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Healing Journey of Lady T

Healing Journey of Lady T

Lady T

7:31:44 PM

Hello everyone - wanted to leave a note that I am going to try and be offline as much as I can for the next three weeks - ;) and wanted to mention it in case it seems like I am MIA---
be back later in June and look forward to connecting then....
Lady T

11:22:44 PM

Hi nanna - glad your weekend is going great - I had a few minutes this afternoon and thought I would properly try and share a bit more info about CR- so no need to reply - this is for educational purposes as we all ponder and learn more in order to empower ourselves and equip ourselves with knowledge.

Okay - so it was Francis Bacon (17th century English philosopher) who advocated that longevity of life was related to frugality in eating ((note that He suggested a "frugal diet" whiich is no TJ same thing as not eating" ...))

and so some of the research (peer reviewed studies) show us that past researchers have found that in studies with animals -CR- calorie restriction (or calorie reduction) DID increase longevity and improved overall health (Sinclair & Howitz, 2006; Wolf, 2006; Guarente & Picard, 2005).

But here is the thing -
The restricted diet in CR must have adequate protein, vitamins, and minerals.
Makes sense, right?
So CR is only effective for helping health if we also have nutritional support (and if we are absorbing nutrients because we are NOT what we eat - we are "what we absorb from what we put in"

Also, some researchers found that longevity was increased by as much as 40% when CR (eating less) included adequate protein (need those Amino acids yo!) vitamins and minerals (Piper et al., 2005; Jolly, 2005).
CR was also found to "delay biochemical alterations" and might help provide neuroprotection for an aging immune system (Santrock, 2012; Bodkin et al, 2005; Sharma &Kaur, 2005).
Ward et al. (2005) found that CR slowed age related oxidative stress.

Well that was just a little bit more info about CR because it suggests maybe eating 30% less as opposed to eating nothing - and while we all have different needs - especially depending on our output - like think about how many calories Derek needs for his running!

And another aside here is that I sometimes think counting calories is not the way to eat -
Because some dense and rich foods are different sources of nutrients and a big mistake is to look at calories for the day - like if someone is trying to get 1200 calories - well it does matter what kind of calories those are.
instead - in my opinion ---
We should think of what we need for proper fuel for that day - and for hat week! - what do we need for energy, healing, and brain function! What do we need for higher stess days and what does our body like right now.

THe premise I like behind CR is that "less can be more" and in a culture where serving sizes are ginormous and where we sometimes eat a steak so large it could actually feed a small family - well we need to "lighten up" and seriously rethink portions

A few French people I know - they have their heaviest meal at around 2 - or midway thru the day - when the body can use it best! They also have foods with healthy fats - and they are healthy!!
I seem to now do this - I have protein shake in morn - with kefir - and then wing it, finding that one hearty meal for the day - not too late - is right what I need - and then other misc (like that healthy popcorn) and with all my "absorbable" supplements my nutritional needs are Met.

My spouse eats like a bear - where many times he can go all day with nada and then he feasts! We used to chuckle at how diverse we were because I have always been a "grazer" --- and was lightly snacking all the time - and then at dinner - I was full quick and juts picked - but would later would snack again!
I thought this was from years in restaurant work in college days - where we would eat on the go and graze - so I thought I had a tiny stomach - but I see there was more to my grazing - I believe it related to parasites and malsbsorotion!
Ann-Louise (health guru) once wrote about the year she was vegan! She said it was the hungriest year of her life! And she now promotes eating for your blood type and argues that some blood types need more meat - some need less to maybe even none.
Ann-Louise also had some amazing parasite info (in the 1990s in her book "your body knows best") and so I believe my grazing was from being off inside! And how I feel now proves it.

Because guess what?
After doing the major deep gut cleaning that came with recovering from MD - I eat a little more bear like! It is amazing!
I don't really feast for my big meal of the day - but I really like how I satisfied I am.

The best thing is that I do NOT need to graze

In hindsight I see that much of my snacking was related to parasites - critters I had long before MD kicked my ass!
And even though I cleansed on and off all of adulthood - and thank god for that - I see that I did some things wrong (like too short of certain gut cleansing because a week is a joke to some parasites that simply go into stealth mode)

and even tho I was always a healthy eater (never into chemicals) - I also believed the lie of "fat free" and had hidden candiaisis, which left me malabsorbed and snacking! I did not realize that the toast I had for lunch was perceived as sugar by body - and I guess my use of healthy carbs was more sugar - I never used table sugar - too smart for that - ha! But had fig Newton cookies - or one chocolate chip one- or a cin-raisin bagel - all this fed candidiasis ---/

I looked fine - and was doing yoga in the airport a couple weeks before I broke out with MD! And like Mr. CS - I believe if it were not for MD - I would have had cancer - and actually - I think the protocol healed something in my right upper chest that was off!

Anyhow - there are many robust studies that show that chewing, bruxism, and grazing can be related to intestinal parasites - I firmly believe that teeth grinding has s direct parasite connection - and the need to gnaw and chew has a correlation with specific nematodes! But even without the studies I am a living testimony as to how the chewing and grazing needs stopped - it all dissipated when I cleansed my inner pipes!

This physical cleaning of my gut was the best thing to ever happen to me health wise! Yes - it was even worth all the horrid nightmare symptoms - and to be honest - I believe this was the only way God could get my attention - and I graciously praise Him for it - and thank Him that I did not get cancer or other things first!

And so for eating nowadays - I eat when I am hungry!
And listen to my body! Yes, I have very limited options - but actually I don't mind. I know some disciplined people who choose to have limited options without illness and so I don't feel sorry for myself that I can't eat processed food - or certain things - and I find that some of the things I can eat are dense and rich!
Well the recent French silk pie that was in the fridge looked super good - and ok - I did take a chocolate curl off the top- tasted it, but then spit it out - ha! But as I looked at the pie I did not feel deprived because - well I don't know why / I am just a new me and I do not mind saying I can't have some things! And I might come back here and make the key lime cup stuff someone posted!
Oh - and another recent example -
We were setting up for a graduation ceremony a coupe days ago and folks were testing the coconut- Sprite- ice cream punch - I had to opt out - it was all sugar- and I could not sample to taste test it! And no one asked why- ;) but I am super glad to not have sugar streaming into my body - this can't be good for humans - to have this much access to sugar!

Anyhow - keep in mind on the journey that there is root stuff in your gut that takes time to eradicate. I think one of the reasons MD takes so long for some of us to heal from is because some of the structure of this pathogen gets imbedded in a root like structure (from my own tubular and root like samples that I passed and from what I Have seen others share across the web)

There is likely an invasive extensive root system and it takes time.....

It helped my perspective And cheered me up in some of the darkest and hardest days - to know that good health is worth the time!
yes it is! And because of MD - my personal health is closer to what I only ever hoped for - I feel so good and feel so grateful that a byproduct of this illness is a healthy me in my gut (where all health stems from- cos the mucosa lining of the gut must be freed up to allow the Immune system to fire and function))
Yeah baby!

