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How I Cured Morgellons

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9:49:17 AM

Dear Leilani,

I know apple cider vinegar is good for many things with digestion being one of them. It is also helpful for sun spots on your skin.

However, I have only used the Stevia on my bumps/lesions and know through research the many ways Stevia is beneficial. In my humble opinion, I would only use the Stevia. And drink the ACV for digestion.

How is your journey? Are you still taking the protocol and making healthy food choices? Of course we all know the importance of getting plenty of sleep.

May God Bless you as you continue to heal and remember to keep your trust in the Lord.

“O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.” Psalms 34:8

In Christ Love,

3:52:30 AM


I just wanted to share my Week 3 update in case my notes of this healing journey might help someone! I am continuing to have energy and strength with the supplements and am hoping my body is stabilizing. Taking them each day is part of my normal routine now. I couldn’t be more grateful for them! Even with the extra energy, I do feel at times overwhelmed with all of the extra cleaning on top of raising the little ones and working. I am grateful for my husband who has been helping out a ton, especially with all the laundry and errands. I have been applying some apple cider vinegar to my bumps and it seems to be helping dry them out. I still have them spreading a bit and noticed some around my hairline on my neck. I hope they stop spreading soon! I am bracing myself for the next part of the protocol which is just around the corner but trying to take things day by day, trusting in God as He is upholding all of us!

Have a wonderful blessed week,

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