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10:51:38 AM

Hi Linn,

Thank you. Isn't it funny how something so horrible as MD can enable us to meet wonderful people that otherwise we would have never known?! I always enjoy hearing what you have to say during the conference calls, and I absolutely LOVE your positive and faithful attitude....it's inspiring.

Thanks again!

8:41:31 PM

Dear Juli,

It was so nice to meet you tonight! I enjoyed getting to know you.

We are in this together. We will definitely have to celebrate once Morgellon is a thing in our past.



8:38:28 PM

Dear Kelly,

You have paid forward to me.. I just want you to know. To come to hear your voice, to know you, have brought joy to me. I want to thank you. I agree with you in that we must believe in the protocol, it truly works. That's very crucial to do. I agree.

Kelly, I hope you speedy recovery from your surgery.

I also feel the same about touch base weekly. I'm happy to know once a week you'll join the coffee and tea.

"Hope hope hope " I love it. It is the anchor that'll keep us going and heal and say goodbye to Morgellon.

Glad you joined tonight!

I learned a lot from what you said tonight.



10:49:55 AM

Dear Kelly,
Thank you for letting me know this information helped you to endure. May God continue to give you the strength to do so. I know he will.

12:06:16 AM

Dear Nan,

Thank you for the information on essential oils. Thank you! I hope your move will be finished soon. Also if you can let me know whether the recipes were to your liking.


2:08:46 PM

Thank you so much for that beautiful post! Sometimes it gets hard to keep "enduring", but your post describes perfectly what it really means to endure and that we will all be better human beings for it in the end. I'm inspired!
Thanks again,
Kelly :)

6:31:34 PM

Dear friends,

I hope you don't mind I'm sharing what I read that I find so encouraging and fitting for what we are going through.

The Bible often talks about Endurance: Matthew 24:13,"But the one who has endured to the end will be saved." James 5:11,"...endurance of Job..."

I love these scriptures, James 1:2-4 "Consider it all joy, my brothers, when you meet with various trials, knowing as you do that this tested quality of your faith produces endurance. But let endurance complete its work, so that you may be complete and sound in all respects, not lacking in anything."

Now the question is "let endurance complete its work". What does it mean?
What is endurance? My favorite definition I think you are going to love it too when you read it!!!

I quote:
In the Bible, enduring means more than simply putting up with trials or adversity. Endurance involves our mind and heart, or the way we react to hardships. A person who endures manifests courage, steadfastness, and patience.

Here it goes, my fav:
Endurance is "the spirit which can bear things, not simply with resignation, but with blazing hope. It is the quality which keeps a man on his feet with his face to the wind. It is the virtue which can transmute the hardest trial into glory because beyond the pain it sees the goal."

Isn't that beautiful !?!

Now, "let endurance complete its work" what work must endurance complete ?
It helps us to be "complete and sound in all respects, not lacking in anything." James 1:4.

Trials often reveal our weaknesses, aspects of our Christian personality that we need to refine. If we endure trials, our Christian personality become more complete, or sound. We may become more patient, appreciative, compassionate...

It says we not lack in anything. So the joy comes from when we endure a trial in a Godly way, we become a better person at the end of a trial than who we are begin with. We will have less weaknesses and we have an opportunity to taste how God helps us to endure and have an opportunity for his close personal attention on us.

I hope this gives you comfort and strength to keep enduring with blazing hope, with your feet on the ground with your face to the wind.

Stay courageous, steadfast and patient!


6:29:59 PM

Dear Peter,

Thank you, I have good examples as yourself and those before me to follow. I got a lot of benefits from all the posts. I hope I can help someone too as all of you have done for me.


3:59:52 PM

Hi Linn,

I was in conference call about a month or so ago...we were talking about Essential Oils at that time. I wanted to share some info with you, but this last month I had to move so I have been very busy. Packing is a lot of work.

Since I know you are into oils I wanted to mentioned 2 books my friend suggested: Essential Oils desk reference By D. Gary Young. Also, the Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple by David Stewart. The first book is easy to read reference book. The second book is more on the science of essential oils.

My friend goes to essential oil conferences and reads on it a lot. She had me diffuse Purification, Thieves or Ocotea regularly when I was sickest. It helped me sleep. I did not care for Purification, but everyone is different. I think it helped my environment thou. I love the smell of Thieves. I read Ocotea was taken orally and diffused in class rooms where there was out break of parasites and it removed the issue.

I have a couple of diffusers, but youngliving therapro premium helped me the most. It diffuses just the oil with no water. Has a timer and can change the level of output on the oil.


I have used Young Living oils. I think they are the highest quality, but also the highest cost. I have also order Piping Rock oils. Not as rich and thick as Young living, but helpful.

You have great warrior attitude. Keep it up! Your life has changed...the good news is you will now know how to have great health so keep moving forward.

Take Care.
Cheers, Nan

PS. Cannot wait to get back to cooking. I have been living on turkey burgers with garlic & onions, Eggs with oregano and red pepper, salads with pumpkin seeds and avocado for the last month since the move was so timing consuming. I cannot wait to try your recipes. Please continue to share.

PSS. Also, white sheets and PJs helped me sleep better too. I read that parasites like dark places and the white sheets are bright. Everyone is different, but I tried it and to my surprise it worked.

8:36:25 AM

Hi Kelly,

Aww! I'm so glad the pumpkin seeds and garlic worked for you too!

