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I now cry tears of happiness and hope.

There are not enough words, nor any words strong enough, sincere enough, deep enough, or powerful enough to convey just how grateful I am to Mel and the Foundation. I literally can not wait to be healed enough to have the means to give back tenfold to the Foundation and help others. Mel is a true angel ... And humble as he is... He always says no it's not me... But YES IT IS!
MEL YOU ROCK and my children and I - and hundreds others I'm sure- credit you our health , our happiness , our LIVES!!

I implore , literally beg, Anyone out there who is back on their feet financially or has the means to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate to the foundation. It literally saves lives and unlike other foundations you know exactly where the money is going and That it is going straight to these life saving supplements for people who truly are in need.

I humbly admit i am one of those people.

For me, this all started last December.. My children brought home lice from school, and I treated us all with Teatree oil and mayonnaise.
Luckily, we caught it early and eradicated them right away. But, there was something else going on in our hair. It was like you could "pop" the base of our hair Near the scalp. And little black tiny coarse hair type things and black specs were all in there and little blue fibers and white fiber balls. And I am sure, like many of you, Internet searches simply scared the crap out of me until I found this website. I too went to doctors and got the delusional diagnosis which actually really shocked me because she could physically see the things.

I will post another post later on that explains and introduces myself and my children but for now I simply wanted to say a big humongous thank you Mel thank you thank you thank you for all that you do!!!!!

Here are a couple emails that I emailed Mel... Humble Mel Angel is what I think I'm going to nickname him!! Lol

I can't wait to get better and be working again so I can one day buy protocols for another single mom! Bc this is SAVING MY LIFE and that feeling Is PRICELESS knowing I'm going to get better and not being afraid anymore !!

Words can NOT express my gratitude Mel!! I cry now tears of happiness and hope , just hearing your voice and knowing your heart... I know that we will be ok. And that is beyond huge!! Thank you infinite !! Plus your fun to talk to you handsome angel you!!

2)   Hi Mel!! I just got my package in the mail crying again lol!

You YES YOU are the BEST!! you always say ooooo it isn't me blah blah blah because you are just awesome like that. But I'm here to say it IS because of YOU all of us are getting well. God wanted to use you and you listened and are doing it. Most wouldn't take the challenge and I know your rewards in heaven are going to be many !!


Hi Shanin,

I and my four year old are also very thankful and humbled by the help we have received by the "He Cures All Foundation". Without this generosity I'm not sure I would be alive today. I am truly touched by Mel and his work and efforts to raise money for the Foundation, which has helped so many. I am now well enough to work again and will give back, how I can, when I do begin work. It is amazing how the generosity and humanity shown by those who had donated is inspiring to those who hopefully, will in turn, give themselves, to help others in the future.

I have been touched deeply by Mel and his work and I hope and pray that others continue to support the Foundation and it's very special work.

God Bless