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Brian **

3:33:41 PM
Today's Call - Contest Entries - Saturday, 7/3/2021

Today's call was awesome! I want to thank everyone who entered the contest - every single post was great and from the heart! I enjoyed listening to each and every one of them. While there were quite a few entries, some covered the topics of the sum of the parts for newbies, posting on the website, diet, coaching with Mel, etc...

After reading each entry, everything was narrowed down to the top three according to the number of votes received - BIG congratulations to both Brenda and Robin!!

1st Place: Brenda - Free Protocol for one month

2nd Place: Robin - Starter Kit from Natural Ginesis which includes sulfur soap, shampoo, Kleen Green and essential oils (Robin, I will NEVER forget that song) :-)

3rd Place: Brian (myself) - WPS (which is much needed on my end!

Thank you all for your votes! Again, I enjoyed each and every one of your posts. God Bless!


Coffee, Tea with Me Saturday 07-03-21

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