I have such fondness for you. Yes, I too was so happy to have talked with you. its nice to know we both tried in February together.

I hope w get to talk again.


2:56:42 AM

Dear Linn

"Thank you" for continuing to share and for participating in this forum. You are a blessing!


3:23:24 PM

Hi Linn,
It was so nice to talk with you last night during the conference call. I just took some time to read your entire thread from beginning to end. I share so much in common with you. I love that you are excited about seeing your purging, I am too. I have to tell you that a few weeks back I read what you wrote about the garlic and pumpkin seeds stopping activity, so I tried it and it was successful. I now make it a daily ritual whether I feel activity or not. Thank you so much for sharing!
Gob Bless and take :)

11:40:17 PM

Hi everyone,

I finally got my frankincense and myrrh essential oils. I saw this on the second episode of the truth about cancer. Frankincense can kill totally destroy cancer cells. Since I have Lyme parasites in my spinal cord and brain stem all the way down to my pelvis area and hip joints. I thought I can use these oils on my spinal cord and all the areas mentioned. Yes I can tell I'm disturbing them.

These parasites have done havoc with my nervous system since 10/2014. I'm excited to have heard essential oils in this case frankincense because it cured a girl's brain tumor.
I'll keep you updated how the oil help with my nervous system issues.

I love essential oils. I have an array of them and I rotate them.
I do take baths with baking soda, peppermint oil,and cedar wood oil. I also switch the cedar wood with apple cider vinegar.

Eucalyptus, tea tree, neem, lemon, oregano, cedar wood, clove, now frankincense and myrrh.
Something I added to my scalp treatment, in the morning I will do my tea tree soap, sulfur soap, then I soak my head in sea salt water about five minutes, then comb hair forward. With this step I use kleen green at night. My scalp purged fibers, glitters, specks. I was happy to see that.

Today I even purged amalgam in my right ear.

I hope something in this post can help someone.


Psalms 34:18,19 "Jehovah is near to the brokenhearted and saves the battered-down in spirit.
Many are the afflictions of the righteous; But Jehovah delivereth him out of them all."

I love these words. It shows God Jehovah is near us, with our disease, at times we are brokenhearted; and with this disease, we face many afflictions both physically and emotionally, but please be confident that Jehovah delivers all of us out of them all, every single one of them :) by providing us wisdoms to deal with each symptoms. As symptoms shows themselves, there is tactics to conquer and take care of them.

Thought to leave you with some comforting thoughts!

With love,


11:10:20 AM

Hi everyone,

During the 11 to 13 drops week, I had a lot of crawley feelings, I tried different things it didn't work. But one day I was hungry, needed something hardy, I learned how to make cauliflower tortilla and mixed whatever I had in my fridge and spices turmeric, came to this wonderful delicious combination.

I had this same meal for two consecutive meals, and the Crawley stopped!

It was great! The solution was effective and delicious I hope this helps.

The recipe is on the 2016 recipes post.


12:13:06 PM

Dear Van,

I'm looking forward to talk with you next week. Yes you described my diet before this ailment. I was feeding myself the same things. I'm happy to eat right foods now. It opened my eyes and it truly is a better way to live.

You're on the right track! May God continue to hold your hand tightly through this. I know he will and he has all along.


12:12:14 PM

Dear Van,

I'm looking forward to talk with you next week. Yes you described my diet before this ailment. I was feeding myself the same things. I'm happy to eat right foods now. It opened my eyes and it truly is a better way to live.

You're on the right track! May God continue to hold your hand tightly through this. I know he will and he has all along.


12:04:37 PM

Dear Peter,

Thank you for helping me with my war with Morgellon. You helped me sooo much.

Thank you for your constant cheering me on! It truly helps. This is like running a marathon, not worrying about getting less than two hours but running that 26 miles. The whole way those ppl cheering the runners on through those miles, how important that is for all the runners. And I am in a race spiritually and physically. And your cheering me on truly helps!

Please know how much you have contributed to so many of us in many ways. You're doing great!

Mel loves his little brother!


11:47:26 AM

My dear Shari,

I often think about you. I feel I know you because of those archive conference calls I listened to them over and over again especially in the beginning of this trial.

Thank you for posting on my thread. I was just thinking about you so much this week. I wonder how you are. How's your fiancée... I did read your thread. Please know even we never spoke, but just by listened to you through those calls, I have such affection for you and your fiancé. Please keep up the fight.
Psalms 121:4 "Not drowsy will he grow, nor go to sleep, who guards Israel."
Which means even during our sleep, we can sleep in security. :)

Thank you for encouraging me with your words and with who you are. (Heart)


11:25:57 AM

Hi everyone,

It's been a month since last post about my progress. This is a long...post since its been a month. Ok here it goes:

At the end of the 7 drops week, straight into the 8 drops week I became very clumsy, and slow in thoughts, with a lot of lethargy. I managed to drop a lot of things, I broke a dish, dropped utensils,even cut my leg by accident trying to use scissors to open a box, burned my arm while cooking. I laughed at myself how clumsy this disease can cause.

