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How I Cured Morgellons

7/31/2018 - 1/10/2019



3:41:31 PM

"The Lord your God has placed the land before you; go up, take possession, as the Lord, the God of your fathers, has spoken to you. Do not fear or be dismayed." Deuteronomy 1:21

As it is the beginning of a new month and my schedule allows it, I am finally posting after 3 months of following the protocol. The scripture above is one God gave me for this journey and my progress. The community, the website, the protocol, the recipes, the conference calls, etc. have all been placed before us, and the time is now to take possession of the healing.

Like many of you, I went through plenty in life before Morgellons: spinal fusion and a body cast for a year, surgery for a tumor, hysterectomy due to precancerous cells, 2 hip replacements, and Hep C which has been cured. So I am familiar with pain. But for 3 years, this Morgellons was an uncontrollable beast. But I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength, and that's just what I did.

I researched anything that had to do with strange bug bites, sores not healing fibers, black dots on know. I was sent by my primary to the dermatologist, but the doctor couldn't tell what it was even after I brought in many samples on lint roller sheets, which they looked at under a microscope. They just wanted to give me cream for my body and antidepressants, so after 4 visits, I did not return. I found a few things that seemed to work for awhile but I just could never sleep, as I was up all night with the stinging and itching, and the sores were spreading.

Since I thought I may have mites, I went online and found Kleen Green. Yay!!! After using it for 3 years, I opened an email this past April that said, "Do you have Morgellons?" What? I had all the symptoms! So I followed the link, and it led me here. Praise God!

I"m still at 5 drops of WPS/day...but that is due to ordering the extension kit a little late and early herxing!!! I'm sticking to 30 carbs or under per day (Thank you Karen) but have lost 12 pounds. I just gained 2 back recently with lots of avocado, coconut, butter, and fried chicken (Thanks for the advice Mel), which puts me at a whopping 94 pounds! I'm sleeping so much better at night and even finding times to nap. (Unheard of for me) My skin has begun to clear up so well that my husband had to stop rubbing oils into the unreachable places on my back. Hmmmm I may need to continue the oils there.

I'm going slow and steady with the protocol and believe my health background may be contributing to the way I am feeling so quickly. 40 years ago, I started to eat as natural and organic as I could. I even tried a macrobiotic diet for awhile. I did cleansing baths, fasts, grew my own veggies, used oils, and made my own soap and candles. Yes, I was a 60's hippie! Then when I discovered I had Hep C, I went on MMS for several months in conjunction with Monolaurin.

All this has helped, but I believe it is God's grace, the specifics of this protocol, and the inspiration of the community that will lead us all to a full recovery. I feel blessed to be part of this family and on my way to His perfect healing. God is good all the time!


Donna M

9:36:47 AM

Hi Mickey,

I love the scripture that God gave you for your journey and progress. I believe as you do that God guided us all to Mel's site and protocol.

I am so sorry you had to go through this for 3 years before finding this protocol but the good news is that you found it and most importantly following it. Your health background such as eating natural and organic, using oils, and even making your own soap were definitely beneficial. Also having had taken MMS and Monolaurin in the past, helped you realize that you were on the right path when you found the protocol.

As you said through God grace, Mel's protocol and the love and inspiration of this community we will all receive the blessing of restored health. Truthfully, I don't know where I would be without these.

I look forward to seeing more posts from you and following your journey. I am also hoping that you can be on the conference and prayer calls when your schedule permits.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

There is an appointed time for everything,
and a time for every affair under the heavens.

God Bless,



Laura (aunt)

10:46:26 AM


You already have such a positively beautiful spirit which along with this protocol and community will get you well. I have been dealing with this disease for over 3 years and just recently made it into the 95% club.

I would like to encourage you to start your own thread and post your journey. There are many people who will connect with you. In addition, it is a good way to see the progress you are making.

Welcome to this healing community and I pray that you continue to make great progress.

In Christ Love,



10:46:28 AM

Hi All,

I have a little time for a quick update.

It's been so GREAT connecting to all of you in the community.

I certainly do not feel alone, especially now that I am speaking to some of you on the phone as well as reading your posts, listening to you on the conference calls, and praying with you.

I have completed my 4th month of the protocol and started 9 drops total of WPS yesterday.

I feel stronger, sleeping better, napping more, feel less stinging, and sores are clearing up faster (as long as I don't scratch them which I'm so often tempted to do).

My joints have been bothering me so I'm drinking more water. Thanks Mel!

I'm counting my carbs per Karen as well as my calories and fat to gain some weight back.

I am gaining slowly but it seems when I gain a pound...I lose 2. (Sounds familiar) Me

Well, I'm praising God in all things! He is good all the time!

Till next time...




12:38:59 PM

Hi my friends

I continue to press on toward the goal of restoration!
The Lord is my light and my salvation, and I trust in Him!

I'm in my 5th month and presently taking a total of 10 WPS drops. No problem with the WPS, Praise God, as I just keep adding more water as the drops increase.
(Gee that's what I did)Me again

I have been sleeping considerably better this past month and not feeling much of the crawlies; then last night I was up most of the night wanting to scratch so badly. But even in my drowsiness, I could hear Mel saying, "No scratching!"

So I wriggled around in my bed and realized I was doing a Happy Dance. Thank you Lord, for once again putting a smile on my face during a difficult time.

I learned something new from Mel today...not to take a shower every day as the skin needs a rest to heal. The more showers you take, the more damage occurs in the top layer of skin and it has less time to repair itself and recover through natural oil production. Frequent showers also prevent good bacteria from growing on the skin which is beneficial for protecting the skin and body from infections.

And here I was taking a shower every morning thinking I was cleaning off dead stuff. Well, I was, but removing good stuff as well. Thanks again, Mel. :)

Until next time.
Blessings to you all
Micky (also known as The Mouse)



5:30:49 PM

Hi Tracy

Yes! God is so amazing!

Chrissie told me about mixing a little clove into the Kleen Green in my hands and rubbing it onto some areas. For me it would be around my wrists, ankles, and those hard to reach places on my back. Well last night I think I slept 5 HOURS in a row! Praise God for sweet sleep and relief!

I just read your praise post and so happy you see some light and have hope after 7 weeks. What an Awesome God!

Slow and steady...that’s the way to do it! Your eyes are focused on the goal!




6:02:49 PM

Hi All,
So it's been another month on the protocol and I've been feeling quite well. I'm sleeping better as I'm not feeling any crawlies at night...or I'm not feeling any because I'm sleeping better. :) I gained some weight in September and was up to 97 pounds but seem to have lost it again in the last couple of weeks. I need to drink more protein shakes; that's my goal for October.

I traveled to the Keys for a wedding and then to NY for my 50th class reunion! I was a little apprehensive to travel alone at first, but God was my companion and I learned all about Uber Share. I almost saw Leslie while in NY but our schedules did not match up. ( Next time, Girl!)

So I haven't had even as much as a cold for over 10 years and Sunday night I was hit from all sides. My joints began to ache, my nose started running worse than ever since on the Protocol, my throat started feeling scratchy, my eyes were watery, and I woke up Tuesday morning with laryngitis. I felt feverish and I was running to the bathroom every hour or so. I thought I had the flu, but today Wednesday my body has calmed down and I'm feeling much better.

From what I've heard from Mel, this is a good thing! The toxins are leaving my I'm thrilled. I've added more water, more rest...and a little Advil. I've had to put down the phone due to the laryngitis, so no late night talks with Chrissie for a few days. Well, that's not true because we did Skype text pretty late Monday night. :)

I want to thank you all for your encouragement, especially my phone friends. This life is hard to live without the Lord, and it's hard to live with Morgellons without community. We have both and are blessed!

God is our Rock and our Redeemer!
Many blessings to you all,



5:53:53 PM

Hi All
Just wanted to take the time to post 2 things that have worked for me over the past couple of years and have not found on other posts.

When I first went to the eye doctor with a mite bite, he suggested washing my eyes twice a day with baby shampoo. I have used Johnson's and also a generic brand which works just as well. I have not had any problems with my eyes since, and now continue with the baby shampoo at least once a day.

Before I found this website, I researched and found Cotz,
a zinc oxide based sunscreen, which I use mostly at night. It has no preservatives or oils and works well on drying up any sores that appear on my body.

So I've felt well enough lately to take on a 3rd part-time job editing a missionary pastor's book. I love working from home and I am thoroughly enjoy reading about his travels, healings, and miracles.

I pray for healings and miracles for you all.
In Jesus' Precious Name,




5:51:55 PM

Hi All
I can't believe it's been over a month since I've posted. As I feel better and better, I find that I am spending less time at the computer and more time working and engaging with others face-to-face.

Its been almost 9 months now since I've been on the protocol and I have been feeling very well. The only set back recently was a runny nose along with a slight headache and aches all over my body for over a week. I'm better now and have gained back some of the weight I lost, which puts me at a whopping 96 pounds. My goal for this year is to break 100!

I'm still pretty strict on the protocol and diet and it has become a way of life. I do, however, have a cheat day every month where I might have pizza or pasta, but, thank you Lord, I haven't felt any ill effects.

I am sleeping much better these nights and continue to nap when I can. I itch occasionally but rarely feel any stinging. I still find some fibers is my bedding but nothing compared to the past few years.

I am grateful to those who have gone before me and continue to post, like Mary. I loved hearing that she remains 100% healed and now eats what she wants. That's very encouraging. I am blessed by my friends in the community who stay in touch even when I am out of touch. Thank you especially Chrissie, Leslie, and Cheryl.

May healing blessings rain down on you all!


When I think about the Lord
How He saved me
How He raised me
How He filled me
With the Holy Ghost
How He healed me
To the uttermost
When I think about the Lord
How He picked me up
And turned me around
How He raised my feet
On solid ground
It makes me want to shout
Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!
Lord, you're worthy
Of all the glory,
and all the honor,
and all the praise!!!



12:26:48 PM

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

There isn't one day that goes by that I don't thank God that I found Mel's site and began my long road to recovery. As I have told Mel many, many times, he is my hero and I never could have gotten well without his help and the help and advice from so many on this site.

I got sick with MD in May of 2015. I found Mel's site in December of 2015. I ordered my first protocol March of 2016 and was a dedicated student, doing everything Mel told me to do, and constantly asking questions on the forum, and reading...reading...reading. By fall of 2017 I was 90% healed, and I figured that would be the best it would get, but day by day, week by week, month by month, all the time sticking to my new healthier diet, my health got even better.

THERE IS HOPE FOR ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE, even though at times it doesn't seem that way. Stay the course, learn from this site, never go back to bad habits, and everyone can get well.

That is my New Year's wish for all of you who are battling this disease.

All my best,
Kelly from Mass



11:55:45 AM

Dear Kelly,

Thank you so much for giving us all an update on how things are for you now. I am so happy to read that you are well.

I have had a small return of symptoms which has been quite disappointing but as always Mel is very encouraging and motivating in turning things around again.

I went back to dairy (not realising how many carbs are in milk!) and didn't realise how many net carbs I was eating overall each day. I've followed Karen's advice on counting daily net carbs and this has been a big help getting my diet back in order. After a few months on this regime things are much better again.

Sending you lots of love Kelly and thanks again for the update.



3:47:07 PM

Learning to use SKYPE, opens a world of HOPE!

I just wanted to wish all of you from wonderful Great Britain A Happy New Year.

As most of you are aware I have been suffering for some time now but over the last three months I have been getting better each week, my energy is returning and I feel this coming year is when I am going to get my old self back, all thanks to this wonderful site of Mels and it's great community.

Please come and join me I would love to know that more people over here are getting the help that they need. There's no barrier here just because we are across the pond, we all speak the same, we all have the same issues and we all understand.

I was so nervous of joining, it's the unknown, I know the fear of the unknown all to well like us all... how can anyone help me! the doctors think I am a sandwich short of a picnic! So who will know what I am going through!......well let me tell you, coming here is the best thing I could have ever done, I don't walk around like I am carrying a heavy burden on my shoulders since joining, I am not alone any more, I now feel confident knowing it's only a matter of time before I am rid of this disease.. it not here for life only for months, we just have to keep to the diet, take the nutrients and stay positive and remember there is a good support system here.

There is still a way to go, the Morgellons is still there just not very active as I am not feeding it and I know I cannot become complacent however with the help of this community and all their knowledge I know I will stay steadfast and make a full recovery in 2019

Hope you all have a Happy and Healthy New Year

Freddie x



11:14:44 AM

Hi all,

I’ve been a member since March (2018). As I look back now, I was in very poor health. I was itching so badly and feeling stinging and biting not knowing why. Black , white and brown specs coming out of my skin often with no end in sight. I was vacuuming, washing, bathing, and spraying pesticides around and on myself, to no avail.

I am a single parent to a now six year old whom I love more than anything. I was so scared to touch him and hold him and he didn’t understand why. I was always pushing him away and I was the only person he had besides his nana. My siblings are all in other states. I remember telling his nana that she would have to care for him and I went home to see if my life insurance policy covered suicide. It didn’t.

I tried everything I could imagine on my own. Doctors I had talked with were looking at me like I was insane and told me it wasn’t real. I needed psych meds etc.

