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Dodie&Kipp **

7:48:52 AM
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Hello to all my new wonderful Community out there!!

I just want to say how wonderful it’s been getting to know everyone and knowing I have all this amazing support from each and every one of you!! There is comfort in knowing we are aiming for the same goal and that is being healed 100%

I would like to give a special shout out and praise report to our

Kipp and I would be lost without you! Kipp and I chose the 3 month unlimited coaching by Mel and so glad we did! We know that Mel is a phone call away and he is always there to answer any of our questions.

He is a wealth of information and a problem solver for any health issue that is going on in our bodies! Between God and Mel, they are our ROCK we hold on to! Mel tells it like it is and knows the protocol you have to maintain in order to get well!

WITHOUT MEL, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO OBTAIN YOUR GOALS!! That is to be well again and live a normal life including hugging your children and grandchildren!!

Mel, words cannot express the gratitude we have for you and your health coaching, your knowledge of this disease and most importantly your LOVE for our Jesus Christ! We know we found your website by the POWER of our LORD!! You are a huge inspiration to us and I’ve got to say your added sense of humor is a major plus because you have us cracking up every time we talk to you! I also have to say he is a tough cookie, listen to what he has to say, whether you like it or not! He is a stronghold in our lives right now!

Mel is strong in his faith and knowledge and his main goal in life is to heal all of us! I truly believe he was Sent From God to heal his people! If anyone reading this out there is new, lease take our advice if you want to get well, sign up for unlimited coaching to obtain wellness forever!

Kipp and I will sign up for the next 3 months as soon as the first 3 months run out.

To any newbies out there, welcome to our Community, you are on your way to healing with Mel! We Thank God for you Mel! We LOVE you Big time! Thank you for SAVING our lives!

You will be well blessed from the Big Guy in the sky!


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