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Remember the basics. Stay committed and stay patient. Remain in a constant conversation with God, and keep faith. You will get well! Believe it.


2:36:49 PM

Hi everyone!

As many of you know, I have had a very rocky road in having any family support in regards to this disease .
This website and connections with others from here has continuously inspired me through out my journey.

Along with closely walking through this with God.

I continue to get better, I went from what I believe was dying, to feeling pretty close to my old self.
I have been inspired to speak out and advocate through social media.
Obviously, I spent years working in the protocol, and healing.
It took me a long time to build enough confidence to reach out and tell people, expose my secret so to say.
I'm just so grateful to this website, most people are so much more accepting, and supportive than even my own family really..

That's where I am at.
I'm doing very well taking my full protocol plus low-carbs diet.

Oh and I just picked up a new avenue for income, I'm making custom made handcrafted jewelry using natural healing stones.
I will soon be selling in my sisters store.So that is pretty exciting! People have been really liking my work and asking to purchase, so I will figure out how to soon accept payment, shipping, etc.

Sending healing thoughts, faith prayers to ALL

We're all in this together!!


9:59:04 AM

Here's a update on my progress to date.

this summer has been a real turning point in my life, just as I was entering the final stages of curing morgellons I got a sun burn on my left arm back in July and somehow turned in to skin eruptions that looked more serious than usual.

I decided to see my doctor and get a blood test my doctor sent me to the dermatologist, he took some skin samples and they turned out to be yeast, fungus coming out of the skin, he also said it was a usual condition and prescribed me bactrim ds.
then the blood test came back positive for Philadelphia chromosome acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
I'm thinking how could this happen I did everything right or so I thought, maybe I missed something in my battle with morgellons.

I am guessing my immune system had had enough and now there saying that I have cancer and need to start chemotherapy treatment right away. You can imagine what I'm going through at this point.

Lots of prayer and and careful thinking lead me to believe that if I can wait for my next blood test it will reveal the direction I need to go. last Wednesday the test results showed that the cancer had stabilize and was not progressing, the cancer doc looked puzzled and asked me if I had started the chemotherapy medicine. I said I just got the medicine the day before and hadn't taken it yet .

Basically at this point my blood results were better than when this whole thing started, then the doctor says take the chemotherapy medicine anyway just to be safe.
For now I haven't taken the medicine and don't know what direction my blood is going but I figure I can hold on for another week and a half till the next blood test before I make any big decision.

this went from looking toward remission to what the heck is going on now I have all I can do just trying to keep my head up and maintaining diet and making the right decisions to pull out of this.

Prayer prayer and more praying it's in Jesus hands and have to roll with it.
I will post again in two weeks with results, your feedback will be appreciated.

Hope of recovery to everyone.


6:02:53 PM

Hi everyone, blessings from the lord!

I m very grateful for this website where we can gain insight, information, as well as personal support! Praise the Lord, Jesus! My special thanks goes to Amber, thank you for sharing your family struggles and success it was very encouraging to hear how God has not forgotten us in the midst of our struggle.

Thank you to Mary also, you have been supportive and informational. Blessings!!!

Christine, I'm glad you re completely recovered. Thank you for reaching out to me. I don't feel so lonely.

I'm still purging, dealing with aches and pains, but the scare is mostly out of me.

I still need a lot of prayers .

I'm definitely better now than how I was three months ago, praise the Lord.

Most grateful to Peter and Mel for been there to guidence to the right resources.

God is good!! All the time!

God bless you,

sincerely, Ellie

4:55:34 PM

Hey Everyone,
Well it's been a year on the protocol but 10 months on MMS and my symptoms are getting lighter. Sleeping is still my greatest challenge but I am truly happy with the progress I have made. I can go several hours without symptoms. I dont worry too much when my symptoms increase any more. You were so on point Peter.I think rain increases them and humidity and in New York theres lots of humidity.Just walk around with my lint brush in my pocket and when the crawlies happen it picks then right up. The thing that washes them off for me the best is the sulfur soap.
My diet has not changed much still eat a lot of salads, chicken,eggs,salmon my coconut macaroons and my kind bar for dessert or almonds and pumpkin seeds. Had to cut out avocados cause I noticed it increased my crawlies. Want to try them again maybe next month.
My son has already had a week and a half without symptoms, the full moon doesnt seem to be affecting him. I do expect his symptoms to return but of course I hope they don't.
For all the new comers there is no quick fix but Mels Protocol works. Stick to the diet and cleaning and of course our protocol and faith in the lord.It is the sum of all parts. God bless you all.

6:50:22 AM

Hello Everyone,

Just checking in. Didn't realize it's been so long since my last posting.

I am still having good days and bad days but feeling physically stronger lately. Tomatoes are in season here so I have been trying them on occasion and they are fresh from my mother's garden. Thank you Peter for your posting of the tomatoes, it really helped me make a decision to try the tomatoes again. I also added apples to my diet but not every day.

I tried hot yoga for a few weeks (they had a special on 20 days for $20.00) and it seemed to help with the symptoms. The heat seemed to draw all the toxins out of my skin and the exercise itself was very good for my overall well being. I can't afford to join the classes but I am thinking of just buying a yoga mat and doing the yoga exercises at home.

On Wednesday, I tried some restricted foods like potatoes and rice and so far I haven't experienced any increase in my symptoms, but I am being very cautious, so I am not going to eat it regularly yet.

I have to attend two family weddings in September so I am hoping to have more tolerance for different foods by then as I don't know what foods are going to be served to us on those days, only that I was able to request vegetarian gluten free on the invitations.

I am not splitting the MMS this month. It has been a challenge each month for me to get the doses in at the right intervals before going to work, so I am just going to see if it makes any difference this month to my symptoms. I kinda like taking the full dose at night as it makes me fall asleep quickly and it feels like I am killing all the pathogens while I sleep.

Getting lots of sunshine and going for walks seems to be helping my skin feel better too. We spent a whole day on a sandy beach last weekend and it was great!

There are still blood red raised sores and brown spots appearing all over my body and lately some sores have been appearing that look like moles or warts and have a tough callous surface to them.

My eyesight isn't the greatest so I wouldn't know if there are any fibres coming out of these sores and they are in hard to get places, like behind my knee, that I can't use the microscope to see anyways.

My weight has been maintaining at 120 to 123lbs. At one point I was 118lbs which I felt was too light for my 5'3" frame, so I increased my avocadoes to two a day and it really helped to increase to a more comfortable weight. I also use a lot of coconut oil with my meals as well as all over my body and head every night.

I have such a ritual I do every day that feels comfortable to me now, except when I have to sleep overnight somewhere, and that's when it throws me off a bit but I always recover when I am home again.

Well, that's my post for now. I will try to post more often!

Have a great weekend everybody!!