During the 7 and 8 drops, purged a lot, however these two weeks the purging actually made the skin hurt, as they leave my body. I had two worms one even fuzzy left my body. I have to say the fuzzy worm I found comical because I found where it exited next to my knee. The next day I found it because the imprint of it was the same shape as the fuzzy thing. Somehow it made me laugh. I think after all the strange things can come out of my body, well as the French say, c'est la vie. Though don't get me wrong, some symptoms for the first time I get scared and sad over them and certain symptoms I find them more challenging emotionally to take than others. I'm just glad at least I can laugh at some symptoms and not have to carry all the symptoms emotionally.

I started using coconut oil on skin and for oil pulling. My teeth tightened, gums healthier.

I start to have more bumps on my face and more hair growth between the eyes and the eyebrows and above the upper lip also. For the bumps I treat them with clove essential oil it seems to help. I start to get post nasal drip, which I'm using sov silver.
Ears started to purge fibers.

At the 9 drop week I start getting crystals again. I haven't had them since February. So I guess it's another new layer. I'm happy to finish one layer of it.
I haven't had too much nerves dancing in my spinal cord for awhile however during this week, I started having them again. It's disconcerting since I dislike this symptom the most! however, I remembered reading that same symptoms will rotate through, but each time the symptom's intensity and duration will be less each round. So I prayed for peace, courage and wisdom. Then right way I remembered that I watched "the truth about cancer". In the show there was one woman when she was 13 years old had a brain tumor. The doctors left half of it behind and said she will need chemotherapy. Both her mom and herself refused and looked into essential oils. She used frankincense, one drop on her tongue then she put her tongue on the roof of her mouth, once every two hours. By the time she went back to her doctor, the tumor was gone. So as my nerves were doing weird stuff again, after God helped me to recall this information, I used coconut oil and oregano put it on my spine from the neck to the tail bone and the activity decreased right away. I have been doing that up until now. I'm grateful for all these different knowledge since this disease is quite annoying in that there are an array of symptoms to deal with. I'm glad to have the tools.

The 9 drop week a lot of fatigue.

A new situation developed on my skin from the neck to the shoulders very tight and snake like feel to them, also have red bumps. Very painful. I realized because all along, I didn't eat the right MSM it was contaminated. This is why my skin suffered. So please look at your labels of everything you use. MSM is to protect our skin during this disease. I was for last three months however with not carefully looking at the label, I wasn't fed the sulfur I needed for my skin. Fortunately I have MSM gel, I put it on right away the skin felt better. I do this three times a day to heal this area.

From 9-11 week the symptoms blend together,still same with skin of neck and shoulder, however the purging is less in the 10, 11 week. The facial activities just more and more. I treat my face with alternating between coconut oil with different essential oils, Vicks vapor rub and Claudia cream MSM peppermint oil.

This was my 11 drops week, I have used coconut oil with eucalyptus on my face and feet (I have swollen ankles again), I then put Saran Wrap to keep them moist throughout the night. I do it to my arms too but I use aquaphor with tea tree oil, then Saran Wrap them. This serves two purposes, help keep skin supple and don't have to worry about the stickiness on the sheet and blanket. In the morning after removing the Saran Wrap. Skin feels good and they purged without discomfort.

I came across something may help someone. Vicks vapor rub is good for fungal nails. It does work since I have it on my fingernails.
Also Vicks vapor rub, if have hard time sleeping due to coughing, place Vicks vapor rub on feet especially the bottom of the feet, wear socks, it'll allow sleep without coughing. They said this works on children very well. Maybe no one tried it as adults, but I think this makes great sense as reflexology, meridian points on the bottom of the feet.

Lately I also thought of digestion. Most of us who have this disease have gut problems, thus the protocol helps us to heal by restoring our gut. Therefore that means most of us have digestive issues. Something I learned last year, I just start practicing this this week. I just remembered is that since digestion starts in our mouth as we chew. How many of us are always eating fast because life's pace is fast. I learned that if you chew your food thirty times with each bite, your mouth have already helped you digested, it left you with very little to swallow, therefore this is better for our digestion. I tried this, it's true, by the count of thirty chews, you have hardly anything to swallow. I hope this information will help :)

I did get very dizzy on Thursday night of my 11 drops week. But recovered fast it only lasted like 4 minutes. I'm still waiting on my herx.

I started to include colon pro health. It's only been two days.

I brought sleep advance, but this week so far by evening time, I want to sleep so I haven't tried it yet.

Friday morning at 3 a.m., I woke up couldn't breathe, there were so much mucous/ phlegm in my throat, I couldn't expel either by swallowing or blow them out or cough them out. They just stuck. I had to stick my head between my legs bend over to breathe. I put some eucalyptus not by my nose, but the whole neck and by behind the ears and chest. Slowly about 4a.m. I fell back to sleep.

Last night during the conference call I asked Mel about this. He said to use sovereign silver! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT !!! Please NOTE. We want to keep these pathogens out of our lungs!!! This is what is behind the reason Mel and John wants us to use the sov silver to coat our membranes of our esophagus so to keep them not penetrate into our lungs. Therefore also blow your nose, clean them, then one drop of sov silver per nostril and let that go down the throat and into your stomach. I hope this helps.

What scriptures helped me lately?

I have to say there were certain days I woke up feeling off, due to die offs and fatigue, which means with my best intentions to stick to the schedule tightly. However, certain days when brain fog kicks in, literally unable to do it. Of course a quick panic arise, but God gave me a reminder from Proverbs 24:16, it says there, "For the righteous man may fall 7 times, and he will get up again... ". So it helped me to say to myself, "no guilt over this, it's ok, I'll do it right next time." Pick self up, dust off and move forward. This helped me when I get those days I'm feeling off and not able to do the protocol perfectly.

