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5:52:21 PM

Hello fellow warriors,

It is with much happiness and pleasure that I am writing and sharing this message.

I am staring my thirteenth month of Morgellons and have reached the 90% mark of this disease. I am feeling so blessed. The Protocol system does work. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I have a ways to go on this journey but I will come out of this a stronger and better person than I was when I started.

Thank you Mel, Peter and John for your dedicated assistance and continued support. Mel, your openness and willingness to share with the world your disease and how you found the cure for Morgellons is so remarkable. Peter, you have been and are a blessing with the diet and weekly support and advise you so willingly give. John, your knowledge and ability to have developed this system is so amazing and your willingness to have it accessible for all to partake of is a God send. My daughter, Janell for telling me about this Morgellons website, her daily talks and her wonderful recipes she so willing shares. I would never have done this without these dedicated warrior's. I do not want to leave out our Lord because HE has carried me and given me the strength to see this through.

My health, and strength are returning and I'm regaining my life. Don't take this wrong when I overdo the next day is slow and on these days I have learned to rest. My skin has at this time no major breakouts. When I do have a pimple or abrasion I treat it and it is gone the next day. This tells me my immune system is working. I still do some purging but I know this will soon be over as well. I know I will forever eat the right way, exercise, stay on the protocol system and lean on our precious Lord.

Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

God bless,


12:53:59 PM

Hi everyone,I haven't posted since Oct 13. So I guess the Lord is telling me to "get with it"! I have been on the protocol with MMS for 8 months. I have just read Deborah's post regarding symptoms and expected stages of Morgellons. I seem to be where I should be at 8 months. I never had the rash until about 5-6 months into the protocol, now anytime I get cold or shiver, (which isn't hard to do in this Tundra like weather), the rash appears on my neck, back, and now traveling down my legs, but as soon as I warm up, it's gone. I'm pretty sure this is all "STUFF" that needs to come out! Luckily~ I never got any lesions/cuts. I do have red/blue and black tiny fibers yet that I can only see with my digital microscope. They make me ITCH! I definitely have more strength now, the worst time for me was at 5-6 drops of MMS. Now at my max of 17.

I have learned so much about nutrition these past months. Wow-Kale,spinach, blueberries, can I say WONDERDRUGS all by themselves! It continues to be a struggle with family, slowly they are trying and eating better foods. We made it through Christmas and Valentines day without any major setbacks, now the Eater bunny will tempt them all again. I did find a new item that wasn't posted before that I throw in my purse for a back up plan..It's made by Go-Raw, Live Pumpkin Bar. It's all organic- it does contain 3g of sugar, but in a pinch, it's the cat's MeOW! To all of us who don't eat sugar, it is a real treat! Vitacost has them.

I just want to tell everyone to hang in there, especially the newbies, I know EXACTLY how you are feeling.

I will leave you with a verse for strength.

Romans 8:18
I consider that the sufferings of this present time are as nothing compared with the glory to be revealed for us.

Many blessing to each and everyone of you! I pray for everyone at night to keep the FAITH!


12:12:48 AM

Hi all ;)

I'm not typically a negative person..

I have choose not to post for some time, for this reason....

Winter is just a difficult season for me,it always has been. Lack of sunshine during the winter months drains me.. I love connecting to spirit .. God ... In nature, finding every opportunity to connect with my inner being, the universe and my creator. It has really helped me this past 4 years my son Tyler and I have been dealing with morgellons, I guess just and being trapped in my house due to polar vortexes, state of emergency after state of emergency just has me off my zen a bit! Lol :)

After the holiday Tyler had some return symptoms and that really just challenged my whole being..he's only 7.. He had ate foods over the holiday... His grandmother passed away..As some of you know I have to treat Tyler as low key as possible to ensure my family doesn't think I'm hurting him..,he takes 2 flora and candida rid daily .. Tyler ended up getting rashes on his body purging fungal hairs.. Tyler himself has choose to give up the Sugar , so this helps my job, we tightened the reins on diet and already he's doing soo much better!!

I called Mel sooo upset, we spent lots of time talking and reaffirming the game plan.
He suggested a Conference call with John B. Thank you both so much for the help and advice! John thank you for the prayer we needed that.. I will continue to affirm daily!:) also thank you John for suggesting Sleep Advance, I didn't know that it would act As a natural anxiety reducer, I'm excited for my order to come.

It's nice to have a natural alternative to reduce stress.. I used to take things like Effexor ect...

It's so crazy out here in Indiana right now, polar vortex weather conditions,it's suppose to get down to negative 18 or something crazy like that! I stocked up on groceries.. And prepared us the best I could!
Now we just wait..Their calling for a blizzard .. The weather is sooo brutal out here right now....

To any other experiencing these conditions ... Keep your head up!
Stay I'm faith! And drive slow!!!! :)

I have to report .. I am doing very well physically, improving and flourishing on the protocol... And Tyler is back on track and doing better too!! The prayer guided our way John :)

My prayers are with each of you,.. I believe in you!!
Anti Candida diet, Protocol and Faith..
God lead you here.. You will get through this!! Affirm!!