2:18:58 AM

Hi Everyone,
I am finally writing my monthly progress report for August. On the 10th I celebrated my one year anniversary of being on MMS. And, what did I do for my anniversary? I went with my family to the mountains and rode a bike through the alpine terrain (well, I stayed on the very nice, paved bike path as I think true mountain biking would have ended up poorly for me-LOL), but still saw some beautiful sights. My legs were so weak! I haven’t really been exercising. Even though I could shift into the other gears to make it easier to pedal uphill, the high altitude makes it harder to catch the breath, so maybe less oxygen to the muscles since less is in the air. I think thinner atmosphere means less oxygen. Well, anyway, I liked the down hill parts a lot! All the kids that I rode with (son, his friend, and our other friend’s kids) did better than me, so what. It felt really good and then I felt unusually low level of crawlies the rest of that day and the day after. Like, none. I think exercise is really key to getting the blood circulating and moving them out of where they are hiding and sweating is one of the ways our body detoxifies itself along with breathing. I breathed harder and did sweat, that’s for sure. I’m planning on continuing to exercise now that I’m back.
A year on the protocol and I feel good-great. I still don’t go swimming in pool for fear of the contagious possibility. But, do go in the ocean and the ocean water has been warm. El Nino warm. I don’t know why I feel it is not contagious in the ocean. Just a feeling. I shower once a day. Wash my hair every other day. No MMS bath yet, though planning to any day now. I don’t clean nearly as much as I used to and started using my dishtowels to dry dishes once in a while instead of paper towels or air drying all the time. The environment really doesn’t seem to affect me anymore. I vacuum all the carpeted floors just once a week. I don’t spray Kleen Green and just use in laundry now. I have a lot of energy and a really clear brain and find that I’m organizing a lot to try to get rid of all the clutter and find a place for everything. So much stuff we save over the years. Especially kids’ stuff. My little guy, almost as tall as me now, outgrows his clothes and shoes every time I turn around. His closet and room is a mess! Or was, much better now. I worked around the house and on errands today from the time I got up in the morning through until 9pm when I first sat down to watch TV. Seriously, we’ve been busy here today, got a lot done.
I am eating the same stuff a lot. Every week, the same menu. Once in a while a nice change with a new kind of fish. Got some king crab legs at Costco, those were incredible. I know, crab is a scavenger and so probably considered “dirty”. But, once in a great while, hopefully, that won’t hurt. The rest of the time it is grassfed beef, free ranging chicken, and lamb. And my new veggie friend is brussel sprouts that I pan fry in EVOO and garlic salt. Very satisfying. I found some Amy’s salad dressing that has no sugar, soy, dairy, etc…. That’s a nice change up to my EVOO and ACV dressing. I still love my sunbutter and blue diamond artisan nut thins. With a few squares from a stevia sweetened chocolate bar as dessert.
As far as symptoms, I still feel the crawlies though at the lowest point yet. It seems they come and then they go. I get really excited that they’re all gone, and then they come back. Then they go again. One day they will be gone all the way, but I’m planning to try the Immune Pulse to see if that helps with this last stage. I am not having any pimple/bumps on my neck or face. All clear. My skin has gotten so dried out from that Dr. Bronners soap that I switched to a dead sea salt bar of soap for moisturizing. After shower, before drying off with my towel, I put on coconut or argan oil and lock in the water. Then towel off just a little. Also had to start using my old moisturizer on my face because the coconut oils and health store moisturizers were not cutting it. I was looking very wrinkled. Much better now. On my darn big toes, I have nail fungus which turns the nail cloudy-white in portions. Amazing that I have any fungus with the protocol and all, but there it is. I am putting layers of stuff on them: oregano oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, vicks vaporub, coconut oil, and occasionally soaking in ACV and amber listerine. Going to try Epsom salts soak for the feet tomorrow. The left toe is getting better, the right got dark, so I think I’m killing it off. But, everything I read on-line says to be persistent and consistent as the fungus if not all dead will grow back. I’m also wearing a lot of open toe shoes.
So, that’s the state of affairs for August 2015. School starts up on the 1st so having some families over tomorrow for an end of year bbq gathering. All the kids have gone to school with each other for years now. They are going to be big 7th graders this year. Time flies.
Blessings to everyone!

2:52:21 PM

My name is Ellen. I post on various threads on Mel’s site and on my thread, "A New Warrior from MA".

After getting very sick with Morgellons in August/ September of 2012 and after a year on Mel’s protocol, I can confidently report that I am cured. Others new to this disease need to hear stories with a positive outcome to give them hope to push on. I have said this repeatedly - there is nothing special about me. If I can get better, I believe anyone can. Everyone's body is different, so it will take different amounts of time for each of us, but believe that you will get well too. Curing myself of this disease wasn’t easy, but now that I have been through hell, I think I can tackle any health issue that comes along. I'm a different person today – hopefully a better, stronger, wiser person.

I don’t know what initially infected me, but in July of 2012 I got some bites that were very large and itchy, and after spending thousands on pest companies trying to rid my house of insects, I slowly cleaned my environment on my own. I took out my carpeting and now have just tile and wood. In the beginning I washed my clothes, sheets, floors and surfaces every day. I assume that I killed every living thing in my house except for me. Now I can do sheets once a week and can clean the house less often to maintain it. I also ran a dehumidifier and set it at 46 %. Supposedly mold and some bugs don’t thrive unless the air is more humid than that.

My daughter, who is a scientist with a PHD from Columbia University, found Mel’s site while researching my condition. My symptoms included: lots of black specks, white, salt-like specks, some crazy colored fibers, low body temperature, a horrible red rash on my neck and chest, tiny, scaly bumps on my legs and ankles, terrible head itching, cuts that wouldn’t heal, large, round bruises and a constant feeling of being nauseous and dizzy. We were both looking at bird mite sites, bed bug forums, everything - but never got to the cause of the infestation. The only thing I found in my house was fungal gnats (identified by one of the pest companies.) I will never forget when she said, “Mom, I think you have this thing called Morgellons." I had come to the same conclusion from my searching online and was terrified. I began to get my documents in order for my family in case I got any sicker.

Armed with information and encouragement from Mel’s site and the community surrounding his protocol, I now had a plan. I went cold turkey and eliminated all sugars, flour, dairy and acidic foods, felt better within a few weeks and dramatically better after starting the Logos Nutritionals supplements and MMS. The reason I started on the protocol and stuck with it religiously was because I was feeling like I was living a nightmare and I had nothing to lose. I knew I couldn't continue the way I was. I stayed close to my loved ones if only by email and phone, and came to a better appreciation of life. I didn’t know, and still don’t know if I was contagious, but I spent a lot of time by myself that Fall. Now I realize it gave me the opportunity to rest, which is vital to getting your health back.

I was lucky I could keep my part-time job, and to have supportive family and friends. I was also careful, however, who I chose to confide in. My PCP doctor did all the tests (blood work, heavy metals, metabolic series) I requested, but then asked that I see a psychiatrist. As a professional in Human Services, I was angry and insulted, but replied in a cheerful voice, "Sure!" I have since changed doctors.