Ok - more than enough for lady T -
happy Memorial Day everyone!
Stay strong and find some bits of joy in this day!
Thanks again for your comment nanna - and sending a hug to you right now!
"God loves you and he has a plan for your life that involves many great things - which includes making the most of each hour - even while afflicted - especially while afflicted!
Everyone can party and carry on when in the comfort zone - but when we move thru adversity we grow!
and when we overcome - we thrive!
we can end up BETTER for having MD
- we can have a more seasoned outlook - more appreciation for important things - more appreciation for Small things -
and more appreciation overall - and know that God will never ever give you more than you can handle - which is why he sent us a helper - the Holy Spirit - cos god knows we need help and we are strong IN him (((it sounds like a paradox but when we are weak he is strongest- and let's really find out what that means by growing closer to God right now)))

Peace to all!


9:50:57 AM

Good morning, Lady T!

Very interesting post and insightful observations on CR. I do find I often feel better when I do not eat at all during the day. I have naturally gravitated towards CR, but will be even more mindful of it in the future. I think you are dead on with many of your ideas on the subject.

The popcorn sounds delicious, by the way. It made me want to go right out to buy some. Thank you again for sharing your wealth of experience and information.....so appreciated.

I am having a great weekend.....my face and ear are both doing well.....thanks!

Lady T

11:41:50 PM

Just got the note about your ear purge - whew - and glad your hearing is back - and hope you have a wonderful weekend too!
Lady T

4:06:41 PM

Hi nanna -
I am back for part 2
I actually had to start over because I was getting sidetracked with too many rabbit trails! Oh this MD topic is layered!

So now I will just stick to what you replied with in your most recent comment.
Glad the teabag (aloe) helped - ;)

And when you mentioned eating meat - well Ann-Louise always reminds us that we look to our blood type and our family heritage to often see what our body needs regarding meats- I believe there is much to be said about blood type and meat consumption! Some blood types do better with red meat - some blood types do better with less meat- etc.
However - with a healing body - with a healing gut especially - we have to consider some factors - like red meat takes a long time to move through intestines - and all meat needs enzymes to break down and cos enzymes are usually in short supply for MD sufferers (((because pathogens can send out enzyme inhibitors - and we also have slime destroying enzymes and all this other stuff - and as we age we make less enzymes)))- well any choices we make should be based on what will help us heal!

- I cut back on the meat to help the GI-'but I made sure I had amino acids - and for a long time eggs were my huge satisfier -and always protein shakes -
but things changed often for my eating - but protein shakes are still a key thing for me (((and this was where my rabbit trail began because I started thinking of shari's recent reply that Mel posted a which I will get to in her thread later as I am able)))

Just remember that if you are on the protocol - you are getting nutrients from the wonderful products - and food does have a role as a human - because it can emotionally satisfy and also fills us up - - but we live in a culture of having too much food.

Side note - the nice thing about the protocol is that the vitamins that need to be taken with food are placed with a meal - there are little things like in the protocol that make it effective.

Anyhow - most people in 1st world countries eat way too much!

CR (calorie restriction) is something some people look at for longevity because even if healthy / the body needs periods of lighter food consumption and maybe even fasting
In years past - there were natural times of food scarcity which had other drawbacks - but it stopped over consumption!
Bottom line is we need to have times to free up the GI - this has nothing to do with dieting - it is more about realizing how food is fuel and then how and when we need this fuel in pipes that need healing!

And how much more can CR help when someone is sick!
But it takes this huge life change to rethink our view of food - it takes time.

The analogy that comes to mind is when I Used to turn down the TV for my boys - if I went from level 10 to level 7 they could not hear it! But if I turned it off for a while - and started fresh as their ears adjusted - the level 5 sounded loud!!
It is sensory adaptation and we have it with food too!

I know as a culture we know very little about CR and fasting - as food is so readily available - and with tainted food that satisfies less!
i know fasting can be done "incorrectly" (so we all need to use wisdom) but CR and light shifts of fasting is something I suggest every one explore more - which you might have done already with your years of exploring.
and I prefer what I call "supported fasting" - which is something that would take me too long to write about right now! But it is actually what we sorta do with a protocol that feeds us nutrients like this - and as we eat foods that do not feed this disease!

But to heal - the pipes of our GI need to be cleaned up and freed up - and the food choices for my MD journey changed over the months - i eventually had "less" meat - but think I got more from the little meat I did have because I was absorbing more and all that -

- I also made sure I took an HCL- pepsin tab with any heavy meal - which for me was once daily and not that heavy of a meal compared to what most people eat!

I also found that taste of food improved - less WAS more - and a few staples became an evening meal - like a big vat of TJ organic popcorn cooked in olive oil and with salt was so satisfying !
- on days I was needing more umph I added a little melted organic butter -'and it "worked for me"
in fact everyone in the house now asks me to make my version of this popcorn - and it has been a good fiber source - but also gives eating pleasure - and is el natural!
I also had a few "bites of dense foods" - like a few bites of roasts - few bites of savory Italian foods - and misc - and it was "a lot" and so satisfying!

Nana - it sounds like you have already been experimenting for years with foods with your anti candida diet - and sounds like you listen to your body - and the anti-candida diet isure s a tough one- whew - Diana from the site "my-RAdiary" talks about how rigid it must be to be effective - !

and so I look forward to hearing more of your story and how all this current stuff you do integrates with what you have done in the past! Your life experience will help many.

The other rabbit trail I got on that I had to edit - related to musings on where MD came from -
But that can be shared another time too!
my quick version is that I think MD has a fungal and worm/parasite foundation -
I think "mainly " those culprits are at the core and they lead to increased bacteria, virus, mycotoxins, etc. and they work with other coinfections or sources of rot (like maybe a root canal)
which then makes mites attracted to us - mites have been around since antiquity - and so have birds -
And so why all of a sudden do bird mites start to bother some people?
Because the person is decayed or has an odor or slime that attracts and hosts insects and microbes - bringing us back to the ubiquitous quote here about "the need to rebuild a healthy body terrain" - ;)

I think we get MD from a mosquito bite - because dog heartworm is only transferred this way - and that seems plausible!
or I think we get it from a tick bite -
maybe a water source -
and maybe even some get it from somebody breathing on food - where maybe the food handler had MD and they exhaled thru their nose and they shed a fresh and viable egg that landed in food - then someone ate it and then did not have the needed stomach acid in there to kill it and instead it found a home!
But my biggest guess is that it is was brought into the bloodstream via a mosquito or tick - ....:o(


Ok - hope your eye is healing up! And remember that any external sores are a sign your body is healing and fighting this off - so when you see these sores - take a deep breath and exhale slowly and think healing thoughts - smile and speak positive things that will release healing chemicals in the Body!
Have a great day!


12:52:08 PM

Hi, Lady T!

The bentonite clay I received had to be mixed with water and/ or apple cider vinegar. What a mess! But I used it on my face and washed it off with some peppermint soap and my skin felt and looked amazing. I have done it three times and am very happy! I am going to try to get the sonnes liquid....maybe not so messy?

Out of desperation I had put some hydrogen peroxide in my ear, followed by some sulphur ointment. I will not gross you out by telling how much yuck came out. Hearing is back to normal, thank goodness. I do need to add neem oil to my arsenal.