Yours in health and spirit,

Nancy G
12:39:17 AM

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas Season!
I am writing today about Essential Flora from Logos.
One site I do look at for Morgellons is the Charles E. Holman Foundation since Dr. Evi Sapi is becoming or has become renowned in studying spirochete infections (Lyme and co infections) and I like to see what the new research is coming up with in studying the Morgellons samples.
The latest findings from samples taken from Morgellons patients were all found to have H pylori. Since I take antibiotics for Lyme, I began to ramp up my probiotics and this lead me back to the Logos site to read up again on Essential Flora. I knew it is a great product just like all of the Logos products, but this time I read about all the different essential bacteria needed in our systems and what each of them contained in Essential Flora actually do in and for the body/immunity/gut health. Well low and behold; Essential Flora contains one of the bacterium that can eradicate H Pylori! YAY...
Now I am not saying I agree or disagree with the research on H Pylori and Morgellons. I just find it interesting and I believe Dr. Eva Sappi is doing great things for the Lyme community, so I keep an eye there.
So I was pleasantly surprised to find this out about Essential Flora and H pylori helping that if in fact my body may be holding that bacteria. I have not had any issues with my digestive system for many months now and feel my leaky gut and IBS and digestive issues are cleared up.
So just wanted to say Thanks again to Logos!
SO that's about it... Other than that, I am holding my own... doing okay, much better than this time last year for sure. And, drum roll... I am moving back to my home state! No more missing my boys and home town/city!!!

Peace and Goodwill to all,
Nancy G

9:17:32 PM

Hi everyone,
I haven't been so well lately. As you know this healing journey has its up and downs. My condition is chronic (I have multiple other health challenges) and it is hard to stay as focused and vigilant when you're not feeling well.
On the other hand, though, there are so many 'pluses' to my story. Being unwell these days, is nothing like it used to be for me? It used to mean that I was admitted to hospital or that it was very hard to get out of bed. These days, being unwell means that I'm slower than normal or I might need a nap - it doesn't stop me doing things much anymore.
I think it is very important to acknowledge the great community that contribute to the knowledge found here; it has provided me with inspiration and the knowledge and resources to get this far in my healing. It has also been helpful to get to know some of you who are here in Australia too. Hope you are all improving and staying positive.

Take care,

2:02:41 PM

Hello from the Midwest... let me introduce myself.... My name is Diana and I have been dealing with this cursed condition for 9 years.... the saga began with various illnesses off and on till four years ago when it took over my life. The medical quest has been emotionally a roller coaster with many diagnoses and no healing. With no help or supervision I tried to take control of my situation by visiting my vet and trying horse, dog, cat remedies whatever... I have been quite ill and just didn't care anymore... Gave up trying to figure out what it is and decided to just try and get healthy. Have been doing various cleanses since March and lots of vitamins...still am suffering with open wounds with purple and red spotted skin.. Found this incredible site this October and purchased the protocol immediately... Have been reading everyone's inspiring stories and digesting all the information till the wee hours every night... "I am going to get well".... Oh, the stories I could tell you... I start the mms on Friday... Thank you everyone (especially Mel) for restoring me and my family with HOPE! My goal is to be worthy of the term Warrior!!

4:57:22 PM

Hello fellow warriors and Mel,

It has been a long time since I have posted on this site. Like the title of this thread says, this is one of the few sites I have found that gives me some hope that this disease can be cured.

My story with this illness has been pretty long and rough. I initially contracted this in 2006, with the worst years in 2009-2010. I began Mel's original protocol back in the summer of 2010, but lost focus as my marriage finally crumbled from this thing.

In the spring of 2011, I refocused on Mel's original protocol and also took some additional herbals orally and topically Using DMSO(GSE, wormwood,and oregano). In only about a month or two, I got much better and lost focus again on the protocol, but this time I went into complete remission for 2 years with absolutely no symptoms. I was able to get my body in top physical shape during my remission as I have always had a passion for bodybuilding.

I really forgot about this illness and was moving on with my new life.
Then, however, this past summer, the illness came back extremely quickly and aggressively in July. This time, though, Morgellons seemed stronger than the first time I had it. I can't quite say for sure what the trigger was to bring it back. Was I reinfected from the environment?, or did I just suppress my immune system enough so the "stragglers" in my body from the first time came out of dormancy?

The one thing I do know for sure was that my air conditioner near where I slept developed some mold growth. I may have been exposed to many mold spores for a few months. Hence, I believe that this could be some type of mold, but that's just speculation.I moved out of my apartment and saw an LLMD who did both mold and Lyme testing on me. I tested negative for two of the most common mold toxins, but got a positive test result for Lyme
(Igenex western blot) like many of us do.

In August, I restarted Mel's basic protocol and began IV treatments for Lyme and mold. I changed my diet to practically a carb-free diet too for a while, but then caved as my Morgellons symptoms were getting no better yet, and I sought comfort.

