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Thank God my children and I are so much better.

Hi Everyone
I haven't posted in a long while, going through many different life changes at the moment and have felt like I have to crawl into a cave so to speak, I have tried writing on the forum many times and each time I come on here I find that our community has sadly grown. This has sent me off in hysterical crying more than once I remember the old days and the start of this horror, even writing this now brings tears to my eyes.
This has really affected me, I'm sorry if it seems like I just disappeared but right now I just feel unable to cope, the situation we find ourselves in is a difficult one and I pray for each and every one going through this.
Thank God my children and I are so much better I would like to thank the He Cures All foundation for all they have provided for us. I thank Mel Peter Monique and everyone who has provided advice and support for me. I hope that we will all make a full recovery.
I hope to get over this phase and to continue pushing onwards and to come back to the forum and help where I can.