When I find those moments of anxiety either over some strange symptoms, or hurt because someone doesn't understand what I'm going through...or all other things out of my control:
Psalms 121:1-8. Especially I love verse 5 it says, "Jehovah it is who guards you; Jehovah is your shade at your right hand." (Byington)
What does Jehovah is your SHADE at your right hand means? In ancient Israel time in warfare ( or morgellon warfare) most soldiers are right handed, so you have your sword in your right and your shield on your left, so you are protected on your left, but vulnerable on your right. But if you have another friend who calls you to his side says to you, "stay right here, and every time you extend your sword, I'm gonna stand sooo close to you with My shield that you can see my shield's shade on your right hand." The psalmist said Jehovah was like that. Jehovah is not at the sidelines watching us battling this system (morgellon disease). Jehovah is calling us to his side so he can comfort which in Greek means calling to one's side. He's saying as we extend ourselves either it's difficult or not, we will know where he is, we don't have to wonder where God is, we are able to see his shade at our right hand. Isn't that reassuring! Isn't that beautiful ?!

Well I'm sorry it's a long post. I'll post next month. I realized it's easier to do monthly posts than weekly for me.

I keep everyone here and all those are afflicted in the world in my prayers. We are in the hard times to deal with. May we persevere in prayers, hold on tight to wisdom we get to attack this warfare and win the war. Morgellon daily may seem certain battles they have the upper hand, but our goal is win the war, it's ok little battles they seem that M is stronger, but we look at the big picture is they are going to DIE and we are going to LIVE!


10:23:18 AM

Missed it again this week. I got busy with grocery shopping and missed again :(.

I will definitely try and call next week (either Fri or Sat).

Thnx for your recaps Linn. They really make so much sense...and yeah it's so true that this world is getting more toxic every day.

Before my health declining, I used to eat all the rubbish from the frozen sections, all the pizza & hot dogs I could eat from Sams Club, all the food I could stuff in at the chinese buffets. Boy, I would eat till I couldn't breathe no more. After all, the food was cheap and that's all I saw it for. I didn't see the health repercussions of eating this food.

Well at least today I'm so aware of what goes into my mouth and those of my family. We're all aware of toxicity, GMO etc etc, which wouldn't have happened without my health declining.

Hope to talk to everyone next week. Till then take care and hugs to you all


2:14:30 AM

Dear Linn

Looks like reading Ellen's post has given you some great insight! Trust that you are winning, because you are. And keep pouring out grace, because it is so very therapeutic. You are a blessing.


12:35:39 AM

"I have heard someone said that when Satan reminds us of our past or of our imperfections, we can remind him of his future."

Linn, yes! I'm holding onto this word tonight! Thank you!!

Your sister in Christ,

12:35:44 PM

Dear Van,

Thank you for your greeting. Your post to me is with such kind tone, They're words as the proper time is so good.

Proverbs 25:11"Like apples of gold in silver carvings, Is a word spoken at the proper time."

My hair grew but I cut it again two weeks ago to earlobe length, I find easier to maintain. I'll go back to long hair in the future.

Yes I'm looking forward to speak with you!



7:15:11 PM

Hi Linn,

I hope to talk to you tomorrow on the conf call. Just got off the phone with Mel and he said you're progressing really well. Would love for you to share your thoughts.

Also, is your hair coming back? Would love to hear on this.


10:45:34 PM

Hello everyone,

Just an update:

I'm in my 7 drops week.

last week 6 drops week I had more itching and stings. I finally received my sulfur soap from Walmart. I got to start the scalp treatment Peter taught me. It truly works so well, I've been purging more from my scalp each wash. Tea tree soap, leave on scalp about 10 minutes, I then rinse off, then lather sulfur soap leave it for ten minutes, then rinse off, then spray kleen green 1:7 dilution comb hair over sink and see all the fibers, specks come out.

So,far with the 7 drops, I noticed a lot more purging with sand like material and fibers, it's nice I just read that bc the biofilm is less so I'm purging more. It's quite remarkable how much can come out on and on and on.

I'm looking at this as a sign of winning this fight. I know I'm still a way to go. Patience and slow and steady.

For the last two months, I have some yellow patches on the palm of my hands. I heard from a friend about coconut oil. I went and watched some videos on coconut oil, found out how much it can help in our health, I use it on my hands and put gloves on them. Just one day of virgin, organic coconut oil,the callous looking portion of the yellow patch disappeared. I've been using it on my face and under the jaw, I noticed helps to purge those areas.

I also remembered Papaya seeds helped me in the past to parasite cleanse, I had tapeworms before in 2009, I remember papaya seeds, and pineapples for four days, I saw tapeworm out of me.I had my friend buy papaya for herself, but wash and dry the seeds for me. I'm hesitant on eating it just yet. I want to make sure I have a good colon cleane system on hand first.

I also heard from my missionary friends that for prevention, one teaspoon of papaya seeds per day can keep an environment of our body displeasing to the parasites to even reside.

I just finished reading Ellen's post of final analysis,she said this was the toughest thing she went through, I have to say This too has been the most difficult physical illness I have ever dealt with. it's reassuring from her that this will make me strong able to handle other things.

I know I can't do this on my own. I'm grateful God continues got my backing, gives me support each day. I'm grateful also for all of you.

