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Bill M
2:09:03 AM

Good Day Everyone:

HEALTH UPDATE: It has been quite some time since I posted so I thought I would give you an update on my health. For the many of you that do not know me, I started on Mel's protocol in December of 2011, and after 34 months I was symptom free. It took me longer since during my healing I would convince myself that I could now start eating regular foods and have dessert, or maybe even have a beer or two. Well, the results of that mindless decision was an extended recovery time. LESSON: don't do what I did and stay with the protocol and diet.

HEALING: Let's face it, when taking the protocol and changing our diet and lifestyle, doesn't it seem like it will never end because our world was turned upside down. I dreaded those first few months but I did survive, and I think for all of us who have reached the 100% goal, when we look back it was difficult to go through but in the end for whatever reason, at least for me, it seems so long ago. And we must remember that for the rest of our lives we now know how to eat healthy, and to eat and drink in moderation.

FOOD: My BREAKFAST is 2 eggs (cage free), Traders Joes gluten free oatmeal ( w/ 2 tablespoons of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, and a large table spoon of Greek yogurt), 2 slices of Spelt bread (no butter, I use coconut oil), and almond or coconut milk. I skip LUNCH, but I will munch on natural almonds during the afternoon hours. The almonds are very good for you and are very filling. For DINNAR I will have a salad of baby spinich, red bell peppers, red onion, or radishes, parsley, and definitely lots of cilantro. I may also eat a sweet potato, organic brown rice, or quinoa. If I eat meat it will be a cage free chicken, usually from Whole Foods since most supermarkets do not offer cage free chickens. For all the veggies I try to buy organic as much as possible. Keep in mind that you don't have to buy organic any vegetable or fruit that has a "shell"......avacados, oranges, bananas, onions, etc.
If I don't have an avacado or banana for breakfast or dinner then I may have either one as an afternoon snack.
Please note that I don't always stick to this every single day, so I try to be creative for some meals and try different veggies or fruits. Or some day if I don't want to prepare a meal, I may go to my local Whole Foods market and eat their prepared foods, which are very good and they offer a vast selection of organic items. Whole Foods can be expensive but if you just eat the prepared veggies you can fill yourself for between 6 to 8 dollars.

LYME DISEASE: I wrote previously that I was supposed to be tested for Lyme in December but the doctor had to cancel on me a couple of times, but this last month I was finally tested and the results came back positive. I do not have chronic Lyme so I just go on with my life but I keep myself aware of any symptoms, and for me the symptoms could be pimpling on my chest, itching on my scalp and my butt.
Right now my immune system is very healthy, thanks to the protocol and my diet, so I have been able to cut back on some of the supplements and have added other herbs which seem to work very well.

LIFESTYLE: From the very begining when I first found out that I had Morgellons I told myself that I would NEVER, NEVER, let this insidious bateria take me down. I was determined to put up a fight and I knew in my mind that I was going to win!
As of last month I reached my 70th year on this earth and yes, as far I am concerned I won the fight against Morgellons and Lyme.
So now I move on with my journey in this world: today I went with some friends and rode my motorcyle in the mountains. I ride my bicycle 4 times a week (high intensity interval training), and I also do strength training. I have a good social life and go dancing at least twice a week (just learning the West Coast Swing).
Through my church I am involved in a number of different volunteer projects within our community, and the feeling of giving back,I think, is part of the healing process. It is so rewarding for the mind and soul.
If you think young, you can stay young, in mind and body. And now I begin the second half of my life...... LOL

Please remember that if you keep the faith, and fight the fight, you may lose some battles but in the end you will win the war......and that's a good thing...... :)

Blessings to all of you,
Bill M.

2:24:05 AM

Hello Folks

I hope everyone is doing well. First, I want to remind you that there is a conference call this Sunday, May 3rd. I hope everyone who is able will join in because I believe the topic is an important one.

These last 3 weeks have been very difficult for me. It began with getting the flu and then going through some very alarming experiences that I would like to share. I hope some of what I will describe is meaningful. I think there are things we can realize from them. Physically, this flu started with a fever and a severe burning sensation in my lungs. I got very weak and very tired and had to take several days off of work. There were night sweats, blurry vision, hand tremors (shaking) and a mental flux between depression and anxiety. Old familiar symptoms that reminded me of when I was really sick early on.

Being sick has taken me on a roller coaster ride. I have had to put some things into proper perspective and I have had to reexamine other things. Like why was my vision blurry? And why the mental funk? I don’t really know for certain. But this is what I do know. I was not paying attention to certain things that the disease has already taught me that I must. Like how important it is to maintain a regular bedtime schedule. Like how important it is to manage stress and to exercise daily. Like taking time for myself! And of course remaining disciplined in my dietary choices.

Here is what else is important. Remember to fall back to basics when you get out of balance. Understand that you may get a cold or you may get the flu, but these are OK. They can lead you to discover that your immune system is working. I came through it and I am back on track. Energy has finally returned. The night sweats have ended. My vision is no longer blurry and I am no longer depressed or anxious.

However, this was a wake up call in a very huge way. Remind yourself each day that balance in all matters of life is part of remission and remaining well. I again fully accept this, especially at my age. Morgellons is to some degree a chronic disease. Accept this too, and allow yourself to see that you must be paying daily attention to healthy habits. Manage stress, eat clean, and get regular exercise and adequate rest. Do not deviate from these.

I will try to catch up on reading your posts and responding where I might be of help. I love you all. Stay patient, stay committed, stay disciplined and stay in the word. Remember to draw closer to God each day. He will then no doubt draw closer to you. You all remain in my prayers for a complete return to health.

Strength and Love,

5:18:55 AM

Aloha all,

Thank you so much for your lovely responses and prayer. It really is refreshing to have a place to come and feel safe and inspired by some true rockstars. I have had a marvelous week, after a discouraging one - knowledge is power and if I didn't have this site I wouldn't think I was winning, BUT I do have it and am sooo thankful for each and every post ever made. Because of the information on this site I KNOW I'm whooping these Morgys (thanks for the fun nickname!) My 3 angels seem to be doing much better too. I can recognize when they are going through a purge, and it seems like they are getting more and more mild each time. One big change I've made this week is to REALLY put God first and search him. I know I'm enduring this for a reason and I've fully surrendered myself to him. I can honestly say I've never felt more amazing than when I let go and let God. One of the best pieces of advice I've ever gotten and want to share here is the 3 best forms of defense against attacks from the enemy: scripture (read it, memorize it, repeat it) / prayer (pray without ceasing), worship (alternate this with praying all day, sing songs of praise even when you don't feel like it). In addition, if you rebuke the enemy he MUST flee from you. I had a rough week last week, started doing this consistently this week and I feel like a million bucks. Doing all I can to keep up with the kiddos, cleaning and trying to get enough rest. Wish I could share more but need to get some sleep. The intense fatigue and depression has lifted. I did reintroduce some fruits in my diet, noticed a slight increase in itching, but not bad considering where I've come from! I've been having fun cooking healthy meals as well, it's hit or miss with the kiddos though, coconut curry was a hit tonight. Blessings to you all!

10:36:45 PM

Happy April Everyone!
I am so happy that there is so many people posting and connecting with each other here lately. It helps me to fight off the loneliness of this condition. No one I know has it. So, it’s just all of you here that keep me company during this looooong journey. Well, of course, I have to say our Heavenly Father is with me every day, but as far as actual people… I hope it all keeps going just like it is with new people joining in saying they’ve been reading and have been on the protocol for a couple months. That’s so cool to finally hear from some silent warriors.
I’m almost through my 9th month on MMS. I feel fabulous. The only thing I’ve had since last month are the red, itchy bumps (would be like a pimple except for theyre itchy). These are only really surfacing on my face. There was a period when they were on my neck every day or so, a new one. Then they moved to my forehead and jaw line. A couple has come on my face near my nose. But, the rest of my body is clear. So, I don’t think it is anything environmental. I really think this is the last hold out of this stuff, in my face. They must have been hiding there and now the MMS is killing them and my body is pushing it out. They are leaving a bit of a “scar” a dark purplish coloration. But the ones on my neck are fading and a few are gone. So I’m hopeful the ones on my face will do the same. No one notices anything, they just think it’s acne. So, it’s no biggy. I do use natural foundation over the spots to go to work. And my health food store brand blush and colored lip glosses. I’ve been using regular mascara for months now, which I know isn’t good. But, I think the health food store brand was causing that rash on my eyelids. And, If I don’t look alert and healthy, clients will not want to come to me. I need to keep the business going. But, I think that since I stopped all the other hair weaving with bleach and the hair products with silicone and the unhealthy body lotions….I’ve really detoxed my body well. I’ve lost 35 pounds since starting and I’d like to lose one more dress size. But, really, all I really want is to be 100% healed. I just feel so healthy now with all that weight off. I’ll hope to start jogging and biking again soon.
I also noticed this month that the purging has dropped dramatically. I judge this by the amount of microfibers on my sticky lint roller after rolling my sheets each morning. Barely any and the ones that are there are real tiny little pieces. I never could see it in my clothes, but I’m shortening the wash cycle and not using all that extra water now due to the drought here. Fires this weekend and smoke in the sky. So, we are really starting to hurt for lack of rain. I’m thinking that I bet the Kleen Green in the wash isn’t really doing that much anymore and that really the borax and laundry detergent is probably enough with the hot dryer. I handwash some clothes in MMS, but don’t see any fibers in the water. So, I dunno. Is it still needed? I’ve been back in my closet and drawers now for a month or two and all is fine there.
I don’t have very many crawling sensations anymore. They are still there, but very little. They have not increased but only decreased this last month.
Food, I’ve started eating the brown rice bread, a slice toasted with a fried egg and slice of tomatoe for breakfast. I seem to tolerate it well, but when I started eating more than that one slice, I think I felt more crawling a day later. So, keeping it at one slice a day for now.
Celebrating my 50th birthday this week. I can’t believe I’ve been on this planet for 50 years. It’s amazing how fast it seems to go. I look forward to having another 50 years of good health though! This MMS adds years onto our lives. So, who knows ?
I’m praying for all of us always! Looking forward to seeing how much better we’ll all be next month.
Blessings, Mary

8:06:43 PM


Just wanted to update. Ive decided to be a turtle and take the race slowly since it seems to be working for me. Still trucking along. I start the second set of supplements next week. I plan on adding the mms a month after that.

I've been having pricking sensations again these past few days. I'm not concerned about it. It seems to pop up from time to time.

Yesterday I read a article about Morgellons that really upset me. The writer was "sympathetic" to people with Morgellon "delusions". Them vs us mentality is dangerous,especially when pity is involved. I clicked the article hoping to read the work of a good journalist with something insightful to say. Won't be doing that again. No wonder so few people speak up in this forum. No one wants to appear crazy.

TMI time. Over the past few days I've been losing wirey hairs from my chest. So even though I'm feeling bites again, I know the Morgys are dying brutal deaths. (I started to call them Morgys to further diminish their power.)

Random question but does anyone know anything about the red dots that are left behind after some "bites"? I dont have any new ones, but a still have ones from when my bites were something fierce. Are these marks something that eventually go away?




4:33:01 AM

Aloha all,

I've been wanting to post here for quite some time but haven't had the chance or been in the right mind to do so, but I have been reading when I can. Finishing up my 2nd month on the protocol and I definitely see the progress, though I know I have a long way to go from what I've been reading. Right now I'm going through the phase of serious brain fog (I feel like I'm completely out of it most of the time) also purging of micro fibers, some scratches and small lesions here and there and anxiety/depression. When I first contacted Mel I was 8 months pregnant with my 4th child (first son) and terrified. My husband and I were trying to save money for a move and decided we'd live with his grandparents for a few months, I believe that's where I started to get bit by something. My symptoms then were horrible lesions (at least 30 on each arm and same one my legs, trunk and scalp) and itching/crawling. I went through the whole trip to the doctor, antibiotics, premetherin,and a biopsy only to be told I had a pregnancy rash/eczema! Then I noticed the black specs and through more research discovered the horror stories all over the internet. I was absolutely terrified and lost it a few times and then God led me here. What's funny is I had no doubts and knew this is where I needed to be from the very beginning. I contacted Mel and he calmed me down and told me exactly what I needed to do. I got myself started as soon as I could scrounge up the money to do so. Unfortunately my 3 beautiful angels also began presenting with symptoms (5 yr old, 2 yr old and 1 yr old). This hit me even harder because they are so young. Thankfully I caught theirs pretty early and started them on a partial protocol right away so they never got as bad as me. I'm also a wellness advocate for an essential oil company so I had been using oils on them and myself. I want to try and post here as often as I feel well enough to do so. It's not easy fighting this disease, not to mention fighting it with 4 children that are all 5 and under plus breastfeeding an infant. Most days I just feel exhausted. That's why I felt the need to stay up late and post here tonight, when I have a particularly hard day (like today) I am able to find peace and strength through this website and I wanted to thank all of you fellow "warriors" for providing me with the strength I need to keep fighting the good fight. I know God is refining me and I have to keep reminding myself when I have those "why me" feelings. I only hope I can give back by providing hope for someone else through my experiences. I've always felt that I was put on this earth to do great things but I suppose I must first endure great training. Please know that I am praying for you all and ask you to please do the same for me and my babies.

11:32:38 AM

Hello everyone!

It's been far too long since I've checked in but I just wanted to updated you all on my progress. I will be approaching 1 year in April. This year has had it ups and downs emotionally but this fight I'm battling (Morgellons) "Oh I'm winning"!

Crazy because I before I realized I had this disease, my faith was everything (although still a work in progress) God has bought me to a place that I "truly" realized all my strength lye's through him. Through faith and the founder and people of this forum, I have LIFE. (I'm getting emotional and want to cry). I'm so grateful!

Almost one year later and I'm doing great! I'm not sure what my percentage is but I barely have any itching, biting and crawling. I've remained true to the diet and protocol. My body is still deposing of stuff and my hair is my biggest challenge a it's the only thing that annoy's me. Overall, I've never felt better!

For a while, I was trying to fall into a depression, financial I was struggling and falling back on bills trying to afford the protocol. All I can keep emphasizing is FAITH! I've had some doors open for me, it's still a struggle but I'm staying above water.

On another note "The Struggle" living in a house with a family of 5, my husband, 1 adult child, 1 teen, and twins...who (I can tell) clearly has M but know one wants to believe or think anything is wrong with them. This is where emotionally I become overwhelmed. It's so much that I would like to express but as you know I'm not quit the writer, I really had to sit a focus to write this.

I can't thank you enough Mel, John, Peter and everyone that partakes on the forum. I've been on the conference calls. I still try to keep up on the post when I can.

Life is a Blessing and everyday I'm counting it joy even when theirs suffering. God has shown me that, he wouldn't put anything on me that I cant handle!

Be encouraged!

Love Tee

6:40:22 PM

Hello everyone,
So I'm almost in the end of my 7th month of taking the protocol.I have been very busy between work and my son.Every month it gets a little better. Still struggling with sleep though. I'm right behind you Shari at 20 drops. Had a false alarm but no herx reaction yet. Is there a max of MMS that you should stop at? I'm so sick of the cold and snow, I'm so looking forward to spring.As far as the vacuum I got a new one but hardly use it. I use my swiffer more.
I see progress in my little one though we have had some set backs. He has been eating in after school even though he gets to eat a snack before he gets there and was itching and purging like crazy but he's back on track. He was struggling in school but is improving. He won 2nd place at his school spelling bee and that has boosted his confidence a bit. Mary you are so right that this too will pass. I'm almost halfway to my 18 months or hopefully even sooner. I think that I am doing good with my healthy diet. I found some coconut wraps in the health food store from Julians Bakery and also Mikeys Coconut flour English muffins in the freezer section in a local heath food store.Had a few bites of the wrap today and so far no reaction. It would be nice to be able to make myself a wrap once in a while.Is it necessary to do the MMS baths? My husband forbids me to bathe my son in it and I want to know if it will hinder him from getting better. I hope to attend the prayer meeting tomorrow. I will be praying for everyone on the forum.

2:14:01 AM

Hi Everyone!
In my 8th month of MMS here. So this is going to be along post and I’m sorry, but I would have liked to have seen more of this kind of info when I was startin’ out, so here it is. In this last month, I think I’ve made some good progress! Something that helped morale a lot was moving my clothes first back into my closet and then after a few weeks, and all was well, I moved the rest into my dresser. So, no more plastic bins for clean clothes! And for my everyday machine washable clothes, I’m putting them in my old wicker hamper with a hefty bag liner. So no bending over to open a bin to put my day’s dirty clothes into either. Now I’m only using bins for my clean and dirty towels (yes, I used real towels since day 1) and my hand washable clothes that get MMS. In my washing machine, since it is a front loader, it never worked out to use MMS. I got some bleach marks on my clothes, but I think somehow it was from Kleen Green as I never put MMS in the machine. I didn’t think KG would bleach, but I think it does if it’s too concentrated like when you get to the bottom of the container. So, since that happened months ago, I only put a ½ oz of Kleen Green undiluted in my machines bleach dispenser and select the extra water button. The Arm and Hammer detergent, fabric softner 7th Generation or one like it, and ½ c of Borax.
I’ve had some rough moments off and on. Like this weekend I was dizzy and no energy for two days at the start of my period. But, then on the third day, great energy and no dizziness. So, I assume that was some major die off being eliminated that slowed me down for a couple days. But, also maybe something to do with the hormones change of the period, but haven’t had that in all the months until now. Another rough time was that for a few weeks a bunch of bumps broke out on my neck. The same itchy red ones that I first got on my chest, later on my back, then on my neck and jawline. Some of them go away in a day, but some linger and linger. Well, the one stubborn spot on my neck seems to finally be on the way out, its getting smaller and no longer itchy. It is now just scaly and red and for size, maybe that of half a dime. Not a big spot but still annoying. My face and neck are clear now and it’s nice not to have an itchy bump anywhere in that vicinity. Or anywhere on my bod at the moment.
The crawlies have lowered down another notch. They are really few and far between. Hours without anything and I’ll be praising God in thanks for feeling entirely normal. I am living a normal life except the diet and taking all the protocol. Ok, and washing everything after wearing it once. That was not normal for me. But, with the bins reduced and the crawlies, I really do feel I’ve reclaimed my life and God is awesome! I will never take my health for granted again. I will always eat better and stay away from gluten for good. This is the second time in my life where gluten was named as a culprit for health issues. My auntie has celiac disease, so it runs in the family. Though as Peter just posted, I don’t think any body recognizes gluten as in the evolutionary scheme of things it is a newer grain and our digestive physiology was developed without it on the menu. So, when gluten came along on the scene thousands of years later, our body wasn’t able to digest it not having developed physiology to effectively digest that grain. Mostly the human body of today is really much the same as in the caveman days.
This last month I started eating a few slices of green apple for the first time. I had my first Kind bar with chocolate. I’ve been eating the Lilly’s and Coco Polo chocolate bars with almonds sweetened with stevia. I only have a row of the chocolate at a time/meal and not the whole bar. Even some of the Lilly’s stevia sweetened chocolate chips. I’ve used some of the Kerrigold butter from Ireland here and there. Until this month, I had not had any butter at all and have been completely dairy free. I’ve had a few slices here and there of cheese as long as it is European origin. But, I’ve seem to have lost my previous cheese addiction, so, I rarely desire any at all. I also had zucchini noodles with no problem this month. All sorts of things seem to be opening up. Going to try coconut again as I mentioned on another food thread. Sandwiches seem the only thing I miss. I haven’t had Ezekiel bread products because in the past they caused crawlies, so time to try it again and see what happens. And the Zevia Ginger-Rootbeer soda, 6 oz at a time, has been a delight. I used to always drink Zevia’s and it’s nice to be able to have them again.
I also brought out a bunch of my old clothes and added them to my wardrobe. Since I never stopped using cotton clothes, that wasn’t the issue, it was just not having the hang of hand washing in MMS, nor the bin space, and now I have that handled, so it’s nice to have some “new” old clothes to wear. Though, I’ve shrunk almost 3 sizes since I used to wear those 8 months ago. They hang on me now ?
Basically, I’m just cruising along, trying to stay focused on God and being a good mom and wife. Well, the wife part, we are living like friends of course, because we haven’t touched in over 8 months now. A little quick hug or kiss. Not sharing a bed for so long is really weird after 25 years of marriage. And, I think it is getting to us. A little lonely at night at times. No one to talk to. But luckily I sleep so soundly, it’s morning real quick, too quick and I want to keep sleeping instead of getting my son up for school, make him breakfast, pack a lunch and drive him to school. Then to church for morning mass and then home to shower, get dressed for work, eat, go to work….home, dinner, basketball practice or my catechism class….lots of busy, busy busy. So time flies by.
As always, I pray for all of us to be healed and by the looks of it, God is answering that prayer through Mel’s Place, the protocol and all of great world-wide support and comraderie that’s here. Thank you, our Heavenly Father, for loving us and looking out for us. I love you.
Blessings, Strength and Love to all!

5:55:26 AM

Hi all,

It's been a while since I've posted. I'm not as outgoing as many on here are and there have been a lot of changes and upheaval in my life over the last year, including 2 huge relocations.

My health is continuing to improve and I am fortunate enough to have Mel and the He Cures All Foundation that assist my child and I to get the protocol supplements that keep us on this healing journey. For that I am eternally and very humbly grateful. Thank you Mel and thanks to the Foundation. I try, in my life, to 'pay it forward' in any way that I can.

I am happy to report that, over the last few months, I have really 'turned a corner' in my healing journey. My mind is finally clear again. I no longer feel overwhelmed and unable to cope with things. I don't remember feeling this clear headed …….. ever, probably since I was a child. The pain that has persisted all these years is diminishing and it's becoming easier to make all the necessary changes to my lifestyle, that I need to make to be truly healthy.

I've learnt not to stress so much (thank you Mel!!)…..and good things just follow.

We all have different ways of coming to realisation of what it is that we need to adapt to or to implement into our lives, in order to make changes for the better. I've never been one to blindly follow what I'm told so I guess it's been harder for me to adopt such a rigorous diet as many here have been able to. But I've got there in my own way, from my own research and understanding.

It's important to have faith and to have a good attitude. It's important to be thankful for all the good things that we do have in our lives, and it's important not to 'sweat the small stuff'. I am also learning not to be too hard on myself.

If anyone who is new to this is reading my post, please be assured that there is hope and you won't always feel the way you do now. It does get better.



