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freddiebean **

4:11:45 PM
United Kingdom

Well hello all you people that are looking at this web site from the United Kingdom at this moment I can see there are 5 here me, Timonthy and three others …

Why not pop in and say Hi ...we don't bite although Mel does bark a little but he is quite harmless.

This is a lovely community and we all support each other, for some of us this is our only support where we can feel safe and not have to listen to nasty stories or pictures, where we can get the support and help we need to get us through this horrid disease.

I am from England and our lovely Chrissie is from Scotland, so please don't be afraid it is a safe place I have been testing the water here for over a year now :)... I am miss cautious in joining any site, so I wouldn't be here if I thought it wasn't a safe place, it's fantastic community, why not pop in on the Saturday conference and Sunday prayer and fellowship calls and say Hi.

Mel has give us something we don't have in the UK and that is hope and guidance to get well.

Freddie x

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