It's beautiful out today....have a wonderful holiday weekend, and thank you, Lady T!
Lady T

2:24:25 PM

Hi nana - I will respond more later (I am out of time for today) but wanted to chime in that whole foods has a nice ear oil / a few kinds actually -
And I also suggest getting a bottle of neem oil - and recall using it for so many things / including in the ears once in a while -
And sometimes when I would clean out my Sinus - the ear on my left side would itch like crazy / I think I was chasing things that way - but that for better -
And when your clay comes -if it is sonnes it can maybe help with this - even tho this stuff is inside and maybe not reachable thru the canal - but
I used to put sonnes #7 clay right inside my ear and around the lobe -//
it is s special bentonite clay because it is in a collodial state and other bentonite clays have good uses - but sonnes is unique /
And praying for you right now /
Be back later with part 2

9:57:35 AM

Thank you, Peter! I had ordered the entonite clay and it should arrive soon. i am now experiencing an ear problem. My ear feels severely clogged, but it is almost super sensitive to sound. Do you or anyone else have any idea what I could do to remedy this?

3:09:17 PM

Hello Nana

I just wanted to second what lady T has suggested.

She says:

"Once I really cleaned my nose and sinus area (slowly and gently) the face and eyes cleared up so much - my gut was also healing and so it was a combo - but keeping the sinus cleaned was key for face, eyes and forehead!"

I used the calcium bentonite clay on my whole face. I believe it is the safest way to treat around the eyes as it will draw out bifilm and debris from around the eyes in a safe way. It can be messy, so I found it easiest to apply and let sit and then wash off in the shower.


9:51:04 AM

Lady T.....thank you so much for all of the info! I did try the tea bags yesterday and aloe vera gel, and it definitely looks less angry. The edema looks a little better. I am going to get the bentonite clay as that sounds like a great product for our faces.

I have been lucky so far as this has been my only skin problem in months. I try to be super vigilant with my diet but do eat a fair amount of meat, as I have been on an anti-candida diet on and off for years, and always felt great on high protein/low carb. I had gotten lax the last few years which might be why I got M, but I highly suspect bird mites.

I so appreciate your response...so nice to have someone who understands! I am going to seek out the clay right now. God bless you, Lady T!

Lady T

8:42:53 AM

Hi nana - ;) -
I really hope that others will join in and add some tips regarding this because I did not have this specifically happen- and I do recall some folks mentioning "eyes" in previous posts so maybe - hopefully - others will have some tips.

But the first thing that came to my mind was clay!
- for my worse external sores - sonne's bentonite clay #7 was soothing and healing. It just needed to be reapplied every few hours and it is mild and gentle inside and out. It also helped with some inner nose sores when/if that was an issue.
So if you can get some - you can lightly apply it on and around the sore - it calms things down and can also "cover" a bit. Not ideal foundation - ha- but for fair skin folks it can be subtle - for darker skin tones it will stand out more!
- sometimes I could go out with a thin layer of the clay on my forehead - and would spot treat any sores with a thin layer of clay and it worked out fine.
Only a couple of times did I use a compact (foundation) to cover sores - I was afraid to and so even if people stared at me - I just ignored it - I had to! I know is it is tough when it is right near the eye - but we can downplay some of the sores - to others and to ourselves - and so when I was more relaxed about any sores I had - this showed in my demeanor and then people responded with more relaxation - for example - I had to meet up with someone and had two face sores - I said something like "I broke out again - so please excuse it.... - and think I said the food I think contributed to it" - and this put them at ease - because sometimes people feel awkward if we do.... But it is tough and I am sorry you have this to deal with-!! Hang in there!
I know you said the sore is "under" the eye - but because all of this is connected - I will note a few things relating to the eyes:

For example, JohnB wrote some good stuff about the eyes (think it was around Christmas last year and I will look for that post later) - but the biggest takeaway I remembered was to be EXTRA careful around our precious eyes! Extra extra - ;)

Also - many folks here love a drop or two of silver in the eyes - so that is something that could help as it would also trickle down towards the wound!

Now I seem to say this a lot here - but once I really cleaned my nose and sinus area (slowly and gently) the face and eyes cleared up so much - my gut was also healing and so it was a combo - but keeping the sinus cleaned was key for face, eyes and forehead!

Anyhow - when you look in the mirror at any broken out face - or right now at this raised red bump -keep telling yourself that "this will pass" and that "this is a sign that your body is healing and ridding gunk"
I know a counselor who says we engage the "healthy coach" in our mind (and silence the critic) by repeating TRUTHS! Like Peter does at the start of his day-
And so remind yourself (with the health coach ;) ) that your Body is "working"- and that you are strong and healing more each day! so instead of feeling stress to see a bruise and crazy sore - take a deep breath and force some positive thoughts - like I would actually sometimes pray over each sore and thank god for taking them away - it was empowering - and it just took a second!

And this might not be an issue for you - but my biggest face breakouts happened when I had certain foods (like sugar) and it helped me to say "no" to things after a face breakout - like key lime pie was something I indulged in and dearly paid the price in my face! Not worth it -
Anyhow - be sure to assess what you are eating and see if anything has "hidden" sugar - like some folks (including me) had slight accidental sugar intake from almond milk and did not realize there is "unsweetened" almond milk with zero sugar- and this made s difference!
so check things like that....

Look at diet closely because sugar and breads feed this big time!

Also - make sure you are able to get your sleep - I know my wounds always healed way better when I slept - and our immune system heals us then--

Some folks have had good results with castor oil (and a warm rag) placed on a sore - but would probably not do this near the eye region!

Lastly - and I am just thinking of this now - but black tea bags can sometimes help all the area around the eyes - you brew the tea - let the bags cool a bit and then place a warm one on your eye - and it has a cleansing effect -

in the early 90s I prevented conjunctivitis in my eye with black tea - the tannic acid in the black tea draws things out - and it also reduces puffiness from eyes - which Has come in handy for me while traveling (cucumbers never did much for me- but the tea bags have helped a few times) -
And rinsing the eyes with plain water can also help keep things flushed too - sometimes we minimize plain water (clean water that is) -

Ok nana - hopefully a few others will chime in and thanks for reaching out with your question. Please keep us posted or just check in often.

In closing - I pray for you nana right now - that this wound will not scar and that it will not interfere with vision - and I pray that in Jesus name you will be healed from this affliction!
I pray this for everyone who has MD disease and confections - I pray for stability and a sound mind!
I pray for wisdom as to what is used and not used- and I pray that we can bring every thought captive and that with God's help we can silence unhelpful thinking and learn how to tap into affirming thinking to help our body even more!

Be encouraged everyone - "this is the day the lord has made - let us rejoice and be glad in it" - let us find things to be grateful for and find the beauty in the moment - setting goals and staying the course - while also embracing this very day for the small beauty to be found - ;)

10:04:23 AM

Lady T....
I am new to the forum, but have been reading the threads for a while and am on the protocol. You seem to have such a good handle on things that I thought I would get your opinion.

Two days ago I developed a large red area of edema under my eye. There is also some bruising. It is unsightly and I am not sure I can cover it with make-up.

Did you ever experience this or have any ideas how to deal with it? Anyone else have this problem and have a solution for me? Thought I would ask a lady who would understand the whole make-up/vanity issue better than a man might!

