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Monica - "The Protocol is Amazing!"

So,week two starts today. So, I thought I'd give an update. The protocol is amazing! I'm so grateful for it. There were a few days where I had some herx-ing going on. But, because I've done a parasite cleanse in the past, I knew what the lethargy, bloating etc. was. So, I've been able to function quite well.

I'm happy to report a lot of the biting, stinging, crawling sensations have diminished on my body. And, my new best friend has been a lint roller to get fibers off of me (I have no leisions). I've found that my nightly scrub of coconut oil and epsom salt to be very effective, to getting the weird white 'hair' like thingys to come out. And, I rinse with ACV, borax in water to remove any strays.

As stated before, my scalp has been my biggest issue as of late. I've been soaking it in MMS... speaking of that; I'm getting used to the smell and taste. I don't know if its my determination or what, but, I now find that horrid smell comforting as I know that a lot of natsies will be dying everytime I drink it. And, that--that's encouraging! ;-) So, my scalp has been pushing out a lot of the white specks... at the most inconvenient of times. Like um...is it normal to have almost like a invisible volcanic explosion of white specs flying from your scalp??? And, is that indicative of them dying? Clarification on that would be helpful, as I've scoured the site and cannot find the answer.

In any case... Thanks sooo very much every one of you. I am getting better, the protocol, my diet, D.E. and multi-vitamins are helping. Oh, and I'm losing the mysterious weight I'd been putting on over the years. Now, of course, I believe it was parasite and candida related... While this experience has been quite horrible at times, the blessing that is all of you has made it less so. Thank you, many blessings and rapdid healing!


3:48:50 PM

Thank you so much for your response. I appreciate it. You are correct, I'm here to restore my health, and, therefore will be diligent in following the protocol, as well as reading and listening to all the information here.

Just a brief report regarding day one. The silver is just amazing, and the MMS--whoever said hold your nose while drinking it, is BRILLIANT! There's all sorts of crystals, specks and fuzzies popping out. And,the fact that I keep my skin moist with petroleum jelly treated with tea tree, clove and eucalyptus-- most of the time, makes it easier for the ickies to get out. I agree with, 'better out than in.'

By nature I'm a positive person. I believe if given the correct tools to do its job, the body will and can heal itself. And,I'm just so grateful that you, and so many others have provided me with tools to get better.

By the way Mel, I hope your surgery went well. You're already such a fighter and inspiration, so...I'm sure you'll be up and at 'em in no time.

Many blessings,

1:51:09 PM
Hello Monica,


I can feel that you have come here with a purpose;to restore your health. I can sense that you have read a lot and made the decision to proceed with the protocol.

If you are diligent and totally committed, you have a great chance of restoring your health.

Please continue to read as much as possible and listen to the conference call archives. Read the testimonials when things get tough; see that others have restored their health as well.

Thank you for your kind words and faith. I will be watching you as you slowly return to the life you had before Morgellons.

God Bless, Never give up HOPE!


10:39:27 AM

Started the protocol today... already happy with the Logos supplements and silver. I'm feeling really encouraged. Also soaked my scalp with MMS last night. I don't have a bathtub, so, the bathing part may not be an option. If anyone has suggestions on how to use MMS in a shower...please let me know. Thanks again for your help.

3:20:32 AM
Hi Monica,

It is good that you got right on to treating yourself which hopefully will mean that you will have an easier time in getting a handle on it.

If your scalp is your main problem, be sure to soak your whole head as long as you can when you do the mms bath. It will wreck havock with your hair (may even bleach it out) but you can use tree tea oil conditioner or try something that others have recommended in prior posts. Watch the diet and your urine ph.

4:30:39 PM
I first want to say it was a blessing to find this website. And, though I'm actually talking for the first time, I've already ordered the logos and A2Z products to start the protocol.

I'm pretty sure I got Morgellons this summer after having a horrible experience in my basement apartment with fleas and bird mites, as a result of the wet winter the east coast had last year. Luckily for me, as soon as I realized what what happening to my body, I thought of morgellons... I should mention, I've been able to maintain a certain level of health through the usage of Food Grade DE earth, raw vinegar, essential oils (tea tree and clove have been a huge help), supplements (neem, alfa have been amazing), etc. Although, my scalp is now my main problem, its also the most annoying. I am looking to free myself of this sooner rather than later. And, all of you are helping in this fight. ;-)

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has posted here, especially Mel. I think you are all amazing for fighting for yourselves, while the medical industry either ignores this or sits on its hands regarding this disease. I'm reading articles in earnest, and will soon be starting the protocol.