So, here I am now in November 2013, with Morgellons again ruling my life and realizing that in order to beat this, I have to follow this protocol plus the diet religiously for an extended period of time. It looks like 12-18 months is the usual duration.
Since I have been on and off the protocol for the past few months, I am calling today day #1 as I refocus on diet and the protocol.

I really enjoy reading the journeys of the fellow warriors because I can see that others are getting better slowly. That's what gives me the hope that I can AGAIN recover. I'm hoping that in a few months, I can give an update that I am improving as well. Although I should have a better handle on this disease by this point,I will still be soliciting advice from all of you if I hit a roadblock.

Cheers and wishing you all a quick recovery!

7:13:21 PM

Hi there, hope everyone is doing well. It’s just about 3 months on protocol and diet. I'm happy to say that my Mom, husband, and Daughter are virtually symptom free at this time. Myself and my two boys are so much better than we were. I still have the most symptoms, but I was very sick in the beginning. It’s amazing that I have come this far so fast! I am starting to feel like I can do things again and not shut myself off from the outside world. The isolation is so awful and not easy with children. I really thought about the fact that nobody is promised tomorrow and I'm not going to let life pass my family and I by, no matter what the circumstances. I know this is easier said than done, I do believe this has made a huge difference in our mental wellbeing and as you all know that a good state of mind really helps with Healing. I thank God every step of the way, without him I could not take on this difficult task back to health. The advice and help that has been given to me from others on this website Is invaluable! My thoughts are with you all during this holiday season; remember we are not promised tomorrow. Try to enjoy the time you have, regardless of the current circumstances. God bless you all!!


Jane L
10:54:01 AM

Hi Mel,
After being out of touch for a long time, I wanted to tell you how I am and also find out how your are. I didn't even go to the web site to read posts until today.
I have been following the protocol (pretty much) and I feel that I am getting healthier and healthier. I know I still have Morgellons but it doesn't really negatively impact my life anymore. It's getting less and less. I feel as long as I take the protocol I will continue to get energy and lead a normal life.

I am working a lot and feel blessed that I can still run my company and do the work that I love to do and take care of my sons. My creativity has returned also has my psychic ability which was lost for a time.
So in other words. I'm getting back to normal - a new normal.

My normal now is eating healthier, raw when I can, taking the vitamins, the MMS at night and resting when I'm tired - and exercising when I can. In other words having Morgellons has forced me to take care of myself. I know I'm not completely well but I can stick with this routine for the rest of my life without a problem.

I'm am so grateful for the help I got from you and this community when I needed it and still do. You all have saved my life!
Thank you so much.

Please let me know if I can help anyone that is just starting out.

God Bless you all.

PS - I'll be buying Kosher Meats from now on. Thanks for that info.

12:42:33 PM

Hello to all my colleagues out there suffering this terrible affliction. I am a quiet forum reader who would really like to thank all of you for contributing you advice freely. I began having symptoms in Jan 13 and in Feb things mushroomed. Yep- I went the medical route and nothing helped. My daughter and myself were diagnosed scabies. So yes, we used lots of toxic chemicals externally and prescription tablets also. So by my faith I was led to Kleen Green and then lead to Peter and Mel. I started the protocol the end of May and MMS the latter part of June. My daughter is in denial about this and is not following the protocol. She is in her last year of high school.It totally breaks my heart to see my loved one hurting herself. My husband has no symptoms as of yet. He does understand the seriousness of this affliction.
I am up to 16 drops of MMS as of last night so I am purging lots of white hard granules. I am doing my best to keep the house as clean as possible. I have lost 30 lbs and can't afford to loose any more weight so trying to eat more avocados daily.

All of this has brought me closer to Our Savior. I thank him daily for what I do have.

Please Pray for my daughter so she may understand the seriousness of this affliction and start the protocol.

Blessings to all of you!

Bill M
3:24:25 PM

Good Day Everyone:

Well....here is the latest update: In my previous post in September I wrote that I felt that I was at the 95% healed mark, and today I think I have moved a couple points closer to the 100% mark. It seems that the mopping up to totally eradicate this disease is taking longer than I had hoped. The last bastion of strength for these bacteria is in the extremities, that is, the feet, hands, scalp, and also my butt.

An example......just when I thought I was done with the feet, suddenly I would feel itching and a couple stings. In the hands and scalp I felt I was free of the itching but suddenly it was back. HOWEVER....... what I did notice that the legs were no longer a problem and then my chest, which for me was my major concern and where I had the toughest battles, was no longer a problem. So, I can only conclude that this bacterium has moved to the extremities. If that indeed is the case then after a few more intensive battles I will finally be victorious.

Lyme disease: if you have noticed in the media (newspapers, TV, internet) there are many more articles now about Lyme disease and how serious this disease can get if not treated. For those of us who know that we have the Lyme bacteria (borrelia) it is a blessing that this is now being reported more frequently. This will force the medical community not to ignore this health epidemic and take the necessary action to address the concerns of thousands of victims who have to live with and battle this dreadful disease. And as you are probably aware, the Lyme disease, if not treated in the early stages can cause co-infectious diseases, like Morgellons.

