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Hi everyone
Sorry about not bring to post regularly as I mentioned b4 I have been given new challenges to me to desk with. First of all want thank everyone at the conference, Mel for making all this possible and John to make himself available for his vast knowledge. As I discussed this with Mel b4 even though I was making progress
Towards my Morgellons symptoms I always knew there is something still wrong with me. That was possibility of other infections and coinfections, therefore I began looking and searching
To see what else could be wrong with me. Sure thing after months of testing I did test positive for Lyme Disease and several coinfections which it did complicate things a lot more for me at this point. But I wanted to make this post and let everyone specially the newcomers know that even with my other complications I have been free of crawling, bitting now for several months which I credit this to Mel and his protocol I totally believe it works and if it wasn't because my other coinfections I think I would have been cured of this by know. They only lingering symptoms I have at this point are the purging of black and white specks which are minimal some itching when I purging these things and seeing these white micro fibers in my environment which also I believe it's getting less. Ofcourse I have other symptoms now that I do not contribute them to MD. I m still on bet strict diet, the protocol and one thing that I did differently than others was that I never took baths but in the beginning I took three showers and srub myself than with a lugs and tea tree soap daily. I still do clean my environment but I concentrate mostly on my self. Hope this helps I believe I m very close to being completely symptom free from MD very soon however I have given another challenge to deal with so keep up what Mel tells u guyz it really works, it worked for me. God bless and never give up hope it will get better.