4:13:49 PM

This was a great question to post, Shar! At first when I could afford it I was spraying my hair with kleen green after the shower. It did not make my hair sticky or anything and acted like a leave in conditioner, didnt have to wash it out and believe it or not every time I sprayed it on my skin and in my hair I felt immediate die off. (I would feel it getting air bubbles on my skin and hear things popping like bubbles, the M was suffocating or something. ;) beat itttt!) For times I didn't dilute kleen green (please dilute it the safe way when applying it to your body or hair, remember, DO NO HARM!) I used my coconut oil mixture filled with essential oils. I rotated oils using no more than one or two at once. Lavender, peppermint, tea tea, clove, and eucalyptus to name a few. I left coconut oil with the essential oils on my hair and skin every night for the first six months and would wash it out in the morning using a protocol friendly soap/shampoo I could afford: sulfur 8, selsum blue with menthol, tea tree black african soap, dr. bronner's soaps (the peppermint kills EVERYTHING, I swear!)
I dont use coconut oil so much now that Im out and about in the world and its so hard to be greasy all of the time, so I just make sure I keep my soaps on for very long soaking in the shower before I go under the water. I've found Tate's all natural hair gel which is made of tree bark and essential oils and apply that to my skin and hair since it helps disinfect lesions and acne, as well as anti bacterial so it helps my scalp as well. There's not a single un natural ingredient in it. I love it since I kind of have a funky punk hairstyle again and use it to keep my bangs in place as well.
As for MMS without a bath tub: I know Monica didn't have a tub for a while and she was diluting it into a spray bottle. I'm not sure the exact combination or ratio to do when applying mms to the skin via a spray bottle but I know you can use one to basically shower your skin and hair in mms, leave it on, and then wash it off in the shower. It is mentioned in one of the conference calls as well. I would look in the search engine under "shower" and "mms". That's what the search engine is there for and I think we should all know how to use it. ;) I also think some people have had success with spraying their hair lightly with silver.
I hope this helps!

As for my health update: My scalp is still purging away and I still have my rad short hair cut called a chelsey. I shave my whole head and leave my front bangs and side bangs near my ears. It looks really cute and I think it really is beneficial to keep on cutting my hair. Shorter hair is easier to deal with right now, anyways. I hope my scalp clears up sooner or later. If anybody has any suggestions for that or even some encouragement on how long it might take... feel free to add that in here. I get kind of worried about it once in a while when I feel the crawling on my hair. :( There really isn't any more crawling or purging from my skin except for the full moon or just randomly about three times a week in my feet or body. I still shower and clean, daily, of course. I'm used to it. My energy levels are REALLY up and down still. Some days I have super human energy and I can't stop and won't stop, other days I just want to lay around and don't want to interact with a single soul still.
Juicing daily has made my skin and hair look so beautiful and so healthy... I'm so proud!
I've added a few things back into my diet that I'm getting used to... for the healing properties. They help me purge and I notice die off, instead of feeling any negative reactions. It's great. My water retention is finally going down and I am loosing my "pouchy" look.
I'm just trying to keep my head up, and work through this day by day. I'm slowly getting my energy levels back after a rough bout like I said. My foot is finally out of the cast, and I can work again! Pretty soon hopefully I'll be able to run, skip, jump, and dance again...
I am financially strapped at the moment, even more than before because I lost my job! I was not there for long enough to be out on a leave of absence that I had to be on for my ankle... therefor I was terminated and I have to weasel my way back in and reapply since we are still on good terms or find another job. Though, it's stressing me out a bit, my stress levels are not out of control and I am thankful to be taking care of it. Maybe breaking my ankle was god's little way of saying "slow down! You need some more time to heal before you're ready to go live in the real world again." So, I'm taking it for what it is and still resting as much as possible.
Sleep is soooo important, I realized I still need 9-12 hours a night. I swear my friends think Im an old lady, lol, I love my naps and I love my sleep.
My family is still quite an issue. It hurts not being able to have a relationship with my father or brothers still since they don't want to listen to a word I have to say or want to know what I'm going through. My relationships have been destroyed completely and it has me hurting... it also has made me closer to my mother and my dear friends who have helped me through this from the beginning. I feel tears of joy coming on right now thinking of my beautiful friends and how well my mother has taken care of me and nursed me back to health. I never had a relationship with my mother before, and this past year she has become my best friend, my world, my everything. I never thought I'd have my mother in my life, and I helped her with her health issues as well. We are both so blessed to be happy and healthy, all thanks to each other. Wouldn't be here without her.
I can not wait for spring to come and wash away so much negativity that I feel this harsh winter has brought me. From all of the snow, my broken foot, being stuck indoors with my crazy family, and sleeping... I can not wait to go out and be able to walk on both feet feeling the rays of sunshine nourishing my skin and body. Vitamin D is so important to our health, especially mine since I have the lowest level of vitamin D the doctors have ever seen.
My raw food diet remains, my digestion is getting better even though it's not up to par with digesting foods high in fat like nuts, seeds, avocados, olives.... not quite sure what to do about that except keep juicing for digestion.
I started fermenting my own vegetables for probiotics since I NEED probiotics even after a year to help recover from the damage I did with my anorexia. I don't do well digesting dairy and it causes a lot of water retention, so I decided to make my own do it yourself probiotics: started fermenting my own red cabbage about 5 days ago in a mason jar! A few more days to go and I'll let you know how the tester goes. ;) I only used two ingredients: pink himalayan sea salt and red cabbage.
Fermented foods are packed with benefits, you can read Peter's lovely post on kimchi and sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar.
Anyways, I'm off filling out job applications and doing some laundry and I'm about to take an MMS bath for some relaxation. I hope everyone is well and keeping their heads up. I know I am, an app on my phone that Shari and Jeremy use as a group chat daily has really helped me and I hope it helps them too. I think everyone who is open to it should be in on the group chat. It really helps for live talking down during our certain "freak outs", sharing recipes, getting answers or suggestions right away for recipes and tolerances on our diet, and just sharing cheer with each other in our every day lives. It's a real support system that I absolutely adore to have as a tool on hand! Pictures, jokes, songs, laughs. Shari shared with us a song that she recorded, she has quite the energy and is quite the artist... a truly inspiring warrior. Jeremy is great at keeping his cool and really knows how to think positive while being resourceful. Thank you to you both...
Of course, I am loving my supplements and taking them EVERY DAY. Keeping my immune system healthy and clean. At night, it's comforting to feel like I could hug my MMS like a teddy bear knowing its killing time for the aweful M. ;) It's comforting to know this strong MMS is loving my body and fighting my disease. Makes me feel super clean and super safe for some odd reason.
I have been juicing shots of a whole lemon, a clove or two of garlic, and a huge knot of ginger and adding omega 3 flax seed oil to it with non irradiated cayenne pepper whenever I feel a cold coming on and I have not been sick ONCE this year people! Isnt that a miracle?! Make your food your medicine, it will work!

I think I'm going to post again in a week or two for my thanks for being alive on my birthday on the protocol after one year. :) I am one lucky little twig. :)

2:08:50 PM

Hey everyone! I just wanted to stop by and say hi. We are doing well despite life being crazy for us the last month..Several new folks here with so much to give. Its wonderful to see the participation in the community. I absolutely love reading good reports and seeing positive attitudes, even though we know how difficult it is to be positive at times. Love you guys! Keep up the good work and never lose faith or hope!

Amber & family

3:57:21 PM

Hey everyone,

First, I need to apologize that I've not posted in quite some time. I have to share with you all that going back to work full time has been exhausting and overwhelming. I work in front of a computer all day and manage a team of 21 people remotely, which takes it's toll. I do read the forum during breaks and on lunch and on my days off when I feel like picking up my computer, which is rare. I can and should do a better job of staying in touch.

I have so many different symptoms than everyone else and have been struggling with several other unknown co-infections, which is truly frightening. I still lose my vision in my right eye and it can be painful at times, which is scary as heck! I frequent the doctor on my days off to be tested for what else I can be dealing with and that's an all day affair because she is so backed-up that she is only taking walk-ins, so my wait to see her can and has been up to 4 hours at times. That alone takes up one of my days off. The other day is spent preparing for my work week ahead...you know, the typical grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. I thought I'd have the energy to do things before or after work or in between as I work out of my home, but I'm tied to my computer for a full 8 hours, so, I'm finding out that's not a possibility.

It's a tough disease to manage and being alone isn't helping. While I do feel better when I read everyone's posts, I feel even better to have people to talk to. I talk to Mel often and love to hear from him. His laugh and stories are always so uplifting, but realize he is busy too. This morning, Mel reminded me of how important it is to communicate and interact on the forum and he's right. Prior to returning to work, it was the first thing I did in the morning and several times throughout the day. I usually fell asleep with the computer on my lap listening to the conference calls and reading the website. Now and most days, it is a struggle to get in a few minutes here and there just so I can keep up with what everyone has been doing and going through. I have to be honest, that sometimes it's discouraging for me ONLY because my symptoms are SO very different than what I read. Sometimes I feel like I'm fighting a battle that no one else has fought before and can't really describe how that feels other than 'alone' and very frightening. I've felt the most comfort when talking through my symptoms with others. It kind of takes more of the fright away. I will start to post more instead of being a silent stalker....lol.

I don't get near enough rest and seems like all I want to do is sleep when I can't and can't sleep when I should be. I take my protocol, eat healthy and exercise when I have the strength to do so. I bought a small trampoline but hardly have the energy most days to even look at it let alone use it! Most of my exercise is walking the three flights of stairs to walk Keebler around the apartment complex throughout the day, running around on my days off, and carrying my groceries up the three flights of stairs. My energy is low, I feel like my body is falling apart limb by limb sometimes and often times I don't feel like eating at all, let alone fixing anything for myself. My weight has been up and down, mostly down because more often than not, I don't feel like eating. Mel has given me a few pointers on what to do when eating is the last thing I want to do and it does seem to help on those days. Mel has been really great to me, brings me fresh veggies from his indoor garden, drops off things that helped him when he was sick and the list goes on....I love him dearly for the support and guidance he's given me!

Well, my lunch time is over but I just wanted to reach out since it has been such a long time and let everyone know that I'm still out here even though I've not posted in some time.

I thank everyone for all your posts and support! I will try to be better at providing updates and posting more often.

Blessings to all,


8:30:21 PM

Hello everyone! I'm six months in and seeing much improvement. This full moon I am not experiencing many symptoms which is a little surprising given that the last full moon there were quite a few including tingling sensations in my skin all over my body and lesions on my right hand. So I'm encouraged by the fact that this full moon there are virtually none.

I am meditating every day at least once and sometimes twice. I recommend meditation to everyone. The method I follow is called Sahaja Yoga. It was developed by a woman named Shri Mataji Devi in the 1970s. She traveled all over the world sharing the technique and it is based on the rising of the kundalini through the chakras. When the kundalini rises it clears all the energy imbalances that arises from emotions and conditions and brings a sense of peace.

I have more work to do but everyday I meditate I feel that I am moving in the right direction towards good health of the mind, body and spirit.

About a month ago I believe I experienced the herx associated with reaching a maximum dose of MMS. It was difficult to manage as I felt very weak and overwhelmed by everyday life. Thanks to Mel for offering support and guidance when I reached out to him. That was a big help emotionally.

I'm certainly not at maximum health but I think I've come out of the "you'll feel worse before you feel better" period. Now I'm hoping I will move consistently to a stronger and healthier state.

Sticking to the protocol and diet. I still have trouble doing more than maintaining routines like sleeping, eating, working, and supplements but that's ok. I also have to remind myself that I have a disease that takes time to cure and I have to patient. Slow and steady. I live near Washington, D.C. a stressful environment. Other stresses include no significant pay raise for 5 years due to economic downturn and living in one of the highest income areas in the country due to federal and corporation salaries. My real estate tax more than doubled this year and I'm realizing I need to seriously consider moving to a less expensive area. At the same time job hunting is stressful and a lot of work so it is slow going given my energy level at this time.

I know many who visit this website are experiencing financial challenges as well so forgive me if it seems like I'm whining. It is just one of the factors present in my life right now and I'm trying to open up and share, reach out, etc.

Today we experienced a snow storm with 4-6 inches. Spent the day inside, reading, meditating, the cleared the snow on and around my car. It was quite peaceful at around 6PM once the snow and wind stopped and I enjoyed the fresh air.

Again keeping in mind to keep my thoughts and activities to a manageable level while maintaining my faith that I will regain my health given so many other success stories shared on this forum.


9:43:58 PM

Hello Folks

I hope everyone is faring well. I love you guys for continuing to show up! It’s when you show up that you ease suffering, offer hope, and end up healthy again. I read your posts and I see the results you share. I listen to you ask questions on the conference calls. They are compelling. You are honest. You are genuine. Your posts continue to make it clearly apparent that real people dedicate to this protocol and that real people get noticeably better. Hold tightly to a deeply felt belief that all will turn out well, because your body will never entirely give up on you. Accept your own ability to rise above the challenges and keep going.

I remain healthy. Energy is good. Digestion is good. Brain function is good. I can see where hair has grown again on my left arm, legs, and chest. My body is taking back the hair follicles that were lost to infection. I went from fungal hair when I was sick, to no hair during the majority of my detox, to normal hair returning again. Proof enough for me to know I am in remission, and proof that you too will eventually capture healthy hair growth again. Lastly, I went 10 days without any inflammation in the right forearm. That is a record to date. So I am getting closer still. I need 30 days, or one complete lunar cycle, with no onset of inflammation. With that in mind, nothing is required of me other than to remain patient and to live each day rejoicing.


The key to understanding this protocols’ success lies in understanding Morgellons disease as a mitochondrial dysfunction in energy metabolism. The mitochondria are little powerhouses within the cell that are generating the energy currency, (ATP), from the oxygen we breathe and glucose. It’s not a matter that you have Cancer, or you have Morgellons, or you have Lyme. They all go back to the fact that the mitochondria are dysfunctional, and the body is not getting the oxygen and the energy it needs to function. Until the mitochondria are fixed, there is no cure for disease. The protocol addresses this. It is treating disease at this basic or causal level.

Morgellons can teach us so much about how we entertain feelings of hurt, fear, frustration, and injustice. Let it teach you to see that our feelings are responders to our thinking. I used to think that wisdom was the proper application and use of knowledge. It is more than that.

It is the fear of God that is the beginning of wisdom, and wisdom is the beginning of the love of God. Morgellons aligned me to that love. Divine love that sees miracles that is invisible to others. That is why I confess Morgellons to be a blessing. The experience of pain takes our path to spiritual growth and expansion because what we must endure brings the opportunity to increase the power of our inner and outer strength.

“Then your light shall break forth like the dawn, and your healing shall spring up quickly.” Isaiah, 58:8

Godspeed, and stay the course,

2:15:52 AM

Hey everyone!
February already…this is one time that I’m glad that time moves so quickly. I’m glad because I feel that I’m rushing toward being done with this and living my life again amongst the living. I am already doing more things, but Christmas was tough in retrospect and I turned down the few Christmas party invites that I received. I wasn’t feeling that I could be amongst the regular folks, who would be eating and drinking without care. I think that if I was at where I am now, I could do it and have fun without feeling deprived or at least without the deprived feeling ruling my experience. So far on this journey, I’ve learned how to be self-sufficient especially in the area of cooking. I’m learning tasty, healthy recipes and finding more which makes me realize how poorly we ate before. I’d gotten to relying on premade food like at Trader Joes that heats up in the micro in a plastic dish…that can’t be too good. I also used to drive through Carls J and get a low carb six dollar burger. Maybe if I felt like splurging, some fried zucchini and whatever it is that they call ranch dressing to dip them in. That was before Carls J started using grassfed or organic beef or whatever they claim to be using now. So, I got my share of pink slime, I’m sure. :P I've also learned how to have fun without food/drink but just au natural. Keep my house cleaner than ever before. So many new things at this later time in my life.

A friend’s husband died this past week, only in his 40’s. Kidney disease for many years. He left behind his wife and two daughters, one my son’s age (11). I’m so sad for them, though they were a family of faith so they know that they will be reunited someday. But still, so tough. So this has been a somber week.

To go with it, I had a little tough time last weekend as for the first time in 6 months I offered my home to host my father-in-laws 87th birthday. My sister in law has been hosting everything since I got M as I had said my home wasn’t available. I didn’t want anyone possibly contracting this. In the beginning we told about M and the parents of my husband researched it and came up with the conclusion that it wasn’t contagious and probably not even real. At any rate, all these months, none of them have called to talk with me and see how I’m doing, offer their support, or ever asked me anything about it. Is that how they’d treat me if I had cancer? Lupus? MS? I’ve given that painful experience of being invalidated and uncared for to God as I want to forgive and love them. So, I host this dinner and make some of my new paleo recipes: coleslaw, dirty “rice” and my husband made the crab cakes. Yes, they had gluten and who knows what all, so I didn’t have any. I was quite content with the other two items, though. They all acted nice as usual. I did ask my father in law to please not sit in a chair I found him sitting in as it is the one I sit in all the time and I didn’t want him to risk getting this. He didn’t budge and laughed at me. A few days later I heard from my husband that his sister, parents and sister’s hubby all thought I was pretty out there and are worried for my son’s emotional health since I talked about it so much and because we wash everything all the time…. Uggh. I guess I was talking to them about something, but I can’t recall what. I thought I was just talking about my food /diet guidelines. I think I was forcing the topic on them since they weren’t asking and never ask or check in with me. I can’t believe they never ask. It is the weirdest phenomenon as these are typically very caring people. I think I was trying to break through their denial and make my illness real for them. It didn’t work. I guess I’m figuring out now, that they’ve been thinking I’m nuts and that’s why they aren’t reaching out with support. Anyway, I’m so glad that my own mom believes me. I cannot put into words how hurtful it is to me when family doesn’t believe me. I've never run across this before in my life. I think they are so ignorant and I have to let it go. But if they ever got M themselves, I really think they wouldn’t be able to cope with it. so better me than them. The only good I can do with this suffering is offer it up to Him to use for the benefit of others.

Well, I need to get positive, so here’s some good news….my son and husband still seem to be symptom free. I don’t know if they ever had it and I don’t know if they have it inside of them and it will show later on. I saw that Nicole said her son Tyler got it a year after she got it. I hope I have that right, sorry if I don’t. But, when I learned that, I got nervous all over again. But, I just can’t think about it since I can’t control it. We still stay in separate rooms, separate chairs, separate laundry. So, I’m prayerful that it is working.

I’ve been loving the sun and sitting out quite a bit in our 80 degree weather. It doesn’t seem to be bothering me and makes me feel good and relaxed! I think the Vitamine K/D has to be a good thing for the immune system. I’ve been working and energy and brain power is good. I’ve had break outs of these red welt-type bumps, usually just one here and there. They are itchy usually, so I know that I’m having it. They go away pretty quickly. A bunch on my back between the shoulder blades. And, the crawlies pretty minimal. However, they came back pretty good during this past full moon. Last full moon, nothing. This full moon, definitely an increase. So maybe next one, I will divide my MMS dose. I have the microfibers in the sheets each morning. Blue and black. Black specks. I don’t see them on my clothes at all during the day. Nothing seems to be in my scalp and hair is healthy though now about 5 inches of natural brown roots with it’s new grey tinge. Lovely :/ But, at least it is healthy. The back of my hands got really old and wrinkly for a few days/weeks and now that’s cleared up. And, I’ve had a few experiences of what I think some people describe as fiber glass in my skin. I thought of it as really dry skin that stings/burns when it’s so dry and it gets stretched by a movement. I put lotion on it and it felt better and then after a few days, those sensations stopped happening altogether. Peter would probably say it was deeper form of healing, and I like that so that’s what I’m sticking with. And, I think my eyesight is getting better and my focus and concentration. Bill or Peter, one of you said in our con call that your grey hairs reversed out. I’m looking forward to that happening to me too!
So, I guess that is what’s going on with me here at the start of my 7th month on MMS. I’m looking forward, though, to being 100% and hope that I can beat Ellen’s record! I'm competitive by nature and can't help it, Mel. I'm still going slow and steady and no cheating. ?

I continue to pray for all of us daily. And, that this will be eradicated from this earth altogether.
God Bless Every One

2:43:44 AM

Hello Everybody

First of all, I feel great. Together with God, I remain in this wonderful place in my heart, body,and mind through becoming well. You know what folks? By this taking longer for me due to the ongoing issues with my right forearm, I get to keep learning. Then I get to share with you those special discoveries that can only come from lengthy recovery. I love that! Here is an example.

PERSPECTIVE MATTERS…Everything takes time

We must remain patient. Patience leaves no place for fear and stress. Let this protocol push you along. Let it keep you plugged in to what is really important… taking back your health.

Think purposely in the following ways. Accept that this is co infection, and nothing more. Because of that, see the disease as not a thing, but a state. You can change a state, right? So you know you can get well. Go with the notion that you have to get well in stages that can only unfold over time. Then,just continually practice patience.


The World Economic Forum estimates that the world will spend $47 trillion over the next 20 years on lifestyle preventable chronic disease. That’s more than the annual GDP of the world’s six largest economies combined. They still don’t get it.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) have announced that genetically engineered (GE) crops and bee and bird-toxic pesticides will be banned in National Wildlife Refuges. The ruling impacts more than 150 million acres of federal land. That’s a huge victory for our children, folks!

Whether it is a GMO, genetically modified organism, mercury and heavy metal toxicity, toulene, plastics, a stealth virus , or “whatever," the people that recover employ a comprehensive detox program and systematically re-build and correct their cellular systems and functions. Sound like what we are doing here? You bet it does.

Finally, on behalf of everyone, I want to say “thank you” to John B. for your recent 2015 announcement by Logos that their web site now has new content available for us, and for the mission statement dedicating their continuing support for everyone that is stricken with Morgellons. Give thanks for the profound blessing of his ongoing, selfless love for us! Philip Glyn, a welsh poet captured it best. “Through our actions and deeds, rather than promises, let us display the essence of love-perfect harmony in motion!”

May God Bless,

Kim J
3:30:56 PM

Hello Everyone!

I believe that this protocol will unequivocally cure me of this disease.My improvements have been dramatic.I am starting to look like myself again and I feel my immune system returning.

My symptoms are tolerable.These white specks that are spores are exiting my skin in the hundreds!I mean literally by the hundreds.My feet no longer stick to the floor.My clothes No longer stick to my skin.The twitching has been gone for awhile.My scalp remains the same purging the white clear fiber like hairs.I am considering going to my not so Morgellons friendly doctor and getting a CBC,metabolic panel and routine follow up female exams.This way I can monitor my values as I continue the protocol.

Diet remains good.I did slip up and have a few sips of a diet pepsi only and it repulsed me.In the garbage it went!

In Nov 14, I was on the verge of deteriorating with this and now as I look back I'm convinced that THIS protocol is my answer.I have endured a lot of trauma with this disease as most of us have.I say BRING IT ON because the trauma is reshaping and reminding my ENTIRE character.My diet, my outlook on life,the inability to remain calm and patient~ has ALL changed!!!!

I look forward to complete remission so that I may return to being a sister and an Aunt,and maybe even someone's wife some day!My life is not over with this disease.Its a RESTORATION of my entire body,amen.I feel like Jesus IS rising me up from the dead,the usual fast paced but bleak and miserable life I once lives.The changes in me are phenomenal! !!!
As we approach the full moon on Feb 3,I am prepared to split my dose of MMS as its been proven to interfere with the organism.I've been purging so much debris and my skin all over burns like fire!Its almost as if someone rubbed my skin raw with sand paper.

Cats have been doing well on Revolution and one drop mms.BOTH CATS HAVE ACCEPTED THEIR NEW HOMEMADE DIET!!!!!!GLORY BE TO FOD!Cats are incredibly finicky with what they will eat.Zero is a feline incinerator but can be finicky at times.My Ninja is the most prissiest finicky male cat I have ever owned.He is entirely to prissy with his food and litter box.Most Persians are though!God definitely intervened here!

