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On Behalf of All Who so Deeply Depend on the Foundation Please Accept Sincere Thanks

Dear Mel
The Foundation fundraising work is done by you day in and day out and often in the face of what could best be described as insurmountable challenges . When funding for sick and desperate people is needed, you find creative alternatives to make sure that those who are sick and financially exhausted are still able to get help. When new obstacles make it difficult for people, many of which are children, to start the protocol, you partner together with and through the Foundation to develop and fund meds for them.

Without your dedication to finding needed funds and your commitment to assist, recovery would be so much more difficult for so many. Perhaps this is not said nearly as often as it should be. So on behalf of all who so deeply depend on the Foundation, please accept sincere thanks as you continue to provide and expand the world of possibilities for becoming well again!!