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Rockin Robin

10:15:28 PM

Dear Martin,

Thank you for clarifying your situation. You are very wise and ahead of the game!! Wish I had had this info. before I got sick!! Diet and protocol are so important for maintaining a healthy immune system!!

If interested, you can learn loads here about staying healthy! There is over 12 years of information, testimonies, posts, calls, videos, facts, just a wealth of knowledge!! Mel is truly an expert and has John B. here to verify and help. Many of our members also do research, The amount of knowledge here is unbelievable!!

Welcome to our website!! You are so welcome here!

In His Love,
Rockin Robin

9:52:01 AM

Hi everyone in the toxic disease community.

I would like to clarify the reason I joined your community.
I am NOT ILL, am perfectly healthy and in good physical condition.

I looked into learning more about Toxic diseases because I am interested in PREVENTING the occurrence of these diseases.

I am looking for group wisdom concerning diet, supplements, and other materials I can ingest in order to boost my immunity level higher than it is even now, in order to remain disease-free.

Thank you for your kind words, though. Today, 02/27/21,

I was working at a friend's house so I was unable to join the calls this weekend.

Yours in excellent health,
by Martin Ball, Agent

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