In conclusion, every week I am feeling a little bit better than the week before and if I stay strong and keep taking the protocol I will be running a marathon in short order.....well maybe a miniature marathon (about a quarter mile run).... :)

I pray for everyone's health and wellbeing, and hope that in time, all of us will be healed........Amen!

Bill M.

3:32:16 PM

To any of you frustrated or frightened,

My name is Ellen. I post occasionally on other's threads and on "A New Warrior from MA".

After getting sick last September and after a year on the protocol, I can confidently report that I AM CURED! I have been cautious about speaking too soon but feel others need to hear any stories with a positive outcome to give hope.

My daughter, who is a scientist with a PHD from Columbia, found this site researching my condition. I will never forget that phone call. She said, Mom, I think you have this thing called Morgellons." I had come to the same conclusion from my searching online and was terrified. I began to get my documents in order for my family in case I got sicker.

I went cold turkey and eliminated all sugars, flour, dairy and acidic foods, felt better within a few weeks and dramatically better after starting the Logos supplements and MMS. I think I caught this thing early and that may be why I got well faster than others. I also was in good health with no other preexisting medical conditions.

I am lucky I could keep my part-time job, to have a supportive family and friends. I was also careful, however, who I chose to confide in. My PCP doctor asked that I see a psychiatrist. As a professional in Human Services, I was angry and insulted but replied in a cheerful voice, "Sure!"
I haven't gone back to her.

To finish my post. . Whatever it takes to get you through this, do it. I am thousands of dollars in debt - so what. I will pay it off eventually. I did what I had to do to make my house safer, including ripping out my rugs and replacing them with wood and tile, cutting down all the trees hanging over the back of my house, and paying people to do manual labor around the property when I was too sick to do it myself.

I had a lot of people praying for me. You are never alone in this. Don't be too fearful to ask others for support, either emotionally or financially.

I have said this repeatedly - there is nothing special about me. If I can get better, I believe anyone can. Everyone's body is different, so it will take different amounts of time for each of us, but believe that you will get well too. I'm a different person today, hopefully a better, wiser person.

And last, I am grateful for all of you for your stories. I have read every single post, every day. If you don't have the caring support you need from people in your life, know that it is here in this online community.

Best in health to all of you,


11:14:01 PM

Good evening fellow Warriors!

First off I want to add that I got back on my supplements and I’m feeling very good. I have not even started the mms and I am noticing great changes in my health in general. This disease really took a toll on me so far from mental to physical health and for the past half year since it been taking the protocol supplements alone.

I used to have serious eye issues. Now this problem can do a serious toll on your mental health. If it could go back and comfort myself that I would be receiving the comfort it had been praying for, I would be in a lot better state before.

This thing at first is scary because we don't understand it. Initially, anything as unidentified and strange as this disease, the fear alone will put you in a bad state of health. Never feel alone with this because you're not. You will be surprised at the warmth of the hearts the sufferers of this disease have, and once we are on top of things we go back to enjoying life.

Never obsess and spent endless hours looking into different sites about Morgellon's. Half of them are just trying to scare you. Your ultimate friend with this in the long run is your own head. Stay disciplined, do not obsess and don't let this disease get in the way of your normal thought process.

I remember how scared I was starting the protocol and being left on my own after talking to Pete or Mel everyday literally on the phone when my condition was a lot more severe. They can give you the motivation, courage and the tools to fight this, but nothing can really improve yourself as a human being better than this disease.

This disease helped me appreciate allot of things in life. It really improved me as a person. I am more mentally developed I believe, once it learned to motivate myself and get past the fear and turn to God.

While I was in the states a week ago I also got the chance to speak to Peter. I was literally in tears just thinking of what I was going through physically and mentally last time we spoke. He noticed I was doing allot better at talking and I was literally a different man from the past year.

I am not going to lie and say I am not even half way to being fully recovered. I have quite the way to go. But when you are on the path that's what truly matters. This disease will really build you as a person and I always look at it as a positive thing and brought me closer to God.

Now that is my positive message for the week to those scared and recently stricken. I pray for you to find courage and find your path to recovery like it did.


“I am happy to have made it over this bump in the road. Perseverance everyone!! I thank God every day for Mel, this website and the foundation. Words can never express how grateful I am that Mel is paying it forward. I am crying tears of joy for having found you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mel. I pray for your recovery so you can continue to do God's work. What a blessing! Much love to all” Monique
Mike 10/7/2013 12:13:29 PM
Good evening fellow Warriors!

First off I want to add that I got back on my supplements and I’m feeling very good. I have not even started the mms and I am noticing great changes in my health in general. This disease really took a toll on me so far from mental to physical health and for the past half year since it been taking the protocol supplements alone.

I used to have serious eye issues. Now this problem can do a serious toll on your mental health. If it could go back and comfort myself that I would be receiving the comfort it had been praying for, I would be in a lot better state before.

This thing at first is scary because we don't understand it. Initially, anything as unidentified and strange as this disease, the fear alone will put you in a bad state of health. Never feel alone with this because you're not. You will be surprised at the warmth of the hearts the sufferers of this disease have, and once we are on top of things we go back to enjoying life.