Thank you everyone for your prayers.I can feel them because joy is slowly coming back to me.Laughing and smiling feels great!

I prayed for everyone here as I sat in my usual pew at church.The holy spirit visited me because as I was praying my body had been relaxed but all of a sudden it felt like my whole body was locked up with so much energy!It was the weirdest thing but dissipated shortly after I ended my prayer.

Thank you Mel for calling me to check up on my progress.You've made me feel like I do matter.In fact,hearing you say HOW ARE YOU DOING,just brought tears to my eyes because not even my ex boyfriend or family could ever utter those words to me.So thank you for your heart Mel.You are a ray of light to me in these incredibly trying times.I love you!

And Peter,my strength in all of this.You have taught me patience and how to tread calm waters.It has been extremely healing as I fight this!

Love and Light
Kim J
Zero and Ninja

2:22:49 AM

Hi guys,

My name is Jeremy. I'm one of the fortunate people here who realized my condition sooner than later.

Before I start my story, I wanted to tell you a little about myself. Two years ago I received my masters in writing from one of those fancy shmancy colleges. I decided to move to LA and make it big as a TV writer. This has not happened yet. Instead, I could only find a serving job, and ended up moving into low-income housing. Don't worry! I'm okay with it. My friends worry about me, but in it's own way, it's a gift. I have become more grateful for my blessings, and my heart has grown a bit. So many people here are struggling. Even so, then something happened which changed my life. My apt became infested first with bed bugs then bird mites.

That's where my morgellons story starts. I did everything possible to rid my apt of both pests. I had convinced myself that I was still being bitten by mites. And it puzzled me because I keep my apartment so clean. So two months ago, I began heavy research on bird mites about two months and became obsessed. Mainly, because my pin-prick sensations were getting worse. The preventative measures I was trying were also starting to become more and more toxic.

Two days ago I read a mysterious post by someone who had posted that pouring three gallons of milk over oneself would kill these bugs. I figured milk was harmless, so I bought two gallons and did just that. What I discovered scared me.

On my left arm, I watched as a red thread pushed it's way out of my arm. Suddenly black and red strings were coming out all over, then the black dots started coming out. I was pretty scared. It was worse than that movie, Alien. Once the milk had washed off my body, I decided to continue by rubbing grape seed oil on me and massaging my skin.

They wouldn't stop coming out of me, and eventually, I was so tired I got out of the shower and looked at the clock: I had been in the shower seven hours. I didn't know what to do: I had come across some Morgellons articles while reading about bird mites, and fibers coming out of the body sounded ludicrous. And yet, its happened to me.

Exhausted, I went to bed and slept 12 hours. I called my mom the next day and cried so hard. I couldn't have an intellectual conversation and told her I would call her back. I was terrified, from everything I've read, people who claim to have Morgellons are seen as crazy, and eventually they end up in total isolation. I thought all hope was lost for me. That lasted, oh about an hour. I pop back from things quickly.

I've never been one to give up, and I called my mom again and talked over the facts and what I could do. From what I could discern, Morgellons disease shares similar symptoms to lyme and candida disease. I started removing sugar from my diet. In the past I drank orange juice like water. I decided to substitute this with tea and also vinegar and water. I ate eggs and carrots because they were found on the Candida diet. Instantly, my body started feeling weaker, and I think I developed a fever. Yesterday I had to call in sick because I just couldn't get out of bed.

I'm here now because this seems like a good support system, and I want to believe that I can be cured. I love the optimism of this site. And I want to continue telling my story on here to help others.

I don't think I can afford Mel's protocol. Im as poor as it gets. But I believe all things happen for a reason, even this disease, I had an open mind before, but now it's even more open. I want to be part of this community and use my optimism to help others. It's the least I can do.

Because, you know...I'm so thankful to know Im not alone. And to know there's hope.



9:41:22 AM

An update after a year of being setback- I am no longer having morgellons symptoms and have finally gone off of the MMS after 3 years of requiring it to control the condition. I work 50 hours, I go to philosophy lectures, self defense/martial arts classes here and there, rollerskating, movies, working on music and singing, go to the beach a ton when the weather complies.

I hang out with friends and am dating a boy, but I know when I need to rest, and I do. I don't push myself and I wouldn't enjoy doing so.

I was finally able to come off of the MMS which I had been on since Feb 2012, with no ill effects returning.
My susceptibility to M came from either general autoimmune problems and/or bartonella exposure. I did not undergo standard treatment for bartonella (I was diagnosed with that very late in the game at which point it had pretty much been addressed by this protocol anyway). I may also have been in a moldy or some such environmentally toxic environment last year, and I think that set me back royally, and for a year.
I'm going on vacation next month, and I'm thinking about moving, my career, my life- things that were not remotely possible when I was unwell. People say I look great... and they are right : )
I wish I could say my recovery has been entirely clear and linear, but it has not. When I was set back and it was very hard to find the cause, and hard to rectify.

I have been diligent with sticking to the protocol and staying on the MMS. I needed it longer, and will always have it on hand and keep on the protocol and lifestyle/diet changes. If you are new on here, please take this protocol seriously... it has saved my life :) & for that I am forever grateful <3

Deborah B
2:13:17 PM

Hello to all,

I’ve been catching up on reading here on the Children & Morgellons thread after several months of a busy schedule. It’s great to come back to find so many parents supporting each other, and new members finding hope for the first time. This may be one of the most encouraging conversations going on here on our forum. Thank you all so much.

Also exciting is to discover how many of our children are symptom free, or very nearly so, in the last three to four months. I know there are others whose children are winning the race yet have not yet been on to post of their progress. I’ve had a couple of folks ask me how my daughter Carrie is doing, and so wanted to update. As some might remember, Carrie was a very sick little girl when we found the protocol and began the healing journey 17 months ago. Unlike a lot of children she was sicker than her mom and was symptomatic for 5 months before I showed any signs of the disease. Her level of toxic load was so high that I am sure gone untreated her life would have been in danger. If there is anyone else out there dealing with a similarly extreme situation with their child, I hope this post will encourage you to stay positive and take up arms to become a warrior in the battle for your child’s health. This protocol followed exactly as presented is the only answer.

Carrie is most definitely within a stone’s throw of being 100% symptom free. It has been quite the battle but worth every daunting minute of it. She is simply thriving in every way. The only symptoms she still faces involve some very slight scalp purging. Peter often points out that in the latter stages of recovery we purge via the head and feet. Her last symptom to disappear was a slight foot fungal issue, so your theory proves true again Peter! I brush Carrie’s hair with a nit-comb daily and only find some very fine micro- fungal hairs once or twice a week. All other symptoms are a thing of the past.

Carrie’s exact 18-month anniversary date on the protocol will be Valentine’s Day. We are praying that she will be completely well by then so that we can always remember that day as a time to celebrate God’s goodness to her in freeing her from Morgellons.

She is our own little heaven-sent Valentine because we began the adoption process for her on that date 7 years ago. We are confident she will cross the finish line at least very soon afterward if not before that date, and that is the really important thing. . . to get there, no matter how long it takes.

I will definitely be back to let you know when Carrie has officially finished the race. I hope other parents who have reached the symptom free milestone will log on and update us. Wouldn’t it be awesome to hear of even more kids regaining their health between now and February 14th ? I think 2014 is going to be remembered as "The Year of the Child" here at "How I cured Morgellons" as we see more and more precious children get well. That’s what I am praying for!

Love you all,

Deborah B.

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

8:00:11 PM

Blessed beyond belief is how I am truly feeling at this moment. I can honestly say I am very close to being completely healed from Morgellons. I have been on the protocol for almost 22 months, and by following only Mel's amazing protocol, I am once again living a new type of normal life.

A new type of normal living for me includes eating a clean diet free of processed foods and gmos, using non-toxic make-up and deodorant, establishing a routine cleaning schedule, not stressing about life's hiccups and turning them over to my Lord, and maintaining a daily personal relationship with my Lord and Savior who has been with me every step of the way. I am so very blessed and thankful to be healthy, and if I can do this, so can you!!!

As I started my journey with morgellons, I remember being so overwhelmed and fearful of EVERYTHING. But God placed so many Angels in my life to help me accomplish my healing. Thank you, Mel, for sharing your knowledge and for creating and maintaining an inspiring website so people can be healed. Peter, my loving big brother, who has lovingly guided me every inch of the way. You have helped save my life with your generous time and loving words you have so graciously given to me. Thank you, John B, for working with a group of individuals that have been forgotten by so many others. Your vitamins have helped restore my bioterrain along with so many others. And, Cathy, with Kleengreen, thank you for your time on the phone and for such an amazing product. And thank you also for the talks I have shared with Deborah B, Nicole, Dawn, and Amber. I continue to pray for your healing. :):))

And the greatest blessing I have is for my loving Father who created me and lovingly took care of me during my battle with morgellons. He was, and still is, with me when others mocked me and left me alone. There were days when I simply said verse after verse to get me through each hour. So thank you, God, for being my one true Father who gave me strength, courage, and peace through your loving words.

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you in my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

6:18:25 PM

Well I'm just approaching my 5th month on the protocol and what an improvement. I still can't tolerate much food. Not even beans and I want to eat Hummus and black beans so bad so just sticking to my veggies. Could never go wrong there.I started my MMS late so I'm only on 10 drops. I'm so much more energetic and I found something that I lost over the last 8 months. My smile and laughter. This disease has been such a blessing and curse.The upside is I lost 59lbs. I am probably the healthiest I ever been and definitely learned a lot because I was clueless about the food we eat. I had no idea about all the chemicals that is in our food. Now I try to teach my little boy about eating healthy. Also my relationship with the lord is closer. There are days that I did not how I would make it but he definitely got me through the tough days. I'm finally in a place where I feel like I got this and it's cause of my heavenly father and of course Mels protocol! If anyone has any doubts, I'll tell you it works.
I still have some ways to go but it is so much better. I wash my clothes borax and ammonia or sometimes borax and Dr Bronners peppermint soap. I have washed the sheets with MMS but bleached my son's uniform shirt so for the clothes I stick to the borax. A lot of lint and specks in my hair. The lint brush helps a lot too rub it where it itches and it picks up the specks and lint that's annoying me.His father has been challenging but has been a little easier to deal with. It's nice to have a little less stress to deal with. Working on the sleeping thing. It has been my greatest challenge. I notice the more sleep I get the better I feel so this is what I'm working on.They are also going to remove the mold next week so I'm thrilled. Taking one day at a time. Hoping that 2015 brings us all good health!

God bless,

3:51:01 AM

Hello Folks

Hi Christel, Thank you for your heartfelt words. Hi Deborah. No word from Monica or Theresa. Where are you guys?

I hope all is well with everyone. Wow, so many here continue to share about getting well. It truly is remarkable. Your posts remind me daily of what is important about returning health. Thank you!

I am doing great. Got through my first Christmas without mom. This was in no small way because I had so many of you to talk to. And Mel called every day to make me laugh and let me know I am loved. I am grateful, brother.

I remain strong and I feel wonderful. Only occasional bouts with fatigue and congestion. There are fewer cycles of inflammation in my right forearm. I am seeing only slightly new blotching these days. It is feeling better than ever as I get closer each day to being completely symptom free.

Always remember that recovery focuses on the continuous process of healing in stages inherent to complete the protocol, while realizing in each phase the meaning of the experiences. See crisis as involving opportunity. Determine to value creativity as you explore different aspects of recovery. Develop and stay true to a personal sense of security. Write your own personal narrative here, because this forum especially emphasizes the importance of each person's own voice, resourcefulness and wisdom.


I believe that developing a personal sense of meaning and overall purpose is important for sustaining the recovery process. For some, this will involve recovering or developing a social or work role. It should also involve renewing, finding, and developing a personal guiding philosophy about religion and faith.

I have learned how to become my own expert about my own key stress points and possible crisis points, and to understand and develop personal ways of responding and coping. Posting here motivated me to do much of this. So, I remain grateful to everyone here who grew this in me through your own participation. This forum makes it all work.

Accept fully that if you stay committed to the guiding principles of this protocol, you will get better. Be strong, and know that through faith, by grace, God does strengthen you and does guide you everyday to stay the course. So allow him into your heart and accept the promise. He will see that you all succeed.


3:41:49 AM

Hi everyone,

As we bring in this New Year ... I'm reminded how far myself and my son Tyler have come in these past few years. Family and friends, doctors diagnosing me delusional psychosis .. My son getting sick and not having any support, Me being put in mental hospital...
Morgellons going into hyper drive and taking over my body, purging, biting pinching sensations.. Trying to act like those things weren't happening to me so the people close to me wouldn't fear me taking care of and treating my son.. Having to treat my son secretly ...

My god am I sooo grateful for how far We have come ....
We couldn't be where we are without the site, and Mel !!

We have a few minor symptoms still but we are doing so well .. Improved energy, no biting, pinching..
Occasional rashes but very minimal .. I feel like I'm in a basically normal body .
The protocol and diet have been our saving grace!

I'm finishing up with school and I did so well keeping up with demands of being a very busy mom, going to school, member of my church ..

My family never choose to see me getting better from an illness ..
They see in their minds I've just gotten better from the mental break down, and improved my diet and lifestyle habits .. I think if they really realized what I went through it would be way to much for their sleepy eyes to comprehend, but I love and forgive them ...

I know that I have been strengthen by this and know how strong I am for myself and my son... I believe with all my heart that God has a plan of complete recovery for myself and my son and I trust that the support I need is there for me via - the universe :-)

I believe 2015 Is going to be a great year for us ..
Progress for each of us individually, and as a community!!!! ;-)

My love and support to each of u though the new year!

Never give up!!!

Be blessed,

2:20:06 AM

Hi Everyone,
Well, I finally had my Big Herx. Obvious from past posts, I’ve been anticipating it and wondering each time I increase my MMS if this is the level that is going to be my max. I started 19 drops on Sunday and Tuesday morning I woke up and had it. What mine consisted of was basically diarrhea, following by gurgling stomach and then a few brief moments of vague nausea a few hours later. It was not painful. It lasted about a ½ hour all total. I really appreciated Mel’s quick confirmation and congratulations. That felt surreal, but good. And, it was a little anti-climactic, I must have really built it up in my head what it might be like. It’s really encouraging that the herx indicates that a big portion of this junk has been killed off and that there aren’t too many more months left to get rid of the rest! Woo!Hoo!
So, no MMS for me for 3 days and then maintenance dose at 16 drops on Friday. I’m glad I won’t have to keep trying to keep track of how many drops I’m on each week.
Since my last post at 15 drops in November, I’ve been having very few black specks, they just stopped showing up. The only thing purging are tiny bluish short fibers. When I lint roll the sheets in the morning, it picks up tons of ‘em. Can’t see them by just looking at the sheets, even though white sheets, but when rolled they’re all there each morning. I go through several sheets of the sticky paper to get them all. I’m glad that is all coming out of me. Also, this month, none of the gross and weirdly shaped flies have appeared, so perhaps those have been killed off by the MMS for good! Hallelujah! I still have the crawlies, but just keep getting less and less and are now very minimal and still mainly on feet. I’m aware when I have one because it is so infrequent. Even at my computer which is where they always seemed to get really active, it is much quieter. So last two weeks saw a big improvement in that.
A new symptom did develop starting last week, which is my eyelids are red and a little swollen. My right eye waters easily out of the outer corner. The salty tearing stings that area surrounding my eye. But, both eyelids developed a red color and a little rough skin. Right eye is the worst one though. My eyesight is fine. The whites of my eyes are white. No pain. So, I’m hoping that this is a battle zone where the junk is being attacked and losing. I’m monitoring it for now. I’ve had pink eye before but that usually makes the whites of one’s eye red and you wake up with goo crusting your eye shut. Neither is happening with this. Just weirdness. It could be an allergy to the “healthy” mascara from Mother’s Market. I should go a few days without it. But strange that it isn’t bothering my eyelashes or the roots of the lashes part of the eye lid. Still, it could be.

I’m continuing to stick to the diet protocol. For months, I have had the crackers by Blue Diamond called Multi Seed Artisan Crackers. They are gluten free. I find them at Sprouts and Whole foods. They are great with Maranantha Sunflower seed butter. It always makes me feel satiated and lifts my mood. Sometime even adding a little stevia to the sunbutter or almond butter and putting that on the cracker for a sweet treat. Also, I’m continuing to take the Eucharist at mass which I go to several times a week in addition to Sunday. Even though technically, there is gluten in it, as per our Catholics faith, it is transformed and becomes Jesus under the appearance of bread. And, believe me, I want to receive Him as often as possible! So, for other Catholics out there who might have been nervous about taking the Blessed Sacrament, it has been okay for me.
Well, I guess that’s the news update for now. Loved the con call Sunday and hearing from more new warriors! It is so nice to be able to talk together like that, isn’t it?! Peter, great job!!! Looking forward to our January call.
And, may we all be filled with the joy of Christmas! God Bless us, everyone.

12:50:29 AM

Hello Folks

First,"thank you" Lyle for posting. You are really moving forward! It won't be long now.

I must be doing something right.(LOL) First, I am feeling terrific. There are still occasional episodes of inflammation in my right forearm, but it does not advance to blotching. This is huge because it equates to a very adequate and well regulated immune response. That makes me happy.

My Body Mass Index (BMI) is 21, which is a really good number based on my height and weight. The nature of the proprietary blending within the Logos Meds has brought about specific, internal balance. Now my body gives me abundant energy and good digestion. Add regular light exercise, and a consistent diet of living foods, and adrenal and hormonal balance is in place again. Blood pressure is beyond good for my age. I am sleeping great. Emotional calm continues.


The tiny cysts on my right forearm are still numerous, but continue to be less noticeable. Occasionally, I will have a non specific itch here or there, but not much more. The nodules around my ankles have left purple scars as a reminder of just how far I have come.

I want to keep this post positive today. God is telling me that you already know all that you need to. One thing is clear. Morgellons is curable. Your faith can awaken deep inside, and God’s infinite love can pour out healing grace. You can come to understand this profound truth.

Leave you with this thought. What we are doing here today, is a great thing. We are showing what noble ideas people with serious disease can bring to bear upon our world. There is beauty in that. Heavens’ light is shining inside each of you and it cannot help but make you well.

Thank you Mel, for the remarkable work you do!

“In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.” Isaiah 30:15


4:11:28 PM

Howdy everyone!

Hope this finds everyone in good spirits. We've had a gloomy week in Kentucky and I honestly can't wait to get out of here! I'm almost through my third week on the protocol and again wanted to thank everyone for their encouraging words, kind thoughts and loving support on behalf of anyone who chooses to make this their home for healing and support. I heard from Mel last weekend and I have to say that instead of utilizing his precious time to ask all of my questions, all I could do is cry...he was very patient and understanding, thanks a bunch Mel! AND again, in speaking with John B. yesterday...the tears wouldn't stop! I often feel like a big sap! With that said, I want everyone to know how grateful I am to have this site, the support of Mel, John B. and each one of you! I'm in the process of relocating and that scares the Bjesus out of me! Everything is scary at this point, but it is what it is and all we can do is focus on healing. At any rate, I wanted to share with everyone that I'll soon be moving closer to my daughter who will be living just outside of Sacramento, CA by January. In speaking to Mel, his advise was move to a drier climate if I'm planning on relocating, SO, I've decided that Reno, NV is the place for me...what I've seen, it's simply breathtaking beautiful! Watch out Mel, here comes Mel #2 haha! I was originally going to relocate back home to South Florida as I miss the ocean dearly. Mel says that humidity is no good for us...SO, Reno it is! I'm hoping that I find a nice little place to move asap, as soon as just after Christmas. My head is spinning but I can't wait! Please keep me in your prayers as I know relocating can be a setback. Watch out Reno!! :) Best wishes and God bless to all!!


Bill M
4:56:04 PM

Hello Everyone,

Well on December 18th I get my results back from the Lyme doctor as to whether or not I have the Lyme disease. Three years ago I had a blood test and the results came back positive, but as the doctor explained to me at that time that the results showed just a small measure of Lyme, so he did not treat me with an antibiotic.
About 6 months ago I had another blood test done at the VA Hospital and the results were negative but they only took one vial of blood. For this last test they took six vials of blood so this will probably let me know for sure where I am at with Lyme.

MARY .....thanks for your congrats post. Yes, I feel that I am in the 100% club and as I look back it was one heck of a journey: the first few months were really tough, but as time went on and my health started to improve it became easier, even though I had to adjust my lifestyle. I learned so much about eating the correct foods and eating in moderation and drinking in moderation. So now I can drink a couple bottles of beer or a couple glasses of wine when I go out socializing.

Regarding getting a good night sleep: At one time I use to meditate in order to get a good nights sleep, and it worked. But as time went on I got away from it and now I am having a tough time getting a good nights sleep. So I have decided to again do meditation every night just before going to bed and I believe this again will work for me. And, I also have to get in the habit of turning off the TV or the computer at least one hour before I go to bed. I just read where the computer and TV give off a blue light which stimulates the brain and this could be one of the reasons why I am again struggling to get to sleep. So it is wise to turn off the TV and computer one hour before going to bed.

PETER .....I forgot about Logos Sleep Advance and the real good news is that when I was taking inventory the other day I found an unopened bottle, so now I will give it a try. Thanks bud.

Bill M
4:08:14 PM

Good Day Everyone,

Well, it has been 3 months since my move to California and this has been a real challenge. The first challenge was the trip across county trying to find healthy foods to eat, especially in smaller towns with just one or two restaurants. So many times instead of going to a restaurant I just purchased healthy foods from the local supermarkets, including Whole Foods, and ate on the run. And so I survived the journey and had very few symptoms...... Yahoo!!

For the past three months the challenge has been to eat as healthy as I can for most of my meals. I have more of a social life here with the family, and in order to make new friends, I have been active with a number of Meetup groups in the area. The biggest challenge has been to stay away from the happy hour finger foods, like the chips, wings, meatballs, tacos, dip, etc. I avoid them like the plague and by just not eating the junk food at all I feel much better and I know that my gut is very thankful.... :) For a drink I may have 1 glass of wine or one beer and thats it. If I do go out to a party or to dinner the secret is before I go out I eat enough healthy food so I won't eat much when I am out. Works every time.... .:)

I finally went to a Lyme doctor and I should have my results from the blood test within a couple of weeks. Interesting that this doctor told me that the blood test is done in Virginia and the cost is $4000!! When I picked myself off the floor the doc informed me that they will take whatever you give them. So since I have Medicare they will accept whatever Medicare pays. I couldn't pass up that opportunity. My next appointment is on December 18th so I will know then if I have Lyme or not.

So right now I am still very healthy, taking the protocol, and working out 3-4 times a week. Sleep is my biggest problem and about 3 times per week I was taking about 1/3 of an Ambien pill and it has worked fairly well. But now I have stopped taking any Ambien because of the numerous side effects, including a possible link to Alzheimers. Need help in this area, so if anyone has any suggestions for getting a good nights sleep, please let me know.

