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I always feel so hopeful when I see a rainbow.

I wanted to make sure that I thank you, Mel, and the Foundation for once again sending the supplements which are so appreciated by me and my granddaughter. I just can't express in words how thankful we are. We are now six months on the protocol and supplements and doing so-o-o-o much better.

Some of the things that I know are better: no more low-grade fevers and swollen glands, and I can now fit into shoes that I bought at the beginning of this disease eight years ago that I couldn't even get on my feet shortly after purchasing them. Another weird thing I have noticed is that I am feeling pain, ie. hot water and I haven't in many years. I am still purging white rubbery, stringy stuff in certain places, ie. where my salivary glands are and under my arms. Not sure what it is yet.

My brain fog has gotten so much better and Thank God, with my job things are getting busier all the time and I don't believe I could have kept up with working without the help of the protocol. I still have a lot of scars and my worst problem areas are still where I have salivary glands, and tops of feet. I even find that when others complain about allergy symptoms I don't really have any now.

My little one is better as well, a few little spots across her forehead which come out from time to time. I noticed this after the last full moon, so it definitely does make a difference. Otherwise, she is even doing better in school, a bit at a time.

Thank you all for the wonderful recipes, also.
I actually saw a rainbow yesterday in the midst of -7 degree weather. I always feel so hopeful when I see a rainbow. It started my day off great.

Anyway, thank you all - you're always in my prayers, everyone of you. (Derek, I hope all is well with you.)

Blessings and much love,