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Karen **

8:39:29 PM
Those discounts at Logos right now...WOW!

Hi Everybody,

I've been super busy like everybody else right now, and when I finally got settled long enough to take care of some things, I remembered that Logos is having a sale right now. I couldn't remember details, so I called Mel tonight (Christmas Eve) when he was watching his cowboy movie and bothered him about it which resulted in a rather Mel-ish response of...just go look under "What's New From the Manufacturers." I did...and I didn't see it on the forum...(I probably missed it), but I knew I'd seen it somewhere, so I checked my email. And there it was!

And it's a great deal! Here's what you get if you order between now and January 4th.

1. Ten percent off of kits...which is great because the usual ten percent is off just single items. That's a nice chunk off the basic protocol...and so nice that I ordered TWO.

2. Free shipping if your order is over $99...which is another reason I ordered two basic protocols.

Both of those discounts added up to a significant savings...and I'd wished I'd read the whole thing earlier and had ordered before Tuesday, December 22nd...but...I didn't so no big deal to wait a bit. I'll be happy to wait for those prices!

Thank you so much John and Glenn! That savings sure warms up the Christmas stocking.



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