You are all in my prayers and I can let you know that my journey to healing was slow, frustrating, and very depressing at times, but in the end........well worth the trip.

As I have stated over and over, the key ingredients to getting back to good health are: Patience, courage, discipline, and prayer.

Blessings to all.....
Bill M.

5:25:10 PM

Hello everybody!

I am still alive, now 8 years since first developing symptoms. It's time for me to do another post.

I'm back in my home state of WI where it is already looking like Christmas. My mom is happy I'm back although she has no clue how sick I truly am. It is nice to have her nearby though as I no longer feel so isolated. Since I'm not working right now, I'm also taking a class online to get additional certification so when I return to my career, I'll be able to offer more to employers.

I'm trying to make lemonade out of lemons...

I've made some progress since the last post in August, but even bigger progress if I compare to further back in time like a year ago. In my opening posts a year ago, I talked about having uncontrollable anxiety and the need for xanax just to function. I no longer use any pharmaceuticals as I no longer have anxiety or severe pain!
I still get some pain from stinging and muscle aches, but it is now tolerable. I no longer hyperventilate from lack of oxygen or acidosis like I did only 4 months ago.
I do get a slight shortness of breath though a few mornings each week so I know there is still quite a bit of infection there. I gage my progress more on how I breathe, think, and energy level, rather than on skin symptoms as the skin symptoms are always there and hard to really measure and remember what they were like a year ago. If I try to remember, I would say the skin symptoms were more severe a year ago as I was ready to end my life>(I felt so alone, and now I am no longer thinking that way. I can also say that I purge MUCH LESS than I did even 2 months ago under the same conditions.
I would conclude that there are fewer and fewer fibers in the body over time as I have worked hard at removing them for the past 4 months using oils and heat. I don't get any big stuff coming out anymore. But, since I still have crawling and stinging and brain fog, I know there is a lot left in the body, but probably much deeper than right below the skin. I look forward to the day where I cannot get anything out of the body and the skin symptoms totally disappear.

Considering how sick I was last year when I relapsed in what seemed like overnight, I'll accept the progress I've made over the past year. When the disease is more disseminated, it does take longer to recover and there is less room for error, especially with diet.
My diet has been good but not perfect over the past 3 months, but I'm in the best physical shape of my life, with bodyfat in the single digits and at my maximum lifetime strength. The root cause of the few dietary slip-ups was consuming insufficient dietary fat while eating so few carbs. We don't slip up on our diets because we choose to (because we all hate Morgellons more than anything), we slip up because our body is telling us we are lacking fuel to function, and it needs that fuel (sugar). Then, we give in to our body's cravings by giving it sugar. I have a solution to this though.
To eliminate the cravings, the answer is to switch your body over from being a sugar burner to a fat burner by eliminating carbs as much as possible and eating more fat.

IF ANY OF YOU ARE UNABLE TO CONTROL YOUR CARB CRAVINGS, INCREASE THE FAT IN YOUR DIET AND REDUCE YOUR DAILY CARB INTAKE TO LESS THAN 30 GRAMS A DAY. ONCE YOUR BODY BECOMES ADAPTED TO USING FAT AND KETONES FOR FUEL, YOUR HUNGER AND CARB CRAVINGS WILL GO AWAY AS YOUR BODYFAT IS AN UNLIMITED FUEL SOURCE FOR THE BODY. This takes about 3 weeks though for your body to adapt. And remember, to stay alkaline by eating lots of veggies and herbs, drinking lemon water, and consuming a reasonable amount of protein to maintain your muscle mass, but not too much where you become acidic. There are sites where you can estimate your daily protein needs so I won't get into that here.

I look forward to reading your posts, and STAY IN THE FIGHT. You will beat this.


2:01:50 AM

It's hump day! Does anyone from SoCal remember how radio station KMET referred to Wednesdays that way? Well, I'm an 80's girl and to this day, when Wednesdays roll around, I get a smile remembering this and thinking if I make it through this day, I'll be over the hump and on the downhill slide toward the weekend. So, we're over the hump as it's Wednesday evening now. I'm actually surprised how the weeks roll by now that I'm all grown up. Boy, do they go fast. And, I'm already on 15 drops of MMS. I just can't believe how time flies and we're around the corner from Thanksgiving and Christmas before you know it and then the new year. The year I'm going to be healthier than I've been in years. I'm really looking forward to it.

So, it's been since August when I started MMS and I was scared and stressed a lot back then. Crawlies like crazy. Then the MMS started (I also went to a healing mass) and the improvements began, slow but steady. I would get some days of brain fog and low energy, but they'd pass in a day. I have gotten and still do get a few black specks in the sheets and shower. I don't notice them anywhere else. However, I do find them randomly in weird places like on jars that I've touched. I think they are attracted to things and I think I recall reading about someones thought that there is an electrostatic or magnetic attraction at work that attracts them. I know when I sit at my computer they are way more active in my feet and my feet are resting on one of those plastic mats to allow the chair to roll around when the floor has carpet on it. So, all that plastic and the electricity of the computer, seems to energize them. But, this week, there was a significant drop in activity in my feet while at the computer and in general. One day, I was praising God all day as I had no crawlies for hours at a time and even when I had one it was small and on my feet only. I felt really normal!

My energy has been at a very healthy level and I'm able to think clearly and focus. I go to bed between 10-11pm and get up at 7am. Energy is good all day. I'm not anxious anymore because it is very clear to me that I'm getting well. The protocol is working. I will occasionally still get an itchy red bump pop up, but it goes away in a day or two and I am viewing it as some of this crud that the MMS just found and killed and that my body pushed to the surface to expel it. Better out than in. And speaking of that, the one symptom that is my gross, sci-fi symptom (doesn't everyone have one of these?) is still happening. I hadn't mentioned it before because I was trying to not think about it, but here it is...it seems that flies come out of me. I know. Gross. Creepy. No way. But, it has been 5 months now and each month, around the full moon, I will find one of these distinctly shaped flies in my room or at my office. I do not feel them come out of me and I don't see where they might have come from, but I'm sure now that it's coming from me somehow because even when on a vacation in the summer, there was one in my bedroon in that rental condo. Twice I've seen it fly away from me from my head area. The other times it was just on a wall. So, I guess better out than in, but I'll tell you, I hate the sight of those flies and they do bring me down because it's just too gross and weird. I've heard of a few others that had this symptom, too, and spoken to one of them and they are sane people. So, I know I'm not delusional, though I wish I was imagining this. This symptom my husband is not able to accept and I don't understand how it could be either. But, enough said. I'm just hoping that in December, I don't see any and never see another one again. But if I do, I'm just planning to eliminate it and then keep moving on and not think about it at all.

As far as my food, I'm doing well. I made some almond-butter and pumpkin cookies using quinoa flour, oat flour, and vanilla stevia. They turned out okay. But, my son wasn't super thrilled with 'em, so I'm going to dip them in some chocolate that I plan to make with raw cacao powder, coconut oil, and stevia. That should do the trick for him. I really want to get him off sugar and gluten by making more healthy treats like that. The pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving is next with coconut cream whipped cream. The pie is also gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free using stevia. I plan to also have the cauliflower "mashed potatoes", turkey, green beans with sliced almonds and sauteed onions, and a green salad. I don't think I'll suffer much while I watch my family (sister in law and her family, my parents in law, and my hubby and son) eat all the regular fixins. I might even try some of my mother in law's sauerkraut with caraway seeds and pork. She promised to buy organic pork, (hope she can find it) and Bubbies sauerkraut which is made only with salt and water and no sugar or vinegar. I did find a brand that makes sugar free and nitrate free bacon. But I had to search as most bacon has that. Shawn, I saw that you ate bacon and it got me thinking that I'd like to have some every once in a while as long as it didn't have sugar or nitrates. I think the brand I found is called Pedersons. Haven't found the CoYo yet. The internet was wrong.

Cleaning is a little less intense now. I wash my sheets every 3rd day and lint roll and Kleen Green spray in between. I still wash my clothes after I wear them once. I use towels and have all along after showering and to wash my face. But still use paper towels to dry hands off. No kitchen towels, got a dish drying rack for dishes that don't go in the dishwasher and are washed by hand so they can air dry.

And lastly, my hair is doing better. I've never cut it since contracting this condition and its 4-5 inches past my shoulders. But, it's no longer getting weaved with highlights, so my natural color is growing in along with a fair share of gray hairs. But, it's getting healthier and I'm not minding it as much as I thought I would. Being healthy is most important, but I still want to look somewhat together. I just tell people at work that I have Lyme's (as I probably really do since I did have tick bites when riding my horse on the trails as a kid) and for this treatment protocol I can't use any chemicals on my body, so I'm letting my hair go natural. The women have said they think it's a great idea and are supportive. Men say the same and a few even say they think it's even more attractive when women let their hair go gray. No one says anything rude and if they did, all I would think is just that, that they don't have good social skills and are judgmental and I wouldn't take it personally. I know what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. Being vain just has to have it's limits or a person will become obsessed with non-important worries and issues and stay sick. Life is too short. If I look good enough to me that's all that matters. Well, actually, I want to be beautiful in God's eyes, but that beauty is another kind of beauty and that is the most important kind.

That's the update for now. Going good, getting better every week. God Bless everyone and wishing all a most Happy Thanksgiving. Much to be thankful for....Mel, John, the fellow warriors here, my faith, friends, and family!

3:57:04 PM

Good Day my fellow warriors of light.

Do you all remember the Simpsons? If so, you might remember that whenever Marge (the mother) would get really stressed, she would rub her temples and repeat, "Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean."

This always made me laugh really hard and recently it came up because I found myself get really stressed out. It didnt matter the life topic, I chose to get anxious about it.

And then I remembered what Mel had said about stress and how this thing really likes a stressful environment. So I prayed. And then I gave myself one hour of unleashed screaming in my pillows, crying, stomping around, pounding on my drum, praying loudly....a real big pity party. After about 20 minutes of this madness, I burst into huge belly laughter. Thank you Mel, Marge and mostly the Lord for his long arms that inevitably reach down every time I call to Him.

My personal experience: Managing stress = quicker healing/less symptoms

Ok, so Im now on my 5th month of the protocol. I literally run to take the logos supplements. Its so interesting that given all my experience with herbs and plant medicine, these are the first ones that I literally crave. I do not have the same love relationship with MMS. I have had some difficulty integrating it into my routine, so in essence I had to start again at a very low dose. A reminder that our bodies are all different. My energy has greatly improved and the itching at night is getting so so much better, though still there. And oh man, there is so much purging going on..mostly black specks, changing lesions and increased scalp activity. Im taking this as a positive sign my immune system is kicking in. Thank you Peter and Twiggy.

Im doing really well with the diet piece, only I really really miss dairy. Just sayin'... Also, if you must know, cleaning has never been my greatest skill, but this protocol has helped me prioritize and organize my life and surroundings. I have not chosen the throw away my things. Still have my rugs (vaccuum frequently) and most clothes are in a separate room in bags until I can wear them again. I have a beloved dog who I also treat with herbs. He shows no symptoms.

Lastly, I want to give a big thank you to Mel for his leadership, kindness, and steadfast support of all of us. I know you don't have to do all that you do, Mel. I am truly grateful.

Blessings and Thanks to all of you who continue to post your progress. We WILL beat this thing, even when setbacks happen.

With Love,

1:04:01 PM

Hello All,

I decided to write .

For persons new and lost, confused, worried, my post is a good place to look from the start until today November 9th 2014

My kids- 95% better? my son has NO issues
my daughter s only issue is a few red hive bumps sometimes after a shower that go away they have NO other symptoms

me some days I feel 100%
the 100% days that seem to go for a week at a time-reminds me how our bodies are supposed to be and can be again.

other days slight reminder that Im not done, but if I compare to the start of this post 90%+ better then too- and then only feels like a very MINOR inconvenience

I took my kids and I off the silver and MMS 6 months ago. I change my bedding once a week now. I wash my laundry in borax/with regular detergent and sometimes also peppermint soap. our diet is almost no sugar, some fruit, mostly organic (however we do go out to eat sometimes for a steak at outback or chicken wings ect just un- sweet tea with Stevia and lemons then

I give my kids and myself very basic protocol now- in smoothie form
and we drink ALOT of herbal teas. teas I suggest are from YOGI TEAS - their healthy fasting tea and daily detox teas- look them up. also we all eat a small amount of FRESH rosemary and thyme herb daily (this I learned from a respected naturopath)

will probably do the above forever- but thats just fine. We are all so much healthier because of it.

thanks Mark

8:09:36 AM

You are so right it's all about diet and protocol Shawn .. listen to the way your body responds to the food u eat... It seems were all so different in diet and we all react to certain foods differently..
I have for years now ..eliminated quinoa,rice,buckwheat.. Also no fruit for me , to high in sugar, even berries .. My body just won't tolerate these foods: I don't eat any of those carbs!
My diet is mainly veggies, loads of greens, salads, lean proteins, whole milk yogurt with stevia, nuts, eggs ...I thrive on a extremely strict anti candida type diet .. Since I'm so busy I do eat out a lot which was challenging at first but I've got it down now .. Even if there are times I have to eat a salad no dressing .. You do what you gotta do ;) I usually get subway chopped salad all veggies, turkey chopped, oil no vingar .. Usually oil for salad dressing if I'm not making my own..

In conjunction with diet is out PROTOCOL.. It really is AMAZING!!! We are so lucky to have Mel and John develop and lay out such a comprehensive approach in synergistic way we are taking our supplements ..
I love having a plan and intelligent approach to taking these life saving vitamins .. Giving your body all these friendly little helpers to boost your bio terrain is the best thing you can do for yourself ... It's saved our lives and my sanity!!!

Mel with your support I have come so far!!!

I remember our initial conversations ;) I was a terrified mother just wanting to help my son and god willing myself too!
I was panicked ..dealing with no support from family or friends.. Coming out of a psychiatric hospital .. For Delusions ...Scared that if my family caught me trying to treat myself I would get locked back up ..
I was dealing with soo much against me , but u helped me calm down and have faith .. You helped me see I had time .. you yelled at me too calm down.. Insisting; I could get better if I listen.. I would have never thought those years ago I would be as far as I am now ...
Tyler is doing great he thrives with use of probiotics and candida rid...
I have my sanity , Tyler and I have enjoyed so many good days, health filled - because of you!! I swear your were the answer to my prayers .. This site .. John B - and Logos have been our saving grace!! My gratitude is eternal!!!

I have talked to so many of you on here, even making a few life long friends.. I consider family!! ;) I hold each of you in prayer knowing you can do it!!!

Have faith.. And Mel man is right ... Never ever give up hope!!!!

Many blessings,

7:42:49 PM

Hello all

Thanks to everyone that is posting and sharing here. You continue to give information and to forge relationships that demonstrate how we can feel mutual support and a sense of acceptance. I applaud and commend you again for doing this. Your posts do inspire others to accept this protocol as the proven way back from this debilitating disease.” Don’t seek the healing, seek the healer inside.” And don’t give the medical system the power and authority to tell you what to do to be healthy. Your own informed choices are what tell you what to do to live a vital life. You have my hope for the blessing of complete healing.

I am now at 28 months on the protocol. However, there is nothing that you should consider unusual about this taking longer for me. The real net gains remain. Energy is good. Digestion is good. Mental focus and clarity is better than ever. I sleep the whole night through. The time for me has been longer due to several pre existing factors. I am 60 years old. For most of those years my diet was filled with refined carbohydrates and modified foods together with many years of alcohol abuse. My medical history includes additional viral and bacterial infection that is more extensive that most. I have been dealing with other co infections for a very long time. So don’t be discouraged by this. I feel really good. I just want you to realize why it is taking me longer.

During the last three weeks I did experience an increase in cycles of inflammation. I also saw small patches of reddening, blotching and leathery skin around my angles, knees, elbows and wrists. There was also a mental funk that I am not accustomed too has come and gone. The nature of these symptoms is hard to explain. I know it is NOT a relapse. It doesn’t feel like that. It’s different. It feels like deeper healing because each expression leaves me feeling better on the other side. So I simply continue to accept them as part of the end stage of my detox.


“What if the lunar cycle is not a reproductive boost, but an immune response triggered by regular daily and monthly hormonal cycles?” What if symptoms are aggravated during the full moon not because the pathogen is multiplying, but because hormone levels have fluctuated? Hormonal cycles do change on regular intervals. Menstruation is a good example. This makes sense to me, and is a far more optimistic view to take, no? See symptoms as an inflammatory response. This will eliminate fear and allow you to see that you are still moving forward.

“What if you fail to consider the law of unintended consequences?” There is always the possibility that something you do may bring forth unintended consequences. For example, antibiotics kill bacterial infection, but as an unintended consequence, also create an imbalance in friendly bacteria. It is wise to pay attention to this rule in all matters. Especially in the foods you eat and the products you use. Good intentions can have unintended consequences.


Walking in service, as God commissions us to do, does have rewards. Here is an example. I have developed a relationship with my health and vitamin store manager by being of service to him. A simple sharing of information during an uplifting conversation given with love has brought forth a special friendship that is Christ centered. Out of love, he now gives freely to me whenever he can meet a need. You might say this is the flip side of unintended consequences. I am blessed through my relationship with him because it was unexpected. God only asks us to spread the gospel. Provide your testimony to others and the blessings arrive. It is God’s promise to us all.


Finally, the following was written by a Morgellons sufferer who is now almost completely healed:

“Morgellons for me is like that impossible teacher I had in my youth. The one that frustrated me, and demanded too much at every turn. The one that was contrary and mean and who pushed too hard. But it has also left me savoring hard won battles and set me straight on how to live more in balance. Therefore, I try not to rail against the unfairness of the experience, but to look at how much I learned and the ways in which it has stretched me as a human being. Yes, it has been a miserable teacher, but by its hand I have been transformed into a wonderful student.”

Strength and Love,

1:26:15 PM

Hey guys!

So here we are in our 14th month on the protocol and diet. As most of you know my entire household has morgellons to varying degrees. My intention in posting today is to bring hope to all.

I was the sickest of everyone, or at least it appeared so. I wont go into extreme detail but, lets just say I was feeling as if the disease didn't kill me, I would be forced to take my own life. The torture that I was experiencing was beyond comprehension. My life has definitely been challenging on many levels and I've always endured through the lords strength. This time is no different, it just took a lot of trust and faith to get past the worst of it. So where I'm at today...I feel really good most days. Im not symptom free yet but, I am sleeping soundly in my own bed, I can think clearly, I only have to shower once a day, I'm exercising, I've got my creativity again, I feel happy most of the time and I feel comfortable loving on my children again.

My youngest who was almost as sick as I was and recovering from cancer treatment is doing wonderful and his blood work proves that the protocol and diet are really working. He has returned to school and his teacher says he's really excelling this year.

My teenagers are also doing great, especially my son who has struggled for a few years before morgellons. He's attending school everyday and says he really feels like he can absorb what he is learning and his grades are steadily improving. My daughter is also excelling in school this year. She used to feel very tired and couldn't do everything that she wanted. Now she is not only doing well in school but, is also serving the lord by volunteering in the preschool at our church and designing props for the theatre at school. The kids barely itch anymore at all and get only an occasional bump. Usually those things only happen during moon cycles. Which doesn't make me worry, because I know its part of the process. All 3 kids are on a modified version of the protocol, as they didn't require as much to get better and of course diet.

I focus, and direct their focus to all of the progress and healing we've done so far when something comes up.
Stress has been the biggest challenge and as we all know, life doesn't stop just because you're sick. We must push forward.

My husband was showing some pretty significant symptoms but, never had some of the more disturbing symptoms, so it was very hard to convince him that he was sick with morgellons. I knew better of course. He has been doing so great on the diet. He's lost that extra weight and over time has excepted what we have. I think seeing me and our little guy so sick and then seeing us get well helped a lot. Because he was so resistant, it made everything that much harder. I discovered that talking about ways we can be healthier, instead of bringing up morgellons really helped to get him on board. He's a beer and football kinda guy, so the fact that he's given up beer is amazing. The lord really answers prayers!

Finally, my Mom ....I haven't talked about her much. When my son was diagnosed with cancer back in 2010 and we were told he would need 3 + years of treatment, she came to stay with us to help out. She was widowed and needed help too as she was not old enough to collect social security and my dads pension had run out. She was unwell and overweight. My fathers unexpected death had really took its toll on her. So we were helping eachother out. She is my angel and such a blessing in my life. The fact that the possibility that she could become as ill as me, scared me to death. So when she started showing some symptoms, it broke my heart. I explained to her how the diet could be really life saving for her in so many ways and she agreed to get on board. She currently has no symptoms and/ has lost a total of 75 lbs!! So many of her health issues have resolved.

I feel like something for everyone to keep in mind here is the importance of eating healthy and getting rid of as many chemicals in your life as possible. Also something as simple as drinking enough water. Water is so very important and if you're not drinking enough, it could make a huge impact on the way you feel. Remember, we take a lot of stuff on a daily basis. Things are dying off and drinking plenty of water will help to push it out. Adding in that lemon will greatly help with detoxification and keeping those kidneys healthy.

None of this is easy. I didn't think it was even possible. Our diet and lifestyle was just awful and there are so many of us. I'm here today to tell you that it is possible. There have been times I wanted to give up, I'm so glad I didn't. I have excepted that I am doing everything I can to get us well and we will be completely free of this when the lord sees its time. In the meantime, I stay in the fight. Life is once again bearable, good again, even. We have made so many sacrifices in order to afford the cost of healthy eating. I know that once I can return to work, it will change. It wont always be this way and things just keep getting better. Diet, protocol, lifestyle change and faith will get you there. Believe it!!

I have so much love for you all! I couldn't have done any of this without the help I've found here. I consider the people here my family. I've been shown true love through this website. Don't lose faith or hope! If you stay the course, you will get better.

Praying for a better tomorrow! Love and peace to all of you.

Amber & family

10:32:11 PM

I am so happy to be posting! It's been a long time since I've been on here!!

I usually post from my iPhone no problem since I don't own a computer. There were a few hiccups with me posting the latest posts and all of the lists I attempted to post, scrambling words and sentences together when I would try to post.
I'm doing soo good. Still taking full protocol and anti candida diet strict!

I'm in the practical phase of my education at school finishing up and prepare for some of my last final exams.
I've never been so busy, but I'm doing what I really love to do so it makes it fun for me! Aside from some minimal lingering symptoms (small spot in my chest that gets a little purge, and exhaustion when I get home!

I'm living my life like it's the only one I have!! Demanding, trusting and believing that God and the universe support me in my dreams :) I just want to show the world who I am.

Morgellons has caused me to live somewhat less fearlessly! I have been networking with some really successful people in my field and doing great in what I do, which is amazing! I stay inspired by my friends here. I've been so busy with trying to live my dream but you all, are my support .. I wouldn't be where I am and doing what I am doing without you guys!!!

I'm so grateful for Mel, and all of you, I love you!!

