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9:01:00 PM
Unlikely Angel

Hi Everyone,

Something really funny happened today, and I just have to share it.


I'm driving home this evening (35 miles) all comfy in my car. It's raining outside and I'm sipping my tea and listening to my entertainment de jour on my phone. This time it's Youtube...Lorna Byrne. I'd explain who this is in my own words, but Wikipedia does a much better job, so here's a copy and paste of who Lorna Byrne is in a nutshell:

Lorna Byrne (born 25 March 1953) is an Irish author and peace ambassador.[1] She is best known for her bestselling memoir, Angels in My Hair (2008). A Message of Hope from the Angels (2012) and Love from Heaven (2014) debuted[when?] at No. 1 on the UK Sunday Times Book Chart.[2] Her books have been translated into 30 languages and published in over 50 countries.[3] Byrne says that she sees angels and spirits physically on a daily, continuous basis. She has been featured in many media outlets, including the BBC,[4] CNN,[5] The Economist,[6] The Observer,[7] and the Daily Telegraph.[8]

Ok...back to my story...

So I'm driving along and listening to Lorna speak on a talk show. Her message is so heart warming and her voice is so soothing. I have my phone hooked in to my radio so I'm hearing it very well. All good.

She made several comments about angels mentioning over and again that each of us have a guardian angel no matter what we believe. She then said there are many other angels around as well.

At that point, I said aloud, "I need a Morgellons angel"...just as a silly no one but myself.

The SPLIT SECOND after I said that my phone rang.

You guessed was Mel.

I was laughing so hard I could hardly tell him what just happened.

I just had this instant and hilarious vision of Mel flying around in his tee shirt, pajama bottoms, and white socks (his hanging around the house uniform) with a big pair of angel wings waving a hockey stick in his hand while letting everyone know in his Mel bossy way exactly what they're supposed to be doing to get well.

Well...I guess God sends us angels in all sorts of ways...and I for one am so grateful for this angel with a pony tail from Reno, Nevada. Without his continuous efforts, we'd all be in a much different place.

Thank you Mel!

We love you!

Now put your hockey stick down and be sweet.



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