I came to this site thinking was no help for me. I was different and no one would understand. Also the brain fog was so bad it was hard to put two logical sentences together. I was terrified.

Mel and this community took me in with open arms and even though I rarely posted I listened and I would read.

The Saturday calls alone would bring such comfort to me and I’d find myself laughing one moment, then tearing up then next.

I followed Mel’s advice and his one on one coaching is an invaluable tool for me. I strongly recommend it -especially in the beginning.

The herxing or purging seemed endless yet being on the calls, reading, and praying gave me hope. This has to work there are no other options, I’d tell myself. It was a long walk into the woods to get here and I knew it would be take just as long to get back at a much slower pace. This is where rest and prayer come in. Also, we have to find something that brings us pleasure. When you’re down - move a muscle ; change a thought.
Recently, I had experienced what I came to realize what was a major herx.
For about two weeks or so. Seemingly all day I was purging from the same area over and over on my chin. This lasted for days on end and was so bad that the nerve endings in the area went dead. I didn’t put it together at first, but this was a major step for me .

I’d start to feel and less itchy and a bit stronger. Each day I am trying to focus on myself - and it’s hard with a demanding job and a young child.

I want to thanks those who have posted and tell you your posts and prayers helped me so much. There is so much love and compassion in this community. It really is the work of God and I’m so happy to be a
part of it.

Much love and gratitude to you all.
Love X



1:14:24 PM

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some feedback. I guess it was early-mid last month when I was experiencing extreme purging.

I think I wrote about it in the forum. I kept purging for maybe two weeks straight from my chin. It was so uncomfortable and seemingly endless.

I purged so much that my chin was numb for weeks afterward. When I finally stopped purging from my chin it went to my back- neck area and then cycled heavily for at least a few days. When that finished my skin felt rough and dead in that area.

Then I had a reprieve from purging, a few here and there for like two weeks . I began to need a lot more rest than I had before. When I spoke with Mel about this he said that the disease was no longer coming out of the skin so I needed to fight it internally and that required a great deal more rest.

I thought I had turned a corner and that I was done with that part but I was wrong.

The other day the crawling sensation was back on my head. I hadn't had that in months. I ignored it like it wasn't real but, it was.

I started purging again. Not nearly as badly as before and I still feel that I have turned a corner. It feels like my immune system is getting stronger. I still am requiring more rest than usual. I sometimes find it hard to get out of bed. Today, I called in sick to work which I normally feel guilty about, but not today. We have to put ourselves first sometimes. I think we probably all have that need to care for others before ourselves and it could be part of why our health has fallen.

So I have to look at how I fed the disease. My diet lately has been about a half cup of brown rice with a high protein meal such as chicken in chicken in coconut curry, or beef stew (less starch like vegetables), chili with a fractional amount of beans. I usually only eat two times a day- lunch and dinner. As far as beverages I mostly drink water occasionally a little coconut water but not quite often. I've had a few tangerines a day for maybe 4 days.

Also , while lying in bed today lacking energy with muscle pain and weakness in my legs. I said "I'm going to beat this. I'm going to fight this" to myself and the pain went away suddenly. I was then able to get out of bed and complete some daily chores. I thought this may be an important piece for someone else to try.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself that your going to fight this with everything you have and know that you have God in your corner.





12:56:54 AM

Hello All,

I was given a suggestion to read (FOLLOW THE JOURNEYS) by Prof. Mel.

I must say that I found it very uplifting and positive. Ellen of Troy has some really great insight and perspective on this disease and more so, the recovery. She had some really good points on fear, saying that it was fear that motivated her to do and eat the right things. She spoke about the isolation we all must face.

Like her, I have a mostly understanding family who are watching me get better since I began the protocol in March of 2018 (9 months or so). She also touched on the fact that we have to hide this surreal disease from the 'real' world. I shared with some people at work I thought I could trust only to find out I should have kept quiet. Anyway, I'm not itching like crazy all of the time now.

Also, she made mention of a hospital room she visited a friend in hospice and it was a room where her niece passed in a year prior. I found this interesting because it brought a sense of peace to her.

She turned a negative circumstance into a positive perspective perhaps because she now had a stronger relationship with God.

I don't know that this is worthy of posting as all of you probably have read the same thing but I actually am sorry I didn't create a journal of my own like others did. It's a good way to reflect on where you were and how far you've come in times of doubt and despair.

Well as for me 9 months in now and I am still feeling movement on my scalp and feet mostly. This all but went away until a month ago. It was so long that I was questioning if it was real. But is was and it is....

As real as it is, this time I am remaining calm and actually appreciating life more maybe?

I'm enjoying time with family and had a great T'day and Christmas.

I am looking forward to healing in 2019.

Since I've had this sickness I've moved out of my home in Dec last year. Three months later joined this community and protocol- taking supplements, changing my diet, rekindling my relationship with God, talking to people, helping people, accepting help from people , and learning so much about life.

I just changed my position at work to one with less stress and less responsibilities and I am feeling like for once I can put myself first. Like ,it's ok to take time for yourself and do right by yourself.

In fact, it's the only path to wellness, I'm learning.

Giving back to this community is imperative to me.

It makes me feel good inside like I have a sense of purpose in life. It's really become my social life these days and I'm thankful because I know that as isolated as we may feel -

we are not alone. We have each other to lean on and learn from and that is invaluable. It cannot be measured and that's the way God intended.

So yes- Peace. Ellen found it that day and I am finding that it will be ok because we have God and we have each other to hold on to. There's so much to be grateful for.


P.S. Prof. Mel I'm still working on my homework



10:52:39 AM

Hello Everybody,

As in every culture, mine has particular traditions...especially around holidays. I'm from the South and one of the things we do is to see who can be the first one to say, "Christmas Gift!!!" on Christmas morning...and whoever does so, "wins."

There's never been anything anyone has actually "won," and I have no idea where that tradition came from, but I do know ours isn't the only family who does this. It's gotten even more competitive now that we text...and who ever "wins" makes a big deal out of it. Bragging rights least for that year.

Speaking of REAL Christmas Gifts, though, there is one that will be the best one you can give to yourself...and that is a deep and profound commitment to get on the protocol with extreme fidelity.

So...what does that mean?

1. Logos as is spelled out on the protocol page

2. Silver

3. WPS

4. Low carb diet with plenty of whole fresh foods...think of leafy greens
as your very best friends

5. Water and Rest...and plenty of both

6. Worry...stomp it out and leave it outside the door

7. Become a part of this community...attend conference calls, subscribe, post...and read read read

8. Pray often especially for others

9. Send something to the Foundation from time to time..helping others helps you in so many ways...think of the Bible verse talking about "bread on the water" truly does come back to you.

Do this and you will have a nice pace toward the finish line...BUT...if you REALLY want to accelerate your race to the finish this...

10. Give yourself the best Christmas Gift of all...get coaching!

Coaching from Mel will help you in ways you don't even know yet because there will be specific questions that occur to you that you have not yet asked. I'm about 95% well, and the MAIN reason for that is one man...Mel Friedman. His knowledge and expertise have gotten me to the point of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Coaching from him has been a Godsend for my peace of mind on so many occasions. When something distressing occurs, I want to talk to someone who knows what they're talking about...someone who has actually had this illness..and I want to talk to that person SOON...and Mel is always around...thank God.

I've said this before, but I'll say it again...he's talked me off the ledge too many times to count...because he's given me real answers to real questions.

Coaching from Mel is the gift that keeps on do yourself a favor and give yourself this gift.

In doing so, you will help yourself will help our sweet Mel. Coaching helps him continue to devote his work week to all of us. That and subscriptions fill in the gap for him. What we'd do without him, I do not know...but...I do know we have the power to help ourselves AND Mel by purchasing coaching.

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a healthful 2019!!!

With much love to all,




7:51:45 PM

Hi Everybody,

It's that time of year...time to think of resolutions for the New Year.

What are yours?

Mine is to stay as close to the "Sum of the Parts" as I can, so I can finally get all the way to the finish line...I'm getting close...but I need to do everything right to break through to the end. One would think that would be sufficient motivation...being so close...but I have to admit...sometimes I'm lazy.

One example is the rebounder...such a great way to increase energy and to help with lymphatic a lot of other wonderful benefits. I always feel great when I do it. It doesn't take long to hop on and jump a few times...and the pay off is a good one.

So...why do I have so many excuses? Don't asking myself the same question.

My latest excuse...well...I'd have gotten on the rebounder but it was already taken (see pic).

I'm going to clean up my act in 2019 move over turn!





11:30:29 PM

Hi Hoffnung,

I'm so glad you've decided to join us and fight this horrific disease. When the protocol is done correctly, it works. It is a lot of work in the beginning but it will get easier as time goes on and you heal. And you will heal.

Chrissie is correct about antibiotics. I believe my immune system was compromised years ago .

I had a surgery that got infected I was prescribed powerful antibiotics for an extended period of time and that's when my health began to fail quickly.

I didn't start with Morgellons symptoms at first.

I had strong stomach pains combined with digestive issues and bloating. That would have been the sign I missed that the antibiotics killed the good bacteria in my digestive tract. It wasn't until months after that when the biting and stinging began. Then came the insanity.

I have been on the protocol for nine months or so and I can tell you that it's made a night and day difference in my recovery. The people in this community are so friendly and helpful and loving. It's a slow healing process. Slow and steady is one of our guiding principles.

Trust that God brought you here for a reason.

This is your lifeline.


Hallo Hoffnung,

Ich bin so froh, dass Sie beschlossen haben, sich uns anzuschließen und diese schreckliche Krankheit zu bekämpfen. Wenn das Protokoll korrekt ausgeführt wurde, funktioniert es. Am Anfang ist es viel Arbeit, aber es wird mit der Zeit einfacher und Sie heilen. Und du wirst heilen.
Chrissie hat recht mit Antibiotika. Ich glaube, mein Immunsystem wurde vor Jahren beeinträchtigt.
Ich hatte eine Operation, die sich infizierte, mir wurden über einen längeren Zeitraum starke Antibiotika verschrieben, und dann begann meine Gesundheit schnell zu versagen.
Ich habe anfangs nicht mit Morgellons Symtoms angefangen.
Ich hatte starke Bauchschmerzen, verbunden mit Verdauungsproblemen und Blähungen. Das wäre das Zeichen gewesen, das ich vermisst hatte, dass die Antibiotika die guten Bakterien in meinem Verdauungstrakt abtöteten. Erst Monate später begann das Beißen und Stechen. Dann kam der Wahnsinn.
Ich bin seit ungefähr neun Monaten auf dem Protokoll und kann Ihnen sagen, dass es bei meiner Genesung einen Unterschied zwischen Tag und Nacht gemacht hat. Die Menschen in dieser Gemeinschaft sind so freundlich und hilfsbereit und liebevoll. Es ist ein langsamer Heilungsprozess. Langsam und stetig ist eines unserer Leitprinzipien.
Vertraue darauf, dass Gott dich aus einem bestimmten Grund hierher gebracht hat. Das ist deine Rettungsleine.


Donna M

10:09:56 AM

Hi Mary,

I got M in October of last year (2017) and began to experience feeling cold as one of my symptoms. It was so bad that I can remember drawing a bath using only hot water and getting into it feeling so comfortable. I could have easily burned myself, so I don't advise doing that! It was like my body was desensitized to temperature. Before M I could never have done that. I did read later that this is a sign of the disease. After a few months on the protocol my sense of temperature returned.

The diet I admit is not easy. I buy as much organic and Non-GMO as I can afford. Usually this is in terms of vegetables, fresh, frozen or canned and also things such as eggs, almond flour, coconut flour, coconut oil, olive oil. Believe it or not, many things I have actually found at Walmart at very good prices. Karen recommended Natural Choice which has nitrate free deli meats and bacon. I had purchased these before too and was able to eat these with no reaction.

Costco is another store that has a lot of organic food. I purchase organic ground meat for a reasonable price at Costco. I have only purchased organic chicken and a beef roast one time as I found the price to be exorbitant in my area. I still eat chicken but make sure it is the one that is free of antibiotics.

The effort and sometimes creativity to follow the sum of the parts is absolutely worth it! I often say to myself, "Do I really want to eat that or do I want to be well?" I know the answer to that, but when I pose that question to myself, it makes it easier to say "No!" After 11 months on the protocol, I can say it is like day and night in terms of my symptoms and how I feel. Honestly, I am at the point where I feel like "normal" more days than not.

Please continue to post and most of all read and/or listen to the conference calls. This is the place to heal.

God Bless,




9:01:01 AM

Hello to all who read this,

You are here for a reason.

If you are here reading this, then you've tried just about everything else that is on the internet EXCEPT for the one place that costs (almost) nothing.

As I look back I came from a scary time in my life wondering what it was I had. How do the doctors and specialists not see that what I'm going through is real?

I know it's real because I spent 46 years of my life without crawling, biting, and stinging. Most of my life was without course fibers, black specs, and white granules coming out of my skin. This is REAL and it's scary as hell not to mention lonely.

It's hard to explain to family and most of the time they want to have you committed. Then there's trying to explain that mommy or daddy is sick today and cant go out side.
Why can't you just play with me for a little while?

No No.