Tyler is doing really good no rashes in awhile ...Still taking flora and candida rid :)

Staying in faith believing we are all walking on the path to the answer and cure we need ... Diet and protocol ;)

Love, Nicole

6:25:24 PM

Heya Mel and everyone!
Just a quick update since Mel did mention I was feeling the one year blahs and I've been resting, resting, and more resting!
Well... guess what? That HUGE fatigue was indeed a healing herx and I am doing better than I have throughout this whole thing! This week my energy levels came swooping back to me, my skin has been clearing and I have been bouncing off of the walls. No itching, barely any symptoms, and overall I am very very happy. I will be pleased to let you know that I will be going to the library tomorrow to get most of the recipes section updated in one swoop and make a fantastic post on my healing.
I hope the almond cookies recipe helped people out... those things are delicious. Blessings!

7:45:31 PM

Hello everyone,

just wanted to take some time to reflect on my journey living with Morgellons. I believe this all started back in Nov. of 2013. I remember being sick and coughing profusely, my vision was going (so I thought), I was always so tired and fatigue…I actually thought I had phenomena because I was sick for so long (about a month or so).

Being the stubborn person I am, I didn't want to go to the doctor because I thought it was just a little stressed because of the holidays approaching (because that was a normal reaction for me since I was a child) my birthday is a few days before Christmas and I always work myself up, planning, shopping trying to prepare for my birthday and Christmas because it’s my favorite holiday and I get so very excited that I make myself sick. LOL!
This year was a little bit different, A mile stone that I’ll never forget!

I remember itching like crazy, I thought “as many of you have” that I had head lice and maybe my children had contracted it at school…let’s just say I wasted a lot of energy, time and money. I started my journey going to countless doctors back a forth to the hospital so forth and so on….you know the rest.

My husband and my older children (ages 19 & 15) thought I was losing my mind as so did I but I knew I wasn't crazy! I started goggling my symptoms and ran across some horrible sites. then one day, I was blessed and lead to “How I cured Morgellons” I had hope! My real journey started in April 2014, it’s been 6 months.

As far as my health, my progress has been phenomenal! Although I felt I was a pretty healthy person, I worked out often but my eating habits weren't good at all.

I work in the fashion industry and my image (appearance) is a big part who I am and what I do. In the beginning of learning of this disease, I suffered serious anxiety, loss self-esteem because (If you don’t remember, I thought I had lice so I cut off all my hair) and although I had a relationship with the Lord I even thought of ending my life. Morgellons tested the core of me.

When I first came to this site it was really over whelming for me, I was grateful for the knowledge because I was being empowered, but at the same time it was too much! I wanted answers; I needed someone to talk to that understood my pain!
My own husband who I felt was my best friend didn't/still doesn't believe me. I think that’s what makes this the hardest to deal with…coping with something that you know exist and living with the unknown.

I haven’t journaled my progress as all of you have but my progress once again has been great! I've been pretty consistent for the most part except when I went out of town for a wedding. My timing was off schedule (taking the supplements) but I did stick to the protocol. I was so determined to stick to my diet that I barely ate which wasn't good because I lost “a lot more weight” over that weekend but on a good note stayed true to my diet. My total weight lose is 38 pounds, I’m about 5’7 so I am a bean pole…LOL! I look good though, but I need about 5 more pounds. I've always been conscious of my weight 135-155 is the norm for me (my adult weight) I haven’t been this skinny sense I was in my early 20’s.

Thanks to Mel, the many warriors for sharing information and especially my faith….I wouldn't be where I am today “physically and emotionally”!

The worst challenge for me to concur is my stress. I try to manage it as best as possible but sometimes it gets the best of me…. wife, mother of two adult children, one teen and 8 yr old twins. It can be very overwhelming; especial while dealing with M and no support.
This is where my faith kicks in triple time! :-)

On that note….stay focused on the protocol and your diet “I have” and I’m getting better. I know I have a ways to go but I’m looking forward to my full recovery.

Take care; keep me and my family in your prayer as I will keep you in mine.


1:07:25 AM

Greetings All,

I am posting an update as I'm at 10 drops now and just about to go up to 11 tomorrow. I'm feeling anxious about whether it will be my Herx level. I'm also wanting to get to that point so I can get onto maintenance mode. But, I think I'm mostly anxious. I think tomorrow I'm going to go pick up some Vit C 500mgs to have on hand if I herx and it is a strong reaction. I'm thinking tonight of all the warriors that have gone before me. I remember bits of posts like someone saying how vile the MMS tastes and those that use a chaser after drinking it. It really is a strange and quite awful taste. Sometimes it feels like I'm drinking pool water. But, I've tried not breathing in my nose and it does help. I think how delicious it is now, just wait to see how lovely it is going to taste if I get up to 20 drops. Ughh! LOL :)

Last night I had a "herx" of a different kind, stress. I was cooking and using a mandolin to cut cucumbers thinly. Well, for those that know this culinary device, it is darn tricky one and I don't know how many times I have cut myself on its sharp blade. And, I did it again. Didn't need stitches but it's a good cut on the tip of the finger. Ya, it hurt darn good, but, my point in sharing this act of clumsiness is that I cried like a baby. I think it was all my stress from this whole last 5 months coming out finally because I was really sobbing deeply and for quite a few minutes. I am not one to cry hardly ever and I realized that I really haven't truly cried since this started, until last night. Got my husbands shirt all wet and messy from when he was consoling me. But, then it stopped and I felt calm and had a good night sleep. Even though I had to release all that stress from all the washing, cleaning, spraying KG on chairs I sit on and wearing disposable latex free gloves to do my family's laundry.....I am still visualizing the Canaanite Woman who in Matthew 15:21-28 wouldn't give up asking Jesus for her daughter to be healed. I'm hopeful my faith will also be rewarded and my request for healing be fulfilled. I'm not giving up. And, actually, I believe I am being healed now. It's a slow healing, not instantaneous. And that's okay. I believe it is God's plan for me and there's a good reason to make it this particular path I'm on. I have to change my lifestyle and the longer I practice this because I have to, the more likely it is going to stay in place once I don't have to.

I have been having good energy and still working 5 days a week. Really clear thinking and no brain fog. I have had itchy small welts that are coming out here and there around my chin, jawbone, and neck. I had developed a fatty double chin for a while when I had all the weight gain that wouldn't come off prior to getting this and I think as I've been losing weight (almost 30 lbs now), this stuff is leaving that fatty area where it had been living. So that is a happy event even though I don't like the itchy welts. Some black specks on sheets and maybe tiny black fibers in shower. They are thin and very short so, I just realized that they were there and that I'd better start using my reader glasses when I clean to make sure I don't miss any.

Lastly, I'm still happier and less stressed around meals now that I've found some good recipe websites and cookbooks and can cook some tasty food for myself and my family. I'm a foodie, hence the previous weight problem, but I was a lazy foodie and would microwave pre-made fare. Not anymore. Tonight was Spicy Chicken Cilantro Spaghetti sauce over spaghetti squash. Tomorrow is Lamb Stew. (sorry if this is offensive to the vegetarians and others out there, I am a Mediterranean girl at heart so was raised with lamb as a regular meat). Lately, I feel like a a traditional Old World mom, like my YiaYia was, as I spend most of Saturday making food for the week now. It is surprisingly satisfying for the soul to know I'm doing good for my family with healthy food and that I'm joining women that for centuries have known this same good feeling.

I guess that's all for now. I wonder what another 2 weeks will bring....
May the Peace of Christ Be with you all-

12:25:20 PM

Here is a update on my currant condition,

I am 24 months on the protocol, but I would say the fist 12 months was quite rocky and my diet was not to good.

I Believe I now would be at the 90% better, instead I am now at about 60%. In the last 12 months I have tighter reins and I see the difference in my progress.

My arms and chest have improved 90%.
The problems I am having still are back of neck and legs.
The legs being the last strong hold.
If they stay in the leg area I would be completely happy,
its easily managed There.

Now my diet is strict and keeping stress under control is a major must, one that I have struggled with.

Money is always a problem and this is a very costly thing to fight, I just got a cheap laptop a month ago so I could post at home.

I don't have a car any more so I have to ride my bike to the store, it has baskets mounted on the rear, thank the lord I can still ride a bike.

Thank God for this website, it did save my life.
I have had Morgellons for 4 years and if I found this website sooner, well you know the rest of that story.
(I would be better by now!)

Good luck to us all

1:55:41 AM

Hello everyone,
I enjoyed the conference call very much with you all and want to say a great, big thank you to Ellen for sharing her experience and for being willing to be very detailed. The specifics about food are so helpful. Since you got well so quickly, perhaps the fastest on record to date, I am trying to emulate you and replicate your behaviors from cleaning house to laundry to food. And thanks to Amber for sharing her positive experience with unusual soap, Nature Rich. I might try it, but I think I'm still avoiding doing anything besides mms to increase the purging. No baths yet! LOL

Well, I am now up to 8 drops MMS as of yesterday. I have mostly good energy and cognitive functioning days. Still working 5 days a week. And then come home to my second job, but not second in importance, my family feeding, sports practices, piano practices, homework, and laundry (always laundry).

I've had more black specks in my sheets in the morn but less than 10. Some days only one or two. The lint roller and KG spray are very helpful. I also find them around in the bathroom and shower so spray my KG and wipe them away. I have very low crawlies now. Still mainly just on my feet and ankles. Also I've been getting some itchy red welts mostly on my right lower inner arm. They come and stay around a day or do and then are gone. It's not fun but I remind myself that I've got these things on the move and that's good news. They aren't comfortable in this body anymore and won't be able to call this body home much longer!

I've added monolaurin to my regimen for the fungal and bacteria that a test the doctor ran showed I have an overgrowth of. No surprise there. Also I added the Renaissance activated whey protein powder. Very tasty in blender with unsweetened almond milk and ice. A yummy energy providing "milkshake". Thanks, John!

I also got a rush of energy after having my first bowl of hot quinoa flakes cereal with almond milk, cinammon, and stevia. Guess that seed has lots of good protein. Going to use it more now that it no longer increasing the crawlies like it did earlier on.

Lastly I discovered the comforting goodness of red rooibus tea with stevia. Yum! And Ellen has said she drank that often too. Want to try to make that rooibus jello next that I saw in the recipe section.

One last food note to mention, my new fave website is www.theclothesmakethegirl.com. Okay, not a fan of the name of the site but Melissa "Melicious" is an awesome cook and the recipes are very tasty and satisfying. It's a paleo website. My family loved the cauliflower mashed "potatoes" and the cinammon beef stew also known as Greek stew. Food is so important to me as I was raised with Mediterranean food so I really need spices to make food interesting which then raises my morale. I am looking forward to thanksgiving now! And there is a great short video showing how to make an olive oil mayo much easierly? (more easier) than how I had been doing it. She says dont use EVOO but plain OO to avoid getting a bitter taste. Makes my deviled eggs really good. I can't find a store bought mayo that doesnt have soy or canola oil for the life of me.

As far as make up... I have to wear it to work so I'm using a line that Mothers market carries called Benecos which is from Germany and is reportedly made with über clean ingredients. The mascara too is the best I've found. I put it on with disposable wands my friend got me from a beauty supply company for estheticians. but I'm sure they can be found on amazon, can't everything?! Then there is a nice light lip tint by Hemp Organics that I use daily. But though the Giovanni line of hair care is really helping my dry hair look healthy, I've stopped weaving highlites into my hair because of the chemicals. So, hello grey! I'm tring to make friends with the grey and as my roots grow out, it's the first time I've seen my actual hair color in decades. But with the added touch of grey. Perhaps what God has given me in the hair department will turn out to be even better than what I've been paying for all these months....one can dream, can't they?

So, for now I'm doing well. I pray for all of us each day and am starting to really feel that this is a blessing, crazy as it sounds. I am learning how to eat better and cook better. My family is getting healthier. I avoid the microwave as much as i can and have rediscovered the oven! I'm learning to not even think about a glass of wine, don't know when the last time I craved one was. And I'm making sure exercise and sunshine are a daily part of my life. I must say I do get very fatigued from walking around the hilly neighborhood where I never used to and used to be able to go on treadmill at high speed walk with incline. It seems like my muscles have atrophied as I get weak legs just going up stairs somedays. But, I have a very definite feeling that this will get better, too. God is amazing! Thank you!! and thanks to everyone here for being so supportive to one another!

Warm regards,


6:05:05 PM

Hi my name is shawn from the u.k.
I have what i believe this disease for several years, until it really showed its card in April 2013, later subsided then reared its ugly head in August, 3 months went by, doctors, sent away, reading websites etc and really panicking, eventually being referred from my local doctor to a doctors at Royal Barts hospital in London, he stated he knew of Morgellons but knew very little. ~So i decided and was lead by our good Lord to this site at the end of November. I ordered the full protocol for 3 months as i live in the u.k.
I am not going to say it has been easy as it has fought with me, I HAVE NOT AND WILL NOT GIVE INTO THIS, I HAVE HOPE!!
MEL has so very kindly supported me with weekly telephone calls when things have gone into reverse, ( thats how i saw it) and several others Twiggy, Justin, Eleanor to name but a few. I have read and read this site, always looking at the forum topics.
Basically what i am saying, those who are in the position that i was in, please as Mel says "never give up hope" there is light at the end of tunnel, i am just going into month 11 soon, i have stuck to my diet, the protocol, i exercise as i work in construction and try and go to the gym, my energy is abundant, i feel way better, i am winning, i do get tired now and again, then just try and rest even if it is a cat nap.
I know i have a way to go, but i know i am seeing the light, i talk and prey to our good lord, Please believe that god will guide you if you wish to get to the light at the end of the tunnel.
Apart from the protocol, diet etc i must emphasise i use a sprayer just like the hairdressers use and put Kleen Green 7 parts water to 1 part Kleen Green, luke warm, all over my body 2 x per day, morning and night. i have found this helps tremendously.
We will win the battle and join Mel, Peter and so many more warriors to the end of the tunnel and into the light, We are all here for each other
God Bless to you all

Justin J
1:14:11 PM

Health Update

Hmm I’m not sure how many months it’s been since I started my journey but I’m diffinently nearing the finish line towards ridiculously good health. There have been ups, downs, bumps, detours, snags, back peddling, all kind of crazy but I’m still here and kicking. My constant work is a blessing as it keeps me physically mentally and dare I say it emotionally fit. Dealing with the general public has indeed fine-tuned my ability to filter BS LOL! What a journey, By Christmas time I will hit the two year mark…my how time has flown! The will to live is a tremendous thing and I have persevered and am reaping the rewards of health.
All of reality is like a computer game people who get Morgellons got their settings set to superhuman “BIG CHALLENGE” not easy mode ha! It’s just a challenge I think as a group humanity isn’t defeated so easily, and when I reach the ripe age of 85 I will tell my children that grandpa survived strange times and an even stranger disease. I will be like no grandpa around though; I won’t be “old” and playing bingo.
I’ll tell you what I’m doing and what I’m eating not to make you jealous but to tell you that it can be done and you can get there I believe.
I have become a semi-vegetarian and no longer eat red meat or pork at this time as it was simply messing my body up. I eat a decent amount of dairy but only really clean things and no milk. I partake of many types of fruit and different grains and beans and veggies. I can tolerate chocolate now! Blueberries are really important and antioxidant rich! I drink loads of green and black tea mmmm
I lost my pouchy gut and my skin is gorgeous my hair has grown back and I have muscle tone.
I still am working on killing upper intestinal hookworms that are feeling the burn at the moment but otherwise looking good and feeling gorgeous :)
Love to others

2:08:21 PM

Hello all!

I'm way overdue for an update, for that, I apologize.

Lets see...where do I start?

August super moon was not pleasant for me at all. I started experiencing symptoms pretty bad. It reared its head in the form of crawling sensations and mental and emotional distress, and lasted about a month. The only saving grace, was that, the rest of the family's experience was not nearly as bad as mine.

It was during that time that, my husband was having some heart issues and we ended up in the ER.

I was also trying to figure out what we were going to do about Matt's schooling. I chose to home school him last year, so that he could have the best possible chance for recovering from Morgellons and years of chemotherapy.

Since I had to leave my job, and wasn't working for the first time in 10 years, I figured it would be the best scenario. Well, it was decided that he was recovered enough to return to school this year. We did retain him, so he is redoing the 5th grade. I felt he needed it. The process of getting the approval for the retention was brutal and such a long drawn out process. It did put extra stress on me.

Preparing Matt for his return, now was very well planned and thought out. Everything is going so well, so far! I couldn't be more happy for him. If anything, it has improved his health, by having that structure and socialization again. Lets just say, I wasn't the strictest of teachers. My two other children have returned to school after a long summer, as well.

As I write this, I'm feeling really good again. In fact, I feel better than ever. I feel a full recovery for us is on the horizon. God continues to pour out the blessing, even in the midst of chaos. This protocol and the help we have received continue to be one of our biggest blessings.

I'm so grateful beyond words. I wish you all health and happiness!

Amber & Famil

Bill M.
5:44:09 PM

Hello Everyone,

This last February I decided to leave my home in North Carolina and move out west to San Diego, where most of my family now lives. So two weeks ago, myself and a good friend packed my Chrysler Van and headed west, stopping along the way to see the sights: Nashville, Memphis, Dallas (Cowboys stadium), San Antonio, Grand Canyon, Sedona, Bryce Canyon, and Las Vegas. After 12 days on the road we reached our San Diego destination and I can tell you that it really feels good to again be reunited with my brother and sisters, all the nieces and nephews, and of course my daughter, who lives in L.A.

The trip across the country was a challenge for me since it was much more difficult to take meds and eat good food while traveling. So for the 12 day trip I had to be creative as I could and that included buying good whole foods at the local supermarkets. But even with that, there were times I missed taking my meds and I made too many bad choices for meals. Usually late at night when there wasn't much of a choice for restaurants. This was a concern since I was afraid up slipping up and having symptoms again.

The good news is that I did survive with maybe just a few minor issues: a few itches and a couple of pimples on my chest and arm. But, the most important thing I learned from this whole cross country adventure is that the months of sticking with the protocol and watching my diet has really paid dividends when it comes to my health and well being.

I think at this point I honestly believe that I am pretty much symptom free!! Which means I can now eat some foods which I stayed away from, and that includes some fruits, including my favorite: bananas....... :) I now drink my daily Starbucks coffee, and have an occasional wine and beer......... all in moderation. That is the key word: MODERATION, and please keep in mind that these foods I have introduced ONLY AFTER I got better.

I think it is so important for everyone fighting this disease to know that you have to win the battles before you win the war! But once you do win you will feel fantastic!

Blessings to all.....
Bill M.

12:03:04 AM

Hey, guys!
I just had my first Doctor's appointment since March or April and thought I would give an update on my progress. He was excited about the improvements I've seen; localized and greatly reduced crawling and biting, improved gut symptoms, better sleeping, etc. He didn't like where my weight is still and found I still have a low thyroid and yeast on my tongue. He's put me on thyroid medication now and a series of Nystatin and Diflucan, to attempt to wipe out the yeast. If it doesn't work, he'll continue another series. He also wants to try a new therapy they have, an Ozone Sauna treatment. They're not even going to charge me for it because they want to see if it makes any difference in the M.
I've started back teaching again, so I have to get up at 5:15 everyday. I can't get to bed until after 10, so it's more difficult to get the rest I need. I take naps quite often after school, for 30 minutes or so.
I'm still eating as clean as possible. My only cheats (OK, Mel. I guess I do a little) are 2-3 small onion rings on Saturday's and an ocassional 1/2 of a Kind Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt bar (2 1/2 grams of sugar).

Blessings to everyone!

7:49:20 PM

Hello Everybody,

I wanted to give you a quick update. Now some 27 months on the protocol, I am still doing well. My mind set still includes acknowledging that every day brings me closer to the reality of reaching “complete remission.” Strangely, this is in the midst of seeing a return of inflammation and blotching to my left forearm and above my right knee. Let me explain.

I very well may have had co-infection for a very long time, and I am convinced that these symptoms are a result of a deeper detox that is occurring. Although I am disappointed that they did not reverse over night, I am convinced that they do not represent a setback. As I write this, after 5 days, they are almost completely reversed out. They did not affect my sleep or appetite. Digestion is good. There is no biting or stinging. There is only a deeper kind of itching that feels like healing.

I continue to eat clean. I pay attention to rest. I take every step to manage the stressors of work and daily living. I am not at all worried. I will update everyone in my next post. Be well! For now, I will be focusing on getting rest.

Strength and Love,

1:23:05 PM

Mary, your journey is something I can really relate to. Started the protocol the beginning of Nov. 2013. After bathing and seeing skin roll off and all the specks etc, I too couldn't take another soaking bath till this July....showers only and I never looked only towel rubbed off the purging.... Scared me senseless... Now I am doing the mms baths 3 times a week, doing the full protocol along with my husband, and am also renewing my faith with the "Big Guy" up there! I am finally able to laugh and enjoy my family again! The panic and terror over the unknown is going! I still have the scars from the open wounds and wear long sleeved shirts but now I have more important issues at hand that I am able to deal with.... I feel like myself again only Better!! My mantra: cowards die a thousand deaths, the valiant only one.... I am a warrior! Hang in there.... It is only temporary and Mel's protocol Works! That is all we need to know!

6:48:19 PM

Greetings to all of my sisters and brothers in this good place!

I am fairly new and have been on the protocol for about 7 weeks. I am up to 3 drops of MMS now as of Sunday.

I am so thankful to Mel for his faithfulness to God and to God for his use of Mel to help all of us! And, very thankful to John B for his dedication to helping us heal and to God for also working through John! I feel blessed to be part of this group.

I have been reading the posts since July 4th, when I finally found this place. Mel contacted me right away and I ordered the protocol. I have been strict with it since then (a little confusion as I started both the basic support kit and the extension kit right off the bat mistakenly following the protocol as it has evolved to date and missing the caveat that the extension kit is to start 30 days later). Mel caught that after a week and I stopped. No harm done.

My understanding of how I contracted M in June (I am figuring M started when I got my second case of "scabies" which may not have been scabies at all) is that I have been ill for years since going through in vitro fertilization procedures about a decade ago. They not only failed to allow my husband and I to get pregnant, but the mass amount of hormones taken during those months, crashed my immune system. I gained a lot of weight and then developed angio edemas (large swellings of my tongue, lip, on my arm, bottom of my foot....) randomly. After much allergy testing and getting the run around by allergists who don't really know a whole lot about allergies and who's tests produced different results of what I was allergic to at each doctor's office, I found one MD that thought out of the box and knew about ph balance, gluten sensitivities, eating for your blood type and a whole lot more. He was an allergist/immunologist and through his guidance to avoid gluten/wheat/and carbs except vegetables, the weight came off and the swellings stopped happening.

Eventually, I began to eat carbs again. Always minimal wheat, but it got in there. Raising my beautiful adopted son, and the snacks for school, I started to eat some carbs. And then there is the wine. We were wine drinkers and enjoyed it with meals and to relax in the evening. Started to gain weight again, (no surprise there) as I would be too exhausted from coming home from work, only to have my second job of doing homework with my son for 2-3 hours (I am not smarter than a 5th grader!). So, no exercise, sitting all day at work and then all evening doing homework, and wine. Recipe for dis-ease.

