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I had to choose to buy supplements or pay bills.

I am writing to say thank you!

Like many of you living this, my family and I are having such a hard time financially. This came in to our lives after 3 years of cancer treatment for my youngest son. We were already completely strapped.

Myself and the rest of my family have this 6 of us total. My son who had cancer and I are the worst. I found this site after fighting 'invisible bugs ' for 2 months prior and buying and trying everything known to man. When I figured out what we had I didn't know how I would afford all of this and a new expensive diet. I had to choose to buy supplements or pay bills. I started my family on the diet got the supplements and we started to see results in 2 weeks. I also had to give up my job of 4 years due to the fact that I worked with kids and just couldn't risk it...not to mention I was in no shape to work.

I received a call from Mel a few days ago saying I would be getting some help from the foundation ...of course I cried like a baby. I am so much more than thankful for this! I would also like to thank everyone else that has taken the time to offer advice to me, cry with me, and pray with me....

I have so much love for all of you!