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Hello All!

I just wanted to check in here at the beginning of this new year to let you all know how I'm doing and to inspire hope!

I'm doing great. I'm continuing at 100% cured and I eat everything.

I am focusing on food because for me, that was the big question I had when I was still suffering which was, Once I'm well, will I be able to eat what I want?

I am watching my weight having gained weight due to being able to eat anything now, so I'm trying to lose weight now like most of America at the beginning of a new year in preparation for Summer!

I don't eat poorly most days, but I will have anything I want without any problems (except what I'm allergic to like citrus). Of course, for all people everywhere we should all eat well to nourish our bodies and keep them strong, and we cured people are just the same.

I don't have any fear of getting ill with this again, because I know that I was not living the best lifestyle before and will never go back to that again.

Too much sugar is not good for us! Neither is in vitro fertilization hormone treatment! Nor too much stress!

So, it has been a year of being well and I just want you all to keep following the protocol and don't give up hope and belief in this cure.

Also, I give the glory to God and I truly feel that drawing close to our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ is a very important part of the healing. All that is good comes from them anyway and you all know Mel's story and promise to God.

He is a faithful man and is keeping his promise and we are recipients of that blessing God gave Mel for his faithfulness to his promise.

I know that will be hard for many that aren't believers, who wonder why God would allow this disease to exist, but when you really understand God and how He works, this all makes sense. I encourage all to consider learning seriously from legitimate resources more about the Christian faith because in doing so you may be surprised at the Light, Love, and Peace you find! Right Donna ?

PS: I'd be happy to recommend any books on the faith and audio presentations on the Proof of the Existence of God from a scientific point of view for any who may be interested.

So my sincere praise to Mel for all he does for us tirelessly and my complete validation of his protocol here (supplements and diet) and my personal recommended addition of close relationship with God via this Church.

You can do this! You deserve it! You are precious and so worth the effort is takes!

Much Love and Prayers for everyone's healing...
Yours in Christ,
Mary Canaanite