But if Mel or Peter have some ideas, please chime in!
Lady T

3:35:39 AM

Oh thanks so much Gale! ;) and heart - !
And Peter - that was friggin awesome to read my friend!

And thx Sheila - I am actually taking a social media break right now (so I will be back more regularly in June ) -but I was winding down tonight and felt led to come here - and so glad I did - so thanks for patience !

((please excuse any long pauses frome me - and also know that I pray for all MD sufferers at random times - will continue to do so! Please stay strong everyone And keep seeking God's strength- you can do this)).

Shelia - I am glad you went back to read past posts - ;) because there is a wealth of info in these post threads and that is why everyone keeps reminding us to read here.

Now - to reply to the comment about the sores and what to do....
First - remember we are all different and so what works for one might not work for the next one.
Second, what works one week might not the next and things need to be changed up because this MD is resilient.

I am trying to remember different detail phases - i did write some notes - but the best thing I did was to take photos -! this was key for me because it kept a record for me!

For example, I was not sure when I started using the wonderful coconut oil/green tea and turmeric in my nose - but because I took a few photos of the gems I pulled out - I saw it was 3 months earlier than I thought! And cleaning the nose became even more of a priority when I realized there was sludge and worms in my sinuses. ((( I had some expensive dental work done and have a very old root canal, which could have contributed To my MD - or at the very least it has provided fuel for certain bacteria to inhabit the sinus (per dr. Weston Price's root canal research).

Anyhow- I feel like sinus cleaning was HUGE for me and so I want to just share again - after cleaning of the sinus - I would either Lube the nose with castor oil. Or some jojoba with EO (mild like lavender) - or lie in bed and put silver in both nose holes and make sure it went down! Or I would use salt rinses for periods of time....

I also stopped swallowing phlegm and mucous drainage. You might not realize how much we swallow from the sinus area (and chest) - but it can add up!
Some parasites come up from the lungs to hopefully get swallowed in order to reproduce (per the Fearsome Fauna book) - and when I started spitting all the time (sometimes felt like a dude who chewed tobacco- ha) well I began to see thin worms, hairs, chunks, and - yes - embryos!

For example, I cleared my chest and the stuff that came up was like any other phlegm, but it also had a chunk in it. On my tongue it felt like a small rubber blob- when I spit - it was bloody! Not bad, but was red. It was a fetus worm - I took a photo of it - but forgot to save it.
I carried around tissues and became very mindful to NOT SWALLOW. I believe that the daily MMS , MSM and other stuff can knock off many of these things - but it helped me to not swallow -

Sheila - for skin - keep in mind the need to flush out the sinus cavity - find safe things to use because we want to do no harm - but the sinus and nose is a major area attacked in MD.
So is the small intestine - and so is the large intestine - so is the liver - which was Likley clogged before this (Hulda Clark has some good info about the connection between certain worms and gallbladder and liver issues) - and I also believe the bone marrow is impacted - but that is why everyone here says to "rebuild the immune system" - immunity and health relate to the health of your blood and the box systems - and the really good news is that this protocol REBUILDS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM - woo hoo.

Sotry not to be overwhelmed at this itchy phase! It will pass!
I will never forget talking to Mel ((only talked to him twice- but heart)) anyhow - I was sorta where you are at now and Mel was so confident.
I needed that calm and casual - but it was hard to grasp cos I was in the nightmare.
Mel even said I did NOT have to boil clothes - whew - and so i stopped and that was nice!
and he said that the environment would clean itself up - but there was this disconnect in my mind because I was in the throws of it all and could not imagine what that meant!
The mounds, the patches and diverse sores, scratches!
the exhaustion, confusion, fear at different times and horror a few times - the not knowing and the constant eruptions -- yeah - so it was hard to even grasp "the environment cleans up as you get better"--
So NOW I see where he was coming from! Now I do!! Ha'
You know - That hindsight clarity ;)
and so as you heal right now - it might be hard to take a deep breath and realize that this will pass! But it will pass! You will get better.
It might be baffling right now to think the environment will take care of itself - I could not imagine that - but it does!

And so as you repair your terrain with the protocol - you manage symptoms on the outside - and I think you and I are similar in wanting to get the sores cleaned or killed !!
but try not to damage your skin too much - I know we all scar at different rates - and when we are afflicted we only care about relief - but please be gentle on your sores and your body! ;)

it is the only body you have- and when u heal from this - and you can! Well you want to be your best! And when you heal from this - you will have a strong body - which I think is good news!
And for when I managed sores....
I noticed that there are different kinds of sores. There were special mound ones that seemed to be exit sites for something in my bloodstream!
These exit site mounds were unique because they sometimes had a small line down the middle and then would form into a crater. When I would dig those out - they actually had a slight ring that would come off too!
A couple times when I left the sauna - about an hour later - under my skin would have red lines heading towards that kind of sore! I put clay on top and then made sure to shower (with dr b mint slow) after sauna!
I believe stuff in my bloodstream was stirred up and then headed towards the exit sore.' After I started drinking sonnes #7 clay (with colon cleanse by health plus- ((at night so it did not mess with protocol)) well the red lines never came back! Never.
But I was also moving along on protocol so I believe it was combo of things - but sonnes 7 liquid clay is very special and has physical properties that help combat this illness and it also gets rid of fungi and viruses!

- While I did "not" always mess with sores- I did lose hours of my life standing at The counter removing purging debri- feeling stiff from leaning or fatigued from hours there - when I probably should have slept because that would have helped my body more-!

Later on In my healing - I removed debris and purging stuff with a good warm shower and dr b's soap - but also had to watch the time I spent doing that.
For a couple of months in helping my skin- I had to use this covering of redmonds powdered benronite clay mixed with vinegar - and it was a Miracle for my skin! It was hard covering in it daily - but I did not work at that time!

Now for certain major sores - -I used my splash of DMSO to break them down and then would wing it on what else I would do - some days I would pack on some DE on top - I lovvvvve my DE (and I am careful not to breath it in - wink)
Sometimes I would dab on the DMSO - wait a minute - and then apply neem oil- or castor oil - or coconut oil! Always gentle and careful!
And then if the skin seemed to me messed with too much - I would skip the DMSO for days and use sonnes #7 to dry and heal the area - it took some thinking about - but we can get in tune with what we need - we really can.

Later in my healing - my arms were the big source of sores - I had a couple small face sores - because I was still getting the sinusses cleared - but it was arms that always had sores (and having pictures helped me see progress and even helps me remember now) - but I did "mess" with those sores a bit - like in hot tub or in shower / just scratched them off - and they would bleed a little, which was always nice because early on the sores do not bleed! (maybe the stage you are at) But as we heal our gut and clean out our blood and as we rebuild the terrain, the sores change and then go for good! Woo hoo.

For the itching - which was really only bad for me in the first few months - and it is miserable I know! Well I took different baths and covered in stuff - as noted above with the powdered clay and vinegar -
And sometimes cover in baking soda -or borax (just smoothed it on - waited - then- got dressed -) not ideal if you have to go out -but I also believe this is why I had wayyyyyy less fibers.