I want to have this experience make me a better person not a bitter person. Better, not bitter.

1 Peter 5:10! "...he will make you firm, he will make you strong."
Thank you for all of your posts,

1:17:03 AM

Hi everyone,

It's been awhile. I'm on the eighth week and 5 drops of mms (2/3).

The first week on 2 drops, more purging occurred, more pimpling, more itch and sting. I tell myself it'll get worse before better. Being reminded by Mel that it'll get worse before better, really helps me. What helps me with stings is eating raw garlic with pumpkin seeds. I stumbled on this. One afternoon I needed a snack, so I grabbed raw garlic and pumpkin seeds. While I was eating, I noticed after few rounds, the bite/sting stopped. Now it's one of my favorite snacks, one bite of raw garlic, with a spoonful of pumpkin seeds. Quite delicious to me.
For itch, I read it I think in Monica's thread is sometimes they're purging from the skin and the microfiber cause the skin to itch. When I feel it, I grab readily the lint roller and roll over the area,ahhh instant relief. I go for that first, bc it's quick and stops the itch right away if it is due to purging. If not, that didn't work then I know it's a different cause then I spray kleen green 1:7.

The week of 3 drops, a lot of glitters came out, I left a trail of glitters behind everywhere I went. I also saw some things I haven't before, but towards the end of the week I had a scare, I had to call Peter. This episode led me to cut my hair to earlobe length. Since that episode, I tell myself it's always better out than in and that helped me.

The week of the 4 drops, I noticed my hands' numbness was getting worse, which led to that Wednesday night, full numbness on both hands. They curled up as in stroke patients. My hands didn't release until half an hour later. I remember reading that the pathogens like to attack weak, previously injured sites along the body. They like to remind us our weak spots. I remembered that since I had this happened before, years ago. I prayed out loud throughout the 30 min. I thanked God for preparing me for this symptom and protected me from anxiety while it's happening. I had peace throughout the event.
Amos 3:7 shows He wants to prepare us by giving us knowledge and wisdom.
I felt protected and loved by him. That his close attention on me. I know he's doing that for every individual going through this.
My swollen legs went down to normal after 2 months. However the chin area is getting swollen. Which I'm targeting on extracting them.

It's my 5 drops week, I think since the three drops week I started feeling increasing fatigue. But I'm glad to know it's more important to rest than to clean. So I started to take naps started on my three drops week. I clean now every other day. Rest when I feel like to. I still have the muscles and joints pain. I noticed I lack of oxygen sometimes. I think that also means they're dying off in me. I have to remember to breathe four on inhale and seven on exhale to gain air.

In general I'm getting a lot of fibers and black specks. Scalp purging.

I've been reading the book of Job. Knowing why we suffer and the cause of all the suffering in the world, the big picture does help in my facing this challenge. Satan likes us to feel down. He's constantly looking for ways, either with the morgellon or how we feel about ourselves...I have heard someone said that when Satan reminds us of our past or of our imperfections, we can remind him of his future. God is more powerful. Satan is not happy that his destruction is around the corner as the book of Revelations says.

Knowing this point, at moments when I have a thought that may tear me down, I remind myself it's not true, because God and Jesus will never talk to me that way or wants me to feel that way. However, at the same time it's so reassuring knowing God is greater than our hearts and knows all thing. He knows why we feel a certain way. He's always ready to encourage us and lift us up out of our ash pits. What a magnificently beautiful and awesome God we have!

Sorry for the long post of update. I'm looking forward to my herx. I read about it so much.

May God gives you a warm and fuzzy hug today and everyday. May that hug be one that comforts (com=with, fort=fortis=strength, so when he gives us comfort, with him, he gives us the strength to face our trials) and fortify you in all ways.

With much love to all of you my fellow conquerors,


11:03:55 PM

Hi everyone,

In lunar calendar this evening 3/23 up til 3/24 is Nisan 14. That means 1983 years ago, Jesus sacrificed his life for us. All of us... John 3:16, Romans 5:8. He suffered brutal treatment up to a painful death so we can have life!

John 3:16 God loves us so much he gave his only begotten son. We did not come cheap, came with a great cost.

We are so loved. May I never take this life for granted. This gives me more reason to conquer this M!
John 16:33 Jesus said,"I have said these things to you so that by means of me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation, but take courage! I have conquered the world."

He will help all of us conquer M!

I will continue to keep all of us in my prayers.

I thank God for Mel, John, Peter and all of you who are my fellow warriors.

When I read all of your posts, I have confidence in winning this war. I get so much education and advices from you all. While you were writing them you didn't think how it can do so much for the next person. Thank you for all of your encouragements.

I'm touched by the forum for those friends in Australia. It's very loving!

Thank you thank you thank you for helping me to not be anxious about the cleaning. Thinking back most of the time I felt depression over the M is mostly due to cleaning the environment. It's the most stressful part of this disease in my book. Not confident if I'm doing the right way of cleaning or of the products. Or how to clean. It was everyday stress the second I wake up, i was ok time to clean again.
God stepped in again, having that conversation learning the better way of doing things. Wow lighter.

Today was the first day I took out time to sit down and say I'm going to sit on my bed and read, write the post... I took a nap without guilt today.

Thank you all so much!



3:56:25 PM

Hi Mel and Peter,

Thank you for finding answers for me regarding my concern with the facial growth of unwanted invaders. I was happy to know Peter gone through it and knew what to do.