But, What is it? Is it contagious? Where did it come from? How did I get it? What can I do about it?

I vacuum the house for hours every day. I showered a few times a day. I've called pest control to spray the house at hundreds of dollars a pop. I've sprayed dangerous powerful pesticides on my skin. Bleach, Borax, Windex, Antibiotics, Antifungals, Vinegar, Permethrin cream, on and on. And here I am.

I've taken samples put them in bags and on slides for the microscope. Hundreds of photos zoomed in to granules and fibers. I showed them to people in the medical field with only the look you get when someone thinks you're crazy. You need help. Maybe you should be on psychotropic medication? But, it's not in my head , it's right here on this slide, in this photo . "Don't you see that? It looks like a leg and that over there is the body".

I remember very clearly one afternoon, when I was at my wits end, I dropped my 4 year old off with his nana and asked if she could take care of him. I tearfully drove home and got on my computer to see if my life insurance covered suicide. It didn't.

I looked around the internet for my answer to my problem. All of them used scare tactics and at the end of the horrifying posts and pictures is (low and behold) the cure you've been looking for. The magic medicine for the amazing low price of $$$$. And guess what?
Your still here and your still sick.

The last place I thought I'd find the answer is the site

I read an article from Mel who gave a clear message of what he had experienced and how he researched everything he could. He tried many different things in different combinations while crawling around his floor to weak and to sick to get up.

His testimony was galvanizing and since everything else I had tried FAILED, I thought maybe I should keep quiet and listen.

most of the times that voice inside is correct!

I emailed Mel and guess what? He emailed me back because he emails EVERYONE back. So he suggested I come to the conference calls on Saturdays. But doesn't he know I have important things to do on Saturdays? Well I made it to the calls despite myself and I heard from people all over the country and in other countries who had the same exact symptoms I was having. The itching , the scratching, the fibers, the particles, the crawling all on the call with me. And there I was beaten down physically from sores, mentally with brain fog and spiritually without hope. That's what this disease wants - hopelessness, anxiety, anger, and depression to name a few.

This was in March of 2018. I was welcomed by the community although I had not much to offer. I couldn't put two complete sentences together and I was shy in general never mind talking about this disease (that doesn't exist). But I made a commitment to myself to listen and take suggestions. Eventually and reluctantly I came around more and more often. I got a little better at sharing.

I prayed that God take my anxiety away from me while I was on the call. I prayed for strength to gather my scattered thoughts and put them into sentences that people could understand. It took time and work but I got there. And I'm not going anywhere.

My first direct Suggestion was to PRINT the FAQ's on the website.
My second thing was to get on the Protocol.
My third thing was to listen to calls any chance I could.
Fourth Read the Forum.

Wow, In those calls and in the forum pages you will find every answer to every question you could think of- to my knowledge. My Firth suggestion was to sign up for One on One coaching with Mel (an absolute necessity for me).

There are 7 guiding principles that are essential.

There is a Tips For Beginners tab to help those who are new and overwhelmed be more comforted. There is so much information on here that it's impossible to list.

Here we share love, hope, and inspiration. We do not trade horror stories as the internet is filled with plenty. The protocol works. It's slow and it takes perseverance, strength and courage.

I pray for the people in this community ; My heart breaks for the ones who never find it or choose to leave it.

The people here have hundreds or thousands of scars on their body and are some of the most beautiful people on the planet.

May God's strength and wisdom be with us.

I love you all,


Donna M

8:24:03 AM

Hello Nicholas,

Thank you for your post! I know this sounds strange but I enjoyed reading your post - not because of the pain, fear and anxiety you endured but because of how you expressed what each and everyone of us has been through. Yes, we were sent here for a reason through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I never will understand how the medical world can ignore our symptoms and pain. I think that once we start to get better on the protocol they (doctors, family and friends) think it was all in our heads. But the truth is, it is NOT our imagination, it is 100% real. Thank God for giving us Mel, the protocol and this community! I know I would be in a terrible place if it wasn't for these things.

Laura and Marie are absolutely correct - we must trust in the Lord, have faith and perseverance. It is not easy sometimes as I know I experience fear and anxiety. That is something I am very slowly dealing with and each time I overcome it, I feel my journey getting closer to the end. Mel has had to take shake his hockey stick at me quite a few times.

My prayers for you and all of this community for complete healing from M. May God bless us all!




5:42:28 AM

Please read this thread. We have been helping others across many oceans for a decade.

Well, it's been a while since I last posted, and this Aussie thread seems pretty quiet so I thought I'd reconnect and give a bit of an update on my progress. ??

As you can see from my post two spaces below, I first contracted Morgellons in April of this year, from bird mites and the large amount of damage I did to my immune system with all the chemicals I used to try and kill them. It was a scary and depressing time, which I’m not going to spend any more words on, other than to say that this website was crucial in giving me both hope and some tracks to run on.

My problem is, though, that I often decide to suddenly switch tracks and try several things at once. As I’d caught it early, I was fairly confident I’d be free of this quickly. To hep it along, I’d ordered Nutra Silver, and had planned to follow their protocol being starting Mel’s. Nutra Silver (who have now gone out of business — never a good sign) had a protocol that was just colloidal silver, in very large doses, three times a day. I lasted about a week and a half on it, and then it started becoming a bit too much for me.

But my symptoms were gone. I figured I probably still wasn’t completely healed, but I felt I was pretty close. I began Mel’s protocol in May, just as I found a new place to live, a beautiful two-story cabin that looked out on 16 acres of private rain forest. It was the place I’d seen in my dreams for years, and finally I had manifested it, the perfect Sanctuary for my healing. I was convinced I would beat this thing completely in the 3 months I’d be there.??I started off really well, cutting out all sugar, and refined carbs, drinking lemon water every morning. Soon enough my protocol arrived and not long after it, the WPS. I’d been on the protocol for about a week, and at that point, the itching, crawling and biting had lessened considerably, and I somehow got a thought in my head that, “Why not start the WPS now? You don’t need to wait a whole month, as most of those people are way more far gone with M than you are.”

It was that voice I hear often in my head, the one that’s always urging me to take shortcuts, to take more than I should, to take one more bite, one more puff, one more anything.

As Often do, I listened to, and agreed. Starting on on drop. The thing is, though, even though I’d read many forum posts, I somehow misread going up the 1 drop per week as one drop per day. So the first day was one drop in the morning and one and night. Then the next day I had two drops per day and two at night. And so on.??I shudder now, thinking back how stupid it was of me not to check. Obviously I had a fair bit of brain fog going on, plus quite a few other things, but I’m still shocked I actually did it.??The thing is, I didn’t get much of a response from them. I was experiencing no biting crawling and pretty much no itching. I started to think that I was cured, so I began taking little shortcuts. No major ones — still no sugar or anything like that, but I began to enjoy myself a little more, thinking the WPS was acting as my shield. I think I was on 12 drops when I made a curry that night and work up a few hours later in immense pain and nausea, and spent the next few hours curled around my toilet bowl. I developed some pretty serious flu symptoms that turned into a chest infection, which made me stop all WPS for two weeks as I began to recover.

While I believe this was herxing, unfortunately, the intensity of it so quickly and also then stopping WPS for two weeks both really messed up my immune system and then gave M a chance to regroup as I was ill. And I was still not eating as well as I could. Soon, the crawling and even the biting began to return. I was also going through some really serious depression and anxiety, which made everything a lot harder.??I became to scared to start the WPS again, and it was only when I actually bothered to look on the page again, I discovered to my shock, that I was only supposed to go up a drop every WEEK, not every DAY. Well didn’t I feel like an idiot.

Thankfully, I look back at it now as being the moment that my ego, thinking it was so clever getting rid of this thing quickly, was finally put in its place. Reading over the Seven Guiding Principles, I realize I’d broken three of them: “First, do no harm.”, “Slow and steady”, & “Mixing protocols can hinder health restoration.” Now I really know the wisdom of those words.??So, today, I’m about 8 months in. The only time I get itchy is when I either eat something they like (which these days is so, so much) or when I overeat, which is a problem I’ve had for quite a while, as I’m dealing with a fair bit of childhood trauma, and this is my coping mechanism, which I’m working on stopping, as it’s definitely impeding my progress in healing from M. I’ve been on the protocol every day, along with silver, and have recently started up WPS again. I’m currently up to 3 morning and night and am doing well.??

I’ve gotten incredibly strict with my diet, as so many foods set me off, (for example, even garlic does, these days), as in, they seem to like it) more than most people I’ve read on this site, which sucks, but I’m taking full responsibility for that with y past actions and am looking upon it as a challenge. I eat solely organic, and the overwhelming majority is green veggies, most of them leafy. I supplement with chicken, fish, eggs, avocados, etc. Cistus tea has been an amazing discovery, so thank you to whoever mentioned that. I have several a day, mixed with Rooibos and sweetened with Stevia. Apple Cider Vinegar in the mornings. Am just about to start diatomaceous earth, but not sure where to fit it into my daily routine.??Fighting this thing has enabled me to build up my own health and I see this as such a gift now. I’d generally eaten well for years, but now I know that once I beat this thing, I’ll continue eating like this, as it makes me feel fantastic.??I’m intending to continue slow and steady now, and checking in more often as I continue this healing journey.??

With Love to all healing from M,?


Freddie Bean

10:37:29 AM

Tips for Newbies from a Newbie

I still class myself a newbie as I still have so much to learn on this disease but things are fresh in my mind at what I was told when I joined this great forum some three months ago.....

Don't be scared you are not alone, just please remember that there are plenty of people here with so much experience on this disease to help you through this you will not be on your own.

Try to stay calm as the Morgellons get worse when you get upset and agitated. It thrives off your stress hormones, this is so true because my stress level which was through the roof dropped when I found this forum and bingo the crawling and itching lessened.

Change you diet tomorrow, this is so important cut out all sugar and get your Carbs down to 30 a day you can check the amount of carbs in a product take the car gram figure and subtract the fiber gram amount that will give you the net grams you are after. This diet has been a godsend and it will be a good start for you and again many people on here can help you and there are some lovely recipes on here too. Yes at the beginning it's not easy but it will get easier and will become second nature.

We all need to build up our immune system, as this is why we have got sick our immune system was so compromised that it couldn't fight off this disease, so now we need to take good vitamin supplements to build ourselves up before embarking on ridding us of this disease.


Brain Fog well I still suffer with this but it is getting better so be assured this is just a blip and as you start getting better so will the fog and you will soon see things through it.



8:53:48 AM

Thanks Karen.

I am currently taking Cat's Claw Bark supplement. May just stay with that because I am afraid I won't drink the tea daily or consume enough of it.

But let me know if you try the tea and if you notice a difference. I think you will as you are a fan of hot tea.

I can tell in your voice and all the things you are accomplishing that are feeling much better! I am continuing to feel better each day and I know we will reach that finish line very soon!!

Love and prayers,



Donna M

2:38:31 PM

Hi Margo, Mel and Everyone,

The newest video featuring Mary - Life after Morgellons was fantastic. I gave it a definite thumbs up and wished I could rate it even higher.

I had listened to this call earlier on the Conference Call Archives but it was so great to hear it again. I always get some new information out of listening or reading a second time. I was blessed to have been able to talk with Mary once, maybe twice, when I first became ill with M. Ironically this call was in October of 2017 which was the time that I first noticed symptoms. I don't think it was coincidental, that I needed to hear that people do get well.

Thank you so much Margo and Mel for continuing to produce these YouTube videos. These videos will hopefully help others to find the website and protocol. I know I am so grateful to have found it and 11 months later be almost completely healed.

Praying for complete healing for all.

God Bless,


Thread: ALL IS WELL...


7:36:54 PM

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a long time and a long 30 plus days since I’ve posted or had a chance to post in the forum.

Stopping by to let everyone know All is well... I’m still on the journey of healing and feeling great!

Nothing will keep me or stop from obtaining my healing.

To all the newbies, never give up or give in to this disease. Keep the faith, stay focused, forget how far you have to be on the journey because as long as you stay the course; surely your healing will manifest.

Galatians 6:7b
And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.


Nicholas **

11:18:14 PM

Hi Family,

Last week's conference was very special to me.

I thought Cheryl did an amazing job. Many things she said resonated with me like reading journals by others around the same time frame of your journey.

One thing Mel said also resonated with me. He said (and I'm paraphrasing) I call people in this community one of three things Warrior, Angel, or deceased. This really is a life or death struggle and that is the blunt truth.

I had been doing well following the protocol closely and taking advice from the community. Changing my diet, managing stress, praising God and thanking Him for keeping me alive.

One night, probably after days of heavy purging, I hit an emotional low.

I'm sure at some point I thought I wasn't going to make it. I went in to my son's candy bag from Halloween and had a few "treats". I didn't notice much of a difference so I thought well maybe a little candy or cake now and then wouldn't be so bad. Heck , I may not be here for long anyway.

I could convince myself that anything is a good idea- as long as I kept those thoughts inside so I didn't have repercussions from anyone who understood and actually cared. Of course, then I convinced myself to have a little cheese cake, then a few brownies, then more candy. Hey, They're fun size right?