This disease taught me to be patient with others, and we need go easy on ourselves too. To think we have brought this on because of something we did is pointless. I have no idea how I got sick, but because of unknown parasites, and the toxins in our food and environment, I believe everyone is at risk. I was not sick with any other disease or with a weakened immune system, but I did have to go on two rounds of antibiotics that summer for an infection.

I couldn’t sleep in the beginning due to the fear and also due to the constant itching. I got a prescription for Ambien which gave me terrible side effects. I weaned myself off of it after two months, and by that point the itching had subsided, so I was able to fall asleep.

Some things that helped me . . .

For breakfast I have an egg with an English muffin (Ezekiel flourless) with organic butter and either a detox tea or Red Rooibus tea. I sometimes make omelettes with 2 eggs and add vegetables and a nondairy/non-soy cheese. I alternate that with Ezekiel cereal with almond/coconut milk, unsweetened coconut, ground flax, chia seeds, and cinnamon and Stevia to taste. Sometimes I add berries. Or make a smoothie with those ingredients and add organic spinach or kale.

For lunch I have a salad and I try to put 5 items in each time as well as a protein. So that may be lettuce, peppers, tomato, cucumber, red onion, cabbage, broccoli, avocado, or whatever veggies I have. I add cooked chicken, quinoa, or an egg on top. My favorite dressing is lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Minute Maid makes a lemon juice with nothing added, in the freezer section of stores and it saves money.

For dinner I have soups or fish, chicken or once in a while grass-fed beef. I like to roast a variety of vegetables with olive oil. I use a lot of onion, garlic, cayenne, curry powder, cinnamon and other spices. I never felt I had to eat raw everything, and I got better with a variety of cooking and preparing. I do try to get everything organic and local, but I'm not obsessive about it. I just do the best I can. I'm kind of an ADD cook, so I never follow recipes but just try to prepare foods I like and adapt them to the protocol. Not always easy, but doable. I have used coconut flour, almond flour and brown rice flour in recipes as well as pastas made from brown rice and quinoa. I think the most important thing is to avoid white flours, white rice or anything that we convert into sugar.

I never used coconut oil in my cooking because I couldn't get used to the taste, but I do use it on my face every day. Mostly I use olive oil to cook with. When I wanted a treat I ate Kind bars - the dark chocolate and sea salt have only 5 grams of sugar and I felt like I was eating a candy bar. In between meals, I snacked on almonds, too. Nuts are very filling. And for more calories, I made guacamole and ate it with chips called Beanitos, also available everywhere. They are made with lentils and black beans, are GMO free and really tasty. I also try to have hummus and tabouli on hand to snack on. When I started to add fruit to my diet I relied on berries and apples. I bake apples with cinnamon and have that for dessert.

I know the foods and supplements can be costly, but here's what I did. I paid the bills I had to pay and got behind in others. I got a loan from a family member. I am still in debt but now I have my health back. Please don't let finances keep you from getting what you need to get well. Think about who in your life can help you, then make a plan to pay them back later when you can. For me, financial support from the He Cures All Foundation was not an option (although I certainly received a lot of loving assistance from Mel), but there is always a way if we are determined enough.

I took the supplements and MMS EXACTLY as described in the protocol page. For the record, I NEVER mixed protocols. If you do, there is no way to know what is helping and what is not. As for the MMS, I never got the nausea and GI herx. What did happen to me is that at 15 drops I got a terrible headache and dizzy and felt like I had to lie down. The feeling that it was unbearable passed after a little while. I was keeping a diary so I was pretty tuned in to my body at that point. I knew I was at my max. So even though the MMS seems scary, I think it is absolutely key to getting rid of this disease. I was fearful of it, but now I know that I didn't need to be.

As for cleaning, I used Borax, Arm and Hammer laundry detergent, and Kleen Green in my laundry and dried everything on high heat for a long time. I sprayed Kleen Green in my car, my boots and shoes, on the insides of my coats until I felt that I had that under control (after a few months). I washed my floor with a Swiffer and some type of cleaner that was non-toxic. I changed these periodically. I showered with Dr.Bonner’s soap and washed my hair with peppermint or tea tree products found in my health food store. After showering, I used unscented mineral oil with a few drops of tea tree, lavender, peppermint or neem oil on my skin.

These are things that worked for me, and I am not suggesting they should be followed by everyone, but I did spend a lot of time and money on a lot of products before I eliminated stuff that didn’t work. I never used Diatomaceous Earth, and think it could do harm.

In one of my first posts I wrote the following quote . . .

'We should ready ourselves to meet trials: the small and big ones of each day. They are the trials which we cannot help but encounter from one day to the next. It is a matter of realizing that God permits them not to discourage us, but so we can grow spiritually as we overcome them. There are two temptations to which we are vulnerable in these moments. One is to think we can go it alone. The other is the opposite, that is the fear of not making it, as if the trial were greater than our strength.'

I am grateful to all of you for your stories. I still read every single post on Mel’s forum, every day. If you don't have the caring support you need from people in your life, know that it is here in this online community.

9:11:06 PM

Hi Mel, Peter, other Aussies and fellow warriors,

Sonja has returned to full health and we catch up when we can. She has been a great help to me, as have people here. Thank you. Thank you Mel. Thank you Peter. Thank you John. It's important to acknowledge the good things in our life and what we are grateful for, especially when dealing with illness and adversity.

My health continues to improve, although I am beginning to notice some symptoms returning from time to time now that I am no longer on the full protocol. A clean diet has made such a difference in my life and I cannot emphasise its importance enough. I have been on the protocol for a few years now and this brought me to this point in my life where I am happy and the healthiest I have been in many many years. Mel's protocol was, for me and my child, the turning point in our lives where our downward health spiral turned around.

My little ray of sunshine, Charlie, is dealing with other issues and is struggling. He does, however, always remain upbeat and we work together to meet challenges.

It is so good t o hear that others are having some success with the Eucalyptus oil Mel. I use essential oils quite a lot at home. I have made up different concoctions for my skin and also regularly burn it in an oil burner at home. Lavender oil is great to burn at night when you're going to sleep - or you can put a few drops on your pillow. It is great for stress too. Eucalyptus oil makes a great cleanser around the house; it has natural antibacterial qualities, also tea tree oil. I like the sensory aspect of using aromatherapy - it adds another dimension to the healing process and makes you feel good.

I have also been focusing a lot on reducing stress and how I react to challenging situations. I know this is critical to improving health. Some of the things I find that help are exercise, music and talking to someone. Another thing I have been using with a lot of success is Bach Rescue Remedy. It is good when my mind starts to become a bit overwhelmed with worrying thoughts or anxiety. The healthier I get the more insight I gain I guess. It is a journey and it's not always smooth, and that's okay.

To my dear friend Mel, you have given us something like an anchor, in all of this. You have never wavered and are staunch. I see in you all that is good and right in humanity. Peter, even though we don't communicate very often, it feels so good to know that you are there and you always have a kind word or helpful advice. You do so much for this community and never waver. John's kindness led me to Mel and his wisdom and knowledge give us direction. It is easy and a bit of a 'fall back position' for me to feel isolated and out of touch, but, without me even knowing it you have become my family.