I really appreciate the coffee and tea conference calls.

Mel, may I have Peter's number, thank you.

Hi Ruth,
Was that you from England yesterday? If yes it was so nice to hear your voice.

Hi Margo,
It's really encouraging for me to hear you've gone back to work, congratulations! I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better after your move.

Hi James,
It was nice meeting you too and thank you also for the tip on neem.

Hi Kathy,
I heard you were back on the phone line, however I didn't hear your voice. I hope you are doing well this week.

I start on my MMS tonight! I'm excited I finally got to start the killing of them.



2:41:48 AM

Hi Linn

I just wanted to tell you that I will be joining in for coffee tea, and me conference call this Saturday . I hope I get a chance to speak with you.

I can clearly see that you are committed. That is wonderful! You are taking steps to get well by becoming more involved here. Many have discovered that this treatment is the way back. Those who read here and remain on the protocol do get well.


5:23:06 PM

Hi Linn,

Although I've seen others mention fungal hair I don't think I have experienced it, or at any rate not noticed it.

So I hope others with experience will offer advice.

If you haven't already done so you might find help using the search engine here. Although it takes time to read through posts I always learn something new and re-reading at a later stage is helpful as different things are relevant.

Please keep posting and let us know how things go for you.

1:29:30 PM

Dear Ruth,
Thank you for checking on my post. I truly appreciate it.

Ruth do you have morg hair problems?
I'm getting morg hair growth on my face!! It's invading my forehead. Please if you or anyone else know what to do to stop their invasion. Please help!!

Thank you!

7:44:32 AM

Hi Linn,

Its good to hear that the dizziness is gone now. You are doing so well with your diet finding things that you enjoy eating. When I felt like eating something with a sweeter taste I made the almond cookies which are great!

I'm not sure what the right/best way of dealing with clothes is either so I can only say what I did! At the beginning everything feels overwhelming and we are so tired from having sat up at night for hours reading and researching and then realise that we have to start major cleaning and washing projects.

I started by bagging up everything I didn't need immediately. I didn't wash it first as I wouldn't have been able to get it all dry. I did throw some things out that I felt I would never be able to wash adequately and didn't feel happy about keeping. Then I did go through what was left in my wardrobe and drawers and wash those and clean all surfaces with Kleen Green. Because I didn't have many clothes to deal with I have always put them straight back into cupboards and drawers but I know others store in plastic boxes. Gradually I went through the items I had put in plastic bags and washed them.

Little by little we get on top of it all and it starts to get better.

11:55:36 PM

Hi everyone, Hi Ruth,

I am happy to report that the dizziness subsided on its own.

i'm start my fourth week today. i'm excited one more week i get to add mms.

i do feel tired more often this week, i think that means good that they are dying in me. i am getting better at this new way of life.

the other night i made lightly sauteed broccoli with garlic and jalapeno, also chicken with a mixture spices of cinnamon, clove, ginger, star anise and fennel all these with brown rice. it was quite delicious.

it was nice to have a hot meal. i do enjoy the salads though. however, nothing can beat hot meal.

i have to say, it is fun to be creative with the new way of eating.

after looking at the dessert and snack list of almond cookies, rooibos jello, so much more, looking forward to try them all.

however, i guess i'm a newbie, maybe it's too early to try them, stick to salads, lemons, cayenne peppers, apple cider vinegar...

can someone help me, i don't know if i need to clean out the closet at this time? i'm afraid of my closet. the last time i went in to look for rayon, polyester, nylon clothes, i walked out with a lot of black specks on my white jeans. kind of gross.

as i read many of you placed your clothes in plastic, before you have done that, do you have them all inspected and washed before store them in plastics? then take them out after healing?

if so, that's a lot of work, to wash them all before put them in plastics.

so far i only have few that i wear i washed and put them in plastic bags, i just rotate through these few.

please can anyone give me some guidance on this aspect?

thank you,



12:23:55 PM

Hi Linn,

So sorry that you having dizzy spells. Its a horrible feeling and I've had trouble with it in the past occasionally but it has always disappeared after a while. I felt then that it was caused by particles in the ear shifting and disrupting the delicate balancing function. There are ways of moving the body and head to help with settling it down if that is the cause.

I haven't had it more recently associated with morgellons so hope that others may be able to help and will be praying for you about it.

Love Ruth

5:40:51 PM

Hi Ruth,

Thank you for your post!

It's nice to read your little walk outdoors since I haven't the chance to do those things yet.

Thanks for the tip about the lemon juice.
yes, with God all things are possible!

I'm sorry you had a harder day that day, but isn't it beautiful God shows his personality through the things he creates Romans 1:20.

Ruth and everyone,

I start to have dizzy spells. By any chance anyone had it too? And why do We get it?

Thank you for the insight!


9:55:55 PM


Beautiful post, Ruth. God bless you. Your grace is indomitable. Sending you Strength and Love.


12:52:20 PM

Hello Linn,

Thank you so much for posting and sharing your experiences and thoughts. Although I love reading over the past posts its also lovely to hear from someone current and to know that I can pray for you by name as I pray for those going through the protocol at the moment.

Yes I find Kleen Green helps rashes which come and go. I also find lemon juice good.