Well, the fun part was over as soon as the flavor went away. I found fibers had returned more black specs (which had almost disappeared). You see, the protocol works but it takes time. The problem is that the journey is so long and so hard that it's easy to give up hope. Some nights can be horrible with the stinging, biting. and purging. I was purging on my chin constantly for a week straight. It was so bad that I had lost feeling in that area for weeks. Then it moved to my neck again. Over and over -it seems relentless. It can bring your spirits down and that's what this disease wants! It wants to live- and if it lives, we must die.

My stomach hurts so much sometimes that part of me wants to die. I have lost so much strength and stamina over the last two years that I don't even know who that other guy was. That's the emotional low that this disease wants. It wants us to feel hopeless and helpless so we feed it.

Every day you are on this protocol it is dying and it doesn't die without a fight.

This disease will fight you physically and mentally and that's why spirituality is paramount. I need that strength from my creator and this community. I need His love and guidance. I do not have a biblical quote here to insert but my community can probably think of a thousand.

I literally think Mel will be at my door-step with his hockey stick.


I felt I had to write this in hopes that it stops someone else from making the same mistakes I have.

I love you all, Warriors and Angels,



12:14:29 PM are SO right.

Your description of your inner thoughts as you were deciding to take the candy / cake / brownie plunge was so familiar. Doing so has a very short "honeymoon" period...but then all HE double hockey sticks breaks loose and we pay dearly. my opinion, here's a real upside to your experience...

1. Seeing the black specks and fibers as a direct result of your candy fun lets you know just how well this protocol (sum of the parts) is working. When you do it correctly, those issues had all but disappeared for you. That's good information because it means you have a very big element of control.

2. You've realized that whatever IT is, has a consciousness. That makes sense too. It sounds kind of woo woo, but in the sense that there's a parasitic component, I visualize it like swatting at a wasp and it's flying everywhere and trying to hide to keep from being killed. Laura used to say it was like pouring gasoline on an ant bed...they run for cover!
This thing also has the super powers of changing dna...morphing to become more resistant and hide. When we do the protocol and suffer so much, that really means it's working like it's supposed's digging deep and flushing the devils out so that the "killers" (my term) of the protocol can get rid of them. When we feel the awful herxing that means lots of bad pathogens are dying!

I get stomach aches too after I take all my supplements...sometimes it feels like a floating stomach (you know the feeling)...nausea and headaches. It helps if I eat a little something when I'm taking know...not wait too late after a meal to take them. It'll get better and better as you continue to purge, so there is much light before you even get to the end of the tunnel.

I've been here a while...two years in January on the protocol for real. I say that, but I've had many falls from grace...I'll sometimes taper off on supplements as the work week progresses and I get tired. It'll start off innocently enough...a stop at Starbucks to get a hot tea that I sweeten with stevia which is ok, but then as I get busier and tireder, I start to feel increasingly sorry for myself. That's when it's a slippery slope to a hot tea plus one of those cranberry bliss bars. The ultimate slide to the depths is getting seduced by the signs that tempt you in the drive through line...all of their special sugary holiday concoctions with names that make them even more tempting. This is obviously not something I do all the time...because if I did, I'd still be really sick...but it does happen occasionally and I pay dearly for it.

Point is...that in spite of all of this, I'm SO much better than I don't worry too much about your candy fest. It happens to all of us at one time or another...or...maybe I should say it happens to many of us. You can still recover and continue to move'll just take some time and you'll feel the repercussions. But...if you've jumped right back on the protocol (sum of the parts) then you'll have good damage control to undo your little slip up before you know it.

This purging misery you're going through right now will finally taper off too. There are so many kinds of purges and they are all disturbing. The key is to stay focused and not let it scare you too much. Two years ago, I'd look down at my fingernails and see them black rimmed all the way around. It was very disturbing. I kept a little finger nail brush and would constantly scrub them. That would make it go away, but it would come back in a few hours...then it went to longer gaps before it came back, and then it finally went away. per your stomach issue...I'm not an expert, but I wonder if chamomile tea would be helpful? There are also essential oils you can use that will kidding. You rub them in them topically on your general stomach area and it really helps.

I found one from Rocky Mountain Oils called "Tummy Rub" and it has helped me...even when I'm really hurting. It's not terribly expensive...but if you'd like to try to make a larger amount for yourself to save money, you might want to google it and look at the ingredients. Cathee at Kleen Green has the best prices on high quality oils, and she may have the components so you can put something together...or...she might know what you can use that is a simpler combination. Tummy Rub has several different oils in it.

Hang in there Nick...this is the worst'll get better for sure.



P.S. Your fall into the sugar bowl means you're really feeling deprived. You might want to consider making yourself some tasty treats to have on hand.
Donna had a good idea and it's delicious. Put a can of coconut milk in the fridge and then remove the hard part into a bowl and whisk it around until it's pudding consistency. The water in the bottom of the can is where all the carbs are, so discard that part of it. You can put a little almond milk into it to make it the right consistency. Then...sweeten it with stevia, add pecans (or nuts of your choice that you can eat) and then some cinnamon. I did this and added just a half cup of organic strawberries to the whole recipe and that only added another four net carbs overall. That made it pink and was delicious and really checked that box of wanting something "good" to eat. It also didn't take much to feel really physically satisfied...this fills you up with just a small serving.

Another fun treat is to get a bottle of sparkling water and add flavored stevia drops to it. I like the root beer...and...if you add the chocolate, you've made yourself a Yoo Hoo! So...find some moments to enjoy while you are waiting to round the bend. You'll get there!



5:38:43 PM

Hi Everyone,

I haven't written in a while, but there's been a good life in some areas is finally moving forward! It's a slow move forward, but progress nonetheless. As I've shared in the past, I have a much loved vintage home that I've been renovating for the past sixteen years. I won't go into what all I've done on it, but suffice it to say, it has been like moving a mountain. It's cost a fortune...and I think all the sanding of old paint and the various chemicals and solvents I've used over the years have contributed to the "toxic" in my toxic illness.

It's been a real labor of love though, but it all came to a screeching halt when I first got bitten by "something" four years ago (though my symptoms didn't turn into MD until three years ago). I'd done so much work on the house and was about to FINALLY do the fun part...put the "lipstick" on it (paint and decorating) after doing a bit more finish work on the drywall and trim work. I'd been living for this for years...having collected many antiques...paintings...textiles...crystal...china...decorative items, etc., and had forced myself over the years to delay the gratification of decorating until I'd done everything right...from the studs out. Because of this, I'd stored most my beautiful decor items in bins, boxes and closets until I was ready to stage it into what was (in my mind) magazine worthy loveliness.

Well...not to belabor the point, but we all know how much it costs to get this disease (financially, emotionally, and physically)...especially if you wandered in the wilderness of trying to figure out what to do before finding Mel, and as such, I spent another fortune on that as well. All of this has led me to the decision that I need to sell my house and downsize. It's been a heartbreaking decision, but also kind a freeing one. I'd buried myself in that house on every day off for years with a single minded goal...and had given up many other things in life to do so. Living somewhere else will give me back other things that I've been giving up.

So...back to my story. When I got sick and thought something was biting me in my house, I did what everyone else does...changed my whole way of living around and narrowed my life down to three manageable rooms. You know how it have to go Spartan to manage the environment.

The fatigue was so bad for so long that all I could do after work was to sit in my rocking chair in my kitchen and watch Netflix on my laptop and watch everything I'd already accomplish seem to fall apart around me. It was depressing to say the least. I knew I needed to move on, but finding a way to do so seemed overwhelming. I've also mentioned, I've gotten a lot better over the years. I've been with Mel's protocol for almost two years now, and I'm not even in the same category as I was when I first found him...I'm SO much better. As my energy has returned, I've been able to do some of my long delayed projects around the house. Granted...I'm really slow...but I'm finally moving forward.

I finished a big closet project a couple of weeks ago. It was a huge undertaking because I'd started it back before I got sick, and I wanted certain things in my closet...I'm kind of OCD like that. If I'd started it now, I'd have made it a lot simpler, but I already had the materials, so I needed to finish what I'd started. It was hard, but I finished it by myself, which was amazing considering how much my energy and strength levels have changed over the last couple of years. One difficult part of it required installing three eight foot long heavy shelves six to eight feet overhead while perching on a ladder. This was something I wouldn't have thought twice about before I got sick, but it was a real accomplishment post illness.

That one project was a catalyst because once that was done, I could move lots of things around as the first step to getting ready for a contractor to come in and finish the rest of the house. This required moving every item in two bedrooms and three closets to my living room and dining room which I did by myself over the last two weekends except for the really big furniture which the guys who are working for me did pretty quickly.

So...happily, I'm now moving forward, but there's always a cost. One is work load doesn't slow down on my two jobs just because I'm having work done on my house...and two is having to have things further disorganized and disrupted during the reno process. My drywall was cracked and some of it was a needed to have the tape peeled off and re-taped and floated. Then they sanded it yesterday. If you've ever lived with drywall being sanded, you know what I stepped into when I returned home yesterday. They'd covered most everything in plastic...but now I have "snowed on" plastic mountains in my house.

My excitement remains though because when I went through to look at their day's work, I was amazed at how beautiful their work was...the walls are like glass! I did have to sit myself down and have a talk with myself though...I could feel the pity party coming on...and how sorry I was feeling for myself and cheated that I've done so incredibly much work and done without a finished house for so long and now that it's finally getting done and getting beautiful, I'm going to have to sell it. My little self lecture did work, but this whole experience made me realize that I've deprived myself of beauty and life's little pleasures for way too long. My soul was being a crybaby and wanting something to make it feel better.

That made me think of the following quote:

“If thou of fortune be bereft,
and in thy store there be but left
two loaves, sell one, and with the
dole, buy hyacinths to feed thy soul.”

? John Greenleaf Whittier

Though we can't have bread (snicker...of course I know this is symbolic), the idea that our "souls" need to be fed is very least it is for me, so I decided to do something about it. I decided to create at least one little corner in my world that would sooth my soul until I can get all the work done on my house, sell it and then get into something smaller and more manageable that I can decorate like I want.

So...(and this is the point of this post and as usual, has taken me about a zillion words to get to) I gathered some things around my house that have been put away and then treated myself to a little shopping trip to Tuesday Morning and then created a tea corner in my office. It's not stellar decor...but the eclectic items I put together make me smile when I walk in my office. I love hot tea and can now make a cup of tea and enjoy it while I work. By the way...Rooibos tea is one that's good for us to drink, and Trader Joes (at least the one I go to) now has a pumpkin flavor for fall and it's delicious! I also like cistus incanus tea and it's another good one for those of us with toxic illness. I like to add liquid stevia and almond milk to get it just right.

Ok...once again, I've written a chapter book, but that seems to be the only way I can communicate what's on my mind.

So...if you're just getting by in a very stripped down lifestyle now (like I have been) you may want to think about finding a way to add a little beauty to your life at least in some small way. It's sure brightened my day, and I'm sure it'll help me get through the holidays as well when I'm having more than usual of those feeling deprived moments.

Hope this helps someone.





3:23:44 PM

Hi Anna, Micky and Donna,

Thank you all so much for your kind feedback.

Anna...the timing of my writing this along with your redo of your office is (to me) one of those nods from Above. There's lots of hard stuff we have to deal with, but sometimes there can be little spots of happiness here and there in our days. Be sure and take a pic to post on this thread when you get your tea corner set up. are obviously one of what my daughter would call my "tribe." Tuesday Morning is better than a decadent dessert (almost). It's a pretty inexpensive way to indulge in a little "retail therapy" if you need a pick me up. I like their mugs especially...and they're pretty cheap too.

Oh...and I'd LOVE to say I have hair down my back but, sadly, that isn't my real hair ( no one has figured THAT one out yet). I was at a friend's 50th birthday party and everyone was supposed to wear a wig. I chose long and blonde with a pink flower perched on top. My real hair is blonde...but it's cut just above my shoulders. At one time I was having a great deal of trouble with my wasn't growing very much and it was getting brittle and breaking off, but Mel's cold water treatment is just the best. It really works and my (real) hair just looks SO much better now...lots of new growth and no longer breaking off.

Speaking of the cold water treatment...I just laugh so much at Mel when he starts talking about how great his hair is. He really loves his hair, and he should...because he's put in the time and has done the cold water treatment since he was 14. just cracks me up so much when he starts going on and on about how great his hair much that sometimes I start singing the "I'm too sexy" song to him...but I use the word "hair" on every line. He laughs...but actually, he's not kidding about his IS remarkable and such a beautiful color of silver. so get it about the house situation. As a matter of fact, you're the only person I know who has done as much (or maybe more) of renovations as I have. I wish we'd have found each other as friends before we got sick and could still go at top speed on projects. We could've compared notes, and it would have been better than HGTV!

I know you're feeling so much better now, and what a great idea to start with a small project.
I actually dove back into my projects again a couple of months ago with a closet project. I finished out my closet and then got rid of SO much stuff. It felt so wonderful! To an area or arranging something pretty in a corner or on a nightstand, etc. just to have something new and fresh to enjoy just lifts my spirits. This disease takes so much from us...and not feeling like working on my house (or where ever I end up living) is like losing my identity. I'm so very thankful to begin to have some of my old energy back again, and I thank God for the protocol and all the support of this community to have gotten me this far.

