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Fredddie bean
11:48:26 AM

My Fellow Warriors,

No one understands as much as Mel, yes, the ones that have this toxic disease understand some of what they are going through, like crawling, itchy skin brain fog..... but only understand what is happening at one given time, as this disease mutates and goes in cycles, coaching is a God send for all of us.

When things change it can be scary, however having coaching with Mel can put your mind at rest, that this is part of progression of ditching this disease.

Mel has been one of the main pioneers to conquer Morgellons, with his determination and courage he found a way, there are no text book case when it comes to toxic disease, so this is where Coaching with Mel comes in, he spent many years reading, documenting and adapting many things to relieve his symptoms he knew he had to keeping fighting even though to a greater extent he was doing this on his own. Just at the right time John B came into his life and together they designed the supplement part of Mel's protocol we have be blessed with today.

Coaching covers everything we need while we all climb this mountain;
Mel sets you on the right path with explanations, he always says that knowledge is power, guidance for when need a helping hand and encouragement when we start to falter, He will some how get you to laugh!

Mel is an all-round good egg, we just need to remember to listen to the answers Mel gives with making notes and then following what he is saying.

Freddie x