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I'm Thanking God for the Privilege of Being Part of This Community

This month has been particularly hard financially for my family. I found myself having to decide between our protocol supplements or putting food on the table.

So once again I asked for help from the He Cures All Foundation. Without delay a donation of supplements was made to my family. I cannot put into words how grateful I am. Fighting this disease, often in the midst of those who don't believe or don't know what we are dealing with is challenging to say the least. Only other warriors know how important our protocol is in this fight. That's why it is so comforting to know our supplements are on their way.

I want to give thanks to God and to every single person who has so graciously donated to the foundation. It is because of your selfless acts that my family can stay in the fight. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I recently listened to a sermon and was reminded of something I hear on this forum often. The pastor said things done with speed aren't necessarily better. This reminded me of, ' Slow and steady wins the race'. And in this race we are learning so much about ourselves. We are learningt to let go, to give, to love, what it means to heal our bodies and souls, to seek God and what humanity means. I'm thankful I became ill with this disease because it is teaching me who I really am and that is something I've wanted to know for a very long time.

Thank you to all the members of this community. I'm praying for all of us. I'm thanking God for blessing me with the privilege of being a part of this community. God bless.

Leah L.