Never obsess and spent endless hours looking into different sites about Morgellon's. Half of them are just trying to scare you. Your ultimate friend with this in the long run is your own head. Stay disciplined, do not obsess and don't let this disease get in the way of your normal thought process.

I remember how scared I was starting the protocol and being left on my own after talking to Pete or Mel everyday literally on the phone when my condition was a lot more severe. They can give you the motivation, courage and the tools to fight this, but nothing can really improve yourself as a human being better than this disease.

This disease helped me appreciate allot of things in life. It really improved me as a person. I am more mentally developed I believe, once it learned to motivate myself and get past the fear and turn to God.

While I was in the states a week ago I also got the chance to speak to Peter. I was literally in tears just thinking of what I was going through physically and mentally last time we spoke. He noticed I was doing allot better at talking and I was literally a different man from the past year.

I am not going to lie and say I am not even half way to being fully recovered. I have quite the way to go. But when you are on the path that's what truly matters. This disease will really build you as a person and I always look at it as a positive thing and brought me closer to God.

Now that is my positive message for the week to those scared and recently stricken. I pray for you to find courage and find your path to recovery like it did.

2:13:39 AM

HI Lisa
Yes I am getting well, and have been on this site. Please free to email me. My hardest part has been clearing the skin, but most other symptoms have disappeared. Hope you email me, you can get my email from Mel or John.

Everybody be blessed.


Well.... Been asked to post
Can't believe it's been 13 months plus... I know I'm ahead of Peter by. Month? :-).
Anyway. Looking over my thread posts. Below..
. What a trip so far
I have this .( for now) as do . My 8 year old son and 12 year old daughter

Speaking to Mel the other day.. It was decided we are all in the 90% club probably ( although 100% is the goal)
My kid’s symptoms are pretty much zero now
Mine .. I have extended days in a row with zero symptoms
Then will be reminded as I get an occasional muscle twitch or some small sensation of crawling on my face...
But nothing to what I started at... So bad I could not sleep
We take the protocol. I take the mms. Kids limited mms
We do stick to the diet part
We do the environment and laundry protocol
I have asked many times. Why me? More important why my kids ?
Well.. If you can deal with this challenge. You can deal with anything .. Character builder
And we all come out on the other side of this forced to make life changes ... For the better.
Sorry haven't posted.. But as Mel said before .. You get to a point where you are grateful you are not thinking and letting this consume your life
When you do get back some sense of normalcy.. Days with no symptoms .. You will appreciate life like you never have before
It will come.. Takes time.. And for adults drinking that yummy MMS
Thanks Mel!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark and Chase and Maya

Deborah B
4:57:07 PM

Hi Jane,

Thanks for sharing your story. It was very encouraging to hear of your progress. I wanted to respond to your post because I too am approaching my one-year anniversary and seeing the 'light at the end of the tunnel'. Like you, I was most motivated to get well because I wanted to see my little girl grow up. She is seven years old and also has Morgellons. She and I are both getting well on the protocol. I have a hunch there are a lot of 'silent warriors' out there who don't post much but who are getting their lives back day by day, like you and I and my daughter.

For any of the newly stricken out there, please take heart. Especially the parents who may be tempted to give up hope for themselves or their children. . . like so many before me, let me just say. . DON'T! It is not hopeless . . You have come to the right place and there is an abundance of hope and help here. We found the help we needed to get well. A year from now, it could be you posting an encouraging update here about your own or your child's progress.

After one year on the protocol, my daughter is doing amazingly well (so am I!). She was much sicker than I was originally and we were certain that we would lose her if we didn't get help. . . and quickly! Her downward spiral was rapid and terrifying. I am convinced that we were led to this website and the protocol just in time. I am so grateful to Mel and others for help in saving her life and restoring her health. I give God the glory for her healing and Mel the credit for serving Him through this website. That I am getting well too is an added bonus. Last year at this time I was praying and begging God to save her life and never mind about me. But in His amazing love and wisdom He guided me here and let me know that healing was a 'two for one' deal in His economy and that He was not going to leave me behind. Mel was right to name the foundation 'He cures all', because He does and will.

Like you Jane, we also feel like we still have a row or two to hoe before being done with this disease. I'm not sure if we are in the '90% cured' category yet or what the criteria even is for that, but at this time we are free of all symptoms except for some scalp issues and some occasional bruising. We have no lesions, no significant brain fog or fatigue, and very little in the way of purging symptoms. Our progress is slow, but steady and sure. Because of that, we are starting to plan for the future again. Life feels 'normal' . . . or at least a 'new normal' because nothing will ever be quite the same again. But that's a good thing! We don't want to ever return to a life not fully appreciated or lived in a fog of fast paced activities and unhealthful choices.

So thanks again Jane, for your encouraging post. It inspired me to write about our progress as you did, and I hope others who are getting well out there will be encouraged to chime in with their own stories. It would mean a lot to all of us to hear from more of the '90% cured' crowd! ;-)


Yes, Mel does have a big heart. That big heart is primary reason I am well today have been symptom free for 18 months.

