you lovely people who give to the HCAF,you know who you are :-). We are blessed that you are so caring also!

Love Chrissie

Rockin Robin
8:00:12 AM

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Hello Everyone,

First and foremost, I would like to thank the "He Cures All Foundation" (HCAF) and all those who donate so selflessly to this great organization.

Members recently received a gallon of that wonderful product "Kleen Green" and boy, howdy are we grateful for it!

A few of the other members have expressed to me how blessed they felt in getting it and how grateful they are for the HCAF and the people who donate. This meant a lot to those who received it! HALLELUJAH!! KLEEN GREEN!!

The HCAF is such a Godsend to so many unfortunate people who would be at such a great loss with out their medicine and help from the HCAF.

Please consider donating to the HCAF. You can be assured your donation is truly providing medicine and much needed supplies to those who cannot afford it. God works through people and we are those people,

I receive help from the HCAF, but I still try to give a small amount every month back to the HCAF. Even though it is small, every penny is needed and is never wasted but used to help another. If I receive, I also need to share what I receive with others.

I hope you will feel led to donate and help others in need. Remember no amount is too small or large to give. Every single penny is welcomed and greatly appreciated!

Caring is sharing as my grandmother used to always say.
Please donate today. God will bless you for it!

A Very Grateful Member,
Love, Rockin Robin

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