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"I've improved much more when using the Logos supplements"


Hi again Nancy,

You are so very welcome! I am glad to know you are feeling hope and encouragement. And thanks for your kind words concerning my mom's passing.

You mentioned your supplementation prior to starting this protocol. That's great. . . you were already committed to many of the things your body needed to heal! I was also on many of the supplements included in the protocol before finding this site. Surprisingly though, I've improved much more when using the Logos supplements and Mel's exact protocol than I did when using my own system. I think that's because as Mel often says, there is something about this protocol that creates balance. I was skeptical at first that it there would be a dramatic difference, but there has been for me.

I had also been on MMS even before knowing I had this disease but when I increased the dosage shortly before starting the full protocol I experienced symptoms that were pretty intense and intimidating. Mel suggested backing off until my immune system could be strengthened to deal with the detox. It worked well when I followed the supplement protocol with silver for two weeks before adding in the MMS. I am now up to 10 drops with nothing but normal and expected detox symptoms that I can handle.

Take care, take heart and God bless,