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Edith Springer

Edith Springer
1:28:11 PM

Dear Mel:
Maybe I just wasn't able to locate it, but how can I find out how to dial into the teleconference calls which are the last Thurs of each month at 8:45 EST? If there's a mailing list could you kindly add my email address to it for these notifications? Usually there is a special code along with the phone number and I'd like to get it.

I'm at the beginning of my journey, 64 years old and retired and have been sick since February of 2010. it took me a long time to find out what I had and it would not have happened without the help of an entomologist at Cornell to whom I was sending samples of the Morgellons critters for Insect I.D. After telling me my samples were 'debris' repeatedly, I begged her to say if this ever happened before. That's when she told me to look up MOrgellons. Everyone said it had no cure and no 'real' treatment. I contemplated suicide. My doctor, once he got over his 'you're delusional' stage, looked it up and said he would treat it like Lyme disease. I was not satisfied because he was so unsure. I kept going online and one day I put 'cure' and 'Morgellons' into the browser and I got your site. Mel, you changed everything for me. Just coincidentally, my mother's maiden name was Friedman and you and I are close in age. It gave me such hope. I figured if you could be cured, well maybe I could too. I followed your instructions and got to Pamela Crane and now I've just gotten my test results back and am being treated for the gut problems that are suppressing my immune system. I bless you and thank you and you are in my heart all the time. When I get downhearted I think of you and all you went through and yet perservered to find a cure. I am living on social security and just barely making it with all my medical expenses eating away at my savings which are sparse due to the economic downturn which halved my retirement investments. If I had money I would definitely send it to your site. If the abundance I ask the universe for ever comes, I will send some your way.

Enjoy your life and be well.
Edith Springer
Brooklyn, New York