With gratitude and love

3:35:53 AM

Hello Folks

Dear Mel...

I want to say “thank you,” on behalf of everyone here, for recently sharing the information about Eucalyptus Oil with us. We now further see your “behind the scenes” involvement with a greater network of others who, through you, bring their own positive experiences to bear on us. The oil is demonstrating powerful properties, Bless you, brother!

Here is something more. I recently listened to an archived conference call from a few years back which reaffirmed something significant, as it applied to my own experiences. During the call, you discussed newly discovered information about a greater five week cycle where symptoms become more aggressively active. This is so true. And the communities back then new it. Now you and I are reminded of it. Nothing teaches like experience, no?

Here is a quick update on my health. I remain on the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol (for bioterrain support) and the extension kit (for fungal and anti-biotic support.) I am pulsing in a cycle of Collostrum every 6 months (for immune boosting.) I pulse in a cycle of Parabolish every 9 months (for parasitic control.) I look to organic seaweed to deliver additional food based iodine (to combat fatigue.) I continue to rotate between grapefruit seed extract (oil) and oil of oregano, usually alternating between the two every other night, or, when I think I may need them (for fungal protection.) Energy is good. Digestion is a little off, but I am correcting dietary choices.


I recently wrote in my “three years later” post that one must keep their mind focused on truth. So, I am inclined to share with you this truth. Two days ago, my left bicep and above my left wrist showed two white welts. I felt inflammation underneath them. Although this got my attention, I was not fearful. More so, disappointed. I have been symptom free here for over a year. I left them alone except for rubbing in some Eucalyptus oil. Talk about Mels timing, eh? And, of course, God’s perfect timing here.

Anyway, as I write this, they have reversed out, except for several little red dots that remain. These dots are classic indicators of trace Babesia, and a stern reminder that I still have co-infection to consider and that I must correct current eating habits that are not acceptable (like dark chocolate and pot luck deserts.) Make the corrections, and all is good.

So, I am suggesting to you that you change your definition of symptoms. Instead, a better choice is to consider thinking that inflammation, blotching, and other expressions are “singular” events that are simply our body’s various reactions as it heals infection. It makes more sense that an isolated welt does not signify that I have symptoms. It does not signal greater infection or re-infection. This played out as correct!


I cried today as I sat in my car looking across a parking lot at a homeless man. His cardboard sign said hungry, please help. As I watched, I counted 20 cars drive by and look the other way. The drivers were so preoccupied and so detached from this struggling soul. I looked up to GOD and whispered… “Look how much we have lost our way.” I went and visited him. It was good for both of us.

Stay the course. Make the bible your best friend and remain in a constant conversation with God. “Take the scary out of morgellons by trusting in the heavenly Father, not yourself,” And after all is said and done, watch out for what you think you know.

Strength and Love,

8:37:06 PM

Hi friends and fellow warriors,

It has been a while since I’ve written to you. I must truthfully say it’s not because you all have been absent from my mind. Quite the contrary, not a day goes by without me thinking of the blessing’s I have received from Mel, John and Peter. I must add I often read the writings from you warriors and I’m so blessed knowing you all are on this amazing cite receiving the assistance and guidance from these dedicated and knowable men. This disease of Morgellons that I acquired 27 months ago and now I’m in remission from has changed my life for the better.

Mel you were the first person to reach out to me and to guide me with your wisdom regarding Morgellons. You explained what I needed to do to achieve remission. You also directed me to John for the protocol system that has restored my health. I will continue using this system to maximize my health. Also, you sent my friend Peter to me. I cannot say enough about the dedication of this man. Peter was there through all my trials and tribulations, good and bad days. Peter you taught me a healthy way to eat that forever will be part of me. Also, many other things you offered such as advice on herbs that will detox and cleanse the body. You instilled in me to never give up and to keep moving forward that there would be better days ahead. Many hours the two of us have talked about our Lord and Master of this wonderful universe and I must say of me. Peter you are a jewel and I know you have put hours of research into the knowledge you so willingly gave not only to me but to many others you have helped.

Please forgive me for being so sentimental but all of you are such a wonderful part of my recovery, of that I’m so very thankful, and may I say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I love you all…

All praise and glory goes to our Lord and Master who forever is with us through all trials and tribulations. James 1:2-4

May God Bless,


1:11:14 AM

Time again for my monthly update! I read the forum every night, but haven’t been posting much lately. I think it’s because I’m just tired by the time I finally get the time to sit in bed and click on my little blue bird icon at the top of my browser that brings me to our family meeting place here. I’ve had so many posts that I’ve written disappear in a blink after I’ve hit something on my keyboard. And once it’s gone, it’s gone on this website. No bringing it back. So, now I have to write it in Word and copy/paste it into the website. But, if I hadn’t written it in word and I’ve been on the website and the post gets deleted accidently, I give up and just don’t re-write the post. So that’s also why it seems I’ve been a little quiet.
Definitely writing this in Word first….On one hand, I’m busy and glad to be. I have good energy and lots of creativity flowing again. So much in fact, that I was motivated to pick up the project that halted after just starting to plan it last June when I was first symptomatic of MD. So, I’m back at scanning my wedding photos and I’m going to somehow make a picture arrangement on the wall of some wedding photos, my son’s baptism and First Communion. A wall of Sacraments. God willing, there will be several more to put up on that wall over the next 10-20 years… Confirmation, and later on either my son’s wedding or possibly ordination into priesthood, baptism of grandchildren… Only our Heavenly Father knows what He has in store for my boy. As parents know, he gives me great and deep joy to see him grow and to see what a good person he is becoming. Faith filled. Caring. Received an Academic Achievement award signed by President Obama….And I’m so thankful he’s also healthy. I don’t know how he has been spared from MD, but I’m eternally thankful. My heart goes out to all the parents here whose children have MD. You are incredibly inspirational people. When I think of if my son ever gets it and get scared, I just think of you all and it calms me down. I see that you are handling it so well even though I know how hard it must be to take care of yourself and them. You show us all that it is doable and not hopeless. Thank you from the deepest reaches of my heart.
I am in the midst on my 11 month on MMS. It was last June that I realized I had MD. It was July when I found Mel’s website. It was August when I started MMS. This one year anniversary is really bittersweet. I feel better, so much better. But, also, I realize that God isn’t ready for me to be done with this yet. I have to give Him my trust as I know that I will be 100% when He feels I am ready for it. I have to keep reminding myself of that undeniable fact and be patient. I am trying to stay grateful as I am sooo much better, clearly going to get healed of this eventually. But, we have to be mindful of our thoughts or they wander into negative thinking which the Enemy just loves. Sorry, I won’t give up my faith. Not ever.
Since my last post in May, I have had no more of those deep tissue vibrations. I have had a whole lot less purging as barely nothing is picked up in the morning lint roll of the sheets. I have some bumping on my face occasionally. Much less than ever before. Crawlies are much less, but still there. For the most part the frequency of them has decreased and the intensity of them is much less. I have really bad sinus congestion, but I think it is my allergies. Maybe some pollen in the area. It is so uncomfortable. I go through a box of tissue every two to three days. Mostly in the middle of the night, I awake and have to do a lot of blowing. Clear discharge but lots of it. It would be great if this was part of healing. But I think it is just allergies. I finally gave in and took a Benadryl tonight so I can hopefully breathe better.
I think that is all for this update. May God bless every one of you, may the peace of Christ be with you, and may you feel His deep love for you this night and all the days to come.
With Love, Mary

3:59:16 PM

Hello all!

