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Holly and Chrissie
8:26:01 AM


Hello to all,

Every Saturday's free conference call is a wealth of absolutely essential information. We have Guest Speakers and Manufacturers and Doctors/Holistic Practitioners and the holistic knowledge is tremendous!!

Let' not forget those who got well and come back to tell their stories and offer you all more HOPE!!!

Also come along to our free prayer call on a Sunday. It's not recorded, so we have that privacy and it is a safe space. You can express yourself, have spiritual comfort and connect with others in the community.

It's so important not to be alone in this healing journey. You don't have to pray, you can just listen. Do what feels right for you.

Times, phone number and access code are listed below.

Conference call line 712-775-8962, access code 664059

Problems Connecting? Try this Number
Back Up Line 302-202-1112, Access Code 664059

Saturday's Coffee, Tea with Me & Sunday's Prayer and Fellowship

9:00AM----10:30AM (Pacific)
10:00AM-----11:30PM (Mountain)
11:00AM-----12:30PM (Central)
12:00PM-----1:30PM (Eastern)

Please join us. All are very welcome :-).

Chrissie & Holly

9:40:42 AM


Hello Everyone ,

Wow , what a wealth of information Dr. Griffin
From Natural Immunogenics, Sovereign Silver and
Sovereign Copper , shared with all of us on the
Call today !!

Thank you Dr. Griffin and Mel for helping us to
Understand how Sovereign Silver and Sovereign
Copper work in synergy with the protocol to restore
Our health . So much help in easing the concern
With this disease and other health issues we have
As well.
Dr . Griffin shared how silver and copper help
To heal so many issues in the body .. Just a synopsis
Of the many things Sovereign Silver does in the the
Body ;

Silver speeds up healing in so many areas and
Supports the eyes , eye health , nasal health , ear
Health , respiratory health, mouth and gum health,
Throat health, stomach and intestinal health ..

And Sovereign Silver does not harm the beneficial
Bacteria . It also supports liver function, so many
Wonderful things it does to heal and keep our bodies
Functioning properly.. neither does it interfere with
The elimination pathway of the body which relieves
Concern of its safety ..

I personally I am so grateful for having it recently
Added to the protocol for my particular health
Challenges.. Thank you Mel and HCAF .. !!

Sovereign Silver also plays a critical role in Skin
Health and Collagen production all working in Harmony
To the health of veins and vessels making them more
Pliable and with better elasticity supporting blood
Flow throughout our body !! Wow , so vital and in my
Opinion so important to complete the protocol for
Optimum restoration..

The list of benefits are extensive and I would
Encourage everyone to listen again to the call this
Saturday, so helpful.. I believe it explains what and why we need
To understand..

Dr. Griffin also recommended chelation and activated
Charcoal for ridding the body of heavy metals like mercury And so on ..

Dr. Griffin went on to explain the importance of Sovereign
Copper, So many !! So Cooper is an Anti fungal and
Anti parasitic also has been used medically for hundreds if
not thousands years.. certain other minerals like zinc and vitamin
C , high fructose deplete the copper from our bodies,
Which is why we need to supplement sovereign copper
To our protocol making it more effective and efficient ,
Some signs of copper deficiency are premature whitening
Of the hair , anemia , and heart or clotting issues .
Copper like silver helps with eye issues , skin flexibility
Collagen production , bone health , mitochondria support,
Decreases inflammation and helps regulated things in the body .

I certainly can't explain it like Dr. Griffin but it's clear how
Vital it is in the health and good function of all our body
r. Griffin went on to say there's 90 pathways that
Sovereign copper helps .

So Dr. Griffins advice is to Trust the Process, Trust the
Maker , and Trust Mel he knows what he's doing..
You can do this !!! Remember that !! So encouraging and
So helpful!!

Thank you Dr. Griffin for all your insight and expertise,
And taking the time to explain all the benefits of Sovereign
Silver , and Sovereign Copper in make the protocol more
Thank you Mel for hosting all the wonderful people who
Are so vital to our progress and recovery.. So much hope in
The other health issues as well of either healing completely
Or getting better ..

So please listen to the call and follow all the sum of
The parts , do everything Mel asks you to do and you
Will get better..

God bless everyone on the call today and those who
Could not make it!

God Bless you and a speedy recovery!

PS This is why Mel Says" If you're not taking Silver & Copper your protocol is not Proper" !!

Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 08/12/23

Listen o Audio

2:31:32 PM


Hello Everyone,

This Saturday's call was great !! Welcome
To all the newbies so happy you are here ,and
Hope you find strength and encouragement
From this community and from Mel .

Thank You Mel for answering all the questions
Today on Coffee, Tea with me call, I enjoy these
Calls so much as I am Fairly new to this protocol
As well and also learning still .. I know how
Much everyone wants to get well, myself included , For sure!
I want to do everything Mel asks Me to do, I'm not willing to mess around
and Waste more of my life , I'm insistent on doing
Everything I need to do to get well as fast as
Possible and yes I understand it will take time...
But I'm more than willing to do the work necessary!!

I really had no idea how much of a part fear
And anxiety had to play in this disease but I'll
Tell you I'm more determined than ever to rid
My life of the things that cause it , and I understand
That life happens sometimes but how we
Think about it can be changed with work and
Perseverance!! That's my intention for sure ,
And a long with learning the diet , which I have
To say is a challenge but must be done , no
Wavering, like Mel said today , if you cheat on
The diet , it's gonna be so much harder and take
So much longer to get well , and frankly I'm not
Willing to prolong my problem, period ...

So I want to say Welcome to Jennifer ??,
We are glad you're here , and was nice hearing
Some of your questions today ... We're all rooting
For you to get well soon and look forward to
Being a part of your journey and your progress!!

Thank you Margaret and Laurie for so much
Insightful information that helps all of us on
Our journey to getting well , your so appreciated!!
Thank you !! It was nice hearing from everyone
Today and just really love and appreciate the time

Mel is right when he says no one has to fight alone!

I want to Again Thank HCAF along with Mel ,
And All who contribute to the foundation , If
It weren't for your help some of us would not be
Able to get well !! I can't say Thank you enough!!

God Bless Everyone and I do hope for your
Progress to be good and to get well as soon as
Possible !! So find some things that make you
Laugh , a merry heart is good medicine the scriptures
Say , forget about worrying , time is to short for
That anymore , and try to find fun things to do ,
And you will feel better and you will get well ,In time !!

So what I'm trying to do to not feel fearful is
Music , and casting all my care on the Lord and
He'll work it out , so yeah thanks everyone for
Your input today and I hope you have a good
Week !! God Bless !!! :-)

Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 08/05/23

Listen o Audio

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