I started the full treatment the summer of 2010.I had a relapse January of 2011.As soon as it got back on the full treatment was better again within 2 months’ am just on the supplements since the MMS was interrupted when I was at the hospital with my husband for 10 days when he was dying did not relapse and kept the supplements going.

I am healthy, at a good weight and work full-time. If anyone had told me I would be this healthy again in 2010, I would not have believed them was very ill and lived in a weakened fog.

Stay on the treatment and I believe you have a great chance of getting your life back.

God bless us all....


This is Jane.

I have been doing the Protocol for about one year now. When doctors didn't help me (sound familiar?)
I turned for help on the internet. I feel I was very lucky to find Mel's web site and very lucky that he outlined his cure.

I felt like I really had no choice but to try it and follow it. The sum of the parts really works for this disease! I want to encourage anyone that is reading this, you can save your life by following Mel's protocol because it does work. I still feel like I have a long way to go and may be on this for a long time, but I am back to having my life again and don't feel sick anymore. I have my energy back and don't feel contagious either.

It's really hard to believe that the medical community would hide the benefits of MMS for a disease like ours over greed and patents, but that is what is happening. Follow Mel's protocol and you will get better.

You will get your life back. It works!

The thought of not seeing my children through their life was unbearable to me. So I did this every day. It takes time for it to work. Looking back to last year when I was so sick - there is such a difference. Be patient, follow the steps. Every day do your best. If you go off - then get right back on as soon as you can. The more you stick to it - the quicker you will get well.

Thank you Mel for showing us how to get well from the terrible Morgellons. There are good people in the world. Mel is a good person that is willing to help you with this. Listen to his advice. He has a good heart and is trustworthy.

I am walking proof that the protocol works.

Never give up hope. Never!

8:12:38 PM

I should have posted at the mark of 5 months but I've been too busy lately. It’s hard to tell if I’ve really improved since the last time I posted, but I believe that the protocol is working either way based on what it had accomplished earlier on.

I'll be honest, none of this has been easy. So many things (food, drinks, late nights, time, money) have been given up to follow this protocol. There's a reason why this sort of approach to disease treatment isn't standard, as it is one is required to be incredulously disciplined and meticulous in order to achieve results. I believe that sort of approach will work, that all the sacrifice and commitment will be worth it in the end.

I've gotten down at times when comparing my situation with those around me who are unburdened by the same things, but that's not a healthy way to look at things whether you are ill or not. Those are the times that you have to tell yourself to suck it up because everyone will always have problems one way or another, to keep walking through the tunnel and get the job done.

And thank you for the info Peter.

9:22:13 AM

I would like to 'publicly' thank Mel, John B, and his Crew of people who volunteer, and or offer their time in building this website! I found this site after affirming In prayer to God that this problem wasn't mine It was Gods, in God there are No problems only solutions, and I knew I was healed. I told God I knew my steps were being led, and in divine order things would line up! That evening I found this site!! And all of you :) The support here is truly lifesaving.. Physically and mentally!
Yesterday I had time to navigate the net a bit typing in Morgellons and found some other various support groups. They were discussing treatment options, but none as comprehensive as the protocol Mel & John have offered here. There was a lot more fear and worry , rather than support and helpful advice.
I feel that God’s Grace is guiding me to perfect health... The divine order I believed in that night in prayer led me here! I was led here first, and I am so grateful!
Prayers are answered .. Affirm ,know , & believe!
God will strengthen you!
I love and pray for each of you!
Yours in Spirit,

4:04:05 AM

Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forum and glad to be a part. A little about myself. I am 54 and have had a very active lifestyle until about three years ago when I thought I had contracted scabies. I had itching and biting sensations as well as some type of critters coming out of my skin but they didn't move. I underwent the treatment and felt better, though no scabies were ever found.
Since I have been to the emergency room twice, and to two different doctors with my little box of samples and was quickly excused as delusional. They never even looked at my critters under a microscope!
About two years later it started up again and has persisted and even gotten worse. Sores here and there, critters and fibers from underneath my skin, chronic fatigue, brain fog, aches and pains in my muscles and joints and digestive problems. My active outdoorsy lifestyle it seemed had come to an end and I became very depressed.
I hadn't had a computer at home for a couple of years and a friend gave me a lap top. I typed in my symptoms on line and M. came up over and over again. Right away I knew what my illness was. I went to see a doctor I had found on line and received a topical spray, cream and soap which helped to purge the critters from the skin pretty well. I know now though, with my particular manifestation of M. the critters are actually full of fibers and they shed their skin so to speak and the fiber bundles are growing deeper now into muscle tissue. I realized the topical treatment was not the answer for me but what else could I do?
Well, I am so happy to say I happened upon Mel's site. I just knew his protocol, the wealth of information on the site and being able to communicate with others that have gone through or are going through similar situations was a God send. I e-mailed Mel and asked him to give me a call and he got back to me right away. He told me I didn't have to go it alone and let's get me well! He then asked Bill if he would be my coach and I'm so glad he did because Bill is just a phone call away. He takes his time explaining things to me and has e-mailed me many great websites so I have plenty of reading to do. He even calls me just to see how I'm doing! I'm going on my third week with the full protocol (except the MMS until next week) am adjusting my diet and walking.
Mel, Bill and everyone...I am so grateful to God for your guidance and help. It's so good to have people like you in my life. And I look forward to getting back into the great outdoors again one day and maybe I'll do some traveling too. It's so nice to be hopeful about the future again!


