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My daughter is healed now for one year


3:27:00 PM
Hello Linda,

Welcome as always.

Thank you for bringing this WONDERFUL NEWS to our forum at this time.
There are Many new parents who are just starting,
they should find this VERY ENCOURAGING!

Now it's your turn; DIET CHANGE for you could be your missing link! Please keep us posted.


May God bless you; as he has your Daughter!
Never Never give up HOPE!


1:20:07 PM
In 2010 I visited my daughter in Georgia. I have been dealing with this 'healing opportunity' now for 4 years so I was 2 years in in 2010.
I travel alot, so I always take my own linen or buy my own and keep there like at my mom or sister's house...I wash all my clothes in Borax (Borax is boron and it kills alot of things) any way, on this trip I brought my rule I didn't wash the comforter. i told her to wash it and she didn't...and she slept with it and in 21 days she was having symptoms. I flew to Georgia immediately because I had been told the sooner you deal with this issue the better.
I invited her to come and live with me so I could support her and she could support me also.

It was difficult for her to drop the sugar but she did it. She didn't take the mms...she did do the protocol for 4 months. (she followed Mel's instruction) She did take MSM at night and also MAX GXL (gluthatione) which I got from another source. She also used magnesium oil on her skin and worked out alot. She drank lots of water and fresh juices...in 4 months it was gone. She has been free for one year now.
She still takes msm at night and her vitamins.
I am grateful to her healing.
If any family members get these symptoms ...start them on the protocol fast...the faster the better...this stuff got entrenched in me because I didn't know for almost a year what the hell it was and I believe the longer you have it the more difficult it is to rid it from you body.
I am better. I have no more biting and itching however I do still have lesions coming out. I am on the protocol faithfully and I am on my second bottle of Parabolish. This stuff is awesome. I KNOW that soon I will have a testimony. Theresa's testimony inspired me to commit and allow the warrior spirit to emerge. I am at peace. Blessings to everyone.
You know it just might be a good idea for your family to go on the protocol for prevention.