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Rockin Robin **

8:56:35 AM
Welcome, Newbies: Laurie, Tora, & MaDonna

Hello Laurie, Tora, & MaDonna!!

I just wanted to welcome you three newbies wholeheartedly and say how glad we are that you have found Mel, the community and help!!!

We are a very loving and supportive group. This journey to wellness is not an easy one, but we all have been where you are and we want to help anyone else with this horrible disease! We KNOW what it is like!!

I would like to give you some advice to save time and effort. First, trust Mel !!!
He has helped cure many, many others with this disease over the last 12 years. You can listen to and read their testimonies on the website! He truly is an expert!!

Second, purchase coaching, you will need it! This journey is not easy or for the faint of heart. Mel will guide you as you go along, he is an expert in these toxic diseases!! My own Lyme specialist admitted to me that with chronic Lyme disease, antibiotics do not seem to really work. There are not many answers out there at all, even with tons of doctors. Believe me, many of us went to many doctors, spent a fortune and got absolutely no help at all ( me being one who did this).

Third, do everything Mel tells you and follow "The Sum Of The Parts"!! You can post questions to us and usually several of us will answer. After a year, we all get pretty good at treating symptoms thru Mel's advice and each others.We are here for you, don't forget to let us help!

One very, very important thing when your new, is to READ, READ, READ in the website!! I learned so much by reading and had tons of my questions answered this way!! active by posting and getting to know other members who will help and encourage you through this journey!!

We love our brothers and sisters and want each of you well along with each of us!!!

So....WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME!!! Let me know if I can help or answer questions and stay in tune to Mel, who has the knowledge to cure!!!

Big hug dear sisters!!
In His Love,
Rockin Robin

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