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I too would like to thank the foundation as today I received another shipment of the Logos products.
I am moving south to a new state this Saturday and it is so comforting to know my supplements will be in route with me and ready to go as I unpack and adjust to a new city and environment.

It will be one less worry when I get there and I will need to keep my strength and immunity strong as I face a nine hour car trip by myself and leave behind over 20 years of memories. I am doing this to give myself the best chance of healing and survival from what this illness has taken from me.

There never really are enough words of gratitude to the people who support the foundation. I don't think I would still be here if not for the support of the foundation, website and people here. It is obvious the foundation and protocol are saving lives, reducing suffering, and providing hope where there is otherwise none to be found.

I continue to pray that many can benefit and again wish to express my deepest gratitude for this gift.

I am looking forward to my new environment and praying it will spark a new level of healing energy to my tired body. Without the protocol and help, I honestly know I would have succumb to this affliction by now.

My healing has been slower than some and my energy and stamina down but never once did the products not show up which shows the depth of the understanding, compassion,commitment, and the continuation of the 'never give up' slogan we all have come to know so well.

I have not once been given up on even when I was so exhausted and hurting by this illness. That in and of itself is simply amazing and has provided me with time I would not have had. I cannot claim to have had the best ability to fight like a warrior, but I have fought to the best I can and I know that this protocol has given me a chance which we all deserve. So even for the weary, it still arrives at the doorstep and that means I am worth it in the eyes of those standing behind this foundation.


I don't know what God has in store, I need a Savior in this fight and every day I now say to God,
I need a savior and then He gives me manna ---
it's in HIS Hands...

God Bless,