Around Thanksgiving 2013 I start not to feel well. Christmas and I start to develop skin colored, non itchy bumps. Then around New Years, they spread and were itchy and red, and I go to doctor who thinks they are scabies. So, got the premethrin and my husband, son and I all use it. We go into the sterile anti-scabies routine with washing everything and sleeping separately. It works and everyone is clear in a few weeks. We go back to our normal routine.

Then, at the end of May, it reappears on my arms. I see those burough tracks like scabies are supposed to have. Started using all the natural remedies for scabies that I found on-line and in my Prescription for Nutritional Healing as I really always have disliked and avoided medications if it can be helped. Essential oils, coconut oil, tons of vitamins/supplements/sovereign silver, baths with Borax, bleach (ok, I know this isn't natural, but I had started getting desperate). Then, one day some funky stuff came out of my legs in a bath and I knew I had M. I had a major, bonafide, meltdown of terror. I had run across this condition in my scabies research and it had impacted me then as terrible and I recall reminding myself that I didn't have it and to not dwell on it. (I wonder if my body knew I had it or I was having a glimpse into the future through the reality that space/time is a construct we operate on and can be transcended). At any rate, after "the bath" I knew I had it and started searching the web on that. Went down a path with another on-line "expert" in the natural health field who at least stressed alkalizing diet and ph of 7. The other external remedies he had me using, did help but I know it only would have been temporary had I stuck with it.

My mother, God bless her, found Mel's website and encouraged me to look. I was all set to see a local MD who specializes in M, but his website was so scary due to the photos of his patients. I had a bad vibe about it. So, I finally took a look at Mel's website and I knew immediately, this was the place for me, a good place that God wanted me to find.

My symptoms were the stuff coming out of my shins that day in the bleach bath (which only happened once because I have not stepped foot back into a bath since), a black fiber randomly here or there, a bunch came out of the top of my foot when I had been in the sun and got too hot one day (it looked like a bunch of dirt, but upon inspection was short fibers and specks), and then the skin crawlies which I have everyday, mostly on my feet. I am so thankful I don't have lesions and I don't have any itching. I sleep well and the crawlies seem to stop while I'm asleep. I don't have much purging yet that I am aware of. Occasionally, I'll itch and there will be a little white granule. I have a bottle of Kleen Green in every room and vehicle. I am so thankful for that stuff!

I titled the name of my post today after the parable of the Canaanite woman because it is an example of how Jesus and our Heavenly Father puts stumbling blocks in our way to test our faith. The Canaanite woman was persistent with her faith despite Jesus's first ignoring her cries and pleas, then putting her off, and then insulting her. Due to her faith, she was rewarded with the healing she requested for her daughter. I firmly believe that Our Father is gratified when we don't give up on Him during our suffering and believe in Him despite our crosses in life. It's easy to believe in Him when life is going good. And, I must say, that this cross is no fun and is abruptly, acutely, life altering. I sleep alone, we don't hug and cuddle like we use to do. I miss that soooo much. I am a very physically affectionate mom and person. Though I find ways to stay somewhat physically connected with my son by tickling his back with a long bamboo back scratcher that I spray with KG as he's falling asleep each night. I sneak a quick hug in after a shower or when I have less crawlies. But, it is nothing like the amount of touching we did before. This is the most painful part of all this. Truly a heavy cross.

I have had deep faith in God, who had started calling me to Him, well, I guess I started answering His lifelong call, several years ago. I believe now was preparing me for this crisis. And, it is my faith in God that has kept me from drowning in a sea of panic/despair. I have received some signs of consolation from Him along the journey and am very thankful. God is good! I clearly see that this "crisis" is going to turn my life around. I have realized that life wasn't so tough after all, what really matters in life is faith, family and friends, wine is not necessary to relax (LOL), and it has got me back to the person I was before the stress of adulthood which was a person that loves the outdoors, the beach, the sierras, God's natural churches, and a love for cooking and eating wholesomely, exercising....
And, it definitely brought us all closer to God. My husband is learning so much about patience and tolerance too! :-)

Well, I realize I am extremely wordy individual and I know I have a weakness of being too focused on details. I'm sure you will all come to realize that about me, if I keep posting, which I intend to do. Hope it isn't too annoying. I very much want to be part of this group and go through this with all of you. The support and caring here is truly God's love in action! We didn't' know that we would all be family of sorts one day. So interesting and I'm just choosing to go with it and accept it and let God turn this bad thing into a blessing as He always does and always will.

Warmest Regards,


3:43:53 PM

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since I posted. I have been kind of in sort of a funk to this point. This will be my 9th year since contracting Morgellons and I've been feeling like I'm not where I should be in my journey and after a whole lot of stress (family stuff) I kind of got worse as far as lesions and depression. Anyway, thanks to Mel and Amber, and Deborah who I've been in contact with, I'm ready to hit the road running again.

I am interested in finding out if I do have a coinfection of LYme. I've been reading a lot about the symptoms and am interested in hearing how some of you are doing who are being treated for it.

My little one is doing well; a few bumps every little while but better all the time.

I do know looking back to where I was last year at this time I was way sicker and am soooo grateful to Mel, and everyone here who continue to encourage, to post and for all you do to lift us up. We would never have come as far as we have without this website, Mel and all of you. I am honored to be part of this group and want to thank each and everyone here for their friendship, guidance and caring.

We are using a new soap product which I really love. I feel that it will be a valuable tool to add to the protocol.

My brain fog still continues to improve, still have days when I am tired but not as many. The purging is way better but have lesions in places I never did before like the top of my head. All in all much improvement in the last year. It has been almost exactly one full year since I came here; give or take a week.

So thank you Mel and everyone for letting me know we aren't alone. God bless!!!!!


2:21:16 PM

It's been over 7 months since my last post and a lot has happened in my life as I continue on the protocol. After that last post in December, I was living in SC and started job interviews all over the country. I was fortunate to get a job and relocated. However, I struggled as I was very sick when I started the new job, and they let me go at the end of June. I just wasn't me during that short time in the company, and I took the firing as a sign that I need to focus on getting well first before trying to find more work. I realized how hard it really is to recover when ravaged by M and balance it with a work and social life.
Although I ate fairly clean, I still was not on the diet from January 5th-July8th, and the added stress of the job (that wasn't really a good fit for me anyway) just made me sicker. Coworkers urged me to drink with them at times which I succumbed to. I was on the protocol though, but I was having a hard time staying awake late enough after dinner for my nightly MMS dose very often. I think giving in to the urge to drink diet sodas and coffee to give me enough energy to work hurt me in the long run. There is no doubt in my mind that my body was acidic the whole time.
After losing my job, I really had to reassess what things I was doing wrong that were preventing me from getting better. I would say diet, lack of adequate rest, not using my CPAP machine for my sleep apnea,doing no topical treatments except for MMS baths, and taking pharmaceutical drugs were all hindering me. I was having severe breathing difficulties on most mornings, my skin was starting to break out, and I couldn't think clearly. I felt like I was close to dying.
So, a month ago, I had to reassess everything from my diet, sleep, drug use, and topical treatments and get more dialed in to move in a direction to restore my health.
First, I changed my diet to match Peter's as close as possible. I now eat raw garlic, red onion, and ginger before every meal. I eat no carbohydrate containing foods except green vegetables. I eat virgin coconut oil every day. I also realized I could eat indian curries, which I love, every day. I drink only water and herbal teas now. I also test my urine pH daily and found I need to take in 2 tsp of baking soda daily to keep my urine pH above 7. In time, I expect to have a natural pH over 7 without the need for baking soda. I reduced my consumption of meat to once every other day. The remaining protein in my diet comes from whole eggs and whey isolate sweetened with Stevia.
The second thing I modified was my topical and whole body treatments. I bought an infrared sauna blanket which I use twice a day for 20 minutes each session. This has really helped me purge things out of my body, especially very large fiber balls that were as big as my fingernail. I don't know how they even came out of me, but the sauna blanket really opens up my skin pores. I shower with sulfur 8 shampoo or take a bath in MMS or Borax after the sauna to get the stuff that came out of me but is still stuck to the skin off of me.
I also began extracting spores from my skin from head to toe using coconut oil with a little tea tree oil added everyday. I bought myself a small near infrared heat lamp where after oiling up my body, I can heat the skin locally. This definitely helps me pull more spores etc. to the surface and get them out of me.
I found that this works especially well after weight training. I always get a dramatic, bodywide purge after doing a full body workout with a couple sets for each body part in the 4-8 rep range. I actually get excited during my workouts thinking about all of the stuff that's going to be exiting my body once I get home, oil up, and get near the heat lamp. I think everyone should try doing their extractions after strenuous exercise. My guess right now is that we have a lot of this stuff stored in our fat cells, and it gets released during strenuous exercise due to the low carbohydrate diet forcing the body to use bodyfat as a fuel source.
The next thing I want to try is the Mustard bath that Susan recommends. I'd like to stack it in a way which follows my sauna and oiling/heat lamp sessions.
As I've been purging tons of dark spec/fiber material, my skin went from almost clear to very pimply, with scratch marks in many places on my body. I take that as a good sign as this crap is coming out and my immune system is also recognizing it. Peter recommended that I use Kleen Green after oiling and showering to get the oil and unseen surfaced spores off of my skin. That should keep the skin more clear.
For sleep, I now use my CPAP every night, and it seems to help me get more restful sleep.
So, have I seen improvements since implementing all of these changes? Yes, I have.
I no longer have shortness of breath or hyperventilating. My skin no longer hurts from that feeling of having fiberglass imbedded in it. My crawling and stinging has also dimished except for the full moon periods. I have been able to get off of one pharma med and have been successful so far in tapering off Klonopin. I've cut my dose in half and continue to notice no rebound anxiety. If all goes well, I could be off all pharma meds in 5 weeks.
I still have brain fog and fatigue though. I'm really hoping to get some of my brain back once off all of the pharma meds and adding Magnifimind to help reset my brain.
My next big challenge this month is going to be another move to a place where I can recover while keeping my living costs down. I'm not sure yet where I'll be in 3 weeks, so I'm stressed about that. But otherwise, I plan on continuing to pound away at this everyday, with a rigid diet and taking the protocol.

Much love to all of you!

7:54:35 PM

Hello everybody,

I have been watching the testimonials here increase. I also remain symptom free with the exception of my right arm. I am working part time and feel pretty darn good compared to where I was 2 years ago. I still have some work to do to complete my detox, but I remain completely convinced that I will declare complete remission in the not too distant future.

Let’s not forget about several others who have not yet posted here. There is Ellen, Justin, Janelle, Roberta and Bill M. just to name a few. And I am working with two others who may be getting real close.

There you have it. I have always put forth to you that this disease can be reversed. Here, real people give you further proof. So, stay committed. Stay patient. Stay disciplined. Just allow for time and this protocol to bring forth your own healing. If you love God, by faith through grace, he will fulfill his promise to work all things for your greater good.

Strength and Love,

6:04:52 PM

Hello everyone!

After 3 weeks of diligently reading ALL posts and making lists, etc I am so happy to announce that I have been on the protocol for one month now. YAY!!!!

I also am blessed to have found some other genetic issues that were also interfering with my healing. I knew that I could not dive face first (though I wanted to). I had to start really slow because of my known methylation blocks (see previous post on methylation). And when I say slow, I mean turtle slow. I started with only one Thymic formula/day. The first week was sooo tough, I was in bed most of the day everyday with everything hurting, but I knew from reading (and past experience) that I should stay the course as long as I was still eliminating.

Ok, so here I am writing because I am out of bed (most days) and although my skin lesions seem to be increasing still (I have a pretty severe case), I know that this is an onion that needs peeling. Right? I have been on the full protocol (minus MSM and MMS) for 3 weeks now. Thank you my Heavenly Father!

So, I want to encourage anyone who has known methylation issues that it IS POSSIBLE to do this protocol. Thank you Deborah on this forum for encouraging me when I first wrote in. Thank you all for being here. I will be writing more now that I am about to enter MMS phase.


10:28:52 AM

Hi, everybody!

I thought I should give an update on my progress at this point. I have just passed 90 days on the protocol and have seen a difference in my symptoms. I had 3 weeks where I nearly felt normal, had little to no biting, and minimal crawling. I had been washing my bedding every single day and have changed to every 3-4 days, spraying with Kleen Green in between. I am able to wear my hoodie for that long before sanitizing, as well. The protocol is working!
The last 4 days have been a reminder we still have a way to go, though. More biting, crawling and burning sensations, but mostly on my legs. As you've have said, it cycles and will just continue to get better. My next goal is to cut down to 1 bath a day. Bathing twice (in the mustard bath) was the only way I could continue working. In the morning, to make it through the work day and at night, to be able to sleep.
I go back to work on Monday, so getting the proper rest will be challenging. I get up @ 5 a.m. and don't get to bed until after 10. I have a 14-year-old son and can't just leave him unsupervised to go to bed earlier. My husband is on assignment out of state, since March, and won't be back until close to Thanksgiving. We're taking steps to try to free up finances, so maybe I can stop working full time in the next year. That would be helpful.
If you are new, stick to the protocol and diet and you will get better! Get as much stress out of your life as possible. Surround yourself with things that make you smile. Let anything unnecessary go for now and focus on getting well.

Pressing on,

1:05:31 PM

Hello Everyone,

I have not posted in a while but as Deborah mentioned, when I feel good, I am able to do so much more with my days. Last fall and winter I stayed home most of the time and spent many hours online, reading and researching. In trying to get my life back, I like to pretend I do not have this disease. I do read every single post on this site and today want to let others know how well I am doing.

In the beginning when I read the 90% cured posts, I didn't know what that meant. I can say now that I really don't have any symptoms when I keep to the protocol and diet all the time. When I am away from home more, I sometimes eat foods off the plan and sometimes forget to take supplements with me. It is then that I notice an increase in itching. Other than that, I have to remind myself that I have this disease. Some things that have helped me and continue to help:

DIET - I drink Every Day Detox tea or Red Rooibus Tea in the morning with an egg and Ezekiel bread. Ezekiel makes English muffins and wraps also. There is no flour in their products and they are high in protein. Other mornings, I have Ezekiel cereal with unsweetened coconut, cinnamon, flax and chia seeds and use almond coconut milk that is unsweetened. I now eat berries and green apples, but didn't in the beginning.
For lunch I eat lots of vegetables and try to have one big salad a day with at least 5 different vegetables. I might add some chicken, almonds, or egg.
For dinner I make a lot of veggie burgers by throwing lots of stuff into my food processor, cooking them and freezing for later. I have fish or grass-fed beef maybe once a week. I eat other vegetables in season, and if I have a grain, it is quinoa or brown rice pasta. I use a lot of herbs and spices like cayenne, cumin, coriander, parsley, basil, and curry powder.

I only use Stevia for sweetener. I put lemon or lime in my filtered water,
I snack on sunflower seeds and almonds. My favorite snack is guacamole with a chip called Beanitos made from black or pinto beans.

It is not always easy but if I plan ahead and bring my food with me, I can stay on the necessary foods. I do not feel deprived, and people around me have changed some of their habits by my example.

I need to make sure to get enough rest and days I do too much, I pay a price. It was this time last year that I was bitten by something, so I am very cautious outside this summer. If I spend time in my yard, I wash my clothes immediately and shower when I come inside.
I still do not know what caused my infestation, but my home is much more clean and decluttered so that I feel much safer.

I try to see the blessings in my journey and maybe the best thing is an increased awareness of how fragile we all are and how to count our blessings every day.
One of my favorite quotes is from Thomas Merton, 'This day will never come again.'
I am blessed to have a wonderful family, a great job, many friends and should never take those things for granted.

I am planning to continue the complete protocol of supplements and MMS and Molecular silver until I reach 18 months. And then we'll see. . . I am now in month 10.
I hope newcomers will be encouraged to know that I started getting better after one month, and after two months, aside from some fatigue and joint pain really had no symptoms. Everyone's symptoms will be different depending on how ill we are to start with. I think I was lucky enough to catch this early and then my daughter contacted Mel and he gave me a call. I am grateful that I was able to follow the protocol faithfully.
I still do not have a doctor who treats M, but at my yearly checkup in September, I will ask my PC to repeat all the tests I had last year to see my progress thus far. I mention this because many others spend a lot of time trying to find a sympathetic doctor in their area, and it didn't happen for me. You can get better in spite of that indifference by the medical profession. We all need to be more involved in our own care anyway.

I also want to mention that the 'He Cures All Foundation' while generous and life-saving for many, will never be able to help everyone who needs the assistance. I urge others with financial constraints to ask family and friends for help. I had to borrow money from others and am still paying those funds back. But when people realize that it is vital, I believe others can and should step up to help. I had a friend cook meals for me when I was too sick and I have been able to pay her back in other ways. Do not hesitate to ask for this help. Waiting for Mel's foundation should never be the reason to prolong suffering.

Be good to yourself so that you will be strong enough to be a source of strength for others.

Best to all of you in your journey back to health. You WILL get better!


11:40:58 PM

It has been one year since I started program.
I am a lot better, but could be probably almost
Well if I would stick to the protocol diet all the time.
I have noticed my body tolerates different food
Better than it used to, but still have a long way to go.
I am much more happy than I used to be! If it were not for The Lord
Guiding me to Mel and this website, I would be lost. Thanks
For everyone's help and encouragement! I will
Win the battle!

God bless!


1:12:58 PM

Hello all! I wanted to stop by and offer a little encouragement to my fellow warriors! I haven't talked about my Mom much, but she has morgellons as well and will be 61 in September. She also had a myriad of other issues. Once I got her started, her health really took off. She has dropped nearly 60lbs and is off of 2 medications!! She is able to participate in more activities with the family, like long walks. She never let it shake her up and told me from the beginning that she knew the lord would heal all of us. She is the most amazing mother that anyone could ask for! I lost my Dad very suddenly a few years ago from a massive heart attack and feared I would lose her too. I no longer worry about that because she is doing so good!! Stay hopeful and focus on the the blessings. I found that keeping a journal and writing down even the smallest of blessing each day can be really helpful. Love to each and every one of you!

Amber & family

2:07:26 PM

Hi Mel,
I just wanted to send you an update on my status.I am still symptom free and have been since my one relapse January of 2011.As you probably remember,I went back on the full protoccol at that time.I have been on the supplements only since the fall of 2011.
I just wanted to touch base and let everyone know the program works and as you say "NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!"
I continue to work full time and have not missed a day due to any illness in about 3 years.God bless us all.

12:16:55 PM

This is Jane.

I have been doing the Protocol for about one year now. When doctors didn't help me (sound familiar?)
I turned for help on the internet. I feel I was very lucky to find Mel's web site and very lucky that he outlined his cure.

I felt like I really had no choice but to try it and follow it. The sum of the parts really works for this disease! I want to encourage anyone that is reading this, you can save your life by following Mel's protocol because it does work. I still feel like I have a long way to go and may be on this for a long time, but I am back to having my life again and don't feel sick anymore. I have my energy back and don't feel contagious either.

It's really hard to believe that the medical community would hide the benefits of MMS for a disease like ours over greed and patents, but that is what is happening. Follow Mel's protocol and you will get better.

You will get your life back. It works!

The thought of not seeing my children through their life was unbearable to me. So I did this every day. It takes time for it to work. Looking back to last year when I was so sick - there is such a difference. Be patient, follow the steps. Every day do your best. If you go off - then get right back on as soon as you can. The more you stick to it - the quicker you will get well.

Thank you Mel for showing us how to get well from the terrible Morgellons. There are good people in the world. Mel is a good person that is willing to help you with this. Listen to his advice. He has a good heart and is trustworthy.

I am walking proof that the protocol works.

Never give up hope. Never!


1:50:56 PM

I'm currently at 21 drops and seeing much improvements! Brain fog is nearly gone. :) I can think straight and focus when I need to, my eyesight is soooo much better as well as my emotional problems. My anxiety is lifted so much and I'm thinking much more positive. :)

I've learned to control sugar cravings, though I don't get sugar cravings very often at all now. Some plain organic yogurt mixed in with stevia and sugarfree alcoholfree vanilla extract. Probiotics are the way to go, and it is sooo tasty with any meal. Mmm. I'm enjoying my diet more and more. I eat some sort of green alkalizing raw vegetable for every meal. Basically my day looks like this for food:

Breakfast: A 2 egg omelet with flax seeds in the eggs, the omelet is filled with spinach, onion, broccoli, peppers, and those are topped with fresh avocado. Sometimes I top it with a nut butter, like almond of sunflower. I usually eat broccoli or celery on the side of that. My other option for breakfast is 2 hard boiled eggs, some asparagus on the side, or another veggie. And some plain yogurt like I mentioned before. I drink a giant glass of lemon/lime water mixed with stevia, and some red roibos tea.

When it comes time to take my olive leaf, and MSM in the afternoon I usually take a spoon full of coconut oil with it, bite on some ginger, and eat a whole clove of elephant garlic.

Lunch: Usually a huge salad mixed with about 5 different veggies/greens. I usually use slices of cucumber, red/green pepper, broccoli/cauliflower, red onion, and spring mix or spinach. I was using tahini mixed with olive oil and spices for a while, which is my favorite creamy salad dressing, buuut I want to lose weight so I've just been using whatever oil it is I am cooking with for the weak: olive oil, sunflower oil, red palm oil, almond oil Sometimes I top the salad with some chopped almonds. I always add in some himalayan sea salt and pepper since salads always taste better that way. And, with every meal once again I drink a tall glass of lemon/lime juice with stevia, and either red roibos tea or egyption licorice tea.

Dinner: I really like to mix things up with dinner. Whatever veggies I have, sometimes I like making a stir fry with curry powder. Or I take this thai red/green curry paste and use coconut milk boiling, add my assorted veggies as to whatever I want the curry to be with some stevia to the milk and it creates a great curry. Sometimes I boil spinach and add pine nuts, olives, broccoli, onions. I use my imagination a lot. I stuff peppers with different mixtures I create, or make fake cauliflower rice. I derive a lot of my dinners from the recipes section in this site, but make them my own. I still do not eat any sort of meat, though. Once again, a tall glass of lemon/lime juice and some tea. :)

I've found that saurkraut is a form of probiotics and use it sparingly on a daily base, like a condiment, because it is acetic as well.

To snack between meals I usually pick on some almonds or a nut butter, I recently cut those out to lose weight though too. I now snack on some broccoli if I get hungry.

I still find myself in my house, in my pajamas somewhat avoiding the world. It's easier for me to wake up, I'm not feeling deadly tired throughout the day. So doing laundry, making meals, bathing, everything is much easier and having it down to a science also makes it easier as well. I find myself having more free time to look things up, watch some tv, or just socialize with old friends via internet or phone. Sometimes I find myself getting bored and lonely. To me that's a good thing, because before I was so sick and overwhelmed that I would get stressed that I had too much to do between the cleaning, preparing food, laundry, and bathing. Nooope, now it's quite simple to me and I find myself wondering what to do with my free time since I'm not too tired mentally. And the loneliness part is a good thing, too. I didn't miss anything or anyone before. I didn't want to see or talk to anyone since I was so sick and scary looking and lethargic. My brain was so tired and I couldn't deal with people. Now, I find certain memories from my past coming back to me and missing certain times with certain people. This means my memory is coming back to me and Im not just sitting here focused on my disease, I can allow my mind to wonder to things besides feeling sick and scared. Even though I still do not wish to deal with people in person, I find myself fighting so that one day I can make new memories with those people and nothing makes me happier than the thought of the day where I do want to and will see those people again.