Speaking of houses...there are three guys working on my house as I write this, and they are so professional and detail oriented...they are painting every single surface inside and out, and I can't wait to stage it. At last I'm feeling better enough to do some projects like this, and it's just the BEST feeling in the world! Now the trick is to get it sold and find some place else to live that I love that's smaller and more manageable without going into an emotional melt down because of selling my house. Lol...I need to just over it though...this is nothing compared to what we've all gone through in this that should put things in perspective.

Ok...I did it again...lots of words but lots I wanted to share.




Agent B1

9:50:15 AM

This was lovely to read, Karen and very nice to reflect on!

Today I thank you for all the posts that I have read and am very appreciative of the thought you put into each one---every word. Encouragement is a skill.

It is a gift to write and be able to inspire. I am immensely thankful for your words and the words of our community which help me endure and move forward.

As I move forward, because going 'backwards' is not an option, I do lament over things that were---
However, if not for this protocol, encouragement from many of you-including the Mel Man, and reading these posts, I really don't know where I would be at this point in my life.

Saturday conference calls, and Sunday prayer are added gifts.

Each time you post Karen, you 'give' wonderful, vivid descriptions which allow me to share what is going on in your life, connect it with mine, and encourage me to be strong too. Thank you again! This helps me.

"God is in the details." ---Ludwig Van Der Rhoe.

Love you all,
Agent B1



6:58:04 PM

Hi Debbie,

Glad you are posting and letting us know how you are getting on. Did you see my previous answer to your post on, 'thanks for your kind and helpful replies,?'. Debbie did you also post as Debbie S on, 'England Calling?.' I know quite a few people answered that post too.

I know you said you are just getting used to the threads. Would you be able to look back in these other threads and let us know what you think of our suggestions and if they are helpful to you at all?

Maybe you could go back to, 'Thanks for your kind and helpful replies,' and use that thread alone to post all your concerns. That way it would be easier for you to resource any information that is useful for you. And it is easier for us to help you and have your journey under this one thread.

It sounds like it could have been bird mites that has caused your Morgellons. I'm sorry you did not get a positive diagnosis re that, so that you would know exactly what had caused this. But irrespective of what caused it, you have come to the right place here to get help.

I hope you can get the ozone generator parts that you need.

Since you are having bad symptoms with Morgellons at present, can I suggest that you meet family members outside in a neutral place. In time when you are a lot better, I think there would be no problem having other people in your home. But at present, in the midst of this, I feel it would be best to safeguard their health too.

Oh dear, I am concerned that you are still sleeping in your chair. A bed bug cover and diatomaceous earth would help you in your bed. Or even a temporary plastic blow up bed. I had a blow up bed for five months when I was at my worst and it did help. But you need to get a proper lie down in order to rest.

I am also concerned you are putting mouthwash all over your body. I know, I have been there, wore the t-shirt, threw everything but the kitchen sink at this disease. But is the mouthwash drying out or even burning your skin?. Please consider kleen green and sulphur soap they are excellent topically for Morgellons.

I will use sulphur soap for life, only thing is it turns silver jewellery black, so no jewellery. It is a small price to pay. And for four years I did not have kleen green, when I eventually got it I regretted hugely I had not had it sooner. I kid ye not, immediately it helped with that dreadful crawling sensation.

Epsom salt baths with essential oils, ten drops of eucalyptus (very anti viral) or clove (anti fungal, anti parasitical) etc would also help the biting and stinging.

Can you get colloidal silver as it really is a great anti bacterial, anti fungal medicine. Is there any chance you can get on Mel's protocol? Did you say you are in England? We do get it shipped here.

I feel that I may be repeating some information here. But I'm not sure if you read my previous replies. But the thing is after six and a half years of suffering from Morgellons, going on the protocol for me was a game changer. Immediately it made a huge difference. And the other things we are all suggesting do help and do work.

Let us know what your thoughts are regards our suggestions and how your situation is going.

Take care,



11:33:16 AM

Hi Again Maria,

For some reason, I did a Google search today with these words..."Mel's Morgellons Protocol." It's really because I'm too lazy to put in this site's address and just go to Google and enter "Mels Morgellons" in the search box and then just click on the "Forum" link. It's the way I go quickly to the site to read the posts.

However, today it had "Mel's Morgellons Protocol" as the first click on thing under the search box when I started typing in my usual, so lazily, I clicked on that one.

Ok...enough of what I did...but...what I found surprised me...and in a good way! If you do a search with those words you'll see some interesting articles AND Mel's Youtube videos pop up! That's new and very exciting because it will help so many others who are looking for answers.

I found one article on this list from a while back (2011), and it was about WPS...formerly known as MMS. The person writing mentioned being afraid of the WPS (MMS) and how things unfolded from there.

The article was from 2011, but it was dead on timely for right now as well.

Here's the link:

Morgellons – A Mundane Approach

I think you'll find it interesting, reassuring, and especially's even more evidence that the WPS makes a HUGE difference...then and now.



P.S. I just HATE the taste of it and I can be the world's biggest baby about taking it, but I've gotten used to it now. you can split the dose, so you're not tasting it as much...split dose means less drops per dose. To me, the only downside is the taste. There is no doubt that taking it on a regular basis has gotten me a quantum leap closer to the finish line. I always notice a big improvement in my symptoms when I take it like I'm supposed to.



1:44:30 PM

Hi All,

Four years ago I went to the eye doctor with a swollen and itchy eye. He said I had a mite bite and should wash my eyes each morning with baby shampoo and hot water.

I had another bite a year later and used the baby shampoo once again. Since I've been on the protocol I have not had any more trouble with my eyes.

I also continue to wash my eyes with the baby shampoo whenever I shower.

Hope this helps someone.




5:33:37 PM

Hi Cathy,

How are you doing after several months on the protocol?

I hope your eyes and face are better and your eyebrows have grown back in.

I put a drop of silver in my eyes practically every day. I find it to be very soothing and it helps stop the itching.

I did not have any eyebrows either when I started the protocol. I removed them because they drove me nuts. Now I have my eyebrows back and have little problem with them.

My favorite thing to use on my face is Maximum Strength Desitin. The one that contains 40% zinc.

If my face starts to break out, I use that. So far I have had a few red spots on my face but never had any open lesions.

Please post and let us know how you are doing.

Lamentations 3:22-23 (ESV)

22 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
His mercies never come to an end;

23 they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.




10:52:01 AM

Hi Dawn,

Please know you are NOT alone! Most of us here have not had the support of family or ANY medical professionals!!

That is the "true" beauty of this Protocol AND this community!!! The Protocol works beyond a shadow of a doubt for adults AND especially for children!!! The community gives us the support we CANNOT get elsewhere!!!

I always tell anyone new to this healing journey... the bottom line is, we are living with this science fiction condition and we find it hard to believe that it's actually happening... how could we EVER expect anyone who doesn't have this to understand!?!?!?! That's EXACTLY why we need each other!!!!

If you haven't gotten yourself and your son started on the Protocol yet, please do so IMMEDIATELY... this is TRULY where your answers lie!!!

*Read the FAQ's - Print them out and read them AGAIN
*Make sure you are following the SUM of the parts
*Find and read the Children and Morgellons thread
*Find and listen to the Children and Morgellons conference call (I believe it's in the archives, is that correct MEL??)
*If you haven't yet had a phone call with Mel make sure you do that ASAP (the first one is ALWAYS free)
*Be sure to join in the Saturday conference calls

As Mel always tells us those who don't give up hope get well.... this website was my hope AND it can be yours too!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers, my fellow warrior!!!!




4:23:59 PM


I feel your pain and frustration!

I went through a divorce and a mental institution while raising my son at the onset of this affliction.


Its the thing with the entire “sum of “parts that will help you get clarity and then strength! I promise you!!

Stay close to us here and especially with Mel.

Be active in the healing part of this.

Lord knows how much energy you/we have wasted with doctors, friends and family.
Respectfully speaking THEY just don’t know!!!

Prayers sent to you now. Please reach out to us.
We’re really here for you and you WILL get better!



11:24:17 AM's my answer in English...and I'm about to take this huge load of words to Google Translate to get it to German. That will be next.

Hi Hoffnung,

I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this, but you’ve come to the right place to get some help. I’m going to try to answer your questions to the best of my ability, but please know that I’m not a doctor but am just a person who’s had some of the same experiences and who has had some significant success over the last couple of years.

Your first question was about antibiotics. I’m very fortunate that I have a doctor who recognizes Morgellons. I also have Lyme, and my lowest CD57 got down to a seven. That was a couple of years ago and I was pretty sick, but I’m CD57 is now up to around 50 and the constant fatigue is now SO much better.

I took lots of antibiotics at first, and had lab work done every few months to track my progress. I did make progress with the antibiotics, but it wasn’t by huge was more in small increments except for the Transfer Beta number (that one improved right away) and sometimes the numbers would go in a negative direction. After several months of doing this, I started the Logos Nutritional Morgellons protocol. My numbers improved...but a few months afterward, I decided to stop using all antibiotics and other prescriptions and just do the protocol.

I made immediate lab work numbers improved significantly in the next few months. Was this because I’d stopped using antibiotics? There’s no way to know this for sure, but it would certainly seem so. I did some internet research about how antibiotics affect people with toxic diseases and found the following from Bill Rawls who is a physician who has Lyme disease: I took this directly from his site...and am sharing it because he explains it so much better than I ever could and because it echos all that John B. and Mel have shared with us over the years.

Borrelia clears the blood quickly and uses its corkscrew shape to penetrate deeply into tissues (including joint cartilage, brain, nerve tissue) where it is protected from antibiotics and the immune system. It can penetrate into cells, give up the corkscrew shape, and live inside of cells, thus gaining protection from the immune system and antibiotics. If confronted with a full antibiotic assault, it rolls up into dormant cyst and rides out the storm until the antibiotics are gone.Frequent use of antibiotics kills off normal flora in the gut and skin, allowing overgrowth of pathogens like Candida (yeast), C. Diff. and MRSA skin infections. Antibiotic-resistant pathogens are more threatening than the microbes that cause Lyme disease.
Antibiotics work best on highly threatening microbes that grow very rapidly and are densely congregated in localized areas in the body (like a pneumonia). Borrelia grows very slowly in the body and only occurs in very low concentrations in tissues.
Borrelia is a master at blending in with the trillions of other microbes that make up the human microbiome (the sum of all microbes in the body). Overwhelming the host is not its mission; it simply needs to scavenge enough resources to survive. Borrelia’s stealthy ability to lay low makes diagnosis and treatment a real challenge.
Borrelia never occurs alone. There are many stealthy microbes (Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, Bartonella, EBV, CMV, others) that can occupy space in the microbiome. Sometimes they occur as coinfections with the tick bite, but they can already be present in the microbiome, without causing symptoms, when infection with Borrelia occurs.
Stealthy microbes, such as Borrelia (and also the co-infections), win by persistence, not aggression. They can hang on, protected from antibiotics by living inside cells and staying isolated in the deepest recesses of the body. Frequent use of antibiotics kills off normal flora in the gut and skin, allowing overgrowth of pathogens like Candida (yeast), C. Diff. and MRSA skin infections. Antibiotic-resistant pathogens are more threatening than the microbes that cause Lyme disease.
Disruption of the normal flora by antibiotics and emergence of antibiotic resistant pathogens causes significant gut dysfunction. Because 70% of immune system functions are located in the gut, immune functions are also adversely affected. This adds fuel to the fire to an immune system that is already heavily taxed by an ongoing tug-of-war with stealth microbes.
Mitochondria, the powerhouses present in every cell in the body, were once primitive bacteria. A billion years ago, these high-energy bacteria were hijacked by cells of higher living creatures to produce energy. They became part of cells of all higher life forms, but they still retain bacteria-like characteristics. Having bacteria-like characteristics makes mitochondria susceptible to damage by many types of antibiotics. This may be why many people experience fatigue with antibiotic use.
Borrelia can exist in biofilms, but how much this contributes to resistance to treatment is controversial. Possibly more concerning is the effect antibiotics have on natural biofilms in the colon. Friendly microbes create biofilm in the mucous lining of the distal small intestine and the large colon. This type of biofilm is protective and essential for a healthy colon. Long-term use of antibiotics can disrupt this protective barrier and increase risk of gut illnesses such as ulcerative colitis and colon cancer.

Dr. Rawls also notes that, “...(there is) compelling evidence for treating Lyme disease using herbs with antimicrobial properties (used with or without antibiotics).” answer would be...if you do choose to go along with your doctor’s treatment with antibiotics, be SURE to take the entire Logos Lyme protocol along with it to counteract any of the above mentioned gut issues, etc. that antibiotics can create. Most people on this site have chosen to do this without antibiotics for the most part, and of course, that decision is completely up to you.

In any case, treatment takes a long time, and you can see why once you read the above. Borrelia and related co-infections are very tricky...but the protocol is wonderful because it addresses all of these factors. Olive Leaf Extract which is one of the supplements is a natural antibiotic. That means you’ll get all the benefits without the side effects. It does take a long time though...and those who are consistent do experience success and health restoration.