There were also different things I'd try - like one month I would cover all of my skin with now foods oregano oil! Hubs said I smelled like spaghetti! Ha! It was good for about a week - then I had a week or two of covering my skin with neem oil! I thought it was the magic answer and bought a bunch of bottles - but the slime that was inside of me had to be eradicated! The neem oil days were the stinkiest phase for sure - but it worked and led to some calm days!

But just snore the itching waned the more I removed the sludge within!
The sludge within you is a layered mix of gunk getting expressed thru the skin. It might attract stuff in the environment and it might be pouring out from your innards (because the skin is an organ that does this) and so this is why I think the many cleanes I did early on (my first 4 months) helped me so much!

I first did a 21 day Kroeger herb candida cleanse (bought the kit and faster lightly) - I then did a two week MSM (sulphur) cleanse (while supplementing) - I did ten days of drinking DE (passed a fan like object and all sorts of stuff).
Side note - which I will say again and again-
A mistake I made early on was to not use the sonnes clay and colon cleanse (from health plus)- argh! I had used the combo many times before, but just forgot about it- and never realized how powerful tbe combo was!
Anyhow -
I also tried some other herbs and the in my fifth month (I think) I did a very long MMS (CDS) cleanse (from Jim humbles site), which led me to Mel's protocol (the search term - "how Mel used mms") -but for about a month I used mms so aggressively (like sometimes on the hour - as noted on Jim's site - and I really think it stopped being effective for what we have -I will have to share why I think that some other time- like I think our sludge and gunk just go into a protective mode - and then we also need immune system repair) and a month of it like that obviously did not fully heal me!!
so when it comes to MD - MMS is only one part of the recipe for healing - and i like how Mel and those here have now determined (spring 2016) that mms is more effective when used twice a day with the full protocol.

Ok Sheila - thanks again for your reply here and so sorry it came right when I am in my break mode!

Stay strong - but also process through your journey - like use journaling - get some counseling books - or see a counselor if that is available or something you might like.
I know Shari (from this forum) saw a therapist and one of the things Shari wrote about here was how she had reached the point to where she was no longer saying she was sick - she was no longer exusing things saying "I am sick" and she was moving into a new mindset! A more empowered one and one that was not identifying with the being so sick!
However - let me point out that it was because of where she was at! She was MOVING ALONG on her journey and it was time for that new mindset!
But for some of those with MD - they need to just feel - still stay resilient and get back up - but they might need to just vent and cry and curl up and say "I have one freaky illness and I am very sick" or they have a meltdown and then take a deep breath and say - "ok - I feel better and I can do this....."
- and during the really hard phase it can help to cope by saying "ok - I am in crisis mode and so I need to stay stable and respond appropriately" or say "this affliction is very major, and as a human I feel and this hurts and drains me -and so now I need to strategize"
And Sheila - people usually stabilize within 90 days in protocol - so hang in there!
And during these early draining days (and the later days too) we take it one afternoon or night at a time! One hour at a time!
During the early phase we remember that we CAN cope even if we have to find unique support systems -
and did you know that some studies say the biggest benefit of expensive therapy is the feeling of having a support system - and of course the Good therapists can give succinct advice or share their training -and so that benefit is great - but my point is that we can find many ways to cope and we have to "hunt" for support systems - but this is more normal than we realize!!

Many people find comfort reading in the book of Psalm because David had so much anguish and his meltdowns with the lord can help us process and heal emotional! sometimes just by reading King David's arduous life journey we can share and cope that way! Or read about Paul in the New Testament and his coping suggestions! Oh yeah!
We also have the holy spirit inside who comforts us and keeps us stable and rooted and grounded!
Well it was exciting to read that Shari was no longer in the "I'm sick mentality" - and some folks who live the victim role too long REAlly do need to put their flesh down - or adopt a new mindset -
but other times we need to fully embrace that we are very sick - and that MD is sucks and we need to just feel - identify and own the hardship - warp our heads around it - and then problem solve and make goals for action for that day - for that week. Etc.

On some anguish filled days - just do what you can for that day! Come share a recipe on the forum - listen to conference calls - read back posts - watch a funny movie - read self- help books (my fav!) - and do not be "too proud" to ask other people for tips or advice- because we do not have to reinvent the wheel when others might have key stuff to share!
the more you "work through" this illness and "Cope as you go" - the less "post traumatic stress" you will have when remission comes.

I could go on, but this is reply is at a nice stopping point-

Be encouraged - never give up - feel - and then move into objective mode!! And may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing that you may abound in hope and in power through the the strength and power of the Holy Spirit inside you!

6:51:13 AM

You're a super star Lady T. You are so generous with your time and information and it is so much appreciated. xx

9:35:04 AM

Hi Lady T....I apologize as I did not realize you had already explained what you did for your skin in Kelly T's post. No need to reply to my first post as you explained it all perfectly well in your post to Kelly T! You mention that the face tends to break out midway to the end of MD and I am getting them more now than ever so this seems to be true for me as well. Anyway, TY for being so informative and for taking the time to share with others.



8:38:45 AM

Hello Lady T.....Wow! What a journey! Ty for sharing your story it is very helpful to me as I am sure to many others who are new to Mel's group and people like me who are just beginning the protocol. I wanted to ask you about what you used to help heal the lesions on your face and everywhere else but I am mostly concerned about my face. Last night I had a lump on my right cheek and when I pulled on it I pulled out the longest thing and it had all sharp edges and a long sharp end like a tail. I don't know if this is fungus or what but these things are literally encysted in huge lumps all over my chest, neck, a few in my face but my fave itches like crazy it feels like millions of tiny mites under my skin. I realize that until each and every parasite comes out of each lump, the sores will not heal. I do have sores with deep layers like what Mr. CS mentioned on his website. It's awful bc they will not heal no matter what I do and I am not sure if I should pick the stuff out or leave them alone but if I don't pick them out they will most likely be here forever bc they stick like glue to this neon yellow substance which I have determined must be biofilm. Have you found any remedy to be helpful with healing lesions? I began the protocol on Monday but that's another story for another time. Lol



3:29:44 AM

Dear Lady Truth

You are a friend to this community, and I would like to thank you. There is great wisdom in your posts. People will read them and will learn so much from them. Wonderful!

You remind the newly afflicted that they must have the deeply felt belief that all will turn out well. You tell them to have faith and to rely on their ability to overcome challenges. Then you arm them with the tools to do so. Remarkable.

You teach what is required to move through suffering. You stir their will to do so and to muster the inner strength to carry on. Heartfelt.

You instruct them in how the science behind the miracle delivered by Logos becomes instrumental to treatment. Then, your testimony and remission convinces them that it is real.

Lastly, you demonstrate that they must have patience to learn the lessons that will heal them. And you affirm for them that you have genuine love in your heart.

You understand Morgellons in so many ways. Keep giving precious knowledge. Your love is our teacher!

With sincere regards,
Lady T

12:31:20 AM

Hi Kelly T
Thanks for the feedback and question!
I hate to always have such long replies here on the forum - but I have just learned so much about this and feel honored to share!!
It helps me to itemize - so I guess I will give you ten thoughts for my reply! No need to give a follow up - this is just FYI-' ;)

1. moisturize from the inside out!
We do want/need to apply topical stuff - but skin is mainly hydrated from the inside out! In 2009, I started taking sonne's cod liver oil and calphonite (it is their version of the logos omega caps and magnify-cal). And guess what? I stopped having to buy my yearly bottle of Clinique moisturizer! And my skin looked good!