I still have a bit of stress from my environment, my father is convinced I'm not sick, and is telling me I'm sick mentally, how I need to get out in the world and get friends, how I need to do things, and get a job because this is "no way to live life." I'm trying to dismiss him for as long as I can until I am well enough to get a full time job, and support myself. My mother understands and supports me, I am thankful to have her by my side, trying to help me as much as she can money wise and understanding me. This is the most time I've ever spent with my mother, and I think I am helping her with her own problems just as much as she is helping me. I'm blessed to have her by my side like an angel.
I did get a hold of the logos supplements, so I only wen a few days without supplements. I'm in the clear for yet another month, I have to figure out how to tackle the next month's payments now, and I know I will. :)
I noticed more swelling around ankles than usual, I recieved a few paper cut like lesions on my face, and on my ribs. Had some bruising on the top of my head in my scalp, and then a lesion appeared there a week later. It's been about a week and it's mostly healed now. :) My body doesnt purge as much fungal hairs/specs, it really is diminishing slowly on my body. My skin looks horrid on my face still, not going to lie. I'm trying to take care of it with a product called "kiss my face" which is a natural acne treatment from tea tree and aloe and different essential oils. My scalp is still a big issue. Though I am letting my hair start to grow, it looks kinda funny since its thick and wiry and stick up. I look like an old lady mixed in with a mad scientist, lol! I'm okay with this, at least it's hair. Eye issues are mostly gone, though my eyelashes are not existent and if they are they are off colored. My face was purging some pink and blue wiry glitter this week as well, I don't usually purge glitter so to me this is a good sign. Probably from all of the pink and blue hair dye, I'm convinced.
I've been doing some studies on getting in touch with the universe, and man has the universe been speaking to me and vibrating so much energy to me and to others around me! My higher power, and God has been supplying me with multiple challenges, with multiple answers, teaching me so much. Nothing has been a coincidence in my life, I've noticed. Everything was to teach me something, or things have been foreshadowed, or answers to my questions weren't randomly answered by miracles that just randomly would pop up in front of me, it was all God's way of guiding me, I know now. Something I've never thought of my entire life and ignored, signs from the universe. Nothing is a coincidence, ladies and gents. We're all meant to pay attention, listen, and the good times as well as the bad times are meant to teach us a lesson and keep us growing as a person. Certain things happen to certain people at certain times for a reason. Always.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I know it's really long and I'm sorry about that. I just want to share as much info to my fellow warriors as possible, in any way I can help. I try to make my posts fairly simple to understand, I hope this post, as well as every post I make, can help at least one person on here. :)

9:18:58 PM

Hello Everyone,

I am now well into my 25th month on the protocol and I am doing really well again. Although there have been increased stressors both at work and in my personal affairs, I find that I am able to remain emotionally calm and mostly free from anxiety. This really amazes me! As I expected, the fatigue issues and the return of symptoms spurred by the Lyme tinctures I am taking have mostly passed. For lack of a better term, I looked at this as “treatment induced anemia.” However, I know die off is certainly a factor. So, energy is good again because I am not in that constant low level herxheimer reaction that I was in for the first month upon introducing them. The main thing is the tumor like cysts on my right forearm continue to reduce out more each day, so I remain convinced they are doing what they are intended to do.. It is definitely noticeable, but just slow going.

My scalp remains healthy. My face is clear. Digestion is good. I am sleeping the whole night through. There is still regular muscle cramping in the morning, but only occasional joint pain. Mental focus and clarity is better than ever. A pretty good report card, no? The biggest hurtle in my recovery still remains to be the financial burden. However, God continues to provide what is needed.

I am seeing more and more testimony from others in this forum that offer proof of moving forward and reaching remission. These continue to serve and affirm that the science is sound and that this protocol heals. There is no doubt! Follow it, and you get better. Simple as that.

I will be working on gathering the really good parts of my past posts to bring forth in a single future post. I got the idea from Mr. CS. It is my hope that to re-visit these may be useful to people on many different levels. I think this may remind us all of important issues across all stages of recovery.

Lastly, this week I want to again thank Mel, the He Cures All Foundation, and John B. The dedication that I now hold to this community was first demonstrated to me through their example. They remind us all that the hope for fulfillment of God’s promise is made real when we walk in the spirit and “take care of one another”. Nobody does it better!

Strength and Love,

3:44:58 PM

Hello Everyone,

I haven't been posting as much lately. One reason is that since I got well, I got my life back and am more involved with my family - I have a new grandson born a week ago!

I also work more hours at my job. I am SO grateful to say I feel well enough to sometimes forget completely how sick I was two years ago. I believe that's healthy - so that we don't dwell on our past fears and memories of pain.

I do wonder sometimes if some of you are not getting well because you haven't been able to incorporate the information necessary on this site. So I will ask that if you have not done so, remember the following:

Please take the time to read the posts on the forum. It took me three weeks. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR THIS. I WISH THAT THERE WAS.

I worked 3 days a week while getting well but some of you are not working. Regardless, MAKE YOUR HEALING YOUR JOB. I spent a lot of time alone - cleaning, preparing food, reading, praying, staying in touch with friends and family by phone and email. I was isolated, but it gave me time to rest. When you get better, which you will, then you can make up for lost time.

I have spoken with some of you by phone, and I fear that people tell me (and Mel) what we want to hear. I do not want to criticize people who are already so scared and sick, but I hear a lot of excuses re: following the protocol. Please be honest with yourself. And do not beat yourself up if you get discouraged and are not eating the way you need to, for example. You can always get back on track.

I have said this before - there is nothing special about me. If I can get well, anyone can. I had no resources to help me financially, but I pushed forward anyway. Taking care of yourself, so that you can take care of others should be a motivating factor.

I want more than anything to hear more people cured.



9:43:44 AM

Hello fellow warriors,

An update on my recovery of Morgellons. I am starting 16 months of being on Mel's Protocol.
Thank you John for the changes you have developed that are so beneficial to the healing that is transpiring my body.
I am so pleased to say I am stronger now then I was even before I acquired this disease.

I have just returned from a four day Family Reunion in CO held every other year. I flew to Denver then rented a rental car and drove for another four hours to the mountains in CO.

In attendance were 141 family members. I am the President of the group, so there was much effort put into the organizing of the area and activities. Not to speak of the effort required while the function was in process.

Lots of hugs, awesome visiting and good food. Many told me that this year was the best reunion they attended. Must share that my four children and two of my four grandchildren also attended. This hasn't happened for many years. I'm so blessed.

Guess what warriors, my energy level maintained throughout the four days of activities. Yes, I will admit I was beat and tired upon returning home. However, a good rest and good sleep has me up and going again.

Thank you dear Jesus for the healing that is happening in my body.

What a blessing this site is and has been to me through my recovery of Morgellons. Thank you Mel!
Peter and John for your dedicated assistance and continued support.

Peter, I can only sing praises for all you have done for me and the uplifting manner you approach this disease that has given me the courage and strength to follow through.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Never give up and keep moving forward.

Our Lord is good and HE will do as HE promises, we only need to trust and keep the faith, stay with the program and eat healthy.



3:21:13 PM

It's been awhile since I've posted ..
I have been keeping up and reading posts though.

For any of you who Not know, myself and my son have Morgellons..
I got it in 2010, he in 2011.

We have been on the protocol for around 2 years and are both doing Great!!! Tyler hasn't had an outbreak In nearly 2 months!
My symptoms are minimal In Comparison to what they were when I started the protocol ...
I still have to really watch my diet And take my meds, occasionally I have some little black fungal hairs when I dry after a shower.
No biting pinching or scalp purging!!!

I'm so happy with how far we've come... I couldn't have come this far without Mel, the site, and the amazing protocol!!

I am Back in school full time and am excelling at what I'm doing!
I never thought I'd be able to be where I'm at now..

A lot of faith in God and my main man Mel ...
Tyler is doing amazing because of u Mel!!
We love you!!!;)

I love each of u so much, and prayer for your healing too!!

Believe, have faith and God will move mountains to make u better!
(Tyler and I are proof of that;)

The protocol works!! Be patient, if your as bad as I was it does take time!

... Anti candida diet is so important ... Listen to your body it will let you know what u can tolerate :)

Have faith... I'm believing with you:)

Yours In spirit
Love, Nicole

9:14:55 PM

Awh, thank you for your kind words Peter! That really brought a smile to my day. :) I one day hope I can be as near healed like you are, you sure do help keep me driven with your posts! You're so inspiring, and that post just made me even more motivated to sticking to this.

My update: I have been a bit stressed still lately with family issues and money issues. I ran out of my protocol this week and may not be able to afford it until my mother gets paid in a few days, it stresses me a bit not having the supplements to keep my immune system repairing itself. So I have to step back, take a deep breath and find a way around this. Yet another challenge I have to overcome, and eventually I will. I talked to justin about it and I'm thankful I still have MMS to last me months, as well as silver and MSM. So right now those are going to have to keep me afloat along with my strict diet. I am trying to drink my limeaide with stevia than ever, and taking a bite of ginger and garlic before every meal and making meals anti fungal. Drinking plenty of herbal teas and coconut oil will hopefully help keep this at bay! I'm really nervous about not being on the logos protocol for a few days. I'm doing the best I can to fight this with diet.
I added plain organic yogurt into my diet because Justin and I decided that I really did need probiotics for my gut. Remember, my co infection I believe is basically my anorexia, so I need to help my body and gut heal from that in order to get my immune system working again. Doing research on my eating disorder, it says that I need probiotics in order to help my good gut flora come back. So a cup of plain organic yogurt sweetened with some vanilla stevia and some raw almonds it is. I even put flax seeds in the yogurt cup so I can feel more full, I never seem to be able to get full since my body is still in starvation mode. So far I am seeing no negative effects from the yogurt and I do it every other day. :)
I know M can get used to dairy fairly easily and feed off of it, so I am going to rotate it to a different probiotic: cottage cheese. I have looked up the budwig diet, which is cottage cheese, flax seed oil, and flax seeds blended together a specific way. It is antifungal, and I read it has cured skin disease, brain tumors, cancer, cancer tumors, diabetes, black mold in the human body...wow! I was shocked to look this up. I'm doing a bit more of research on it BUT this is going to be my next big idea I think... making some probiotic budwig cottage cheese for the probiotics and antifunal properties. ;) I may have stumbled upon something great here.
My symptoms are still about the same. Some fungal hairs have been jumping to their death from my scalp. Okay, well, a lot of fungal hairs have been jumping ship from my scalp, hooray! I noticed it was starting to become less and less when suddenly two days ago the black specs came back full force and a bit big, and more hairs were jumping ship than ever. It scares me a bit since I'm not sure if I did something different to cause die off or if I went back on my healing somehow. I'm not quite sure, it was just a lot after weeks and weeks of these symptoms slowly diminishing. Most of my itching is gone completely. There is very little crust on my eyes when I wake up, I used to wake up with my eyes caked in goo. Ew. The back of my tongue had a yellowish tint to it, that is now gone. My vision is very much clear except for random brain fog, then it seems to get a bit hazey. For the most part my brain fog has lifted, it bounces back to and fro though. My concentration is really coming back to me as my energy is also coming back! I no longer feel fear (except for when I realized I didnt have money for the protocol this month and have to wait days to order it, that's the first time I felt fear in a while.) I don't feel so achey and I am finding myself more interested in things I used to be interested in. Before I wanted nothing to do with friends or family or people... now I at least am talking to some old friends online and having great conversations with them!
Emotionally I can be quite edgy... a lot. I've always been quite the firecracker little irish tempered girl, so it may be getting my zest back or it may be the die off causing me to be emotionally everywhere. At least I can say I am smiling and laughing now too! I find myself emotionally healing spiritually. When I started this journey, I was not religious whatsoever and did not believe in a higher power. Now, not only have I found a higher power, but there are ways that He has become my best friend and listening to His signs and giving thanks and signs back is something so eye opening. All of my life I feel like He has been trying to show me so much, and I feel like I was so blind ignoring signs and feelings... I'm learning so much about my own heart and being. More than I ever could have imagined.
I have been using MSM soap in the shower again, and that causes a decent purge when I get out of the shower. I am also using black african soap on my face to help heal my acne or whatever this may be on my face, and with the protocol and african soap it is ever so slooooowly subsiding. :)
I'm up to 19 drops MMS and my body takes it in so easily and drinks it up like "Gimme gimme gimme! I need this!"
That is all for now. I am quite the happy little Twiggy, even though I'm not so twiggy anymore, and I am still as focused as ever still doing my daily routine and just trying to make time pass day by day.
I hope everyone has a wonderful fourth of July. All of your posts that day were marvelous and inspiring. I wasn't having such a good fourth but when I came onto the forum you all inspired me and reminded me what that day was really about. Even though I didn't end up celebrating it with family, I was glad to give recognition to who and what that day was all about. That felt pretty great.
I hope this summer goes by fast, I'm going to keep on keepin on and I hope you all do too! :)

Deborah B.
9:49:59 AM

Hi Peter, Linda and everyone reading this post,

Thanks for your encouraging words and reminders of how much I have to be grateful for. And Peter. . . I am so sorry this was a difficult holiday. I pray that the Lord continues to comfort you as you mourn your precious mom.

I wanted to also apologize and correct a mistake I made in my original post.

I came back this morning to read through responses and to look over my own post again, only to discover something. When I posted here on the Fourth, I failed to paste in the final paragraph. By doing that I had managed to thank many people but unintentionally failed to include my thank you to the most important person who has helped and sustained me through this very long and nearly completed battle.

Here is the last paragraph as it should have appeared:

"My deepest gratitude goes to the Lord who has inspired these amazing heroes to persevere for themselves, their families and as an example to folks like myself and my daughter. He is the one who used others to lift us up when we needed an encouraging word, or new information. Without the Lord’s constant grace and daily provision we would never have made it as far as we have. I know He will be the one in the end who carries us over the finish line to good health and restoration. For anyone facing this battle for the first time, or who is only a few months into it, my prayer for you is not only that you will be successful in your efforts to restore your health, but that your life will be transformed by a growing relationship and dependance on the Lord. One of His many names in the Bible is the "Great Physician". When other physicians have mocked and rejected those of us with this horrible disease, He is the one who will never fail or forsake us.

Let me just say in conclusion that the best advice I could give anyone just starting out on this journey is to cling to Him daily as you do battle against this frightening disease. Ultimately He is the source of all wisdom and He is the author and creator of this challenging yet effective cure for Morgellons.

He is the one who will carry you, as He will us, over that finish-line someday too. Never fail to give Him the credit. . . as I almost did!! ;-)

May He bless you and keep you every step of the way,

Deborah B. "

2:21:38 PM

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all doing well. We are finally settling in to our new place and doing well. The move was definitely challenging, but so good for our health. The fact that I was able to do everything I did during that time is pretty amazing. My strength and energy haven't been this good in years. The rest of the family are doing really good as well. The main issues we are still having are skin issues. My little guy and I are still purging and itchy at times. With that said, its so much less than before. We are getting better every day. I know healing from this takes time and patience. Patience has never been my forte, but I've become very good at it these days..its a God thing. We had a wonderful 4th of July this year. The last 4th of July, I spent the night sobbing and miserable. I can't really even think about it...its too painful. My kids and husband played football for 2 hours straight, can you believe that?! It found me smiling from ear to ear. Nothing makes me happier than to see my children having fun and feeling good enough to do so. We will continue to be diligent in our fight, trusting the lord every step of the way. Praying for us all and so hopeful for the future.
Love & blessings
Amber & family

8:52:43 AM

I haven't really posted in a couple months. I have had a lot of stress recently and am kind of just maintaining instead of moving forward. We are so much better after having had this for 9 years this month.
A year ago this month is when we started with the diet and the following month the protocol. I can't even begin to say that I was pretty sick a year ago and can gratefully say that looking back I know I am doing so much better. That being said, after reading about Justin's success and so many others here, I need to start really buckling down again, exercising, sweating, juicing, reading posts again and actually talking with others. I finally broke down and called Amber a couple weeks ago and it was wonderful. I felt so much better. And then talking with Mel this weekend - it was great. Thank you Mel. Anyway, I just wanted to share that you all are so inspiring and I don't just want to be halfway there, I want to be all the way there. Thank you all for your continued posts. I really enjoy yours, Twiggy. And Peter, I'm so glad that you are on to the finish line.

Up until this week I was feeling fairly good, doing well at work, my little one had a good report card. We still show symptoms at times, but less than ever before. Still breaking out from time to time and for me summer has always been the worst.

We went camping with the girl scouts last week and yikes, I haven't felt well since. We both had stomach problems and fevers after returning home. I can honestly say that I will not camp again until I am completely well, if ever. We had to drive to get to a shower and we went at 10:00 one night, me and three little girls. The girls are screaming at bugs, it is pitch black. I feel like I'm in a movie where something jumps out, When we were done, I backed into a tree and came back to camp and slept in my car. Anyway, you can just imagine. Funny now.

Soooo I'm back from my adventure, ready to become an even stronger warrior because I am and will win this fight. All of you are always in my thoughts and prayers.


Deborah B
2:44:23 AM

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to wish all our members here in the USA a Happy Fourth of July this evening. And to Mel. . . thanks for helping Carrie graduate to the 90% club and for the wonderful gift of her new train set. She is a happy girl to be feeling better these days, and no one is happier than her mom.

The amazing thing is, we've reached this new state of growing good health together, and I know now that we will cross the finish line side by side someday soon. While we still have a bit more to accomplish, the battle has nearly been won. It's been hard won though. Our road has been a particularly rocky and uncertain one. But if someone like myself can get well who has had Lyme disease for 25 plus years, then truly, anyone can.

So many times in the last two years, I had nearly given up hope. Always, at that point someone in this community came along and lifted us up, prayed for us, or shared new information that helped. It's been a tough battle, but not a lonely one. I am so grateful to Mel, John, Peter, Amber, Dawn, my fellow coaches and so many other amazing friends who refused to give up hope for us. Those of you who prayed for us. . . what can I say? What a gift you gave myself and my little girl.

I'm sitting here tonight at my computer listening to the sounds of people celebrating the freedom we enjoy here in America. Earlier today we went to our small town Fourth of July parade and had the privilege of standing with our hands over our hearts as the flag passed by. We honored elderly veterans of foreign wars and cheered as our local high school band played their hearts out for us. This is my idea of what the Fourth of July is all about. . . a bit corny perhaps, but I love every unsophisticated moment of it. To top it all off, we enjoyed a watching our daughter march with a patriotic girl's group she is involved with. Something that would not have been possible a year or so ago due to her illness. One of those proud parent moments that we'll always remember.

As we watched, I took a moment to look around the crowd and noticed lots of signs and tee-shirts with great patriotic sayings. Old favorites and a few new ones I'd never heard before. You all know the kind of thing I mean. My favorite new slogan . . . "Real heroes don't wear capes, they wear dog tags". Love it! And one that's become a time-proven classic: "Freedom Isn't Free". I am so grateful for the men and women who have sacrificed so that I and my loved ones can enjoy freedom and opportunity today. They can never be thanked enough.

But tonight, I am also grateful for a different kind of warrior. For the warriors here on our forum from all over the world who have led the way for others of us to win this battle. The ones who did not give up hope until they won the prize and not just for themselves. . . but to benefit others who would come after them. For those folks, freedom from Morgellons certainly wasn't free, and it wasn't cheap. It cost them an awful lot.

Thank you all so much. . . you are real heroes, capes or not.

Deborah B

4:00:56 PM

Hello Everybody

First, let me assure everyone that I am doing fine. I am just behind on many fronts right now. However, I want to make a quick post to get you caught up. I have had some challenges these past few weeks, due to the addition of the two herbal tinctures that I am taking to treat for Lyme.

I am experiencing times of low level fatigue together with some aggravated symptoms arising around my ankles and elbows. This was expected. It tells me that as I am pulling this out of the cysts on my arm, it pops up briefly somewhere else. I don’t see many of the little black hair like fibers on my arm. However, there is still serious muscle cramping from time to time. All of this represents deeper reduction of these cysts and must take place for me to cross the finish line.

Those cystic bumps on my right forearm also continue to cycle in and out of inflammation. In other words, they will increase and then decrease in size and redness. However, the length of time between cycles continues to get shorter and shorter. The purging is also greatly reduced. This lack of purging is the most enjoyable thing for me right now. As energy is now becoming steadier again, I remain convinced that, as these cysts get smaller and smaller, I am closer than ever to reaching complete remission.

That’s about it for right now. Remember the basics. Stay committed and stay patient. Remain in a constant conversation with God, and keep faith. You will get well! Believe it.

Strength and Love,

Bill M
11:15:58 AM

Hello Everyone,

It has been sometime since I posted so I thought I would give you an update on my health and what has been happening in my life. For the past few months I have been preparing for my move from Raleigh, North Carolina to San Diego, California, so from trying to sell my house and everything inside the house, to closing my small business, things have been rather stressful. Official moving date will hopefully be late July, so there is a lot to do before I get in my Jeep and head west.

My health has been improving to the point where I only have mild symptoms on most of my body.......BUT.....because the last battleground to eradicate these pathogens seems to be in the extremities, i.e. the head, feet, and hands, I am still on the protocol and that "Light At The End Of The Tunnel" is getting brighter.

~ head - most of the itching is on back and top of the head and if I push down on the skin it feels like a bruise would feel after a few days. This is the inflammation that is being created by the pathogens. I still get occasional pimpling on the scalp but after a few days it is gone.

~ feet - a few times per week I will feel itching on the topside of the feet. Interesting that it only itches when I am wearing my shoes or sneakers.

~ fingers - are consistent with what feels like arthritis in the joints, and right now it is mostly in the middle finger on both hands . What is interesting is that I have had this in my other fingers but it would be gone after a few weeks, but the middle fingers have been a stronghold for these pathogens. When I awake in the morning I have to rub my fingers under hot water before I can even bend the finger. If I don't do this it will just stay locked and I wouldn't be able to straighten out my finger, which means I would not be able to use the keyboard to type this blog. Curious to know if anyone else has experienced this finger joint pain. I know in talking with Peter, he has the same thing....and the same middle finger!

The good news is that I know that the biofilm is being broken down and the herbs and selected supplements are the terminators taking out the pathogens. Yahoo!!

Even though I have been feeling much better, I am still making an appointment with a local Lyme doctor, who also happens to have the Lyme disease. So I look forward to sharing the results of my testing and their recommendations for treatment.

Patience, courage, discipline, and prayer....... key ingredients for healing.

Blessings to all......
Bill M.

