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3:21:17 PM

Hi Emily,

Another good tea alternative is Cistus Incanus. It’s great hot with stevia and sugar free almond milk. It’s also good for breaking up biofilm as well as having other properties that are advantageous to toxic disease sufferers as well.


10:44:07 AM

Hi Emily,

I agree with (Aunt) Laura, the acidity and the cleanliness of the coffee play a big part in why we react so negatively to it! In addition when consuming it we are basically putting this condition on caffeine and allowing it to ramp up and have more energy which is the EXACT opposite of what we truly want to do!!

I did have a bad reaction to green tea early on and have never had the desire to try it again as I was able to find some "wonderful" herbal alternatives!!! They are as follows.

Capomo (Coffee Substitute Superfood) by Tattva's Herbs, you can purchase it on Amazon and it's BOTH delicious AND good for you. I prefer it when it is brewed in a traditional manner vs just adding hot water which is an option.

I have also had luck with Yogi Brand Herbal Tea. I prefer the Ginger and the Immune Support but haven't tried one I didn't like. I buy it at my local health food store or in the organic section of my local grocery store (I just watch to see who has better pricing).

I actually make Bullet Coffee or Tea (whenever I can) with all of the above by adding Kerrygold Grass Fed Butter and Organic Coconut Oil to the hot coffee or tea and whirling it around in my Nutribullet for a few seconds and topping off with Organic Cinnamon. AMAZING!!! Better then any Latte I've ever had ANYWHERE!!!

I have purchased Organic coffee recently as well as Organic Green Tea and at 20 months on the Protocol now I plan to try them in the near future... but not today since I have so many options working for me!!!

Hoping this helps!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

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