I've had a harder day today feeling a little low but its helpful reading your post. I've just been out on a walk up the lane from my house to say hello to the animals, sheep here at the moment, and the sun was shining the last few minutes of the day. I know its important for me to be grateful and thank God for every blessing He gives and I was thankful for the sun and for the beauty of the trees, fields and hills. Also I'm thankful that nothing is impossible with God and when we face things that feel impossible for us it stretches and exercises our faith putting our trust in Him.

I'm a little ahead of you in my fifth month and will keep posting what is happening. Its the full moon today so we can expect a bit more activity. I've had some bigger fibres appear today whereas they had been getting much smaller.

Got to go and cook tea..

God bless, Ruth


4:12:53 AM

Hi everyone,

Yes, Kleen Green does help with the pimpling. I sprayed it and rubbed it in. Next morning, both of my arms all calmed down.

I finished my second week on the portocol. During the second week, I was able to do one errand by myself. This is huge since I haven't the ability to go outdoors for two months now.

I have more black specks now. I haven't gotten the crystals I used to in the beginning.

I have been using aquaphor with tea tree oil. I find that helps to keep the skin healthy. I saw on a health show once that aquaphor literally heals the skin.

I start to get the itch which I didn't have before, but during this second week, I start to get them quite often. Now, I understand what itch feels like. Kleen green does help me to control it with that too, and the bites.

I read from others that they can rub out by using coconut oil... I tried, I still can't seem to rub them out. I must not be doing it right.

Since the first week I have noticed I have wrist joint pain, however, during the second week, I noticed I'm getting more joint pain. It's 3 in the morning, I woke up because almost every joint is very painful now, I can feel them even during my sleep.

I remembered I read in Justin's thread that happened to him too. I just read it again to confirm. It's comforting to have the journeys to read and know what I'm going through is okay.

I'm grateful to have them to refer to.

I'm also so grateful for the conference archives. I find them very informative and calming too.

I appreciate to what Amber said that' it was messy'.
My first three days on the portocol, I kept messing up here and there.
Also trying to get my environment clean, laundry is definitely is still an issue for me. I'm just not secure if I got rid of them in my wash.

I'm also grateful to how open you all are, the ones that came before me. Many were candid about their sadness, having this disease.
I did have my overwhelmed moments and sadness, though maybe half an hour the most, but I felt them. I find crying to God helps me! Literally the tears come out. Afterwards, He regrouped me, and renewed my strength and focus on healing. I am grateful to know God. I don't know what my life would be like to endure without the power beyond what's normal. It will be a life of hopelessness.

I am grateful to this website. Like Peter, it's the second website, I found, and the only website says there is a cure for this.
I got hope! Hope means there is a way out!

I feel blessed to have a cure!! That All I have to do is follow the steps.

I'll keep praying for all of us to have a full recovery, and may God continue to provide us the courage, peace, joy in our healing process.
Joy, that despite what's happening, that quiet joy inside to fuel our endurance.


7:56:16 PM

Thank you Mel, thank you Mary for welcoming me. Hi everyone,

Mary the celery stick with peanut butter sounds delicious. I can do the same with almond butter then, great suggestion.

This is my second week on the protocol. Since yesterday I start to get pimpling on my arms, today increased in quantity. What does it mean? I'll try Kleen green. I think I read that on some posts.

How should I feel and view about pimpling?
If you have any insight and advise please share with me.

Thank you!

1:21:23 PM

Hello Linn and Welcome,

I guess I haven't welcomed you because of how much we have talked on the phone.

Having the ability to talk with me two or three times a week at our Coffee, Tea with Me conference calls has accelerated your ability to utilize the protocol. This has allowed you to do things you haven't been able to do in two years within the first three weeks of being on the protocol.

I remind you of what I said this morning on the phone, slow and steady.

I rejoiced in your tears of happiness this morning, may the praise go to God, for you told me he sent you to our website. Because of that you believed in us, and ordered the protocol within seventy two hours of acknowledging you have a toxic disease.

We look forward to your continuous story with the hope it will benefit those who come after you. Paying it forward is a godly thing.

Obviously at this moment very moment you are full of hope!

God Bless,


11:58:57 PM

Hi Linn,


I'm so glad you found this site also and that you are feeling so well so quickly. It does ebb and flow, but overall, it flows! I also found that even though onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers of various colors are sweet, they didn't cause me any problems. But, again, we all have to test it out for ourselves as everyone responds differently to foods. I've been able to now eat granny smith apples and carrots with no problems also, whereas before I couldn't as I'd get more crawlies. Onions caramelize nicely in the sauté pan with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and they never caused me any troubles.

So, I hope you will be able to enjoy these and find other veggies too. One of my favorite snacks is celery sticks dipped into sunbutter (sunflower seed butter). Anyway, it's an easy way to get a lot of celery into me. Now I also every so often use all natural Laura Scudders Peanut butter, too, but that's not recommended in the beginning due to peanuts having more fungal potential, I think.

Stay strong and stay connected here as much as possible for lots of support!

Warm Regards, Mary

3:21:54 PM

Thank you Peter!

Hi everyone,

I feel I should start documenting since my memories are pretty bad right now.
2/1/2016 I started to bath with sea salt once I realized I have morgellon. Before this realization, I was home bound. I suffered for more than a year from damage to my nervous system (I thought). All these time, I didn't know was parasitic. How was revealed, was acupuncture with herbal treatments. I saw white hairlike thing came out of my left thumb on 1/31/16. Mel's website was the one I found next day. I read his stories and I ordered the protocol right away.
I also ordered nature's gift is a debridement soap and peppermint oil.

