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My name is Peter and I live in Northern California. I am 59, and a semi-retired school teacher. I currently work part-time as a Social Worker at a frail elderly retirement community.

I acquired Morgellons in Jan., 2012, after being bitten by what I believe was a bird mite. I think this is the case since there are always numerous pigeons roosting under the eaves in the apartment building where I reside.

Within a week I developed a pustule at the bite site that looked crater like and was red and very itchy. Over the next 3 weeks, I further developed 12 of these pustules that covered my entire right forearm. Several had become open oozing sores and none would heal.

There were other things too that I simply cannot mention as they are, quite frankly, to disturbing to recall. What was happening to me was beyond imagining or believable to someone who wasn't experiencing it. There was a real physical "thing" occurring inside my body. I had what felt like bugs crawling under my skin, and sometimes, the movement felt like big things moving, as if there were worms beneath my skin. After trying to treat topically on my own with anti- bacterial and anti fungal creams and ointments, I realized from what I already knew about Morgellons that I probably had it.

I saw my primary care doctor in early February. He quickly made his decision that I was either delusional, a drug addict. He refused to prescribe and suggested I see a dermatologist. In early April, I went to see a dermatologist as the sores were now very deep lesions. By this time I had become extremely tired no matter how much I slept and I had fallen twice and knew that I was not functioning normally. The dermatologist came to the same delusional conclusion and prescribed an anti hallucinogenic and referred me to a psychiatric dermatologist in San Francisco. At this point I was losing all hope and actually was entertaining thoughts of suicide. Through Gods grace I fought through them!!

I have no idea how I managed to keep functioning professionally. What was happening to me was overwhelming my "normal" life and I found myself living another "secret" life. A life I choose not to tell anyone about Suffice it to say my life was full of fear, yet I had to maintain the illusion that everything was alright or else lose everything. Mix into this an incredible feeling of panic and the realization that no one was going to help me, not doctors, no one!

The world that once made sense to me was slipping away. Still not knowing exactly what it was that was causing the crawling, biting, and stinging I began to suspect anything and everything. My behaviors had become somewhat bizarre as a direct result of the horrifying experience I had been thrust into. I felt mocked and abandoned, not only by the medical community but by my own family members. Since I was on my own I did what most in my situation would do, I went online looking for answers. I researched and posted on this forum in late May, 2012.

Mel reached out to me within a day. He had read my post and told me that he had discovered a protocol that had cured him of Morgellons. He re-assured me that there was hope and offered to provide the means and the guidance to get me started towards recovery. Needless to say, I cried like a baby with the newfound hope he was offering. Since I had exhausted my finances, THE FOUNDATION PROVIDED HELP by paying for the first wellness support kit. THE FOUNDATION HAS ON OCCASION CONTINUED TO PROVIDE ME WITH SUPPORT WHEN I WAS NOT ABLE TO AFFORD WHAT WAS NEEDED TO CONTINUE THE PROTOCOL.

Now, some 6 months on the protocol, I can honestly tell you that I am becoming well!! I have re-captured most aspects of my life. I am functioning well again at work. My brain fog has completely lifted. My daily energy and overall vitality has greatly improved. AND THE LESIONS HAVE COMPLETELY HEALED. My joint pain is gone and coordination is back to normal. I am still dealing with the continuing aspects of purging Candida, metals, and other overall toxins from my body, but I know to a certainty that I will be completely healed in another year!!

I give all the credit to God and to Mel's protocol and I will be forever grateful to this man who has become MY FRIEND and MY BROTHER IN CHRIST!
You can read about the rest of my journey to now on my thread "HOW LUCKY CAN YOU GET" on this forum. I post weekly. This journey to date has been without a doubt the most difficult thing in my life. But there is also something "truly precious" within this renewal.

Today I realize that I probably would have died had I not committed to this protocol. COMMIT TO IT YOURSELF TODAY. If you have doubts, put them aside. If you do and you are willing to invest 18 months of a disciplined restructuring of your daily living, I and many others are proof that a complete return to health is within your grasp