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9:32:24 AM

Katharine, Maria, and Ruth Ann,

Thank you all so much for the kind condolences and lovely words, thoughts, and prayers.

They all touch my heart and mean so much to me.

Ruth Ann, the loss of your son 20 years ago is truly heartbreaking. I am very glad that you are now able to think of the good memories you have of him with a smile to your face and memory. Thank you for sharing those thoughts concerning him with me.

God bless,

Ruth Ann

10:01:32 AM


I enjoyed your post about your brother. He was certainly loved by his family and will be very much missed.

I have 2 brothers and they are both still alive but I think about the day when one or both of them are no longer with us. They are my family and my parents are both gone.

It is heartbreaking to loose a close loved one.

The Lord will be with you and walk with you through this time.

t has been 20 years since I lost my son and I finally have come to the point when the good memories bring a smile to my face and my memory.

We don't know when we will go to be with the Lord and I guess its best that way.

Thank you for sharing about your brother as it makes it more real to us that didn't know him.

May God be with you and your family during this time.

Love Ruth Ann

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