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2:39:39 PM

As I progress towards complete health and wellness, it uplifts the spirit to know others are also. I refer you to my story on Mel's website, located in The conference call archives link, dated May 20, 2010. I am eternally grateful for the supportive assistance, receive through this community. I have experienced highs and lows,however I do not give up on faith and hope in God.
Mel has assembled an excellent team. He offers his protocol, with PERSONAL knowledge on how it works to devastate MORGELLONS. It is free!! Awesome!! Pamela Mae brings unlimited knowledge to the community about testing and her most informative website. John B.offers his infinite expertise on nutrition, health and body funtions. Pat shares boundless Information on Morgellons via his in-depth research. Mr. Common Sense visits with invaluable inSIGHT.
blessings TO ALL,