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4:20:55 PM
Hi Mel, This is Zee. The bottom one is sideways. She is looking out the blinds she broke and the top one she is next to the picture you gave us all those years ago.

Hi Chrissie,

You are so right that laughter is the best medicine. I love the pictures Mel puts on our posts. He always seems to find just the right ones.

Tell Holly that you are not "daffie" at all. Although Zee probably believes I am as well. She has been waking me up at 4 am each day for breakfast. Actually, she makes me laugh. She has broken off 4 tiny pieces of window blinds so she can watch people coming and going. Not really funny but I still laugh every time I see her little face peeking out.

I am so grateful to be a recipient of HCAF and am thankful to God and everyone involved in helping us out every single day. I will kick M's little butts to the curb if it is the last thing I ever do. I want to be well again so badly.

Thank you for your encouragement, I agree patience is hard a lot of the time.

Take care Chrissie and Holly. Zee says woof to you.


10:07:26 AM
There's too many cats runnin around

Hi Linda,

Holly my dog says that I am not always wise, in fact sometimes apparently I'm a big daftie!!!!

I tell her it takes one to know one but yes we all have our moments both of wisdom and silliness :-). Thank goodness for that!!

On that note did I mention in my previous post the importance of laughter in releasing tension and helping us to let go? They call laughter the best medicine and they weren't wrong. It's why Mel puts funny wee pictures on here that make us smile. This disease is grim to deal with, so we all need any laughter we can get.

Holly... Your supposed to laugh with me.. Not at me!!!!!

Note from Holly ("Humans are regularly soo absurd it's impossible not to laugh. I try to look serious but my twitching whiskers give it away!!!!" ).

Linda, I am so glad that you are also on the HCAF and getting help with the protocol. You have been poorly a long long time now with this illness too. It is so important for people ASAP to build up their bioterrain in order to fight this. We don't want people being sick a long time like us and many others. I think it's wonderful that the protocol, the knowledge and the help is all here to show people what they need to heal.

It is also soo important for people to take on Mel's mantra of, 'slow and steady.' So many people get discouraged or give up before they have even began. They don't realise that it took years for their immunity to break down, so it will in most cases take a couple of years or more to build it up again.

Patience is indeed a virtue and if we don't have it yet, we should work on getting it.

Note from Holly ("What do we want.. PATIENCE... When do we want it?... NOW!!!!!!").

Ahem!!!! Well... we should try not to be impatient about being patient.

Though I'm sure we can all work on it gently :-).


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