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12:56:19 PM
I think our first coacing session went great!

Hi Karianne and Joe!

It is such a pleasure you are joining this community on the calls together. You are in the right place. The Lord has certainly led each of us here without question.

I am excited for you to be starting Mel's Protocol soon. It's great that you have joined the calls and are reading all the information available here. The protocol is strict and for very good reason, it produces results!!

As you heard on the April 11th call with the Warriors who returned to share their journeys to complete wellness and better...what awesome testimonies are they!!

So again, I welcome you here along with everyone else. We will be by your side through this journey in prayer, on the calls and in the posts.

Please don't hesitate to reach out.
In His love, Tracy

4:28:32 PM

Hi Karianne,

It was so good to hear your voice on the Sunday prayer call. We are all glad you you came and were brave enough to talk.

You are so fortunate to have a husband who is on a healthy diet and supportive. It is so important to this protocol to do all of the steps.

You couldn't find a better place than this website and the caring people here to begin your journey to wellness.



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