I know some folks who take oils just for their skin - like vitamin E caps and even using more EVOO. In 09 - I went from super dry face and chapped lips to never buying bottles of moisturizer nuts with a teaspoon of cod liver Oil! So we hydrate the body (cells and skin) from the inside out first - and topically second! I got rid of all plants -felt I had to with MD- but would use fresh aloe at my mom's and that is amazing for the face too!
Also - my mom always internally takes flax seed oil for her skin- but for me - that cod liver oil helped.
I still use pure lanolin for lips and a thin layer on hands.
So keep in mind that you are getting the omega oil from the protocol - but at drier times maybe experiment with internally adding GOOD oils to see what your body likes.

2. Water in balance.
I still believe that some people drink too much water (those of us that can chug it) and while most need to drink "more" - oh yes - some of us might have over done it!!
for me personally - I drank way too much (cos I can chug it) and I likely was flushing out the little oils I had! I am sure the excess water kept my urinary tract extra flushed and had some perks - but really balance is the key!

I do not drink water the way I used to and I am hydrated more! On MDA site I also learned how we really hydrate the body - it with oils- salt - and minerals - so the cod liver oil was not the only thing hydrating me when i was rescued with it - it was the calphonite too! And so as people heal with Mel's protocol - eventually the omegas and magnify-cal will start to express itself all in the skin and face! it does soooooo much for the whole body!

3. Dry skin is sometimes a-ok with MD
I have read so much across the web about MD and Lyme- and cannot give credit to so many sources- argh - but I try to when I can. Anyhow - once read some info on how certain skin critters are thwarted in growth when the skin is a bit dry (not forever / just some days while healing)-
Also - I think early on I had less skin issues because of what I did with daily baths that cleaned and dried!
A lady on a forum said she had better results with dry skin cos the Lyme worm (or other eggs and spores) needed moisture to thrive! I just experimented - had days of going dry and days of using lotion/loil!
I would problem solve every day!
What does my skin need right now?
Did I rub my forehead too much and does it need a break with soothing coconut oil - or is it bumpy and does it need some drying and a light rub?
(Side note, like Sheila just shared about messing with her sores - I did this early on/ I spent too much time on sores and bumps early on - picking and I guess trying to help them get off - hours at the counter - and in hindsight I should have slept or rested!)
A most miserable time for me was when kinda near the end - in a final phase of healing - when my forehead was loaded - I would wipe my hand across it and get little pop noises - small and large bumps for a while -and a stubborn one right in between my eyes (have a yoga story about this - cos the sore was near the "third eye" part of the body, which is a supposed spiritual center. This one yoga teacher applied essential oil to everyone's forehead at the end of class and when she did mine - she paused and looked weird... I think she sensed the imbalance - then the next time I had her she said she was skipping the oil for that day! Never had her again since,'but I wonder if she sensed my affliction - cos massage therapists can feel heat at the site of knots) -

Anyhow - I often let my face skin go a bit "dry" and yes - it had some wrinkles and was not my freshest look - but who cares during healing! I am not sure this would have helped in early phases of this illness - but this was near my ending time and it was also when I got the lightbulb about cleaning out the sinus nesting source! Cleaning thie sinus aggressively (but safe) was key for everything, especially the face.

4. Explore and experiment!
As we mangage symptoms while the protocol does its work- I changed up what my face (and Body) needed. Early on it was wonderful coconut oil!
Early on I also made oil mixes! Like grape seed oil (cos it soaks in) with DE added and some lavender essential oil (EO) and maybe a drop of neem or drop of oregano.
I used borax directly on my skin and never ever had a problem - but it is very drying and a bit abrasive so i used it less and less - and then not at all - but do believe borax early on was key for me.
I Really was glad I read that post about how dry-ish skin helped a lady and then she also said the MD/L critters liked bone! They traveled along bone! Hm -

5. The final four months of the major healing of MD for me involved a "dry" and less moisturized face! Just had to do it. I would wash with dr bs peppermint soap - mostly twice a day - once in shower and then before bed (I would wash my feet and face with dr bronners mint soap before bed and it helped) Unless I went to gym - I would let pool water stay on my body and go to bed.

If my skin felt a little dry -- on some days I would spot treat with castor oil - around eyes - in nose - hairline.... Or I would put an entire layer of castor oil on whole body and face and gentle wipe some excess off so face felt lighter.
Other days I would address any slight breakouts! Sonne's #7 is wonderful for raw sores! Also liked powder benronite clay with vinegar for some phases.
but note: dry skin can be ok at times -
once during a full moon - I washed my face twice - and then lightly dried with a thin layer of 50% alcohol! Amazing good!
Then about 5 minutes later- I put on some DE- just a dab - waited and then after that applied a tiny layer of coconut oil.

If it all sounds like too much - keep in mind I was more in a routine and just like we get used to taking our supplements - I found that checking what my face needed (and keeping hands cleaned with alcohol or covered with a barrier) just became routine.
And then as I got healithier, It was this subtle getting better! I realized I had not checked my hands all day! Or i would come home and realize I was out for three hours and did not dig into my purse even once for something.
Or I was not itchy - ahhh - or I would come home and not have to run to shower - I was getting better!! And those days will come for all who are healing up - so be patient!

6. A little DMSO talk

I have mentioned DMSO in post replies before - and as Peter noted it is a solvent! It is used in transplants and In horse care to help deliver stuff through muscle and skin! DMSO, is made from tree byproducts and it penetrates the cell wall.

On YouTube there are workout gurus who use DMSO for muscle recovery - they just lightly use it straight from bottle. I find that interesting.

I first heard about DMSO from a couple on YouTube who had MD - they made a skin spray with a mix of things and added a few drops of DMSO to help delivery! Then - this other sweet guy online uses a drop of DMSO and a drop of peroxide to shrink his tumor! But the guy does not know about ridding pathogens And restoring his terrain - and so he is not fully getting well!
All this to say that DMSO is used by folks everywhere! It is also a secret ingredient in many cosmetic and skin help products! - DMSO is a helpful,
however - it is A solvent! So it needs to be used with care! The team here at Mel's protocol do NOT think dmso is needed for healing - and I respect that cos it is another wonderful example on how they err on the side of caution!
So I am NOT necessarily suggesting It now (smile), but I am sharing how I found it helpful for me in very small amounts. The founder of MMS (Jim) also has tips on using DMSO with mms-
Very early on I used a bit of DMSO in my essential oil baths and foot soaks - think it helped, but not sure.
Side note, I would alternate my baths too: borax and baking soda: neem oil and olive oil; plain essential oil; Epsom slat; and even alfalfa - (and FYI - alfalfa never worked for me like the supposed lady who had her cat drop all those alfalfa tabs into her bath and she was miraculously ealed -not the case for me).
But for MANY months, my daily bath soak was helpful - boring sometimes - but I jammed to praise songs - 80s jams - etc- and it was what I needed at the time - and I do think it stopped some stuff.

