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Hi All

Another month of support thru the foundation:) and we are soo extremley grateful!!

I admit when we are low on our supplements I get a little nervous - thinking all these what if's.. I wouldn't be able to afford the protocol for myself, let alone my son. With your continued support and donations, my son and I are both fully on the protocol and healing!

Honestly I throw my hands up to God almost daily, sometimes more, saying this is yours. I know this has all been worked out for us,and like clockwork our meds arrive!!

IT IS THROUGH ALL OF YOU MY SON AND I ARE WORKING TOWARD OUR FULL RECOVERY!!! I may never have words enough to express my gratitude but I can try. God is working through each of you who donate. You are our angels truly!

Thank you for believing our needs are real,and not imagined! Thank you for giving me my health, sanity, and security to take care of my little boy! I really couldn't do this without you!

I have made all the diet changes and adjusted my life to fully embrace the protocol and allow the meds to work. I am determined to conquer this. I have FAITH~ WE will be/ARE HEALED!

You are saving our lives, and you don't even know us, but we love you. I want you to know I truly love each of you!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depth of my soul. I am eternally grateful!

Oh and not sure if I should put this out there but to me it's something .. I took my GED test Morgellons and all, and passed!! You would think I got my Masters w/ honers or something:) but my point is I'm working toward a better future with your help! I will continue to heal all aspects of my life in the light with love ... Keep the faith warriors! Know you're healed!

Love Always,