We are at just about 22 months on the protocol. As far as M goes we have been doing very well. The kids are about 95% better. I still see a few symptoms in them now and again. When they are under pressure at school, they get a virus or we are having a moon cycle I will see some minor symptoms in them. As for me, I've been doing pretty great physically. I'm still trying to manage some skin symptoms. My symptoms at this point are little pimples on my face that heal fairly quickly. One could just shrug this off as a regular pimple but, of course we know better. I've had a little rash on my hand as well for a few months, It looks like eczema. I have a sort of static cling feeling sometimes and usually get shocked by touching metal when I have that feeling. With that said, it in no way stops me from living my life. These things are for the most part short lived. What I've noticed as of late with the majority of the physical symptoms gone, I am now dealing with some PTSD not only from M but, from everything else that has happened over the last decade, especially going through what I did with my son.

I was told that most parents need counseling to deal with going through a child with a cancer diagnosis. While I was having a conversation with my son's oncologist during a procedure that he was having, she stated that a childhood cancer survivor wrote her thesis on the effects on childhood cancer on parents vs children. While most children that were fairly young during treatment didn't not have PTSD from the experience, either one or both parents did suffer with this disorder. There are many reasons why this happen. Most people deal with these issues once treatment has ended or their child has passed. Because while you're going through it you're in pretty much a constant flight or fight mode. I never got the chance to deal with any of it because literally just as treatment was ending we got M.

I then was fighting for my own life and that took center stage. Besides dealing with the reality of the situation with what we went through and I do believe that the Morgellons fight has caused plenty of mental and emotional issues as well, I have also had a lot of normal emotional things going on. I know other women, mother's and wives could relate to. I believe these things are holding me back from getting a 100% well. I want to point out that when you're really sick with M nobody has the time to deal with any of these things. I guess this goes to show how well I am from morgellons. Life is a wild ride!

We have our ups and downs. Things change and people change that is why having a relationship with the Lord is so important. God is the one constant we can depend on regardless of what else is happening. Being completely honest in this post may seem that because of this struggle I am experiencing that my faith has wavered but, that's not the case. Without my faith in God, I would not be here today writing this post. It is because of his grace and mercy that I am still here today and I know that no matter what he will get me through this very temporary life.

One day we will not be dealing with the suffering of this earth. If there is one thing I could emphasize to all of you still in the depths of the morgellons fight is that don't put a timeline on your healing. Because life is a series of ups and downs. Just take it one day at a time and before you know it, you will get your life back. This fight is just another chapter in our book of life and this too shall pass. Have faith that God will get you through this.

I love you all here in this community! I have found my true friends and family in life through this website. Strong men who have become wonderful father figures for me. Strong women who have become my soul sister's. I'm am so very grateful for everyone here and I wouldn't change a thing because if I had not got this awful thing I would have never known all of you beautiful souls.

Love and blessings,


4:00:34 AM

Hiya all!
I wanted to swing through to give you all an update. I'll start with the kiddos, they are doing so much better and back to being THEMSELVES again. I can't tell you how many times during the day I just stare at them and thank GOD for their health and that the worst (as far as herxing goes) seems to be over for them. They are vibrant again, there are no dark circles under my one year old angel's beautiful brown eyes. My 2 year old can finally fall asleep at night without a fight because her body wouldn't shut off even though she was sooo tired. My 5 year old no longer complains of stomach pains and her chronic sinus stuffiness seems to be clearin. I cannot even remotely express the gratitude I feel for this site and for the protocol and all of you amazing people.
I am also feeling better, still having good days and bad days - though it seems that the good days are becoming more frequent and I know it will only continue to improve. I feel like my good days are gifts from God and little glimpses of hope amidst the darkness that has been consuming much of my life. When I feel good I feel SO good and just can't wait to feel like that every day. It helps me to remember that each day truly is a gift and to appreciate and enjoy it more deeply. There's no taking a good day for granted for me ever again! I don't think I ever mentioned that my maintenance dose of MMS is 20 drops. I've had to start taking it in veggie caps because I developed such an aversion to the taste that I found myself "accidentally" falling asleep before taking it at night which led to another small return of symptoms. Once I remembered hearing that I could take it in veggie caps I got excited about taking it again :-) As of right now my symptoms are some small scratches here and there, itching/small stings here and there, a few small lesions/scabs left on my scalp, intermittent brain fog, anxiety/depression here and there and occasional purging of micro fibers. I rarely have time to take MMS baths, but I did this Sunday and didn't have much of anything come out. It sure was relaxing though! Last week I had a 24 hour stomach virus/flu - I was miserable, but luckily it only lasted one day and I didn't ever throw up and my kids didn't get it either, woohoo! I keep getting complimented on how good I look, I just smile and say "thank you." When they want to know how I just tell them I changed up my diet and when I tell them what I gave up they look at me like I'm crazy, oh if they only knew...I learned long ago to stop worrying about what others think even though my Mother taught me very differently. My sweet little boy will be 4 months in 4 days! Time flies...he is SUCH a happy baby and my perfect ray of sunshine during this storm. He smiles and laughs all day. I feel as though he must be getting the benefits of the protocol from me and try not to worry about him, so far he has no symptoms. Please pray for me when it comes to my husband. He just can't seem to accept this as something real - he thinks it's all just nonsense and it sparked an argument between us last week. It was short lived as I did not have the desire nor the energy to participate in an argument but he was pretty upset and I know he just doesn't understand it becase he doesn't want to. I think the whole idea of it just scares him so he just feels the need to deny it. Well I figure that's a long enough update for now. My go to scripture lately has been: Phillipians 4:8 "Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things." It helps to keep me on track with staying positive and not giving in to the negativity. God bless each and every one of you ? Love Jen and the littles

Bill M
7:29:28 PM

Good Day Everyone,

Well, some good news about research: a bill that would prioritize federal research on Lyme AND RELATED ILLNESSES, cleared an important hurdle in Congress last month, and may reach the Presidents desk by the end of the year. Why this takes so long is puzzling but it is a step in the right direction. I think lawmakers felt pressured from their constituents to move on this bill, and with more news in the media about profile people coming down with Morgellons and/or Lyme disease.

I have previously mentioned that changing my diet was the best thing that happened to me. Had I not come down with Morgellons - Lyme disease, I know I would still be eating what I thought was the good stuff.