Back to closing thoughts on DMSO!
I tried the liquid and the gel - and did like dmso for stubborn sores!
in the last six months of my healing - I used it in small amounts because it penetrates sores! It has a slight sting - for a few seconds -'like sunburn- but I found it helpful when used lightly!

I would look at my face (or arms and body) and ask what is needed right now. Some people on this forum say the face gets the worse mid-way to then near the end of your healing phase- this was true for me.
This is just an example of how i used DMSO.
one day had a mound starting on chin - had bump on cheekbone and those slight pimple bumps on forehead and side of brows.
I would wash face w/peppermint soap. Dry.
Spot treat the mounds or bumps or pimples with a touch of DMSO - let it settle in. Now this alone would break down the cell wall of pathogens - and would have been enough! but DMSO is also a carrier for other solvents - so I would decide what to do next -(god would show me....)
And sometimes right on top of the sore/bump, with the DMSO, I would Dab on some DE powder - let sit - then cover All of face w- coconut oil - ahhhhh! So nice! Other times I would add neem oil to the spots - or whole face. Or castor oil !
So yes, DMSO needs to be used with care and a little goes a long way, but might be worth exploring.

Change it up.
We all know that changing things up helps manage symptoms because these critters morph! So as you look at your skin overall - think about what is going on with u for that week and that day! New strategies are a must.
unrefined coconut oil is a constant help item because it brings stuff out and moisturizers a bit.
Other items can be rotated in to try- like I heard some folks here in this forum had great results with mineral oil - I did not - but I did like it for some things (like a hand barrier at times - makeup remover - etc).
Castor oil is great skin cover to alternate because of its special properties - and even though heavy on face - it never seemed clogging! Also - a little goes a long way!

I still make my own oil mixes - like i use 1/2 teaspoon of DE - a few ounces of olive oil - or jojoba or grape seed oil - my choice of essential oils - nothing strong if for the face - but these little mixes are fun and effective! Or u can leave out the DE.

I also took a leftover bottle of castor oil - it had like 1/3 castor oil left - I added mint and lavender EOs and some olive oil! I carried it in purse for hands, arms, elbows - even feet!

I also love sonnes #7 clay for calming/drying/purifying the face - apply thin layer of sonne's clay - let dry for a while - wipe or leave it - and then i would apply thin layer of coconut oil oR even open a vitamin e capsule and spot treat areas!
Changing up what I used always made a difference.
Lastly, I love
Avalon organic lavender lotion.'I found it at very end of my healing journey - and rotated this into routine with a freshness.
This lotion is good for face, hands, even a light coat on hair ends was like a smoothing serum. It smells so good.

What I don't use on my face (and in general)
I do not use sunscreen- but might use natural formulas with zinc when I want some.
I do not use store bought face moisturizers - yuck!
I do not use any prescription drugs or creams - and will try not to ever. So many are made overseas and could have contaminants!
I don't use mms every day anymore - but will take it once in a while when I feel led. And might take it daily later - I do use mms to purify doggie water and to purify the Keurig water.

9. my aftercare.

in my "after care protocol" - which is still being tweaked- I take six thymic formula per day (2 tabs 3x a day) and mix up the rest - I drink kefir With added acidophilus - I take sonnes cod liver oil again and the calphonite -but think I actually now like logos omegas and Magnifical better - not sure.
I take the sonnes clay at night with fiber to help ensure the deepest stuff is still moving out- and take other misc stuff -'like a morning proteolytic enzyme - sometimes garlic capsules - or kelp - or my greens and Beet mix! I take HCL with my main meal- esp if meat!

I also make smoothies too - but have to watch fruit.

Oh and I have a nice custom drink I Make for my hot yoga class. Remember I used to bring an enormous bottle of water (cos I used to chug way too much of the stuff - which in hind sight I see I also was so thirsty cos I had malabsorption and my systems were imbalanced and cells were starved). Now I use a 12 oz water bottle (so small for moi - but fits the new healthier me)m- I add one emergenC - dash of vitamin c powder - dash of b complex - dash of niacin - and some flax seed oil - (for my skin! Cos we moisturize from inside out) Sometimes I drop in one blackberry or a strawberry and chill until class.
My favorite breakfast - in my aftercare mode- Is a big vanilla whey isolate protein drink - I add some l-lysine - half capsule of logos dig. enzyme - and maybe a dash of amino acid powder and mix with soy or almond milk - I add a splash of kefir too sometimes. I make it frothy and it is fantastic! Drink it slow- then have Cup of coffee.

Well Kelly T, I know this is a lot and I think you know I am just trying to share "extras" here because this entire website is a future resource for many people! Let us all keep that in mind as we make time to share. Because thousands of people get this each month and we can try and "pay it forward" :) so once you are healed (and hang in there because you can do this) well maybe you can share some lists of tips too!
my hope is that the little time I spent sharing misc here will maybe equip or empower someone!
Thanks again for your question Kelly and best wishes on your healing journey.
God says "call to me and I will show you great and mighty things" and he also is a god that works all things "for" good. Romans 8:28 - where all things work for good to those who are called according to his purpose" and so folks - what you are going through is not in vain- but it can have many good fruits with amazing outcomes! Bring every thought captive and use this time to ask God to reveal himself to you more and more - and he will lavishly give you insight and wisdom. Be encouraged and "stay the course"

Kelly T

11:32:43 AM

Thank you Lady T.

for your inspiring story and tips.

Could you tell me what you used for washing your face, and moisturizing your face, as well as your body. I find Dr. Bonner's great for washing my body, but extremely drying for the face. I just don't know what to wash my face with, and what to use for moisturizing the face, and what to use for the body.

Thanks so much!
Lady T **

5:44:34 AM

Hello everyone,

I am not really sure how to best share my healing journey right now. I have already shared tidbits in many post replies. So I thought it best to start the "Lady T" thread by sharing ten things.

1. I got MD in spring 2014. I usually stay away from doctors as much as possible, and have been very successful with natural remedies for things in past; However, this was so freaky I sought doc help right away!
I saw a few doctors (at a small clinic and then two at a high end place) all while researching online and trying everything and anything.
I felt respected with the docs I saw, but realized I was getting nowhere. I put my foot down when I was prescribed steroids and another permethrin cream- long story - but it just felt wrong. I know that God was leading every step of the way! I did multiple intestinal cleanses the first few months including a 21 day type of fast with Kroeger herbs (I was scared and highly motivated) - I also soaked in baths daily for months and months! And I hate baths! But I believe this early stuff helped me to not have major fiber loads - and had other perks - big time! but it was not enough to fully eradicate this illness. That summer, I found out about MMS from a wellness video - and then later found Mel's site - I was skeptical that Mel's protocol was a business promo thing. I finally decided to try it.

2. I started Mel's protocol in late fall 2014. At the time, I felt like I was already 80% better. I Was shocked by how fast Mel's protocol brought results and i was really doing well! i assumed it was from my other cleansings and So I minimized the role Mel's protocol played. I decided to go off the protocol because symptoms were gone for a while.
I Booked a trip to FL to see family and life was good. Then I got down to Florida and symptoms were back again. ??
The daily sauna likely brought out dormant stuff - or the mold and whatnot all around might have done it too - My hubs says FL is a swampy breeding place!
I had some protocol stuff left and so finished it when I got home from FL - / but when it ran out - I really wanted to try other brands / like natures way, new chapter, and now foods. I wanted to see if I could customize my own protocol (like mr. CS) and it was nice at first, but became annoying! And my protocol was NOT as effective! But I learned so much....