As far as your children are concerned, I can only answer based on what my doctor told me and from my own personal experiences. When my doctor first told me that I had Morgellons and Lyme, I asked her if I would be contagious to my grandchildren. She said that there is no evidence to support that it’s contagious person to person except for sexual transmission in the case of Lyme. She said that the cases from multiple family members were from similar exposure.

Just watch your children closely. If they start showing signs of these diseases, get them on the children’s protocol. From what I understand, the supplements involved aren’t as extensive, and much success has been recorded with the children who have used this approach.

I hope this helps...and I hope you continue to communicate with all of us. We welcome you and pray for success for both you and your family.




GERMAN it is after I put it through Google Translate from English to German. I hope it translates without seeming too strange.

Hallo Höffnung,

Es tut mir leid, dass du damit fertig wirst, aber du bist an der richtigen Stelle, um Hilfe zu bekommen. Ich werde versuchen, deine Fragen so gut wie möglich zu beantworten, aber bitte sei mir bewusst, dass ich kein Arzt bin, sondern nur eine Person, die einige der gleichen Erfahrungen gemacht hat und die über das letzte Paar einige bedeutende Erfolge hatte von Jahren.

Ihre erste Frage betraf Antibiotika. Ich bin sehr glücklich, dass ich einen Arzt habe, der Morgellons erkennt. Ich habe auch Lyme und mein unterster CD57 ist auf eine Sieben gesunken. Das war vor ein paar Jahren und ich war ziemlich krank, aber ich bin besser ... mein CD57 ist jetzt auf etwa 50 und die ständige Erschöpfung ist jetzt SO viel besser.

Ich nahm zuerst viele Antibiotika und machte alle paar Monate Laborarbeiten, um meine Fortschritte zu verfolgen. Ich machte Fortschritte mit den Antibiotika, aber es war nicht durch große Sprünge ... es war mehr in kleinen Schritten abgesehen von der Transfer-Beta-Nummer (die verbesserte sofort) und manchmal die Zahlen würden in eine negative Richtung gehen. Nachdem ich mehrere Monate damit verbracht hatte, startete ich das Logos Nutritional Morgellons-Protokoll. Meine Zahlen verbesserten sich ... aber ein paar Monate später beschloss ich, alle Antibiotika und andere Medikamente zu nehmen und nur noch das Protokoll zu machen.

Ich habe sofort Fortschritte gemacht ... meine Laborarbeit hat sich in den nächsten Monaten deutlich verbessert. War das, weil ich aufgehört hatte, Antibiotika zu nehmen? Es gibt keine Möglichkeit, dies sicher zu wissen, aber es scheint so. Ich habe im Internet geforscht, wie Antibiotika Menschen mit toxischen Krankheiten beeinflussen und fand folgendes heraus von Bill Rawls, einem Arzt mit Lyme-Borreliose: Ich nahm das direkt von seiner Seite ... und teile es, weil er es so viel besser erklärt als ich jemals könnte und weil es all das widerspiegelt, was John B. und Mel im Laufe der Jahre mit uns geteilt haben.

Borrelia reinigt das Blut schnell und nutzt seine Korkenzieherform, um tief in Gewebe (einschließlich Gelenkknorpel, Gehirn, Nervengewebe) einzudringen, wo es vor Antibiotika und dem Immunsystem geschützt ist. Es kann in Zellen eindringen, die Korkenzieherform aufgeben und innerhalb von Zellen leben, wodurch es Schutz vor dem Immunsystem und Antibiotika erhält. Wenn es mit einem vollständigen Antibiotikumangriff konfrontiert wird, rollt es in eine schlafende Zyste und reitet den Sturm hinaus, bis die Antibiotika weg sind. Häufiger Gebrauch von Antibiotika tötet normale Flora im Darm und in der Haut ab und erlaubt Überwucherung von Krankheitserregern wie Candida (Hefe), C Diff. und MRSA-Hautinfektionen. Antibiotikaresistente Erreger sind gefährlicher als die Mikroben, die Lyme-Borreliose verursachen.
Antibiotika wirken am besten auf sehr bedrohliche Mikroben, die sehr schnell wachsen und in örtlich begrenzten Bereichen des Körpers dicht sitzen (wie eine Lungenentzündung). Borrelien wachsen im Körper sehr langsam und kommen nur in sehr geringen Konzentrationen in Geweben vor.
Borrelia ist ein Meister darin, sich mit den Billionen anderer Mikroben, die das menschliche Mikrobiom bilden (die Summe aller Mikroben im Körper), zu vermischen. Überwältigend den Gastgeber ist nicht seine Mission; es muss einfach genug Ressourcen aufspüren, um zu überleben. Borrelias Tarnung ist niedrig und macht die Diagnose und Behandlung zu einer echten Herausforderung.
Borrelia kommt nie alleine vor. Es gibt viele heimliche Mikroben (Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, Bartonella, EBV, CMV, andere), die Platz im Mikrobiom einnehmen können. Manchmal treten sie als Koinfektionen mit dem Zeckenstich auf, aber sie können bereits im Mikrobiom vorhanden sein, ohne Symptome zu verursachen, wenn eine Infektion mit Borrelien auftritt.
Stealthy Mikroben, wie Borrelien (und auch die Co-Infektionen), gewinnen durch Beharrlichkeit, nicht durch Aggression. Sie können sich vor Antibiotika schützen, indem sie in Zellen leben und isoliert in den tiefsten Vertiefungen des Körpers bleiben. Häufiger Einsatz von Antibiotika tötet die normale Flora im Darm und in der Haut ab und ermöglicht das Überwachsen von Krankheitserregern wie Candida (Hefe), C. Diff. und MRSA-Hautinfektionen. Antibiotikaresistente Erreger sind gefährlicher als die Mikroben, die Lyme-Borreliose verursachen.
Eine Störung der normalen Flora durch Antibiotika und das Auftreten antibiotikaresistenter Pathogene führt zu einer signifikanten Darmmodernisierung. Da 70% der Funktionen des Immunsystems im Darm lokalisiert sind, werden auch die Immunfunktionen beeinträchtigt. Dies fügt dem Feuer Feuer zu einem Immunsystem hinzu, das bereits durch ein anhaltendes Tauziehen mit Stealth-Mikroben stark besteuert wird.
Mitochondrien, die Kraftwerke in jeder Zelle des Körpers, waren einst primitive Bakterien. Vor einer Milliarde Jahren wurden diese hochenergetischen Bakterien von Zellen höherer Lebewesen zur Energiegewinnung entführt. Sie wurden Teil von Zellen aller höheren Lebensformen, aber sie behalten immer noch bakterienähnliche Eigenschaften bei. Bakterienähnliche Eigenschaften machen Mitochondrien anfällig für Schäden durch viele Arten von Antibiotika. Dies kann der Grund sein, warum viele Menschen Müdigkeit bei der Verwendung von Antibiotika erleben.
Borrelien können in Biofilmen vorkommen, aber wie viel dies zur Resistenz gegen die Behandlung beiträgt, ist umstritten. Englisch: Möglicherweise ist die Wirkung, die Antibiotika auf natürliche Biofilme in der Umwelt haben, umstritten
Doppelpunkt. Freundliche Mikroben bilden Biofilm in der Schleimhaut des distalen Dünndarms und des Dickdarms. Diese Art von Biofilm ist schützend und für einen gesunden Doppelpunkt wesentlich. Langfristiger Einsatz von Antibiotika kann diese Schutzbarriere stören und das Risiko von Darmerkrankungen wie Colitis ulcerosa und Darmkrebs erhöhen. Dr. Rawls bemerkt auch, dass "... (gibt es) zwingende Beweise für die Behandlung von Lyme-Borreliose mit Kräutern mit antimikrobiellen Eigenschaften (mit oder ohne Antibiotika)." Also ... meine Antwort wäre ... wenn Sie sich entscheiden Um mit der Behandlung Ihres Arztes mit Antibiotika zu gehen, nehmen Sie bitte das gesamte Logos Lyme-Protokoll mit, um den oben genannten Darmproblemen usw., die Antibiotika hervorrufen können, entgegenzuwirken. Die meisten Leute auf dieser Seite haben sich dafür entschieden, dies ohne Antibiotika zu tun, und natürlich liegt diese Entscheidung ganz bei Ihnen. Auf jeden Fall dauert die Behandlung lange und Sie können sehen, warum, wenn Sie das obige lesen. Borrelien und verwandte Co-Infektionen sind sehr schwierig ... aber das Protokoll ist wunderbar, weil es all diese Faktoren anspricht. Olive Leaf Extract, der eine der Ergänzungen ist, ist ein natürliches Antibiotikum. Das bedeutet, dass Sie alle Vorteile ohne Nebenwirkungen erhalten. Es dauert jedoch eine lange Zeit ... und diejenigen, die konsequent sind, erleben Erfolg und Wiederherstellung der Gesundheit. Soweit es Ihre Kinder betrifft, kann ich nur auf der Grundlage meiner Aussagen und meiner persönlichen Erfahrungen antworten. Als mein Arzt mir erzählte, dass ich Morgellons und Lyme hatte, fragte ich sie, ob ich für meine Enkelkinder ansteckend wäre. Sie sagte, dass es keine Beweise dafür gibt, dass es sich um eine ansteckende Person handelt, mit Ausnahme der sexuellen Übertragung im Fall von Lyme. Sie sagte, dass die Fälle von mehreren Familienmitgliedern von ähnlicher Exposition waren. Passen Sie nur auf Ihre Kinder auf. Wenn sie Anzeichen dieser Krankheiten zeigen, nehmen Sie sie auf das Protokoll der Kinder. Soweit ich weiß, sind die Supplemente nicht so umfangreich, und bei den Kindern, die diesen Ansatz gewählt haben, wurde viel Erfolg verzeichnet. Ich hoffe, das hilft ... und ich hoffe, dass Sie weiterhin mit uns allen kommunizieren. Wir begrüßen Sie und beten für den Erfolg für Sie und Ihre Familie. Liebe, Karen



1:31:16 PM

Hi Hoffnung,

Willkommen im Forum. Ich bin so froh, dass Sie diese Website gefunden und entschieden haben zu posten.

Ich lese Karens erstaunliche Antworten auf Ihre Fragen und kann nicht viel hinzufügen. Nur um zu sagen, dass es mir persönlich besser geht als bei Antibiotika.

Es tut mir sehr leid zu lesen, dass Sie so krank waren, aber ich glaube, dass es hier Hoffnung gibt, dass Sie wieder gesund werden.

Mel sagt immer, dass diejenigen, die die Hoffnung nicht aufgegeben haben, gesund wurden. Ich hoffe, dass Sie sich dazu entschließen werden, das Protokoll zu beginnen und weiter zu posten, damit die Leute in diesem Forum Sie auf Ihrem Weg zum Wohlbefinden ermutigen können.



Hi Hoffnung,

Welcome to the forum. I am so glad that you found this website and decided to post.

I read Karen's amazing answers to your questions and cannot think of much to add. Only to say that I am personally doing better on this protocol than I was on antibiotics.

I am very sorry to read that you have been so ill but I believe that there is hope here for you to regain your health.

Mel always says that those who did not give up hope got well. I hope that you will decide to begin the protocol and continue to post so that people on this forum can encourage you on your journey to wellness.




12:41:55 PM

Here it is in German...courtesy of Google Translate...hope it makes sense to Hofnung.

Hallo Höfnung,

Ihre Erfahrung klingt vertraut. Ich habe Morgellons vor drei Jahren entwickelt, aber ich habe das Protokoll erst vor ungefähr 20 Monaten begonnen.

Ich bin viel besser ... bei mindestens 90% und manchmal fühle ich mich wie bei 95%. Ich glaube, es geht mir ganz gut, wenn ich nicht so viel arbeite, aber das ist meine Realität, und ich komme damit klar. Leute, die arbeiten, können gesund werden, aber es dauert nur länger.

Ich bedaure, dieses Protokoll nicht früher gefunden zu haben. Wenn ich damals (vor drei Jahren) gewusst hätte, was ich jetzt weiß, wäre ich mit absoluter Disziplin auf das Protokoll gekommen.

Wenn Sie nicht wissen, besteht das Protokoll aus Ergänzungen, kolloidalem Silber und einer sehr effektiven Substanz, die dieses Ding namens WPS tötet. Es gibt zwei Arten von Ergänzungen ... die Art, die Sie aufbauen ... Wiederherstellen Sie Ihre Gesundheit und Bioterrain und diejenigen, die diese Krankheit töten.

Sie beginnen mit dem Basisprotokoll und kolloidalem Silber (Ergänzungen können bei Logos Nutritionals bestellt werden) und dann können Sie nach einigen Wochen damit beginnen, die "Killers" (mein Begriff) hinzuzufügen, die aus der Protokollerweiterung (auch von Logos) und der WPS.

Es gibt auch etwas namens "Die Summe der Teile". Ich werde unten eine Kopie von einigen Ratschlägen machen, die ich in einem früheren Post geschrieben habe.