11:21:28 AM

I want to start this by saying thank you Mel for everything you have given so freely! Knowledge is power and so many people withhold knowledge from others if they feel they will not benefit from sharing what they know. I would never have known where to start if it wasn't for your humanitarian efforts. You are truly an angel.
1 month prior to starting this protocol, I went to see my Rheumatologist for my Fibromyalgia. I knew I had Morgellons, however I didn't say anything to him for fear of being disregarded completely. I asked him if he would test me for Lyme because I had never been tested. I had a blood panel done. I was negative for Lyme, however I was showing extremely high anti-bodies on two separate tests for Scleroderma. Scleroderma is a serious, degenerative, often fatal disease that affects the skin, collagen and organs like lung, heart and kidneys’ had my primary doctor do the same test to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Again I tested high in both tests exclusive to Scleroderma.
I started the protocol shortly after that. I also switched to a different rheumatologist closer to where I live. After my first visit with her she decided to run the test again because I lack the outward physical skin appearance of someone with Scleroderma. Two weeks ago I had my blood panel done again and IT'S NEGATIVE! All anti-bodies to Scleroderma are gone!
Personally I don't think I ever had Scleroderma. I believe it's something to do with Morgelllons. But what I'm here to say really is this protocol does work and is working! I praise God for this and thank everyone here that is in this fight with me. God bless and stay strong!


Hello to all my beloved friends and warriors
As I post this entrance into the 90% cured thread, let me share the core truths that become profoundly apparent through the looking glass of my nearly complete return to health. It has been a great blessing and wonderful journey for me for the past 11 months. I am overwhelmed at just how rewarding this has become and how much love and support I have received from so many of you along the way.
Every morning, I wake up with curiosity and excitement to the coming new day, as well as what surprises and challenges the newly stricken and those becoming healed will bring to me. In addition, it is remarkable how much I have grown as a person and developed as a healing influence for others. This disease truly empowers us and enlightens us from within through the simple manner in which so many come together to fight the gallant fight that we all do each and every day.

To that end, I have fought this gallant fight with the heart of a warrior, and the enemy is now on the verge of complete surrender. And on a deeply personal level, I am now so able to appreciate, treasure, and respect the meaning of life. I have been made humble, thankful, excited, and prepared for welcoming the next chapter of my life.

Fight the gallant fight each and every day! Stay committed! Be a warrior! Never lose hope! Your fight to regain your health will represent to God the profound truth that nothing in life worth having comes easily. God will respond to your hope, your prayers and your faith. Never doubt this! I never did.
Pay everything you can forward. The living God inside you will reveal the steps to take to you. As you take them, always bear forth the desire for those behind you to also heal. This is Gods clear message delivered through the affliction. 'Above all else, take care of one another.'
Finally, to Mel. 'Thank you for saving my life!!!!'
You all remain in my prayers and my hopes for a complete recovery. Bring it home! Finish the fight! Declare victory! These are absolutely within your grasp!

Strength and Love

5:53:48 PM

My name is Ruth. I am a newbie here. I have had morgellons since November, and at first thought I had scabies. It was only after a guardian angel (Kathy from Kleen Green) brought me in contact with Peter that I realized I had morgellons. I cannot say how much Peter has changed my life. He has helped me on so many different levels. I would not be where I am right now without his passion to help people. I am so blessed to have found him!

Mel, I have only spoken with you briefly, but I have learned through others what a deeply dedicated man you are! Thank you for giving back to others by sharing your website and your experiences.

I have been on the vegetable diet which Peter has helped me learn and I have had much more energy. The Protocol has helped me with my energy levels too. I am relieved to find such a detailed program to make me healthy again.

I am a mom, so I would love to hear from other moms out there too. There is so much to learn and process. I have been reading and learning from other posts. I could go on and on, but since this is my first post, I will keep it short.

Praise be to God for leading me to Mel's website and to Peter.

12:43:20 AM

I hope this Easter weekend finds y'all doing well. I don't post very often; I'm planning to change that now! As I'm getting better and better, this is news that must be shared!
First off, I want to say how much this site has helped me and I hope I can help at least one person to not wait as I did, jump on the protocol as I'm a true witness to the fact, 'it works!'
You have all that is needed here, and if you are like me...God led you here!
I never thought I would get the help I needed, and believe me, I tried everything! Don't get me wrong, it's still a constant battle, but one I know I can win! And with an army backing me...
I have to say I've never loved anyone that I haven't personally met until now! And I have a list of three, who have touched my heart, my soul, my life! And I want you three to know how much you mean to me...
Starting with Mel, I love you from the bottom of my heart, you have no idea how much you mean to me!!! From that very first phone call, I knew I would be Okay! Your voice had such a powerful impact; I knew I was in good hands. And you are 'my hero!' Yes Mel, I said it, My Hero, live with it! I love you my dear friend!
John B. words can't even express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your kindness, wisdom, and guidance! The time you take to talk to all who are seeking your advice is unheard of! I can't tell you how your phone calls have been uplifting, educational, and downright amazing! I think you've saved me on a few occasions...I love you!
And last, but not least...Peter. Peter, you are a man who I consider many things...A true friend, a great ear, when I'm at my darkest moments! And there have been more than a few. But also a great educator on diet, wellbeing, and how to well, balance life! I love you!

