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4:33:12 AM
Both of these emails touched me so much. Thank you both for writing them. They struck something deep in my heart with some kind of insight and understanding.

actually made me feel better



2:08:22 PM
Hello Everyone,

Welcome as always.

Thinking back to the first time that I ever spoke with John Burgstiner always makes me aware of how far I have come.

It was July 2006 and a day earlier I had called Jill to place an order for the Thmyic Formula. I had lived in Georgia in the 90's and knew of John B's Father's reputation as a doctor and a pioneer in Natural Medicine. During my conversation with her I started to cry. That day I had been told that I had Morgellons and would probably not be here by Christmas.

The very next day John called me and asked "How can I help You?" and that was the day my healing process began in earnest.

He has become a great friend and mentor for me.
He has taught me to be more patient and peaceful.
He has tried to teach me to spell(SO SO RESULTS).

More importantly, he has been a great ally for the Morgellons Community. His wellness protocol helped save my life as well as many others.

For the last three years, since I have become well, he has continued to develop new products that should help even more,including the new natural antibiotic - Which seems to be the most difficult part of the protocol to obtain.



John Burgstiner

9:00:57 PM
Mel's protocol has been a blessing to many. The greatest challenge he has encountered is getting people to stay focused on the SUM of its parts once they commit to following it. This is understandable given the nature of Morgellons and the urgency it imparts on the sufferer to find immediate relief. Sometimes, however, the problem is not focus but access.

Some people have difficulty finding a doctor to take them seriously... much less prescribe antibiotics... especially long term. Others simply cannot afford the drugs or the testing to help identify specific metabolic or microbial challenges. We are all concerned (and rightfully so) about being labeled and targeted for isolation by 'the system'.

Over the years, I have received numerous emails from those among you who for whatever reason cannot gain access to all the parts of Mel's protocol.

In order to remove this barrier of access, the Logos Nutritionals product development team set out to gather some effective natural medicines that work in a variety of situations.

Morgellons patients often struggle with multiple infections and/or infestations, so in addition to the protocol nutrients which restore the bioterrain and provide you with a good defense, you might want to look at some of the Logos products that are all about offense... getting after the pathogens themselves:

Olive Leaf Extract is a time tested broad spectrum antibiotic.

Candida Rid provides further coverage and is particularly strong in helping to control yeast and fungal overgrowth.

Monolaurin (the bioactive form of lauric acid from coconuts) is a very effective antiviral agent.

Finally, Colostrum can sometimes provide the boost that is needed to get 'over the hump' when one's immune system is overtaxed. It is rich in immunoglobulins and growth factors that stimulate immunity.

Logos will continue to seek answers to relieve all suffering, including and especially Morgellons. We rejoice in the opportunity to have a positive impact on your quality of life.



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