A few nights ago I went to my sisters house for a get together and a number of guests bought dishes to share. Talk about junk food!.....which in the past I would consider good healthy food........chips, salsa, chicken wings, hamburgers, potatoes, beans, etc, etc. Because I didn't eat beforehand, I did partake of some of the offerings. BAD decision....the next day I was lethargic, not feeling well, heavy fatigue, itching in my feet and hands. I went right back to my healthy foods and back to feeling great. It takes discipline but it is worth it because when you eat right.....you feel right.

Keep up the fight people....and you will be rewarded. In August it will be four years when I first started having symptoms and when I look back now, yes, it was tough going for the first two years but I wasn't going to let some bacteria get the best of me. That's when I became a warrior......and fought to the finish. Fight like hell to win the battles and in time you win the war!

Prayer, discipline, and toughness!!!!!!!

Blessings to all,
Bill M

9:08:54 PM

Hello Everybody

June marks my 3 year anniversary of my journey with Morgellons, and I am well! Mel asked me to make an honest post about what I have learned these last three years. So, I am just going to throw it out there. This will be a potpourri of personal truths meant to share the best of what God has delivered and my recovery.

Core truth… Thoughts lead your feelings

Left untended, the mind will wander to who knows where. We must always be certain that our minds don’t wander from the “safety of truth.” Purposely obey Philippians 4:8,
“Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy – “MEDITATE ON THESE THINGS”

Mel’s Truth….Leadership, perseverance, dedication

Follow the guiding principles. Focus only on the cure. There is no silver bullet, but there are bullets. There is no quick fix, but there is a way to remission. Dedicate completely to this protocol. Adhere to the sum of the parts. Practice daily discipline and do the work. Do not mix protocols. “Fully” accept that it will take time to get well. Expect that it has to get worse before it gets better. Pay it forward. Never, ever, lose hope.

“You have my eternal gratitude for saving my life! Words cannot express the respect I have for you.” I love you, Brother.

Johns Truth…Restore your bio terrain and you will heal

Morgellons involves co-infection with secondary parasites that compromise immunity. Give the body adequate support across the broad spectrum of what it requires, and disease does not flourish. Practice fellowship and accept Christ into your life. Be charitable. Do more for others than you do for yourself. Always practice radical humility. Think from the end backwards.

“Thank you for being my mentor, my counselor, my encourager, my protector, my brother in Christ, and my friend! Charity towards everyone lies within you always.”

My truth……”This is what I did….This is what I now know”

Dedicate your time completely to reading all of the content developed here before you visit other sites. Then, dedicate your research to include reading every article on the Logos Nutritionals web site. Learn everything you can about nutrition and the physiology of the body. Then, let your food become your medicine and watch your medicine become your food.

Care not about where Morgellons came from. It does not matter. Instead, simply accept Morgellons as co-infection and not anything mysterious or alien. Rather than fear your disease, become intimate with it. Develop your own internal instincts and learn to listen and rely on your own ability to know what is correct, apart from the influence of others. Don’t be scared!

God has a role in this. Don’t discount that! Find him. Draw close to him. Discover his word. Learn to trust in God, not yourself. Then, give any fear over completely to him. Practice prayer. Develop faith. Faith will allow you the strength to settle into slow and steady. It is through faith that you develop patience. This is how Gods grace allows healing. It is these things that take the “scary” out of Morgellons. This is how you simplify any crisis. And there will be many.

YOU MUST AVOID TOXIC DISTRACTIONJS……”Why I simply call it infection”

Some have said its advanced nanotech. Some have said it is a reaction to industrial nanoparticles. Some have said it is Lyme. Some have said nematode. Some have said fungus. . Some have said parasitic wasps. Some have said fruit flies. Some have said thrips, rotifers, spring tails and collembola. Some have said it is the body ridding itself of toxins. And the list goes on and on.

“It does not matter because it does not change it. What does change it is focusing on immunotherapy.”

I will end, for now, with this. I remain close to complete remission, largely because of what I have written here today in these truths. I offer them, completely in the hope that they will benefit you in your battle. I will continue to work to try to be of service to this community and provide details about issues that I believe to be compelling. Until then, please know that I pray earnestly each and every day for every one of you stricken. Be affirmed, and fully convinced that you are on the right path. “Stay the course.”


9:38:05 AM

Hello again,

I would like to say a few words about my experience up to this point.

I started the protocol two and half years ago was maybe one of sickest people with this condition you can imagine.

In the summer of 2013 I contacted Peter and from there the healing began. In January 2014 began to get all of the protocol and eat a cleaner diet!

After I began to see some positive changes but realized I needed to make some mental changes in order to Truly get well.

when I look back now I really think worry and stress set this sickness off and once it took hold I was in the ride of my life.

Divorce, chapter 7, DUI, poor living conditions all this before the morgellons set in, if you new all the things that has happened to me in the last 5 years you wouldn't believe me anyway and Mel says no horror stories. It would be a best seller for my mother says.

So on with the changes and I have made progress, thanks to God prayers and Mel's website
I do feel like I will beat this morgellons illness, my skin issues still exists but at a different level than before.

I do mean a positive change in health with the mental being the hardest to over come maybe just as bad as the disease it selfish.
I really knew it was going to take a long time to get this under control and being the impatient I was always looking for the quick fix but it never existed.

Getting controlled of your self and calming down is really going to be a must or nothing else will fall into place. I might be messed up still but not the train wreck I was, my dear 78 year old mother can see and hear the difference.

All I can tell you is the people on this website that have gotten well and tell their story has saved my life.

If not for this surely I would be dead but, God had other plans for me.

My best to you all and never give up HOPE!

10:27:24 AM

Hi everyone!!

So as a lot of you here know I have been a part of this site for a few yrs now. This has been my place for refuge, knowing, sanity! The medical system has refused to be of any help to me!

In 2010 when I first got Morgellons I tried to go the traditional route, going to hospitals,doctors, dermatologists only to get diagnosed with DP!
Honestly they caused more harm to me, by prescribing me medications for bipolar and steroid creams for my skin..

I lost my families trust due to this diagnosis and treatment. They all feared I went crazy And to some degree, due to this overwhelming condition I did..

I was so alone, isolated, afraid and fearing for my sons health!
It wasn't until I empowered myself and decided that I wasn't going to let mainstream medicine decide my fate, that through prayer I discovered this
web site and the many other people who were well or fighting to get well!!

God has lead me to a place where after yrs of detox I have found comfort in my body!

I continued to try to find cooperative MDs but have yet to find anyone in 5 yrs that has been receptive or helpful!

My sons doctor believes this is an emerging condition but has been of no help only offering referrals to out of state doctors who don't take insurance, and on top of that when I spoke to their front office receptionist, she said "they offer no guarantee, another says he has no experience with it ...

Also the Lyme doctor I went to, was a joke. A messy office only tested for
co-infections, no Lyme test, all though when I asked him numerous times are we testing for Lyme, he kept saying co-infections, but left me with the impression we were testing for Lyme!!
He later told me my co-infections were negative, but Lyme test would be out of pocket expense.. I won't be seeing that doctor again!!!