11:03:39 AM

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to say hello and update you a bit. I am now going into my 8th week on the protocol, feeling “a whole lot better” compared to before I starting. I was dealing with extreme itching (especially on my back) the crawling & stinging sensations from time to time, joint problems, blurry vision (which I thought then I just needed glasses because I’m in my middle age) which we know now wasn't the case ;-) I became super clumsy and constant fatigue. I didn't have lesions but I would get occasional scratches.
I've expressed to you all before that I’m not much of a writer (but as you can see by the conference call, I can sure run my mouth…LOL!) but I wanted to take this time to do what you all have done for me…be a blessing! If it wasn't for your informative post, personal stories, methods, experiences, courage and faith. I’m not sure how I would be dealing with this right now? So I would like to offer if just a little of that back. “It’s a blessing to be a blessing” is what I always say!
My story is so much deeper than just pieces of what I’ve shared. You know that my husband doubts me (and I’m confident he has Morgellons as well) I’m lacking much support which was causing me a great deal of stress. Holding-up with this disease is a task of its own but to have a husband that’s not on board, two 7 yrs old twins that also has it, a teenager that I’m praying to God it surpass (I don’t see any symptoms) so I’m running around doing everything by myself (you already know all the responsibilities that go with this).
With all that being said…. Thank you so much Deborah for taking the time to call me and for prayer. Your heart is so genuine and sincere and I felt that!
I have been praying for strength and peace to deal with this and although I won’t act like it’s been easy, I believe God has answered me and has giving me just that! Because I have accepted this…I’m able to move forward a lot better. (Just taking things in stride!) I still stress a little :-) (because it hurts sometimes) Like any mother, I’m so emotional when it comes to my babies! Having to deal with this with the twins and the fear of exposing our older children. I don’t want them to have to experience this. The Blessing…. Although they have the symptoms (The twins) they carry on as normal active children and they are happy!

There is Peace in Jesus! I will win…and he will have all the glory!

Love Tee!

11:22:22 PM

Woo, it's been a little longer than I thought with my last post. Here's a lovely update:

I'm still cleaning daily with Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap in my room, and falling back on my daily routine of cleaning, food, and showering when I feel fatigued. There's some days where I'm ready to go and feel the need to go for a bike ride and go shopping or get things done, and other days where I'm tired and sluggish and stressed. I am learning how to deal with stress really well though and slowly eradicating stress from my life which is important. My family is not so functional or understanding, and there's so much going on in my house that no one can relax. I'm learning to let the words of others go, and be selfish for once and focus on my healing.
I've been seeing my two best friends a bit more lately, they took me out hiking three hours away with their boyfriends and I was the fifth wheel. I didn't mind, they swam under waterfalls and dragged me along to cross huge rivers jumping from boulder to boulder to stay out of the cold water with a strong current. It was an adventure to say the least... packing my food in a cooler and packing my meds as well. I even slept over my friend's house that night, and since she knows what's going on, she let me vacuum the room and wash my clothes/blankets at her house. She has two kitchens and let me use her professionally stocked kitchen all day for my meals and let me tell you did I have a ball! Spices, food processors, appliances galore. Her mother even bought me vegetables to prepare since she works at a farmer's market.
I've been fully vegan for quite some time now BUT I have been studying and reading up on raw vegans and I LOVE the concept. Eating live alkaline foods straight from the earth and juicing?! Raw veggie recipes packed with nutrients all day long with nuts/seeds/good fats fascinates me. Perhaps I could bring my healing to a new level with raw foods.
Remember that talk about going back to college? Well, I decided to make the next few months pass and since I want a decent paying job so bad to pay for the protocol, and get out of my environment, I'm currently looking into a 9-12 week course of becoming a certified nursing assistant. That's right people, I'm going to try and start a real trade/career so I can start my new healthy life as a strong independent woman! Also, I need money for a gym membership too to try to get rid of these pounds I've been packing on and that's just expensive. Hehe. Soon you'll all be calling me by another name besides Twiggy, for I no longer look like a twig!
Coming out of bulimia, I tend to go with what my body craves while following this diet. Lately, it's been craving a lot of natural fats. Avocados, tahini, almonds, sunbutter.. I usually end up with a nut or nut butter with every meal. I can't help it, my body is just absolutely soaking it all in and telling me "you need this in order to live missy!"
Excited for the next few months of healing and I have some little goals to meet for here and there, kinda feeling quite content with my healing.
OH! And I'm purging some glittery fibers here and there with black and white fungal hairs, scalp is still purging and being treated every night as usual with my whole body in tea tree and coconut. Witch hazel has been slowing down the acne on my face but it still looks not so great. Any ideas for this acne or pimpling on my face?
I need to stop rambling, this is why I try not to post so much, I could go on forever!
Getting some sleep now, goodnight all and keep patience in mind for healing.
Time heals all wounds, whether physical or emotional. We must all learn to make time pass and be happy while letting it happen. I promise you, time will pass and things will fall into place if you work hard. I need remind myself this every day. I'm in the process of learning to love myself as well. Spiritual as well as physical purging as at an all t

12:40:47 PM

Well I'm up to 9 drops MMS. Slowly progressing... time seemed to be flying before but the past few weeks seem like they've been taking forever. I've slowed down completely on the exercising and went back to resting and eating, my fatigue has returned to me since my body has a lot more healing today. Looks like my weight loss and muscle gain are going to have to wait until later.
On the bright side, I am having less and less purging. In the beginning there was so much black specks and things popping out of my skin. I still get black specks, but fewer and smaller. I do have a lot of white fungal hairs appearing out of nowhere. Not at all like I was purging in the beginning though.
I'm still rotating my roibos and dandelion teas and such, along with my spices. The diet is the same, I'm a vegan and have been eating all of the vegetables I can tolerate three times daily. My bloating is still extreme from recovering from bulimia so I look really disproportionate, glands below my chin/on my neck are swollen along with my face. I have pimpling going on still on my face, it's really annoying.
The conference call we recently had last Sunday helped me a lot. My hair is so short, and I do not look good with it. Mel, John, Peter, all three of them encouraged me so much. I'm going to start growing my hair back. My scalp is still a nuisance to me with the amount of fungal hairs I purge from it. Still washing it with either MSM soap, peppermint soap, teatree conditioner, and after I use one of those I always use some kleen green rubbed into my scalp and then oil my body and scalp up in coconut oil mixed with some witch hazel and teatree.
I'm still living in pajamas, keeping to myself a lot. I don't mind it, I know I have a lot of healing to do and I don't want to be distracted.
My family are still a bunch of nonbelievers, and they cause a lot of stress for me. It drives me to heal faster and reminds me that I have to be strong on my own and get out of here. First things first, is healing. I'm only able to clean my room and bathroom, quietly mopping with peppermint soap because if I vacuum every day my family wants to send me away. I don't need that again. I'm just sticking to my day to day routine in cleaning, the diet, and never straying.
Recently, my brother graduated college and we had to stay overnight out of state in New York City. I thought it was going to be a nightmare. I made a salad for each night I was away, and packed 2 different veggies in containers for breakfast and lunch. Put some tahini dip I made in a container, and stuck that all in an iced cooler for a two day journey so I was on the diet the whole time. Also carried my protocol already sorted out in plastic baggies labeled in my purse. Brought my own blankets and MMS and my topicals with me in bags, did my laundry at where we stayed and stayed on the floor comfortably in my own blankets and pillows. I was fairly comfortable with a big two day treck in the city. It was a strange outting for me, but I put up with it.
When I first started this protocol I was around 110 lbs, now I am around 140 lbs and I am 5'5. Not such a bad thing considering I want to stay healthy so I can fight this off!
I'm taking it easy and quietly waiting for some more healing to go on. One day at a time, trying to keep myself occupied. I'm excite for the double digits of MMS and maybe hitting my max tolerance, who knows when that will be. Only my body will be able to tell.
Slow and steady wins the race, and so does listening to your body. I need to keep this in mind. I am so dedicated and willing to stick to what I'm doing for as long as it takes to kick this in the butt. My brain fog is disappearing and I'm starting to gain more and more hope for myself every day. Less fear, more love for the new life I have planned for myself once I see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I think some college is in order! Something I've never thought about, and now something I really want. Oh boy, how I'm changing emotionally. And I love it.

7:06:27 PM


I continue to enjoy each day. Digestion is good. Energy is good. Outside of the right forearm, skin is good. I am finding the introduction of two specific herbal tinctures, that have shown to be effective with Lyme, appear very promising here. I will update you when I know more. Remember, however, I did little outside of Mel’s protocol for 18 months. You must not mix protocols until you allow your physiology to return to balance. You must remain patient. You must learn to roll with cycle after cycle of returning symptoms. Then you must accept that, with time, you CAN get well.

Let your research take you into the field of nutrition. Read the articles on the Logos web site. Cultivate discipline and diligence. Ask Mel what you can do to contribute to the furtherance of the fundraising capacity of the foundation. Post your progress. Share information. Keep a journal to revisit. These things can become so very therapeutic. They continue to be a mainstay in why I am doing so well. Do them, and continue in a belief that "complete remission" from Morgellons is within reach for everyone. That means you. And it means me. It won’t be long now before I will be making the most significant post of my life in just this regard.

Strength and Love,

11:17:26 PM

Hey all,

I know I haven't posted in a while. That's because I've been so FOCUSED on my day to day life. Slowly getting my energy back, I'm at 6 drops MMS. Gaining energy back, and not wanting to let this M thing control me: I have been exercising like crazy. Between the clean eats, exercising, my usual phone calls with Justin, the topical treatments, the tea, and just absolutely living my day to day life fighting this I really don't have any time to feel fear of never moving forward or time to feel so alone. Granted, I have been really isolating myself trying to do my own thing as I am not ready to go back out into the world yet, I am looking better and even my outlook on life is looking better.
I have chipmunk cheeks still with water retention in all sorts of places, I believe the herbal teas, the lemon water, apple cyder vinegar, garlic, herbs, and exercise will all slowly help flush out my system and hopefully I can see some improvement in the swelling and water retention category.
I have found tea tree and Neem toothpaste at my health food store and that has been one of my simple pleasures along with xylitol gum. Also, as much as I love baking, I have cut back on the baking a lot and the only real cooking I do is cooking up some vegetables once in a while for dinner. But, I have found that a vegan raw vegetable diet really does work wonders for me in healing. More than the other things I've been trying.
I have been riding my bike everywhere, jogging daily, doing zumba in my living room, and doing pilates on a blanket in my room. Oh man, does my body feel the burn and my sweating feels beneficial and works wonders! I've also been getting tan from going out jogging for a bit every day, something I have not done in years! I'm usually pastey white and never used to exercise.
I lost most of my left eyelashes... meh. Kinda sad about that but I think that it's a good thing in a way since that means all of the fake fungal hairs that were in those eyelashes couldn't take it anymore and jumped ship. I'm starting to see less white and black specks, I had A LOT at first. Now I see more fungal hairs from my body that look like different colored cat hairs, or white.
I have barely any itching, and if I do it's on my feet if I eat too much or something Im intolerant of, I have mostly found the foods I tolerate and I've been sticking to those. It's pretty easy and pretty rewarding, especially when you're working out. I feel like I'm on some sort of path to be the healthiest person I've ever come across or heard of in my life between the exercising and the eating.
I'm working out not only to pass the time and keep the focus on getting well, but so that when I am ready to go back out into the world, I can proudly show off the new me! It's exciting working towards a new body every day, it's like the harder I work on diet and health and for the longer time I don't see people and work on myself... the better my body feels and more excited I am to work harder to get my dream life and dream body. Who knows, by the end of this all I might have my dream looks back! But, who cares about looks at this point? I know I still do but I'm sooo much more concerned about how I feel.
I find myself getting jealous of people living their lives normally easily, I've found. Exercise lets me get my anger out and helps me feel normal as well. It's a huge outlet for me.
There's been so many challenges for me so far: our natural gas was shut off so I took freezing cold showers and had no heat/stove/oven for a week. I lived with it happily knowing that I could just go for a raw cold veggie diet for a straight week, and it made me realize that was the way to go since I noticed even more healing! Once in a while though a cooked meal is needed for comfort now that my gas is turned back on though. It's hard being broke and trying to afford the protocol and the diet. I'm so strict and I try my hardest to overcome EVERY challenge. Between my family not believing, leaving most of my friends and significant other behind, the money challenges, the health challenges, people bringing me down, my anxiety... let me tell you is it hard. But, you know what? I've found ways to get through EVERYTHING and solutions for everything instead of going around them. Facing each challenge head on and without fear, something I've never done before. I am me, I am going to be happy with myself and who I am, and I will get through anything and everything and can do anything. If we can get through this, we can conquer life!

Justin J
2:49:57 PM

Time flies~Health Update

Well I haven’t made a post in a while as I have been cautious to look at how I’m doing in months instead of days lately. Over-all I’m in the best health I have been in probably since getting ill. Everyday I’m getting better, and better. I havn’t cured myself completely but I would say I’m close to 90 percent better. I still deal with minor purging from the scalp and different parts of the body but it amounts to a minor annoyance and quickly passes. This winter has been rough with lack of sunshine nothing to do and allot of boredom but its breaking up, and I’m welcoming springtime with open arms. I have had the energy to do things I miss like walking around enjoying life, and even looking for a job.
Concepts that were completely foreign to me for a time when I was severely sick.
I have managed to get my health accessed by a natropathic practioner and they said you are doing something right because your stomach, kidneys, and bones are completely clean, However you still have some issues in your lower colon and muscles and left lung. So I know the battle is far from over but I have made huge strides in health improvement and I can feel it. I celebrated my 22 birthday on the 27th and It made me reflect allot on what it means to be alive. Plus I made sure to have fun by indulging in a movie marathon of sorts. No I didn’t eat my entire birthday cake, or any cake for that matter !
I would not be here at this place without the constant support from family, friends the forum, Mel, and John Peter, and the people of this website. I’m looking forward to this year. Like all things this too shall pass.

So big huge Thank You!


7:52:21 PM

Hello everyone!

I apologize for not updating sooner. My son had to have surgery and we had a roof leak and discovered mold. We were planning on moving soon, but, not this soon. The good news is the landlord gladly let us out of our lease and we were able to find a place that is a perfect fit for us, we move in, may 1st :) Sometimes when we have these things happen in our lives, its easy to feel like ..why me?! Well, sometimes these things can mean that the is lord intervening, to give you something better. This just so happened to be the case with us. As fearful as I was, my sons surgery proved to be beneficial in his healing, the same with the house. The place we found, is smaller, which means I will now have more time to rest and spend less time cleaning. Also it is newer, safer and more affordable. Money is still an issue, as I have not been able to return to work yet...so this is definitely a very good thing. I guess what I'm trying to say is, never lean on your own understanding, because the lord has much better things in mind for us then we could ever comprehend. God is good all of the time :) As far as how we are doing in terms of this disease ..we are doing so well! We have had a couple freak out moments, but, they are short lived. Still have some skin issues and purging, but I can't complain. I can feel my immunity is coming back. Sleepless nights, no appetite, bumps everywhere, being emotionally unstable, lack of energy, all a thing of the past. There are days that I can't believe how much energy I have! My kiddos are doing so good! My sons surgery went so well, I could have not asked for it to have gone better. Its a God thing. God is using people like Mel and John B. To help so many. The fact that these men and others here are helping us to make it thru this is such a blessing. I've lost ( friendships over this, but in exchange God has given me the best friends I've ever had. Friends who are never too busy or preoccupied with the ways of the world to lend a helping hand or a kind word. These are the blessings that come when you give it to God and trust in him. We are blessed beyond belief!

Love & blessings,
Amber & family

3:07:04 PM

That's funny that it's your birthday also! Happy belated birthday! :) Us aries gotta stick together, we're stubborn, so therefor we've got that trait to fight this with, hah. I turned 20!

Soooo, only 22 days into the protocol and about two months on the diet. I will tell you, my itching has greatly gone down already and I have yet to get to that MMS since I have yet to get to day 30! The diet really is key to helping... eat clean and don't ever cheat (I've never cheated yet) and if you do the diet hardcore, you will see the difference in how your body reacts. I can easily control the itching and biting from what I eat. At most, sometimes I get itchy feet and my face gets red when I have a slight reaction, I'm cleaning, or if I'm overtired. Of course it's only day 22 so all of my symptoms are still blasting me hard, but I am better than when I first started at least. I think it's because I'm not as freaked out by it and I do have hope. The light at the end of the tunnel knowing I can beat this. Some people had trouble sleeping with this... all I want to do is sleep most of the time. I do get random spurts of energy throughout the day and that's when I seize the time to vacuum or clean a little bit at a time.
On top of that, since recovering from alcohol and my eating disorder... I've reconnected with my best friend who has been helping me out on this through a day to day basis. It's great, I can talk to her about what's going on with me and she won't be scared or not believe me. She listens to me, kisses me on the cheek, cheers me up and makes me smile, but also understands my tears at time. Whenever I need a ride somewhere she will get me to the super market or help me cut my hair since she's a hair dresser. I need to cut my mohawk a lot shorter today actually, I just cut it and it's already growing out of control. I need it shorter lately to treat my scalp. She kind of forced me to go out for my birthday even though I didn't want to. I'm too tired to care about my looks or get out of pajamas, I don't like people seeing me too much. My lesions are small on my face but they get red easily and looks like acne with pimpling, and loss of eyebrows and hair makes me look like a cancer patient. But, kleen green is helping my face and redness little by little actually. Same with tea tree and coconut oil on my face at night. Slowly but surely, I won't feel so bad about my skin in a few months I think. I need some sunshine, it's been so cold and rainy or snowing here lately. I have a feeling sunshine will help my skin heal. That's another key to getting better.
Anyways, I was scared to go out to eat for my birthday. She took me to a local organic place with vegan choices on the menu, and organic salads and such... but I was too scared to even go near anything I didn't cook myself. SO, I called ahead of time asking the staff if I brought my own things if they would cook the things for me since it was my birthday and I was very sick and Im highly allergic to a lot of things. Brought my own huge salad, and my own zucchini flax seeds chicken patties I made in the food processor. My birthday was the first time I had meat in a VERY VERY long time, but I treated myself knowing I needed the protein. I gave them the organic coconut oil for them to cook the patties in, and all they did was cook em up in the coconut oil for me and voila, I had my two patties to cut up and put in my salad with my own tahini hummus recipe. (tahini is my favorite dressing, I've been eating it with my lunch time salad almost every day. mmm.) I also brought my own dessert since it was my birthday! I baked a coconut vanilla crustless custard pie with stevia and coconut flour. It was the most delicious meal I've had on this diet. I couldn't stop eating! Lol, I ate both chicken patties, the huge salad, another salad under my chicken, and three or four slices of the custard (I know, everything in moderation... at least it was sugarless and all coconut and anti fungals on my diet. It was my birthday and was hard for me to resist a pie I could eat. Good part is, no reaction. :) My best friend and her two friends she brought along were great, they all wore pajamas since I couldn't get out of pajamas being too sick and tired! They had organic red roibos tea at the restaurant too, I ordered a whole tea kettle of it and everyone shared it with me.
For the first time in a while I felt... human. Loved, not so stressed or scared, and okay with living with this. My best friend has restored my stress levels and keeps reminding me of who I am and how strong I am.
Yesterday, I even went to the pool hall for about an hour with the same group of friends! Granted, I was in my pajamas, but I'm starting to get used to this.

I know everyone is losing weight on this diet but... I am gaining weight. Is this a bad thing? I eat very large salads stuffed with greens for most of my meals. Tons of veggies and spring mix, some tahini and olive oil or avocado dressing I make. I only eat two eggs in the morning, and once a day about a very tiny amount of almonds. I do take about two or three tablespoons of organic coconut oil every day as well. Other then that I binge out on all sorts of veggies a lot, I can't help it, I'm so hungry all day. I'm not sure if it's the M making me like that or the fact that I need all of the nutrients I need to get over bulimia. Maybe that's why I'm gaining so much weight, because my digestive system is so slow from being bulimic for sooo long? All I know is I've been packing on the pounds.
The more pounds I pack on, I notice the more the itching goes away. But my body aches and I'm a bit swollen in my gut, kinda looking pregnant. Well, not really PREGNANT, but for how tiny I usually am I can notice tht my gut is swollen. I think this will go away as I continue eating the diet as I've been doing and still adjusting my metabolism to eating, and also as I beat these morgies and diminish the parasite from my system, I think the swelling of my legs and redness in my face will go down as I progress into MMS drops. Mmm, is it sad I'm excited and counting the days till I start my first week of MMS knowing it's a key component to this battle? Don't get me wrong, slow and steady wins the race, and I KNOW that. I have been careful not to rush a single thing in the protocol, but I'm just sayin people. Don't be scared of MMS, it EXCITES me knowing it helps me attack this thing. ;)
I have less cravings for sugar... more cravings for eggs. I'm scared to try red meat, and still afraid of meat and chicken in general. I did do it for my birthday but I think it's going to take some forcing or guiding from you people on eating it. Sorry guys, I need some help here. I gotta start eating meat at least once a week, right? Maybe two nights if I get there. Being a vegan for years... eggs are hard enough daily as it is. I have organic red meat in my fridge ready to go for burgers whenever I feel like it. Any ideas on when or how I should try that? There's ground beef in there and not ground beef. All natural, no antibiotics, grass fed, free range. Good stuff. Just so scared of it! Lol.
My doctor says I'm perfectly healthy except for my vitamin D. No lymes, my liver and kidney and insides are all fine and great. Which is good to hear but I'm STILL waiting for that stool test (which takes a while to process) to see if I have parasites in my body. I do believe I have other parasites along with Morgellons. Just a hunch I have.
I am getting more lesions and cuts, it's ugly, but I don't think it's such a bad thing. I think it's them already trying to push their way out since my body is getting healthy so quick from finally eating. It's pretty easy to eat a lot, and eat perfectly clean when getting over bulimia. Kinda painful since my intestines are stretching out, not used to any food whatsoever. But it's definitely worth the pain and fat to beat this. I just hope weight gain isn't a bad sign.
I've been soooo tired lately. I've been sleeping and cleaning a little bit by bit. Anyways, I'm going to the store today to get more yummy yummys to add to my salad. I've been leaving kleen green on my hair and spritzing it on my body. Idk if it's helping my hair, I usually leave it in overnight, and sometimes I leave a mixture of coconut oil, olive oil, wormwood, clove, and tea tree in my hair overnight. That same mixture goes on my body every night and I massage it into my skin every night all over.
Welp, off to the grocery store in my pjs, tired but hopeful!

8:39:34 PM

Mel and everyone,

Once again we can't even begin to thank you for all that you are doing for us. I am grateful to each and every one as well as for God's grace.

I am still holding on and feeling better than ever. Even reading what I wrote before makes me feel like - oh my gosh I was so sick.

Actually, this past month I have had a sinus infection and my doctor actually prescribed Bactrim. I am feeling so much better on this. I also had a blood test a few weeks ago and it turns out that one of the reasons I was so exhausted and depressed was because my Vitamin D levels were almost depleted. As soon as I started back on high Vitamin D levels, I felt so much better. This is something I have to do every little while but this time it was the worst. It probably has to do with 0 degree weather.

I've also been reading a lot of Magnesium and thank you John B for Magnifical.

Otherwise I am doing well on the protocol and MMS. I do have a lot of scars which I know take a while to heal.

Mel, I hope everything is well with your shoulder.
Again thank you for everything!!!!!

Blessings and love