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I Wish to Thank This Website.


Hello everyone,

I spoke with Mel and Pat during the end of the confrence call last Sunday about my recovering from Morgellons using Mel's protocol. Unfortuantly, I was a little nervous and waited until almost everyone had left the call before speaking up. I've decided to post everything that I said to Mel and Pat that day in hopes that maybe this could help other people that read the Forum.

Here goes...

I've had Morgellons for over three years now. I've only known that it's Morgellons for maybe a little over a year. When I first started experiencing symptoms( bites, itching, and black specks) I thought maybe my home was infested with fleas or mites. I had the exterminator spray my home top to bottom several times but it never seemed to help. My symptoms only got worse.
Then I want on to thinking that maybe it was scabies and at one point I even thought that I was losing my mind. Losing my mind would have been much easier to deal with.
One day I decided to look up my symptoms on the Internet. The first thing that came up was Mel's site. I started reading and realized that my symptoms were the same as many people on this site.
After contacting and speaking with Mel I decided to try the protocol. I had everything but the bactrim because my Dr. was sceptical about Morgellons and thought that it could possibly be a well known parisite instead. After I showed him pictures of all the lesions on my hands( seventeen altogether) he immediatly prescribed the bactrim.
Once my Dr. started believing that it was Morgellons, I brought him everything that I could print out from Mel's site. After reading, he completely agreed with Mel's protocol including the MMS and the Molecular Silver.
I've been on the Mel's protocol for about two and a half months now and I've made a huge improvent. I no longer have any lesions, I have more energy than I've had in 3 years, the brain fog is finally clearing up, vision is clearing up, and I'm going back to work full time again. I can also spend time with my six year old daughter again( I kept a distance between us because I was afraid that she would get it).
I truly believe that I couldn't have done this without Mel's protocol and MMS.
In the beginning I was so afraid of MMS. After talking to Mel and my Dr., I realized that I had no other choice. I started taking doses of it just every few days and soon realized that it wouldn't help unless I was more consistent with it. I saw the biggest improvement in my health when I started taking it everynight and bathing in it once or twice a week. I still get afraid of it each time I take it but after taking it I feel so much better. Ive come to realize that MMS is nothing short of amazing and I really hope that I can help other people overcome their fear of it so that they can get better too.

Also, I would like to add that there's no quick fix for this disease. Mel's protocol does take time. When i realized this I thought to myself, 'I've had this for 3+ years. What's a few months?'.

If anyone would like to hear my conversation with Mel and Pat last Sunday, please go to the Confrence call Archives at the top of the page. Also, if anyone has any questions for me please get my cell number or email from Mel. He knows that I'll be more than happy to help.

Mel, thank you from the bottom of my heart! You and your protocol have saved my life!

God Bless,



Hello Ashley,

Welcome as always.

A big big thank you for taking the time to put your thoughts and your progress into words for the forum as well as on our last Teleconference Call.

Originally we were going to call your portion of the teleconference call 'A visit from a recovering Morgellons friend', but we decided to simply call it 'Ashley's Story'.

I know that you never gave up hope, and I hope your story inspires others to do likewise.

Thank you again.

God Bless, Never give up Hope,




Thank you for allowing me to share my story with everyone here. I hope that everyone who listens to it and/or reads my post below will have the courage to do the same as I have...just follow the entire protocol day after day and listen to you. Your words of encouragement and knowledge made me a braver and healthier person and for that, I cannot thank you enough.
I'm looking forward to a full recovery soon. I know that I'm almost there!

Well, got to go... It's almost time for my dose of MMS :)

God Bless,