Ich hoffe, dass dies alles auf eine sinnvolle Weise übersetzt wird. Ich verstehe überhaupt kein Deutsch, und ich verlasse mich auf Google Translate, um es ins Deutsche zu bringen. Ich poste das Gleiche auch auf Englisch. Wenn Sie also ein besseres Übersetzungsprogramm haben, können Sie einfach die englische Version in Ihr Übersetzungsprogramm kopieren und einfügen. Ich verstehe, dass diese Übersetzungen manchmal nicht die eigentliche Botschaft des Schriftstellers vermitteln können.

Ich gehe jedoch lieber das Risiko einer schlechten Übersetzung ein, als beiseite zu stehen und nicht zu helfen, wenn ich kann.

Hier sind die Infos zum Einstieg:

Hier sind einige Schritte, um dies zu tun:

1. Verstehen Sie, dass es eine Lernkurve gibt und dass Sie nicht alles sofort verstehen werden. Fangen Sie einfach an ... zögern Sie nicht ... und dann werden die Dinge klarer, je weiter Sie gehen.

2. Gehen Sie zur FAQ-Seite und drucken Sie sie aus. Lesen Sie es sorgfältig durch, da es Ihnen die grundlegenden Umrisse dieser Heilungsreise gibt.

3. Fange an, das Forum zu lesen ... es gibt ungefähr eine Zillion Seiten hier ... aber ... sobald du mit dem Lesen angefangen hast, wirst du sehen, dass sich Themen wiederholen ... also fang einfach an zu lesen. Als ich das Forum gelesen habe, habe ich ein Kompositionsheft in meiner Nähe aufbewahrt. So konnte ich meine Notizen nach Themen ordnen.

4. Beginnen Sie jeden Konferenzanruf zu hören. Das ist wirklich viel einfacher als das Lesen und Sie erhalten viele gute Antworten.

5. Das erste, was Sie lesen müssen, ist über die Ernährung. Grundsätzlich ... die Kohlenhydrate verlieren. Diese Krankheitserreger ernähren sich von Kohlenhydraten. Die letzten drei oder vier Seiten im Forum haben Informationen über Keto ... werfen Sie einen Blick auf diese Beiträge und stellen Sie Fragen, wenn die Dinge nicht klar sind.

6. Suchen Sie die Protokollseite und bestellen Sie dann das Basiskit und etwas Silber. Fangen Sie gleich damit an.

7. Treten Sie den Konferenzanrufen bei ... Post im Forum ... teilnehmen. Diejenigen, die die beste Chance haben, gesund zu werden.

8. Beherzige deine Nerven ... erkenne, dass dies kein Fix für eine Nacht oder eine einzige Kugel ist. Es ist ein synergistischer Ansatz, den Sie oft als "Summe der Teile" bezeichnen. Mach dich organisiert und dann mach es einfach. Entspannen Sie sich ... Sie werden im Laufe der Zeit besser werden ... obwohl es auf der Straße definitiv einige Unebenheiten gibt ... Sie werden sich bessern und wenn Sie konzentriert bleiben, werden Sie sich verbessern, bis es Ihnen wieder gut geht ... eins und ein halbes Jahr oder mehr ... aber ... es ist definitiv machbar.

9. Erwägen Sie, Mel für Coaching zu rufen. Seine Einsicht ist von unschätzbarem Wert, und Sie werden den Vorteil seiner Fachkenntnis in Bezug auf Ihre spezifische Situation erhalten, wenn Sie mit ihm eins zu eins sprechen.

10. Wir sind alle zuerst erschrocken und überwältigt, aber ... Beweise unterstützen die Tatsache, dass die Menschen hier gesund werden.

Hoffe das hilft Höfnung ... Ich weiß das ist hart ... aber es gibt Hoffnung. Es gibt Leute in Großbritannien, die auf diesem Protokoll stehen, also weiß ich, dass all dies in Übersee versendet werden kann. Bitte bleiben Sie in Kontakt mit uns allen.




Here's my English response and I'll take it to Google translate to change it to something that will (hopefully) make sense to Hofnung.

Hello Höfnung,

Your experience sounds familiar. I developed Morgellons three years ago but didn't start the protocol in earnest until about 20 months ago.

I am much at least 90% and at times I feel like it's at 95%. I believe I could be completely well if I didn't work so much, but that's my reality, and I deal with it. People who work can get well, but it just takes longer.

I regret not finding this protocol sooner. If I'd have known then (three years ago) what I know now, I'd have gotten on the protocol with absolute discipline.

If you don't know, the protocol consists of supplements, colloidal silver, and a very effective substance that kills this thing off called WPS. There are two kinds of supplements...the kind that build you up...restore your health and bioterrain and the ones that kill off this disease.

You start with the basic protocol and colloidal silver (supplements can be ordered from Logos Nutritionals) and then after a few weeks, you can begin to add the "killlers" (my term) which consists of the protocol extension (also from Logos) and the WPS.

There's also something called "The Sum of the Parts." I'm going to do a copy and paste below of some getting started advice I'd written in a previous post.

I sure hope this all is translating in a way that makes sense. I have no understanding of German at all, and I'm relying on Google Translate to get it into German. I'm posting this same thing in English as well, so if you have a better translation program you can just copy and paste the English version into your translation program. I understand that these translations can sometimes not convey the actual message meant by the writer.

However, I'd rather take the risk of a poor translation than stand aside and not offer to help if I can.

Here's the info about getting started:

Here are some steps in the process of doing this:

1. Understand there is a learning curve and that you won't understand everything right away. Just get started...don't delay...and then things will become clearer as you progress.

2. Go to the FAQ page and print it out. Read it carefully as it will give you the basic outline of this healing journey.

3. Start reading the forum...there are about a zillion pages here...but...once you get started reading, you'll see that topics just start reading. I kept a composition notebook close by when I was reading the forum. That way I could organize my notes by topic.

4. Start listening to every conference call. That's really a lot easier than reading and you'll get a lot of good answers.

5. The first thing you need to read is about diet. Basically...lose the carbs. These pathogens feed on carbs. The last three or four pages on the forum have info about Keto...take a look at those posts and then ask questions if things aren't clear.

6. Find the protocol page and then order the basic kit and some silver. Get started on that right away.

7. Join the conference on the forum...participate. Those who do have the best chance of getting well.

8. Steady your nerves...realize this isn't an overnight fix or a single bullet fix. It's a synergystic approach that you'll often hear referred to as the "sum of the parts." Get yourself organized and then just do it.'ll get better over time...though there are definitely some speed bumps in the'll start improving and if you stay focused, you'll improve until you get and a half years or's definitely do-able.

9. Consider calling Mel for coaching. His insight is invaluable, and you'll get the benefit of his expertise related to your specific situation when you talk to him one on one.

10. We're all scared and overwhelmed at first but...evidence supports the fact that people here get well.

Hope this helps Hofnung...I know this is hard...but there is hope. There are people in the UK who are on this protocol, so I know all of this can be shipped overseas. Please stay in contact with all of us.





2:15:52 PM

I thought I would share my experience on the protocol and offer a few tips.

After contracting this condition I suffered with unbearable itching and so many sleepless nights. Once I went on the protocol and started taking WPS it was amazing how the feeling of something jumping at my lower legs and the itching dissipated.

I’ve been on the protocol for a year and half and would like to say that I’m well on my way to beating this - I feel great 90% of the time- BUT have had a couple of set backs, that I unknowingly, created for myself – one, I retired from my corporate job and was feeling so good that I thought I would take a part time job at a retail store because I thought it would be ‘fun’. Well, it was super stressful and after a couple of months and regressing in my recovery, I quit (thanks to advice from Mel).

Secondly, and most recently, I started having issues, and again, thanks to my coaching from Mel, realized it was from my diet. I had inadvertently been adding dairy back into my diet not realizing that dairy can create a fungal environment – which Morgellons can thrive on. A little cream in my coffee, ranch dressing on my salad, cheese with my homemade almond flour crackers – it all adds up.

I am so diligent with taking the protocol, WPS, and following a healthy no/low carb diet that when I was hit with this latest issue I freaked out. Thank goodness I was able to call Mel with my coaching time – I literally did not realize that dairy could exacerbate my issues the way it did and could kick myself for not knowing. I live in a very humid area of the country so it’s super important for me to not create an environment in my body to feed this condition.

I’ve tightened up my diet and am making sure that I include lots of anti-fungal elements – onions, garlic, etc. I snack on coconut macaroon cookies (another good anti-fungal) made with Stevia which I will share in the recipes section.

My advice is to really pay attention to your diet, stress levels and not get complacent when you start feeling better – always remember the things that can prolong your recovery – no matter how small - and consider coaching if you haven’t already – the comfort of knowing that I can call Mel whenever I have a question or issue is so reassuring – he understands, like no one else, what we are going through and that alone is worth the price of gold!

My best to all of you.



2:20:55 PM

Hello and Welcome,

I just wanted to encourage you to continue posting and stay connected. I hope you begin to join the conference calls on the weekend so you can speak to all the encouraging people in our community. Both John and Cheryl have given you valuable information, and it's just a taste of what is in store. I have experienced so much love and healing by connecting to Mel, the distributors, and several people in the community. My stress level has decreased a hundred fold! You are in the right place!

And yes, you will win the war! :)

"Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promises to those who love him." James 1:12




10:34:03 AM

Hello Help Me!

You have found the right place to be! Be encouraged by the words of those who have responded to your post.

This protocol works!! I'm just starting my 3rd month and can testify to this fact! You are so welcomed here!

You are among those who understand and care about you. Heed the advice given and take one day at a time, never give up hope!

God is faithful when we give it all to Him,
this I can also testify to with my entire being!!

Help Me, you are in my prayers.

By His grace,



9:29:57 PM

Hi Marilyn

Welcome! So happy you found your way here. I have been healing steadily for 4 months following the protocol on this website, counseling with Mel, eating properly, joining in on the conference calls, and gaining valuable information in the forum.

I continue to sleep on cotton sheets and wear cotton clothes and still have seen much progress in my healing, with less sores and itching. I contribute this to holding fast to the "Sum of the parts" laid out on this site.

I think Mel is your best resource right now. He can properly answer all your questions and assist you in your road to healing.

Blessed is the one who finds wisdom and the one who gets understanding...Proverbs 3:13



Laura (aunt)

11:28:38 AM

Welcome to all who will be reading this post.

I have been on this protocol for approximately 18 1/2 months. As of today, I consider myself in the 95% club. Many of the ideas shared here I have also practiced.

I purchased a small twin bed and placed plastic (usually used on baby crib beds)on my bed. I covered my pillow with plastic as well. I purchased two sets of sheets and would sleep on them no more than three nights (in the beginning) after spraying them with Kleen Green in the morning and a few hours before going to bed in the evening.

In the environment, I would spray the baseboards in the morning and evening with Kleen Green. In addition to this, I would use Odoban on the baseboards as this helped with mildew. (you may purchase this from Home Depot) Again, this process gets easier as you begin to heal.

The laundry was always my challenge and soon I began to purchase the jumbo size zip lock bags to keep my dirty clothes in. I would spray them with Kleen Green and place the in the bag. When washing my clothes, I would use Kleen Green, Borax, and a clean laundry detergent. Soak them in the washing machine with Kleen Green for at least 20 minutes before adding the other ingredients and restarting the wash.

This process is overwhelming in the beginning and does get easier. I once heard someone say this was harder than cancer to recover from. Thankfully I have not had to overcome cancer. And the worst part of this disease is the loneliness. But slowly I have restored my health and life.

Please do not give up hope. There were so many times when I thought I could not do it anymore. That is when I turned to the wonderful people of this community. Thank God for my three brothers in Christ; Mel, John and Peter who were there for me. And now, I am moving on with life. IT CAN AND WILL for you too. KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

"Ah Lord God! Behold, Thou hast made the heaven and the earth by Thy great power and outstretched arm; and there is nothing too hard for Thee."
Jeremiah 32:17

In Christ Love,


Laura (aunt)

9:56:54 AM

October 7, 2017 (Almost 10 months on Protocol)

My updates are a little late,
But it is time to let everyone know.
This month’s progress has been most tremendous
As my Faith in Christ continues to grow.

It was hard to accept in the beginning,
Although God was leading the way.
I cried and prayed through this journey,
And I pleaded He would take it away.

He listened and cried along with me,
But the truth I still needed to hear.
Understanding the message of His word,
Which is now in my heart and so dear.

This week I finally realized,
God has me in the palm of his hand.
And my healing has already happened,
I praise Him and together we stand!

I am eating a life changing diet,
Taking the supplements 3 times a day.
I can honestly tell at this moment;
This disease is going AWAY!

I PRAISE you my heavenly Father,
For the first cold I’ve had in over two years.
It shows my immune system is working.
So today I cry joyous tears.

I thank God for the people He has sent me,
Who are precious in every way.
I pray for them a special blessing,
With this journey they are walking each day.

I have learned through the truth in His scripture,
It is Faith that must remain in my heart.
Once I accepted the message he sent me,
There was nothing to keep us apart.

I know my journey will soon be ending,
Because this disease he is taking away.
There is a new life my Savior is sending;
I must accept it and continue to pray.

My God, through the grace of your love and your mercy,
Please continue to show me the way.
As I strive to live the truth most important,
Forever in my heart you will stay!

Amen, Amen, Amen!

