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Hi........ This Is my first time posting on the forum or any forum for that matter! I'm not to tech savvy :)

Let me start out by introducing myself~ My name is Nicole,and I have a 6 yr. old little boy Tyler. I was the first one of us to show symptoms of Morgellons,2 yrs ago. The biting pinching on the legs,and thighs. Tooth & earaches, sore throat swollen neck. I went to a doctor explaining some of these symptoms,not really putting together they were ALL related. He told me he would do a full panel of test,but didn't think anything would come back positive. He asked me if I had some time,looked at his nurse in the room and stated I'm not gonna let them ruin her,not this one,and then proceeded to tell me he believed I was in the earliest stages of something fairly new,he didn't name! He said his colleagues were not accepting this,and were treating symptoms,and failing miserably!

He gave me advice on how to treat,but totally off the record!! He told me to look up Doug Kauffmann of KNOW THE CAUSE,start probiotics,do dry saunas, and some more details of what to expect! I was in horror & refused to believe this was true!

A few months later while dying my hair,I had an explosion of white poofy things come out of my head!! I freaked out,and went t the E.R. explained to them what happened. The doctors came in asking various questions,took some tests,everything fine~perfectly healthy 29yr old woman! I insisted a doctor told me this was going to happen, please something is wrong I had a team of 3-4 doctors come in my room and basically litterly laugh at me! My mom flew in from out of town. They all decided I was a danger to myself(I couldn't stop itching,picking) & put me in a mental hospital!They drugged me heavily with medication for delusions! They were saying things like if I didn't take them I would loose my son!

I decided to turn fear into FAITH, the best I could!!! Treating myself the first year not know of Morgellons,just know Fungus was a major component I calmed myself down enough to learn about the Phase 1 diet,supplements,various healing modalities.

Then about a year in & feeling some progress. My baby boy,my angel, my love~ My Tyler, started showing symptoms! Fungus~ the blacks hair looking things,started coming out of his skin in droves! His skin,red & bumpy! At this point everyone including my own family thinks I went crazy! If I start saying this about him, what would happen? They would think I was hurting him, me lock up & not able to treat him either!!! I was living a complete living nightmare!!! I gave him Epsom baths, children probiotics, 1 daily,steroid creams from the Dr. It was just not enough!!!

Okay allow me to back up a little bit~ When this first started i just left my ex of 10 yrs. It was a very abusive relationship! I took myself and my son,leaving with ourselves,and a small grocery bag full of clothes,with the hope that I was going to give him a better life!! My immune system shot from stress,him fighting me, the court room a circus! I had NO job a 3 1/2 yr old baby, and now Morgellons!

I was believing God for more,affirming health & support..

I started investigating,found Mel, & YOU ALLl!!! I AM SOOO GRATEFUL FOR THIS WEBSITE!!!

I FINALLY found the help,hope,support I need!!! I started talking with Mel:)& reading the wonderful posts on this forum!

Thanks to the HE CURES ALL FOUNDATION, my son and I are now taking the protocol,about 2 1/2 months! I wish YOU could truly feel my gratitude,relief,and regained hope! I love each of YOU ALL SOOO MUCH for making this possible for us!!!!! I know that my dream of giving my son a better life is being made possible through the kindness shown through ALL of YOU!! If not through donations, your prayers,forum contribution,and ALL of the above! My son is starting to feel less pinching, and I'm feeling relief too! Again thank you! From the depth of my being thank you!!!!! Your generosity has given me,and my son more then you will ever know!!!!!!!

Thank you Mel for all your phone calls, & lifting me up when I felt hopeless!

Thanks John B for ALL the advice regarding my son & I! Including the applesauce tip!!

Thank you to ALL OF YOU TOO!!!

NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP HOPE!!! AFFIRM YOUR HEALTH~ With God ALL things are possible! I know I am healthy, I know my son is healthy.. Divine order lead me here & in divine order ALL IS BEING MADE WELL!!!

Love,Peace & Blessings! Sending healing prayers to all of you,especially your children!

Nicole & Tyler~