Yesterday for half an hour I felt overwhelmed by cleaning this place. I realized I should remember what already gotten better, to remind myself there is progress already.

2/1-2/6 I had threads, amalgam, larva, specks, crystals, burning of the face, fungal projections on face and lips, fungal hair on my head happen all in one week. During this week I already balding bc of the morgellon. Iknow mine have been dormant for awhile, so they're fierce.

2/2/2016, I used the Clorox and alfalfa I was able to purge some things out. Then the next day, I added borax. And when I got the natures gift soap, it's with peppermint oil, I was purging more. I did the natures gift with peppermint twice, then stopped bc I feel things are moving too quickly. I also spoke to Mel, I was informed that bathing should be later. Do no harm. Therefore I stopped. Yes showers are quite effective too. I realized another new situation happening.

I forgot to mention that Before this, I was basically bed ridden for a month and a half.

2/7/2016 I got the protocol and started on Sunday:) I was a happy camper! I had very low strength for 16 months. 1/31/16 I asked my friend to pick up a bottle of detergent bc I was weak. As I shared already that my strength was restored just in three days of the protocol and eating right.

My biggest issue is the uncontrollable body movements which I had for 16 months. Now I'm starting on my second week of taking the protocol. I feel a bit better even in that respect. Still have to fight it, but more stable.

I want to record this so when difficult time like that half hour yesterday, I can feel good reading this.

I'm so grateful to God to pay such close attention to me.
When I saw myself balding in front of my eyes as it was happening, a strange peace came over me with the scriptures from 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 ( one of my favorites for a long time)
" therefor we do not give up, but even if the man we are outside is wasting away, certainly the man we are inside is being renewed from day to day. For though the tribulation is momentary and light, it works out for us a glory that is more and more surpassing greatness and is everlasting; while we keep our eyes, not on the things seen, but on the things unseen. For the things seen are temporary, but the things unseen are everlasting."

It's temporary and light. Morgellon what I see now is temporary, when it's cured its everlasting.

Thanks for listening,
God is a God of All comfort,


3:55:36 AM

Hi Linn

You are seeing that the search engine can be very useful to help you find information about many aspects of our disease. FYI...I use borax and odoban in my laundry and I find that they work really well together. The MMS will do the job too. So, yes, it should be sufficient.

A good question about red onions. They are a great prebiotic, which means that they further promote the friendly bacteria in the large intestine, increasing the overall gastrointestinal tract health. I believe they are better eaten raw, but lightly steaming is OK.

Brightly colored vegetables are powerful! But, again, I have always been of the opinion that they are best eaten raw. Also, I believe it is a good best practice to wash all vegetables with vinegar and water to remove any residual pesticides. Hope this helps.


7:19:15 PM

Hi Peter,

Thank you for the advise, I was doing laundry the old fashioned way bc I didn't have tool in hand. ,I wanted to make sure those buggies
Die :). I share machine with my neighbor, I hate to contaminate them. I went the extra. After boiling each wash three times, I even put in the oven for ten minutes at 400 degrees. Then washer, dryer.
I use odoban, borax, bleach.

Today I soaked my laundry with mms, I hope this is sufficient.

I'll put them in the washer later and will follow the steps as I read on the website. Still quite confusing bc seems variations of it.

I have question about red onions. We should stay away from sugar, but after stir fry red onions become very sweet, will that be a problem?

Also I noticed most recipes use red peppers or green. Is it bc yellow and orange ones are sweet? Can I have orange and yellow bell peppers?

Sorry I'm new at this :)

Thank you,


12:49:29 AM

Hello Linn

I want to welcome you here. God has indeed led you to this beautiful place of healing. Here you will find everything that is known about how we get well in the past posts of those before you. The more that you read them the better you will understand.

If you have not yet done so, make sure you visit the FAQ page. The protocol page then acts as your guide with the schedules for working Mel's protocol.

There is an easier, effective way to do laundry. Click on the search engine on the menu above. Type in laundry in the box under the globe when it appears. it will then give you several threads you can read that will give you information to make doing your laundry less work.

You are showing results quickly. That is wonderful! I can tell you that most people experience feeling a reduction in symptoms within the first 90 days of taking the nutrient support delivered by Logos.

If you continue to post in this thread you have begun, there are many here who will reach out to you and respond. I hope that you will keep us informed as you make your journey back to health.

Strength and Love,

Linn **

12:53:01 PM

Hi everyone,

I'm new at this. I learned I have morgellons on 2/1/16. I thank God for getting me to this site asap. Within a day I learned I have a cure for this.

Although I just found out I have this parasite, but I carried them for some time... Perhaps 4 years already. It's been difficult since end of two years ago. I was extremely no strength when it first happened two years ago. Even up until last week, I was still low in strength.
I ordered the protocol asap. I started on it 2/7/16, what amazed me is by the third or fourth day, I had the strength to do laundry on my stove, carried a heavy pot of water, from the bathroom to the stove, that happened six times that night, then the laundry down the stairs to the washer. The fourth day I had the energy to clean the bathroom.

I guess I must have been in such deficit.

I love these products. Thank you John B. for developing them, and Mel for your experience help all of us to have hope!

Thought I should share,