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Thanks to those whose generous donations are saving lives by making these precious products available


I was able to purchase the protocol for my first month thanks to a loving and understanding friend. I planned to continue the protocol on my own, as there were already notable improvements in my health; however, I had an unexpected temporary financial setback and just could not afford to replenish my supply. I e-mailed Mel and asked him if the foundation could help me. I thought to myself, I know funds must be limited as there are thousands of people with Morgellons around the world today searching for a cure, many I am sure that have fallen into financial hardship. Imagine my delight when Mel called me and said "Yes! We can help you." I received my precious packages just last week.
I owe a big Thank You to the He Cures All Foundation for helping me and others like myself suffering with Morgellons to obtain the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol items we so desperately need but cannot afford. Thanks to those who’ s generous donations are saving lives by making these precious products available, those who’ s time and efforts make it all work, the helpful caring people at Logos Nutritionals, A2Z, and God for being with me all the way. Words cannot express how grateful I really am!”
Carol W.