3. MY final healing phase came right after a temp job ended in fall 2015 - I was back on Mel's protocol - with the addition of sonnes #7 clay and health plus inc. colon cleanse at night (helped clean my small intestine and I passed so much stuff).
I also began cleaning out nose/sinus as much as I could (wish I did sinus cleaning sooner) and after a few months of this i could clean nose once a day.

4. Right now, I am mostly symptom free, I still get some scratches - less and less - but if I get any - they heal within 1 to 3 days! i did some gardening (which I never thought I would be able to do again- and actually I will only do very minimal garden stuff for a long time) -so after I Gardened - I had one small, thin scratch on my knee - (? It was covered with pant) but the scratch was gone in a day - and had a nasty scratch on my neck! I was wearing gloves and sleeve, but forgot about that area! So something in my yard still triggers something in me. however - it was a huge success to even be out there!
Right now, I still need to have a couple of nights where I get a good ten hours of sleep. At least two per week!
I feel super worn out if I don't. And look it too. I am in my 40's and believe I have aged gracefully (thank god for that) but after this MD- and likely Lyme - I start to look rough if I do not have those couple of nights with ten hours! Not always - but I can't get away with skipping sleep like I used to before all this! Sleep is such a beautifier and wonderful healer!

We all know how Important sleep is- It reduces irritability and sleep is when our immune system heals us - it is also when the brain cleans neurological mess and so with healing up any immune system illness - like MD - sleep is crucial! I know that many folks in the rough part of this might have trouble sleeping - but it is because your system is out of whack and your hormones and enzymes are all off - and other things need to be removed and there are byproducts from that - so hang in there because as you get well - sleep gets better and better!

5. For the past few months, I have been on a maintenance protocol. I am not sure what the after care protocol is for folks - but I tweaked the basic protocol.
However, this next month (May) I am actually going to do a month BACK on Mel's full protocol again- This last month (April) was a grieving month for our family - we had a few losses and I know it put extra strain on me -I am doing well - but want to fortify my immune system as much as possible!
i also Had candiaisis and this needs to be watched for a while more (still learning) but many believe that adults are vulnerable to MD c because candidiasis leads to leaky gut and mal-absorption, which then allows MD to travel through body.....

I know going on and off Mel's protocol extended my time of healing, but I also know I needed to do that for me. I needed to try other supplements and explore this and that.
even when I knew the protocol worked - I still needed to explore different products.
I really enjoyed the learning and wanted to "see" a few things for myself.
However, it also confirmed Mel's protocol to me - and that is why I am here now- to share some of my story for those who might get something from it!

If you are new here - or if you have been dealing with this for a long time- I want to encourage you right now! This is a crazy affliction, but it can be healed - it just takes time and patience!
And it really could be worse - because other diseases that the docs "know" about just get treated with symptom management and expensive drugs - and you slowly get worse and worse!
but if you follow Mel's protocol to heal from MD - you repair your bio terrain and it is a gift to yourself in the long run!
Healing MD is an arduous journey, but it can be done. We get healthy by cleaning out our inside and by rebuilding our terrain - we need our immune system at its best! You might not think you have an impaired immune system - but you do if you have this. The immune system is complex and layered - so it takes time- but this can be done!

8. I have some comical things to share about my healing journey, but I will have to come back to share them later on! Well wait - I can share one little story.

My teen some saw me battle with this illness for the whole time - my spouse has been a part of this and we both were shocked! Anyhow - I shared some things with my teen as needed - and he always felt bad for me when the face sores were there! Many times I had two - but a few times there were three large patches! Argh!

Anyhow-'when lesions had stopped and symptoms were almost gone - we went to a cookout- and I did not realize my son did not realize how recovered I was!

A few days before this cookout - i had a small pizza roll (not my normal food) But hubs was having some and brought me a couple - well the sauce burned my skin below my lip. It scabbed and at the cookout - I said to someone "oh please don't mind this - I burned it on a hot pocket" and my son was sitting there with his gf and they both looked at each other - eyes bugged out - and looked back at me - and his facial expression was like "really mom?" It was like he was saying, "don't tell stories" ha ha!
I had never made up stories about any of my leper days / if anyone asked I just said I had a breakout or that I was cleansing - I was careful - but always honest!

And I just smiled and told him it really was - later we talked more - but wow to how far I had come when my son did not even realize I could have a legit injury! - there I was with a hot pocket scab - my first legitimate wound after healing up from MD and it was funny to me! It still makes me smile because i know what I overcame - and by the way / that scab was gone pretty quickly too because my immune system is working so well thanks to all the cleansing and to logos and Mel's protocol! So later I will share more little snippets like this,,,

Right now, I am still finding balance with my workouts (do yoga - some swim - and the bike) and I am getting ready to work more and more! I want to advocate for awareness about MD, which starts right now just by sharing here and contributing when I can. I like to fast from social media at times and so please excuse any breaks and long pauses with me.
but I need to fast at times -
I am also very grateful to have had MD. As rough as it was - it was empowering for me! I feel like I am a pretty open person, but I see that I was a bit of a "know it all" - like in 2010, I told my mom she was spending too much money on vitamins! I thought vitamins were gimmicks - and while some brands are lame, other brands are wonderful and have bioavailability - like logos!
And so it is ironic that after slamming all supplements - they were actually key to my healing - and so I try to watch being a know it all!
I have apologized to my mom and she graciously just smiles and really is glad I was able to see the benefit. Sure - some folks might not need supplements - but some of us do!

In closing - I want to thank the Lord for all that he has done! For the promptings of the Holy Spirit - like the little things God would nudge me to do - i.e. go in and clip my finger nails to the see a couple black specs were trying to embed there. Or times he would just give me his peace - during a herx day - and the power to "be" during some very long phases
And his comfort during The times I laid there - in a towel while the borax dried on my body - or the times of itches and pin pricks and sores.
And how wonderful it was to find helpful info about this mysterious disease - and then to find a few folks who recovered - it gave me hope! I only needed to know that one person recovered - ;)

So I want to remind you that God has a plan for your life! When people share their faith in posts here - it is not from religiosity - it is because the power of God is so life changing and he gives us a peace that passes understanding!

Throw off the religious crap that might have hurt you and put aside any baggage - and use your healing journey as a fresh time to get to know God in a more intimate way! This is not our true home here in this world - but while we are here - the gift of life is to be enjoyed!

The breath in your lungs and the beating of your heart is a gift from God and God loves you! Sometimes he delivers us "from" things and other times he delivers us by taking us "through" things! And he WILL take you through - one day at a time - one hour at a time!

The best thing about healing from this illness of MD is that my quality of life is good and it was a desire of my heart to clean out my gut - I just never knew how!
My physical body has this deep, inner health and my outlook is one of gratefulness - pretty win-win!

Thanks for reading and be back in June with a check-in.