As I've said we have to empower ourselves to find our own treatment plan with protocol ,diet ,exercise, sun!

The MDs are wasting time diagnosing people with DP!
I'm not waiting on them to help me or my son!

Thank God I have this forum, Mel, my friends here and the love of God on my side. I still think we should advocate and educate responsibly, there is valid information that can be shared with your medical doctors but don't be surprised or hurt when they can't help, and you have to help yourself..

I think at least they can know the face of someone with Morgellons and the realness of it .. Eventually our story will be heard!! Just don't wait to treat yourself, don't depend on MDs, empower yourself with the knowledge to heal yourself!!

I've been on the protocol for over two yrs and have regained a comfortable state of being .. No crawling, itching, stinging, I'm not 100% quit yet but I know I'm on my path to full recovery with the tools I've learned here ;)-

My love

2:47:45 AM

Hello Folks

Hope all is well with you and your loved ones.

June will mark three years on the protocol for me. I am 61 years old. Here is where I was three years ago when I began Mel’s protocol and Morgellons was ravaging my body. Chronic fatigue; immobilizing back pain; arthritic knees; gastrointestinal re-flux disorder; anxiety and depression; slurred speech; shuffling feet; lesions; brain fog, and on numerous pharmiceuticals. Not a pretty picture.

Here is where I am today. I am 61 years young! I have energy again. I have no more chronic joint pain. I have great digestion again. I am free from depression and anxiety. There is no brain fog. I take no pharmaceuticals. Now you know why I cry. They are tears of joy.

I remain on the full protocol. I am currently on a maintenance dose of 15 drops MMS 4 nights per week. A teaspoon of silver morning and evening. Additional vitamin D3 and B12 daily along with Monolaurin for my extra viral load. I pulse three specific tinctures to address Lyme and Bartenella co infection because I am convinced this is what remains in my right arm.

I shampoo with Shea Moisture African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo for the combined properties of the neem oil and plantain enzymes. Nothing else is needed. Scalp and hair are normal again. Only an occasional tingling sensation. I use Kleen Green for shaving. No itching in nose or ears.

I alternate brushing my teeth using three approaches. Myrrh tincture for its antiseptic properties. Good for the gums and breath. MMS to eliminate biofilm and related plaque. Sea salt and baking soda mixed together to whiten teeth and restore oral tissue.

For laundry, I combine Odoban , enzymes, borax, and Arm and hammer detergent. There are no residual fibers in my clothes and I can get more than one wear from clothing.

I continue to rotate anti fungals. Three to five drops oil of oregano under the tongue two or three times a week. Grapefruit seed extract once a day. Grape seed extract a couple times per week. Fresh basil and rosemary here and there. Garlic every day. Ginger a couple times per week. And I eat a garden of vegies a week.

I walk most everyday and get as much sun as the weather will allow. I try for 7 hours sleep each night. Resting pulse is 68 to 71. Blood pressure is excellent. Still have occasional fatigue.

There you have it. I call it remission! I am whole again. Morgellons has taught me that structure and discipline enrich daily living and bring the peace and fulfillment that hap hazard living did not.

Always bear in mind that your resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing, and that there is no recovery except in the fulfillment of this obligation. Stay committed. Remain patient. Work the protocol and take your health back. By faith, through grace, God will fulfill the promise! It just takes time.I remain as your proof of this.


2:56:54 PM

Hello Everyone,

As some of you know, I'm still quite new here: I've been on the diet and protocol supplements for about 2 months, and I started MMS about 3 weeks ago (currently on 2 drops).

I was not planning on starting my own healing-journey thread, as I'm a very private person. But ever since stopping by this forum, I've been embraced with such kindness and help. So whatever I can do to contribute, in the form of encouragement and/or lessons passed along, would be an honour. I hope to pay it forward, just as I've been inspired by the courageous journeys of so many here. Monica, Justin, Twiggy, Peter, Ellen...and many more. I hope you guys realise what a light you're shining for those of us still reeling from disbelief, fear and grief.

A few days ago, Mel called me - all the way to Africa! My husband answered the phone. At first, I was in such a state of shock that I gesticulated wildly to him to say I'm not home ('she says, blushing furiously'!). Sorry, Mel, I was/am so in awe of you and all that you do for others. Guess I was a bit starstruck :)

Morgellon's does that to some of us, it seems...it turned me from an outgoing person into someone who feels very scared, ashamed, and who is always hiding. But Mel immediately relaxed me with his warmth and gentle reassurances. I felt validated for the first time in a very long while. And then he said it: 'Honey, we didn't do anything wrong to get this thing...' Bingo! A light went on for me. With those words, he instinctively lifted the painful burden that we had somehow brought this disease onto ourselves, that we're 'damaged goods', or to blame. Thank you, Mel. You helped me lift my head up again.

At 2 drops of MMS, I'm already seeing improvements. Crawling is down by 60%! (I'm purging mostly tiny black specks and foil-like glitter.) I still find this quick improvement hard to believe. Occasionally I'll hit a few bad hours or a night of itching and heart palpitations, but I'm learning to accept these times as a sign that the treatment is working, cleaning my body of multiple toxins. Despite short bouts of insomnia when I itch, I'm generally sleeping much better. Anxiety and mood swings are all over the place but, again, I see this as part of the healing process as I purge on all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

God bless all here who are blazing the trail for those coming after. I have only the deepest respect, gratitude, and love for you in my heart.

All glory be to the One.


1:45:38 AM

Hi everyone!
I hope you are all enjoying a nice May wherever you are in this world. Here we have had some rains that are welcome due to a very dry winter. It almost felt like Christmas weather for a day or two. So, it’s been hard to get as much sun this month. Still I manage and it feels so relaxing. I need to get my D levels checked, but I don’t have easy veins to find, so I am not eagerly setting up appointments. I am setting a goal to do this in June.
I am in my 10th month on MMS and sadly, seem to have had a set back. I don’t know exactly why, but the crawlies really started up again. One day they were all over my body. Yuk, disgusting and depressing. It was strange because I had just had some super great days of feeling almost none at all and then it’s like a whole new crop of them sprouted. I got real tired too, and I don’t know if that was due to the MD being more active or if it was due to my stress and angst at the situation. Both probably served to drain me. I got pretty down. I had a meltdown yesterday and was having a big pity party. I kept telling myself to stop, but wasn’t winning the battle. I am a terrible sufferer even though I strive to unite my suffering with Jesus’ and offer it up for Him to apply to the interests of his sacred heart. Redemptive suffering makes good come from our suffering. So, I’ve been taught to offer it up. But, I was hardly able to get those words out. It was rough. Clearly, I will never be a saint, they suffer so and never complain.
Today though, my mood is much more positive and my energy was good. The craling sensations are still stronger than they had been and more frequent. But they are less than the other day. I think the whole thing could have started by eating Ciopino or the daily Kind bar I had been having. The fish and seafood stew didn’t have anything bad in it: no soy, dairy, added sugar, that is if they told me the truth. I have eaten tomato based meals the whole time, whether it be chili, chicken cilantro spaghetti sauce, or tacos with tomato sauce in the meat. So, why would the stew's tomato broth cause this? But, maybe too much protein and not enough alkaline (aka: veggies). That is the hardest part for me. I’m a protein person and not much into veggies. The way I get veggies is to put onions, celery, tomatoes, cucs, and avocado into my chicken and egg salads with my homemade mayo and sugar free mustard. I put avocado with my scrambled eggs for breakfast with a handful of almonds on the side. I just don’t eat salads except maybe 2x/week. I do eat lots of that cauliflower curry rice which is all cauliflower, onions, coconut oil, curry and sliced almonds. For dinner we tend to have steamed artichokes and green beans as sides. And, I snack on celery and hummus or celery and sunbutter. I’m just not a daily salad for lunch person like so many seem to be here. Maybe I need to work on that.
Well, we’ll see how it goes the next few days. I hope it keeps getting better. I cut the Kind bars out for now. It is weird if they were the culprit because I’d have one a day for months with no problems. So confusing.
I wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day and weekend! God Bless you all.
Lots of Love, Mary

