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Hi All
First of I appologize for not posting sooner. I had lots going on in past couple of months. I had some set backs that maybe was not directly related to M, as we all have a compromised immune system I think I came down with some sort of a coinfection from work, with out going into the details of my set back, shortly after that I found a new doctor whos has been working me up, so she asked me to go off of everything inorder to get accurate results.
thats when I realized how much the protocal have been helping me. Anyhow I am back on the protocal and at 11 drops of MMS now, should add that there are days that I feel symptom free. I have been able to gain some of the weight I lost back. As I mentioned before I have been back to work since December, and just moved from my previous home after finding mold. For all the new people, it will get better but it requires a commitment and a life style change. Good luck and God bless, and thanx again Mel for providing this forum as I will try to make myself more available as I am picking up the piesces of my life while on the road to the recovery.