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I got to go dancing and to 2 movies this weekend!


11:38:42 PM
Hi all, just wanted to update that I got to go dancing and to 2 movies this weekend! I have had some ups & downs even after stabilizing, but I have been good for most of the time, and enjoying life. Thank you Mel, and everyone here for your support & encouragement! XO

12:32:23 AM
Hi all. Like my initial post, still feeling good. Gave up wearing heels, that made me feel even better. I've switched to all natural everything, makeup, cleaning products & had already launched into the alkaline diet.

The patterned rash on my legs continues to fade until I will totally forget what it looked like. I have to take care of myself. But that is a nice thing to do for your body anyways, that is being kind to yourself. Well, still no time, so thank you all for your support!!! Coming up on a yr. for me (on the protocol) on St Paddys Day & I can't wait!!!
Jul **

10:44:57 PM
I will attempt to keep this as brief as possible because I know you're all busy, but I am hoping this will help someone. As I write this, I am doing well. I have some minor muscle aches, and I still see a couple signs of this condition. But otherwise I am very happy and extremely high-functioning.

In February, I was not. My symptoms were as follows: dry scalp/skin, hair loss, tremors, white things in phlegm, allover itchy crawlies, pinprick bites, finding black fibers and some long shiny blue ones in my bed, black specks on my skin (would rub/wash off easily), short-breathing, watery bloodshot gunky eyes, cold body temp, brain fog, panic/sadness (not about anything, just the feelings), a weird sort of nightmare-feeling (sorry if this is scary - I think this is maybe from the neurotoxins from the fungus), muscle weakness, dry mouth, difficulty eating (NO appetite and then when I would get a small bit down it would go straight through) and getting full really quickly, constant running phlegm in the back of my throat, pain in calves/lower back, difficulty sleeping.

I am now up to 16 drops of MMS and all of that is gone :) Still have some black specks showing up on me, some rashes on my legs, and some minor aching in my legs, but I'd say I have a pretty good quality of life that I couldn't appreciate more.

MMS has made the most dramatic improvement. I was scared of it out of ignorance at first, but then once I read enough about the progression of this condition, I was far more scared of that.

I hope that by sharing how far I've come, that someone new decides to take this protocol seriously. I do have a pre-existing condition (that doctors also don't understand) and the protocol helps a bit with that too. It seems like many individuals with M symptoms have something pre-existing.

Doctors have wanted to help me with my overall health and rebalancing my terrain, but they have not known anything about M and my regular doctor does not even believe in it. I am ok with this because I found you all and I am no longer turning to them to figure it out, but I am monitored and getting blood work checked with the turn of each season.

I can't wait to update this when I'm 100% all better!

Bless you Mel.