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Mary W

1:41:41 AM

Hi Daisy

I listen to your video and It gives me Hope about reaching the 100% mark. I'm nowhere there but If we don't have Hope there is no reaching for the sky.

Your story and your coming back to share after those yrs shows your gratitude. People like yourself gives me tremendous Hope.

Thanks for sharing with us.
I apologize for the late post, I myself doesn't read enough or post like you.

Mary w
Donna M

4:02:19 PM

Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much Margo, Mel and Daisy for this video. It shows how another person was healed by Mel and the Sum of the Parts and now has a wonderful life after Morgellons.

I always seemed to read more on the forum than listen to the videos. I just have always been a reader and I suppose that is why. However, after listening to the first 5 minutes of the video, I realized it was actually one that I had listened to in the beginning. It gave me a great deal of hope especially at a time when I needed it the most.

I agree with everything that Chrissie, Terry and Jamie so beautifully wrote in their posts! Please do yourself a favor and listen to Daisy's inspiring story and don't forget to give it a thumbs up as well.

God Bless,

Donna M (Sneakers)

8:01:26 PM

I’d like to thank Margo and Daisy for the video on this thread. Mel thought I would appreciate listening to it, so I did, and he was correct. I found it to be a source of inspiration and hope.

We are all on this journey together, even if our individual experiences with MD & Lyme and other toxic illnesses vary from person to person in relation to the symptoms we experience and the degree to which we experience them. Everyone’s body is different.

However, as I listened to Daisy, it struck me that much of what she said, I could have said about my own experience. In the beginning, everyone is overwhelmed. Once we start the protocol, it starts to do its magic. Once we become involved with the forum, we are given immense support and hope. Slowly but surely, our bodies start to heal. Although I am not completely well yet, I hope to be someday, as we all do.

I think it is important to listen to the stories of individuals who have gotten there. Since I started the protocol, I have seen Donna get better. Leslie is inches from the finish line. So many others that I know and love have shown improvement in the year and a half that I have been around.

Thank you, Mel, for a website that enables us to view videos like this in order to reinforce how important it is to never give up hope and to trust in God, the ultimate healer.


5:31:04 PM

Your testamony about your healing journey really touched my heart.
I am so happy you and your son are both healed and now living your life.
Your boyfriend staying by your side during your recovery speaks loudly regarding his love for you. Now you are married. How absolutely wonderful to once again feel the man you love so dearly in your arms.

Thank you for sharing your feelings on how you ask God to take you . I also did the same. This disease takes all the love, joy and happiness out of living.
I can't wait to hold my husband in my arms again. It has been over two years since I held him in my arms. I cry often as I miss love. I am lucky that he loves me unconditionally, as he has been by my side during this whole nightmare.

I also shaved my head like you did. It was the only way to stop the itching and crawling feeling. How horrible it is for any woman to have to shave off their beautiful long hair. Again this disease also takes that away.

I can happily say I am now at 95% well. I long for the day which is coming soon to hold my husband in my arms, kiss my grandsons adorable cheeks and have a cup of coffee with cream. The things I always took for granted.

We only have one person to thank for our getting well. That one person who has dedicated his life to helping so many people get well. "MEL" , Where would we all be without Mel? Thank you Mel for your selflessness and your dedication to the thousands of people you have helped restore their health.

The healing process is not easy, it is not quick, it is the hardest journey of your life. But like Daisy said, she was very strick on her diet and followed the protocol and everything Mel said to do. I have done the same. I have never cheated on my diet or never once missed taking my supplements or MMS. It takes dedication and preservation. Like Mel always says you can get well it just takes time.

Like Daisy and her son. I will be on that list soon.
I thank God for directing me to Mel's website. I hate to think of where we would all be without him.

God Bless all my fellow Warriors,

1:45:34 PM
Click on the picture for the complete first year of this series!

Dear Margo,

Thank you so much for your, 'Margo's Healing Corner' on YouTube!!

It is wonderful that you have done a whole series of excellent videos in the series, 'Life After Morgellons' which is freely available for people to watch all across the globe :-).

Knowledge is power and its great to spread the word widely re Mels website and community, the protocol, 'sum of the parts' and the ability to heal from toxic disease.

Every single video in this series is easy to access, informative, easy to listen to and watch and brings a sense of hope to the listener.

It's great that you got healed re, 'the sum of the parts' and have brought it forward now re this series to bring help to others.

This is such a good ,'oldies but goodies' call from October 2017. It is inspiring to hear how Daisy got her health back through Mels protocol,especially after many months wasting money, time, energy on protocols that did not work. Inspired by the love for her son she fought through it and got well, as did her son. Its beautiful to hear that she was then able to get married and be healed, happy and have love.

It's so so so important for people who are still battling through this to hold onto that hope, to be inspired, encouraged and helped. These videos do all of that and more!!!

I urge people to listen to, 'Daisy got Married' and to listen to the other, 'Life After Morgellons' videos in this series when they can.

God bless Margo and Daisy,

Margo **

5:14:27 PM
Toxic Disease Pioneer Presents - New Stories From Those Who Have Restored Their Health

Hello Everyone!

I’m happy to be back after taking quite a break from doing these videos. Thank you so much for the lovely comments! I’m very touched that so many people have benefited from the videos. I’m very honored and proud to be a part of this healing, loving community!

The next video in the Mel Friedman, Toxic Disease Pioneer Series is available:

Life After Morgellons – Daisy Gets Married after healing with Mel Friedman's Protocol
This show consists of Daisy's story of her recovery from Morgellons in Mel’s “Coffee, Tea with Me” conference call, “Oldies but Goodies” on Oct. 7, 2017.

Watch on YouTube
Watch on Bitchute
Listen to audio podcast

Be sure to thumbs up the video! Here's to everyone's continued healing and well-being.

God bless everyone and never give up HOPE!

Much love,