This disease has taught me many things, first, to trust and love God, second to love myself, and third to Love the very special people God has brought into my life. I want to thank each one of you, and tell you I truly wouldn't be here without you! I love and adore each of you and keep you in my prayers always...

Thanks from the bottom of my heart, Mel, John B., and Peter. You all are so dear to me, always.

Love and Blessings,

8:12:02 PM

Hello to everyone!

I have not posted in a while, mainly because I am a private person, and it doesn't come naturally to me to share, but if information on my progress can be of help to anyone, I am happy to do so.

I have almost no symptoms after being on the entire protocol since October. I do have some joint/muscle pain, mainly at night in my shoulder and hip and occasionally some dark soot that comes off my feet in the shower, but that's it! No pimpling, itching, specs, fibers since November. I have to remind myself how far I have come, because I feel so much better. I still rest more than in the past but it is more preventative. I decided not to get a flu shot this winter, and not only did I not get the flu, but not even a cold.

I have said this before, but it's worth repeating - There is nothing special about me. Anyone who follows this protocol can get well!

I also want to say that if I was told today that I am completely cured, I don't think I would ever go back to my prior habits. I have no rugs to clean, nothing much to dust which makes cleaning so easy. And I would continue to eat what I now eat, with the exception that I would add in fruit. I miss my fruit! I still eat alkaline, no sugar foods and never deviate. What's fascinating to me is that it's as if I flipped a switch when I gave up sugar. I am around foods every day (at work, etc.) that I can't eat, and yet am not tempted. I lost the craving for sugar and carbs. I make sure to cook the foods I like - I could not stay on this food plan otherwise. I have found substitutes and adapted recipes to fit the protocol foods. I never feel deprived. If we have to spend more time shopping and preparing nutritious food, then we are only creating a healthy future for ourselves. Shouldn't everyone be doing this?

I have stayed with family and friends in the last few months but always bring my own linens and then wash at home. I do spray Kleen Green around before I leave. The isolation of this illness is the worst aspect, and at this point I do not believe I am putting anyone at risk. I hope I am right about this. I wish I knew for sure.

I wrote to Mel to let him know that when I am in a better financial position, I will be happy to give back to the Foundation. I had to empty my bank account when I got sick and am trying to dig myself out of debt. I make choices every day to afford the supplements, because I can't afford to be sick. Investing in our health is not a luxury. I try to be creative and buy the best food I can. I have a hard time asking for help from anyone. Sometimes my dad will slip $20 in my pocket and that will put gas in my car that week. To say I am grateful is an understatement. I am grateful for all of you and your willingness to share your stories.
As Mel says, 'Never Give Up!

10:12:00 PM

Hi my name is Eleanor I'm 24 and it live in the UK and I came down with the dreaded M some time at the end of January this year, it all started innocently enough when the oldest of my 2 sons who is 7 got head lice from school I had never dealt with lice before and freaked out quite a bit, to make matters worse my mum who is my rock wasn't in the country.
Needless to say with all the stress of worrying how long he had lice then discovering my 2 year old and I had it was a recipe for disaster for an already bad immune system, the previous year especially towards end I had been sick a few times.
Anyway the symptoms started quickly it seemed to plague my feet the most in the beginning the itching crawling lead me to think maybe the lice had moved to my body yet more panic any way we went to the GP saw about 4 different ones in total not to mention hospital visits, all the time jumping from lice to scabies to thinking I had some kind of mite and finally DOP.
I had no idea what was wrong with me it had black specs coming off my skin itching fatigue crawling stinging tiny black fibers I was so depressed searched the internet daily cried day after day worried about the kids and possibly affecting my husband and others around me I wanted to believe I was crazy it would have been easier.
Finally it accepted that I had Morgellons and was preparing myself to leave my family and just disappear as I thought it would be best if I wasn't there to infect them, I thought because I saw a few black specs occasionally come from 2 year old and 7 year old that maybe if it left they would be fine.
By God’s grace my prayers had been answered when I found this site it was like an oasis of peace where I was given hope no nasty photos no conspiracy theories no one saying it’s not real just hope kindness and peace since this all started it have prayed more than I have in a while, there is a saying for us that when God loves his servant he loves to hear you call him for he will never get tired or annoyed and through illness or suffering he cleanses you of sin.
I have been reading and absorbing all I can on here I hope to start the protocol soon I look forward to posting my progress when I do. I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Mel for sharing this protocol and to everyone who has contributed information may God bless you all and may we all recover and continue in health.