5:08:39 AM

Hi All!

Had a bit of a rough week, but it's all my fault. I've been so good about keeping up with the diet and protocol, until this weekend. We went to a baby shower and I gave in and had some sweets. NOT a good idea, don't do it! But once again, I was able to find my solace here and get myself back on track. Trying to find time to read the word and pray more often, as I feel it helps my anxiety tremendously. I was able to sneak away for an afternoon run today, and it felt so good. I've had the sudden urge to get out and just run, kind of like Forrest Gump - perhaps it comes from wishing I could run away from this situation. But I can't and I won't, I know I have to face it and fight...for my littles and for myself. Just feeling a little overahelmed, mainly because the fatigue/brain fog is really hitting me hard this week and trying to keep up with 4 kiddos is HARD when all you want to do is sleep. Just hoping it passes soon. There are so many things I want to do, but there are never enough hours or energy in my days. Perhaps God is trying to tell me I need to slow down. I'mThank you so much for your responses and encouragement, Shari thank you sooo much for your prayers and for thinking of me on Mother's Day. I think you're a Monster too and loved reading how you're getting excited about the diet and trying new things! I'm also having a hard time keeping up with the cleaning. I do the best I can, but when I run out of time or energy it often makes me feel anxious. Anywho, I need to get some shut eye and my thoughts are all over the place so I'm going to call it a night. Praying for you all!! XoXo

12:38:41 AM

Hello everyone!
A bit of an update for you all since I know I have been absent for quite some time and I have been quite selfish in taking time to myself to try fixing my living situation, my emotional issues, and take a step back to try to fix my life back up a bit.

My health is looking okay for now. I am still trying to heal myself daily, never faltering from the protocol supplements, diet, and rest.

My energy levels are usually up there for the most part, I haven't had brain fog in months. I haven't had the itchy crawlies for months, except for tonight, which is why I felt so inclined to post.
I am now able to work a full time job and have a social life. Though I am still somewhat to myself because I have accustomed to being okay with being alone, and liking it a lot. Still dealing with the M thing, I'd rather be to myself.

I was quiet for a while because my eating disorder came back with a raging vengeance, sadly. I couldn't exactly seek as much treatment as I'd like to with having to stick to our diet and unable to explain anything about M to doctors willing to help with eating disorders... so I had to really be strong and fight my own problem and fix it. On top of that my living situation was not looking too great because of my crazy family and simply thinking M and the diet is part of my eating disorder. Things were just so complicated and jumbled, it took a lot of time to untangle the mess and I'm stil trying to clean it up a bit and find my own solutions as to what to do to cleanse my life and feel happy with myself again.

I owe a lot of my healing to the lemon, cayenne pepper, and grade b maple syrup water. I saw the most amazing results of healing from detoxing off of the mixture.

I also still juice my fruits and veggies every day and have kept up with my raw vegan diet. I have done a lot of studying of the raw vegan food pyramid and am very happy to say that I now know so much more about nutrition that most vegans or crazy health freaks. ;) I am in love with the raw vegan style and feel like I am pampering my body, plus my tase buds have never ever done a dance at a piece of lettuce or tomato or an olive... now I have strange cravings for vegetables that my body needs and they taste so A M A Z I N G it's insane.

I'm currently very happy with my job working at a juice bar... now looking great with some organic makeup and styling my hair with organic products. I'm enjoying some wigs here and there. Keeping up with laundry has been hard since my washer and dryer broke. I've been going to laundromat to wash my clothes and they don't have any top loader washing machines. Then I take the wet clothes from the wash and hang them in my back yard... which isnt so pleasant lately now that it's getting warmer and the buggies are out so it looks like I'm going to start having to use the dryers at the laundromat instead of saving money via clothes line. Oh well....
I am exercising for an hour 5 days a week and the sweating has been so beneficial. This is the first time in a while I'm able to work out and keep up with it, actually the first time in my life I actually have an exercise routine since I was so lazy before M and unhealthy.

My skin is looking fabulous because of my green juices and the amount of sunlight I make sure to soak up daily. :)
Keeping up with the cleaning and showering on a daily basis.
Just like everyone else, I have my good and my bad days. Health wise, emotional wise, family wise... but I am very very happy with where I am at in my healing right now. Not afraid to go out to eat anymore, I'm a little rabbit eating salad everywhere I go and I'm proud of it! :)

Well, I'm going to catch up on some reading tomorrow, perhaps post some more since I seem to be coming out of my cave for the summer after this harsh winter. I hope everyone is well.

12:52:44 PM

Hello everyone,

I thought I would also come on here and express how I am progressing, I have been taking the protocol along with the MMS and I am feeling so much better.

I begin a temporary job, that I enjoyed so much, and the other night, I decided that I was so tired of looking like an old woman, because my hair has turned so gray, now I know that you all are going to think that I am out of my mind, but this gray hair I feel, was doing something to me mentally, it made me so depressed and I wanted my life back.

I lost sooo much, and I wanted to give more to my children, because they have suffered as well. So I decided to put a rinse in my hair,to get rid of the grey...not a great idea, I tried this before, I know, I know stupid right, but I so wanted to feel better, so I figured I would just put it on the hair and not let it fall on the scalp, because before it fell in my scalp and cause me to get pink eye, so I was very careful, so I thought... not to let it get on the scalp.
So for my foolishness I got two pink eyes instead of one this time. So I warned you guys, DON'T DO THIS!

I was feeling great, less itching, less purging, less crawling, more energy...then I was told my assignment had ended, no I am NOT excited about that but I am thankful that the pink eye happen after that news, otherwise I would have been fired for taking off. They are in the process of finding me another assignment.

I have been trying to rush this thing, but slow and steady wins this race. Keep your head up everybody...God is working it out. I'm seeking first the kingdom and God's righteousness and believing that ALL these things shall be added unto me.

Take care, love you Mel !!