*** There is truly a difference between Hope and Faith. For Hope is only the beginning; Faith is believing in HIS word.


Laura (aunt)

7:48:12 AM

Nineteen months on this Protocol

My latest update
On "My Journey Through Poetry."

July 25, 2018

I want to give thanks to our Lord,
For leading and showing the way.
Understanding the truth in his word,
Gave me strength to continue each day.

This journey has never been easy,
Many times I would ask; God, why me?
As I listened for answers to my prayers,
It was scripture he led me to see.

There are so many phases of this journey,
We must learn to accept with his Grace.
Each one is equally important,
As we strive to complete this long race.

For 19 months I followed the protocol,
Which has helped me to restore my new health.
In addition, I prayed to our Savior,
Who taught me the understanding of wealth.

I continued to post in this forum,
Realizing this was a significant part.
This community has many caring people
Who forever, will be in my heart.

I encourage you all to remain strong,
While looking for God’s holy light.
Perseverance and love kept me going,
Now the finish line is clearly in sight.

It is time to begin the next phase,
Because God has new plans for me.
I will always remember what I have learned,
And his message, for now I am free.


Laura (aunt)

10:58:57 AM

Dear Anna and Cheryl,

Thank you both for the most kind words. I truly believe much of this journey has been about God. The old me loved God and prayed. The new me is beginning to understand the power of his love and scripture.

I believe it is the sum of the parts which got me well. The "sum" included my relationship with God and the acknowledgement of understanding what is really important in life.

I pray for God to bless you both as you continue to move forward!

"Trust in the LORD with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding; in all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths" Proverbs 3:5-6

In Christ Love,


Donna M

11:18:24 AM

Hi Everyone,

I know I've been saying I would write my journey for some time now. It has been a work in progress plus I'm trying not to write a novel and bore everyone.

Today, however I will let everyone know why I named my thread the Red Cardinal and share some very good news. Hopefully I will complete the story of my journey thus far in the next few days.

First, the reason I named my thread, "The Red Cardinal" The red cardinal has a great deal of symbolic and religious meaning to me and many.

Birds, doves in particular, have long been a symbol of the holy spirit. Renderings of the holy spirit generally contain one of two elements, white light or red flames. The white dove represents the purity and peace in the light of the spirit and the red cardinal represents the fire and vitality of the living spirit. In addition, the cardinal is symbolic of the living blood of Christ. Both cardinals and blood have long been symbols of vitality, and in the Christian context, that vitality is everlasting. "By His blood we are freed from sin to serve the living God, to glorify Him, and to enjoy Him forever." Traditionally, the cardinal is symbolic of life, hope and restoration. These symbols connect cardinal birds to living faith, and so they come to remind us, that though circumstances might look bleak, dark and despairing, there is always "hope".

The Cardinal Color Red: is symbolic of: Vitality, importance, faith & power.

Cardinals can bring color and vitality into our lives. Their crimson color can remind us of the importance of ourselves as individuals in the circle of life. As the cardinal red color is symbolic of faith, so it can remind us to "keep the faith" though circumstances might look bleak, dark and hopeless.

Through my journey, I would often go outside and still do to pray. Although we live in town, our property has an abundance of oak and pine trees and needless to say many varieties of birds. We have lived in our home for 30 years and I truly loved it up until this point. (Ironically, I may have gotten M from bird mites, although I can't be certain.)

Back to the story... After praying I noticed a pair of red cardinals (male and female) flying. For some reason, they touched my heart. Some people believe cardinals represent visitations from loved ones who have died. My first thought was could this be a sign/visitation from my parents to console me? I continued to see them often, especially when I was feeling brokenhearted, sad and depressed over this disease. They brought me a great sense of comfort and renewed my faith. One day after asking God to show me a sign that I would be cured of this, I got in my vehicle and as I drove out of the driveway, a red cardinal flew right in front of my vehicle. I knew immediately that God had answered me - I would be cured!

Now for the (more) good news. In April, after being on the protocol for a little more than three months (by the week, I was at 14 weeks), I had an appointment with a doctor who treats lyme and recognizes M. (Thank you Karen!) I did test positive for Lyme and my CD57 was 50. The CD57 is a test for your level of immunity. The range for normal is between 60 -360. However, my doctor likes to see it at 120 or greater. I hate to think of what it was before getting on the protocol. In June (2 months later) the number increased to 64. Although this was an improvement in the right direction, it didn't seem significant to me. Fast forward to August 21, I was tested again. I am now showing no lyme bands for the second time, but I will be tested for this again as this is something that can reappear. But drumroll, my CD57 is 100, only 20 points from what my doctor would like to see!!! I have been feeling so much better, with virtually no symptoms and did not want to be overly optimistic, but the test results confirmed it. I feel I can say I am definitely in the 90% club and can't wait to see my next lab results! I have cried so many tears of happiness!

Thanks be to God, Mel, the protocol, my doctor, my acupuncturist, my family, priest and church family and to all of you in this community for your support, prayers and love. I will continue to pray for you as I hope you will for me, so that we all someday soon can say we are 100% cured!

God Bless you all!




>i>Donna M

10:51:43 AM

Hi Laura, Chris and Karen,

Thank you for your heartfelt happiness for me in my positive progress in my journey. I am so very grateful and look forward to completing my journey with all of you.

I hope I have encouraged all of you as you have encouraged me so many times. It's not an easy journey for any of us, but to get our health and lives back, it is so worth the effort and sacrifices.

"For with God nothing shall be impossible" Luke 1:37

Love and God Bless,



Donna M

11:01:05 AM

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share some news and update my journey. Last Saturday, October 13 I noticed I was getting a scratchy throat. I had gotten a scratchy throat in the past so I didn't pay too much attention to it. However, it was worse on Sunday and by Monday had turned into a full blown COLD! I was so ecstatic! I have not had a cold probably in a year and a half - I'm thinking since early 2017 before I got sick with Lyme and M. (I started with symptoms of M in October of 2017.)

My husband could not understand why I was so excited. I tried to explain that it meant my immune system was kicking in. To him this made absolutely no sense - if my immune system was so compromised why didn't I get every virus, cold, flu, etc. that I was exposed to in the last year? I tried my best to explain, but I did some research online and was able to show him that people with Lyme Disease rarely got colds or flu.

On October 9, I had blood work and was anxiously awaiting my results. On October 16 I was able to view my results on line. Some numbers improved while others declined but most of these were with tests that I had been having issues with since I began blood work in April. I will be able to discuss these issues with my doctor and see if any course of action needs to be taken at my next appointment.

Now for the good news. My CD57 (the test for level of immunity) is 140 which is 40 points above the test I had in August! My doctor likes to see it at 120 or above. This number plus getting a cold confirms that my immune system is definitely kicking in. Although I feel I am past the 90% mark, I am hesitant to say I am 95% just yet. After I speak with my doctor to address my concerns, and wait a few more weeks I think I will hopefully be confident enough to confirm the 95% but until then, let's just say I am beyond 90%. I still have some symptoms of M but I almost forgot - No Lyme bands for the third time. I don't know if this means Lyme is "gone" but I will discuss this with my doctor too. (However, for the few family members that do not believe in M, I will continue to say I have Lyme until M is completely gone.)

I am beyond excited and so grateful for these positive results. I hope that I have encouraged you, as you have me, in this journey but especially those who have just started their journey. If I can do this, anyone can. Be positive and believe in yourself!

I have many to thank but most of all - God, Our Heavenly Father. Have faith and trust in our Lord! I also want to thank Mel and his protocol who always reminds us to Never Ever Give Up!

Mark 11:22-24

22 “Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. 23 “Truly[a] I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. 24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

I am praying for all of you in this journey. God Bless!




Laura (aunt)

5:19:44 PM


As Mel mentioned, the protocol has evolved over the years to help address a variety of co-infections. In addition to this, I have found the protocol beneficial in restoring the integrity of my immune system.

Today I consider myself to be about 95% better than I was a year ago. What I have noticed besides overcoming the disease is; better digestion, better sleep patterns, and more energy to name a few. I attribute this to taking the protocol, changing my diet, and a stronger relationship with our Lord.

I have made the decision that even after completely restoring my health, I will remain on the basic protocol for the rest of my life. It just makes sense.

In Christ Love,


Laura (aunt)

9:59:02 AM

After the wonderful conference call on Saturday,
I thought the information here would further explain some of the benefits we get from Logo's supplements.

I encourage all new members dealing with this disease to focus on the positive benefits we are gaining by changing our diet and life style. In other words focus on the cure rather than the disease.

Today I have restored my health (95%) and am slowly moving back into living my life. I went through many phases and stages to get to this point. Mostly it took time, perseverance, and faith in our Lord. He definitely guided me to this website where people care and understand.

"Therefore, being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ" Romans 5:1

In Christ Love,



8:36:03 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

A question being ask at least once every week is...

Should I continue the protocol after I restore my health?

That decision ultimately lies with you.

I do have an opinion,since, as of this August, I have stayed on the basic protocol for ten years.
To be exact I take the basic protocol every day plus Adam's Vitality and Joint marvel as well.

Today I consider myself 72 years young for I have been blessed with a slow down in aging as well as the appearance of a younger man.

I feel great am still work over 50 plus hours per week.

Karen says I act like a six grader a lot of the time! HUM!
Oh well you can't have everything.

My point is, those of us who have stayed on the basic protocol are all enjoying extremely good health and are better protected against these TOXIC times.


Good luck God bless,

It's true, those who did not give up HOPE got well



2:24:00 PM

Hello Everyone,

I know there are many reading these posts for the first time, so I'll give a short recap of my experience to date.

I've been on the protocol for about 18 months now and have gotten progressively better overall though there are intermittent set backs.
However...most of the setbacks have happened as a result of my occasional slip ups with the discipline involved in following the "sum of the parts."

Sometimes my difficulty is diet...though those times usually don't last too long and I find that part pretty easy to direct back on track. The other difficulty can be getting in all the supplements on some days because with my working two jobs, sometimes I just get busy and overwhelmed with trying to get everything done and the day will get past me without my taking all the supplements when I should.

However...I've found that one to be pretty easy to fix since I started using Mel's twice a day protocol instead of a three meal a day protocol. So...with some effort, I've cleaned up those two difficulties I've been dealing with...and I've improved so much!

But my biggest difficulty has always been...the dreaded WPS. I call it "drinking the swimming pool water." I deplore the taste of it and that makes it easy for me to just talk myself out of it sometimes....well...a lot of times. I've always just done it once a day (at night) because it usually puts me into a kind of mild herx which is not fun to deal with at work. But...with working two jobs, I often get home late and by the time I do everything else, find myself nodding off and then...OOPS! Forgot to take the WPS!

I'd probably miss my one dose a day about three to four times a week.

Not an easy truth to admit...but...there it is. I can actually admit it better now because I've recently corrected that problem.

About three weeks ago, I made a commitment to myself to take it every day. If I'm home, I even try to take it twice a day.

I did this having mastered the other parts of the "sum of the parts" for several months. I know I've had a lot of supplements and healthy eating behind me, so my body was really ready to handle it.

I picked up at five drops a day and am now up to seven. I also brush my teeth and swish three times a week with WPS.

The first thing that happened was a herx that started and continued on for at least a couple of weeks. It involved severe fatigue, the usual "fun" skin issues amplified, headaches, stomach aches, sleeping problems, and just general malaise. I was having a very hard time of it and would have been really discouraged had I not noticed that during the course of this herx, my skin issues were gradually improving. As a matter of fact, the issues improved to the point where I began to notice that several areas were completely gone and the worst area was almost flattened out.

I had one good day about a week and a half ago, and then it got bad again...until...this morning!

I'd actually been able to sleep all night last night...and I mean good rest! No hot and weird skin sensations...nothing! I woke up this morning realizing this and just started thanking God aloud, saying over and again, "thank You, thank You, thank You, thank YOU!!!!"

I called Mel and told him...I can see it...I can SEE it! I CAN SEE I'LL REALLY AND TRULY GET WELL!!!!!"

Then the truth had to come out. I said..." know...that stuff really works!" What stuff asks he...and then I had to confess.

Don't think I'll need to repeat the lecture I got about that DOES work!

Now I'm loving it and almost kissing the bottles! I'm so happy!

I do know that this is not the end of it. When you get close to the end, I understand it fights back like the monster it is...but...with WPS I've seen the fastest progress I've had so far, and I've had a lot of progress over this last 18 months...but it's been really slow overall until the last three weeks.

I don't know if taking the WPS on a regular basis will yield the same results for everyone, but it sure did for me and I think that's because I'd built such a great foundation from having been on the supplements (and partially on the WPS) for so long.

Anyway...part of Mel's response to me spilling my guts this morning was..."So write a post about it!" I was kind of squeamish to do so because of having to admit my weakness, but he said..."Think of all the people it might help." Well...that's all it takes to get me it gut spilling confessional and the happy results from my corrective action.

So...go make friends with the two little WPS bottles, but please...please...PLEASE if you are reading this and you are not on the VERY careful with how you implement the WPS and how you take it over time. There's a way to do it, and you must be very very careful. Don't just read this and think...Yea!! Magic Bullet!!! It is magic in my opinion, but it's not an instant's a substance to hold in very high respect and use very carefully.

Hope this helps someone else.



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