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3:22:13 PM
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Hello to Jill and to Verne!!:-).

We were all very happy to give our prizes to you Jill. I'm so glad that they brought a wee smile to your face :-).

I hope that they will help you to feel better and it will be great to hear you on the calls.

Also it will be very nice to speak to you again soon!!

Thanks Verne for your kind reply. I hope that you are well.

Thanks Laura and Jamie too. Yes, it was so touching to me when Freddie and Cheryl both wanted to help Jill too.

God bless everyone!
Jill M

10:12:55 PM

Hello Chrissie,

I'm blown away that all of you ladies thought to share your gifts with me!

I love and appreciate you all and will call on Saturday. Thank you so much Mel and Chrissie for making the connections possible.

God bless you,

With love, Jill

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